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    Always great to read about your van Raffi,great idea with the air horns! love to see the effect on the uninvited visitors when you blast them off! Keep safe thats the main thing.

    I would recommend a small woodburner,not just to keep warm but keep everything dry too,any sort of gas heater will give off lots of moisture,not ideal in a small space. Would suggest you contact Julian on here,he makes lovely stoves ideal for us van dwellers!
    As for your electric needs think thats been answered for you,keep it simple thats what i suggest.

    Sounds okay to me Raffi,I guess the only problem I can see is if any of the neighbours start being funny,but I would assume you are not going to be parked there with loud music blasting out! and disco lights flashing! haha.
    If the couple concerned are okay about it then sounds good to me.

    Chloe,I think you have received some good advice,industrial areas or out further into the countryside sound good to me.

    Im glad I dont pitch at that place in Lewis,would hate being shown to all like that! I agree with Colin M not a good idea to post such images,it may be on Google but we should not show other peoples locations like that.

    Raffi being able to squeeze through between the seats could be useful if one needs to slip into the cab to get away unseen or if there is any trouble outside.Hanging a heavy blackout sheet should keep it looking stealthy from outside too. Your idea of the fold down top is similar to my thoughts too! Great minds think alike!

    Sounds like you are going to be a busy girl next few weeks,not much Christmas relaxing for you! Nice plan too,looks a good layout,my advice would be do the basics try it out adjust if you need then fix it permanently.Do you intend to have a squeze through into the cab? not a lot of space with the double passenger seat in but its possible I think,thats what im planning with mine.

    Your damp could be either condensation or a leak,check the roof panel joints,mine leaks above the side door.also check the grommets where the roof rack would be fitted,they can leak also. I will seal mine with silicone once its dry enough.

    Good luck Emma, hope you find something,not easy to find a good van but keep positive its out there somewhere!
    Do pick our brains for advice anytime.
    Personally something like a Sprinter is good as would be a Vauxhall Movano or Renault Master(same van) nice and boxy and stealth too.
    I have a Movano and love it!

    Like with everything one can go completely mad and stock up with every possible item to help with survival but personally I believe you just need a few simple well made items,Keep it simple is always best.The minimum one should aim for I think is alternative cooking methods,water filtration(personally I use a Millbank bag and boil any water) a good knife and small axe and dry clothing and shelter.Some food,oats,and any long shelflife item is good.
    Life is very unpredictable these days.As has been said this is really all about common sense,take time and think about what you would do if things went bad and plan for yourself and family.

    I think one should be prepared at least to some degree.We never know what lies around the corner in life,even just a spell of bad weather screws up the supply of basics these days.
    I keep a supply of basic foods in store. I have various cooking methods,being electric at home,not ideal,Have primus paraffin stove(3 actually) Tilley lamps, plenty of paraffin. simple single camping stove, a double burner stove and not forgetting my Kelly Kettle!
    Wife tells me im a bit obsessed with cooking devices! haha. Then I have my water storage,water filters and much more. A lot of British army stuff too. I have a lot more I would have if I had more space.

    Well done Raffi,it looks a good one too, I have the Vauxhall badged version exactly the same and I love it,so high,straight sides and feels so roomy too. Enjoy planning your layout and I wish you many happy days with it!

    Interesting to read what you plan to do,something along those lines I considered a while back.
    As too food,may I suggest good old porridge oats,a great energy provider and filling too, easy to store,cheap too.There is also pasta or noodles too.
    Any dry food is good,just add water and cook.
    A lot will depend how long you will travel between restocking supplies.

    It is perfectly possible to live on a small amount,okay not if you have a mortgage it is not,but living in a van or something then yes.not sure 20 quid would cover cost of keeping vehicle on road and food etc tho.
    It really depends what you want in life.

    I would say if you intend to live in it full time or even just spend a lot of time in it a high top is best,being able to stand up is nice.
    I have a Vauxhall Movano hitop LWB and its great,does not feel closed in like some vans and thats without and windows!
    I use mine for working from and also will soon be living from it too.that said I will be towing a trailer too.

    Nice to hear the views of everyone. Im against having large tanks simply because of the space they need and the weight too,for me my requirements are low so 10 or 20 litre cans should suit me okay. Thanks for the input from you all.

    It sounds a complicated process to me,why not use a wood burner for heating and use its heat to warm water,as Wandering Gypsy you can always put an extra pot on if you need more water. Keep it simple is my motto.
    I will be using a solar shower in summer and water heated off the stove in winter. suits me fine.

    Hi Raffi,
    I like your thinking about the pump,have not seen any to fit onto a can,what about a foot pump,like they used to have in caravans etc years ago,some on ebay around £23,sound like a good idea to me,im thinking of one.

    MFM, If I was you I would go to a local steel stockest and get new plate,they can cut it to size for you, saves doing some of the hard work,and easier to get home! I dont think gas bottles are much good inside vehicles,build something from 6mm plate,it will last for years! Good luck on the project,post pics when you have done it,love to hear how it goes.Got me thinking about making my own now,

    Hi Nulife,
    Thats a very interesting idea! not something i had thought of.My idea was to heat up any additional water on the fire using a large billycan! Its all about what works best for each of us i guess.
    Thanks for that

    Hi FriedOnion. I agree with what you say about the container size,thats partly why im against having a builtin water tank,dont see the point lugging all that weight! As you say making sure the waste container is easy to distinguish is essential,I will be marking all mine accordingly. Im using the plastic jerrycans for water,I have steel ones for additional fuel.
    Thanks for your advice.

    MFM you can buy 12v Universal laptop chargers with interchangable voltage,I just bought one for my laptop,it too needs 19v.
    Not tried it out yet but plenty have been bought so guess they must be okay. Very reasonable too.

    I would be interested to hear what those of us using vans do about their water storage. Im not yet full time van living but my idea is to use 10 or 20litre plastic jerycans filled as and when i can obtain supplies,be that from taps or streams(I have suitable water filtering equipment)Plus any water for drinking will be boiled first so no problem with bugs!
    Waste water will go into separate cans to be emptied at suitable spots.
    I want to live as simple as possible which I know does not suit everyone. I dont see a huge demand for water use daily as for personal washing one can do a simple wash down or a shower(in my case it will be one of those solar bag jobs)

    Thanks all!