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    Bad nasty enough to be needing torcher chambers for those who crossed them.

    Dutch police discover secret torture site in shipping containers

    Updated 8:59 PM EDT July 7, 2020

    Authorities in the Netherlands have discovered an apparent torture site hidden inside shipping containers, which were lined with sound-proofing material and filled with assumed torture devices, the country's National Prosecutor's Office has said.

    Officers raided the site at Wouwse Plantage on the Dutch-Belgian border on June 22, arresting six men suspected of kidnapping and hostage taking.

    They found six shipping containers which had been converted to what are believed to be "prison cells," as well as a stash of weaponry including pruning shears and loppers.

    "In each of the cells, handcuffs were attached to the ceiling and floor, in order to be able to chain someone standing up with their arms raised," the statement said. "The rooms were finished with noise isolating panels and heat-insulating foil."

    One of the units also contained a dental chair, with straps for feet and arms. "The sea container with the dental chair contained bags with objects that were presumably intended to torture or at least put pressure on victims," the statement added.

    The police found, among other things, pruning shears, loppers, a branch saw, scalpels, pliers, extra handcuffs, fingercuffs, tape, balaclavas, and black cotton bags that can be pulled over the head. During a search at a home in Rotterdam, 24 kilos of MDMA was also found."

    The containers were also fitted with cameras for remote monitoring.

    Officers also found three stolen delivery vans, two BMWs, seven handguns and a Chinese variant of the AK-47. "In total, 25 weapons were found with the suspects," the National Prosecutor's Office said.

    Authorities say the investigation began in April, during which officers were able to access an encrypted chat network -- EncroChat -- to track the group's movements and plans. "From this it could be deduced who the intended victims were," the statement said.

    "They were warned by the police and went into hiding elsewhere. As a result, and thanks to permanent CCTV surveillance in and near the warehouse, planned kidnappings, hostage-taking and other serious violent crimes were prevented."

    EncroChat, which offered a secure mobile phone instant messaging service, was a "criminal marketplace" used by 60,000 people worldwide for coordinating the distribution of illicit goods, money laundering and plotting to kill rivals, according to the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA).

    The discovery of the containers followed a series of successful raids by UK and European police based on information from the network, which saw hundreds arrested and more than 27 tons of drugs seized in the UK and Netherlands.

    The six men who were arrested in relation to the apparent torture site are all from The Netherlands. An Amsterdam court on Monday ordered their detention for 90 days.

    60,000 possible criminals invested in a encrypted phone messaging system, @ £1200 per month? Contract? (So I read). At that price it’s not for your 9bar a month Dope dealers.

    EncroChat, which offered a secure mobile phone instant messaging service, was a "criminal marketplace" used by 60,000 people worldwide for coordinating the distribution of illicit goods, money laundering and plotting to kill rivals.

    Fortunately or unfortunately law enforcements managed to crack the messaging code and started rounding up these criminal organisations.

    Can you imaging the morning when the only phone txt message read “our system has been hacked, turn off this phone and destroy it”. How many criminals thought the txt message was a hoax and some meth head was just having a laugh. But then their worlds came crashing down.

    It’s got to be made into a film, did they not learn anything from Alan Turing.

    I’ve used one in Castleford, but that was years ago.…IAE,lf:1,lf_ui:10&rlst=f#

    Do you need the whole unit? Often replacement plastic tops are cheaper than full secondhand units. Using breakers you might need to email loads of breakers to find the model you need. Sizes are pretty standard. So measuring up and seeing what’s available at breakers can get one that fits.
    ifyou don’t really need the skylight or one that’s operational. budging it with suitable waterproof tape or sealant can work or sheet over with aluminium, glue/rivet and seal it off.

    Older/secondhand skylights can become brittle,

    I bought a (new) boxed a Fiamma vent 28 crystal off of Wolfe for £15. Ebay often comes up with bargains too. These are 28cm hole footprint. I bought this as it can be motorised and accommodate a electric fan.

    Apparently not according to Burnley council and the "outraged" football club players attired in blm shirts and on their knees.

    Judging by the final score Burnley are better at hypocrisy than football.

    it’s often interesting to hear it from the horses mouth, the why’s and what for’s. The judgements made by the media and Subsequent public hanging that happens all to often, resulting from poor/bias journalism and media censorship.

    Having listened to Jakes interview and the subsequent destruction caused to not only jakes home and work life. But the sad reality of life in the UK when agendas are fixed against free speech and free expression.
    watch jakes interview. I feel sorry for this lad. Having Had his life ruined by woke folk who refuse to listen to anything that doesn’t fit comfortably with the vision they are selling us.

    back on topic.

    Civil War or Civil unrest..... Ive watched a few news feeds over the last few weeks with BLM protests, riots, Chop/Chaz, Gun confiscation legislation, defending 2nd Amendment, looting and da shooting. Claims of ANTIFA being driven out of Districts in the US by vigilantes, assisted by motorcycle gangs.
    Police working In partnership with armed citizens to deter rioting/unrest etc.
    It seems to have quietened down now, but many of those Americans not living in large Cities were seriously talking of a potential Civil War. Defunded/demoralised Police Developments considering “blue flu”. Talk of scrapping Independence Day celebrations, Election fraud concerns.
    Here in the UK blm protests, Veterans defending statues, illegal street parties, failing economy, COVID dismay.

    With US elections and Brexit on the horizon, increasing migrant movement within the EU, sanctions with China. Hong Kong, Israel, Iran energy pipeline etc etc: a tinderbox with little spark protection.

    So a Preference for a side or slide off radar, shutter up the windows and prep for recovery? [panic]:shrug::surrender:rtfm::handbags::shitfan::couch::weed::suicide::rip::S

    I’ve never had a bear. Although one Christmas in the 1970’s I remember getting a Evel Knievel 2xAA battery operated chopper motorbike and rider. That Christmas while staying over at Grandads, I wanted to swap toys with my younger sister, so I could play with a little brown bear she also got for Christmas. To this day I don’t understand my reasoning. I pestered mum and dad for that motorbike, it certainly didn’t live up to my expectations. I wanted real power and control and bypass my imagination. My brother had tin and plastic soldiers which he would later paint some. That chopper was crap. It fell over under power, it was too limited in Grandads kitchen to run it any distance or the batteries didn’t last. It wasn’t built for crashing or falling like the crank up Evel Knievel stunt cycle sold in the USA & probably the UK.
    My sister didn’t except my offer to swap and looking back, I must have been a real disappointment to those adult Male relatives in the kitchen at the time. :D

    you know iff all shop doors were automatic there would be no issues for feminists with chivalrous males holding doors open causing offence,

    and less chance of virus spreading.

    but i was at a electricians shop the other month and all in its around 10k to knck out buy and fit apparently, that maybe why you dont see many of them about.

    I think me and you Should get back on topic. We are both entering dangerous ground. He/she her ..... I open doors for anyone and sometimes it’s appreciated when doors are held open for me. I’ll leave it at that :)

    Right .. we still have clueless pillocks in power sticking it to europe and losing a vast trading block on our doorstep then said idiots cow tow to the yanks and we buy american bad food, and out up or go bust.

    but if the left could be hard they could tell america to stick there junk.

    So crap or bust hmm...........................................................................................................................................................................................

    What do you know about this “bad food” Prepper?

    Are you referring to “chlorinated chicken?
    The EU is apposed to chicken being washed in chlorinated water to kill pathogens that could be present on chicken carcasses during production. The EU‘S preference To clean these chicken carcasses is cold air and water. However the EU is happy for fruit and veg to be washed in chlorinated water. Bad food could be referring to animal husbandry and quite rightly standards should always be improving where/when possible. By fixing exceptable levels of chemicals/toxins/pollutants in our food doesn’t necessarily make the food safe, but safer.

    Interesting article about chlorinated chicken.

    Thanks for expanding. Sorry I wasn’t wanting to have a go or challenge your post. I had not intended singling out a Union, but Possibly a unions intention.
    I would expect any union to protect a members health from the outset anyway. I understood that no essential worker has been “forced to work” during lockdown where adequate PPE wasn’t available and in that case, the right to withdraw labour was a given.

    in my post, my concern was the “potential” for a union/s to flex muscle (especially in light of Keir Starmer’s new position) and the unions positioning “Within the Labour Party/movement” during a very sensitive time for any government trying to get the County back on its feet.

    Unions are at their strongest when a government is on the back foot. I’ve done some extreme things in the name of my union. A union that would leave the nation in the cold and dark to force a result.

    You’ve reminded me. Whilst at a NUM gala in Nottinghamshire 1984 I signed up to & bought a “T shirt.“ (which I still have somewhere) Musicians Union “DON’T LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN”. I got £2.50 strike money per week (if I walked the 12mile each way, daily, for the whole five days) The T Shirt cost me £2.40 I seem to remember. So my union involvement extends to the two unions. (It’s red, but faded to redIsh-pink) with all the time that’s passed. :)

    thousand kind of religions existed. what if, some extraterrestrial life forms came here, choose a person, and relayed some knowledge to them? and we call them prophets?

    it’s all possible, however the outcome would probably be no different to say, the BBC costumes department giving someone a makeover. BBC set designers staging and elaborate scene, (lights, smoke and mirrors) BBC script writers feeding a story. ACTION... The more witnesses (proof, evidence etc)

    if enough folk can be won over, convinced, want to believe. Then is it either a religion/cult or tomfoolery? If “aliens” extratesticle bbc were to deliver the same message, would the outcome be any different?

    I mentioned to my o/h that “theirs no longer respect shown to the elders”. Her comment kind a shocked me. She said “why should they be shown respect or Be respected.”
    She is 20 years my younger, so the next generation-ish. I was brought up to respect those that had cut cloth before me, maybe worked hard, in less than ideal, EU standard conditions, possibly fought or lived through WW11, pushed back on the old guard ways and now struggled to coupe with the modern world.

    But on considering her statement. Many of “these elders” did nothing for the good of mankind, many took advantage of their time, climbed off the backs of their predecessors and selfishly lapped up all the worlds generosity. Not to dismiss any individuals struggle or fights.
    I’m still the person who voluntarily shows respect to my elders. I often great OAP as Sir. but now I question my time to come as a OAP in the modern world. I’m thinking I might need to remain fighting fit, cos I’m not ready to take shit from any git who prefers to hide their face when striking out from a angry crowd & if your music is too loud or shit, I’m still going to say so. :pp

    Should we show respect to our elders, elders in general or is that a privilege too far in a pc world? :whistle:

    That post is full of passion prepper. The same passion however those on the far left, far right, far from Being right, who get up every morning, when they then put their twopence worth forward. Nothing wrong with realising your own mind either. Your a good bloke who will work hard for your lot, you’ll probably do owt for anyone and not go out your way to cause harm. Being true to yourself and your beliefs is admirable, but never fear to have your views & mind challenged or changed. None of us have all the answers or solutions and passion has made many of us become blinkered to the changing world around us.

    Still nice post mate: respect :thumbup:

    I'm a bit taken aback by the anti-union rhetoric that some have shared on here. It seems some have swallowed the kool-aid served up with Daily Express tokens. Although it is many decades since I was a bona fide teacher I was active in one of the teacher unions. By far the biggest workload was in supporting teachers who had come under fire from management for an often trumped-up misdemeanour resulting from a conflict of personality. Fair employment practice came about after years of prolonged campaigning and struggle and a good union rep was worth their weight in gold in seeing that agreed procedures were followed. Too many members of management and school governing bodies were too quick to condemn and would try all sorts of tricks to undermine the agreed procedure. Our union also had a hardship fund and I was grateful for that on one occasion when my employer without notice docked three weeks' wages at a stroke when I had to take time off when one of my kids was born.

    Unions came about for a reason. Employers can easily pick off individuals. In a hierarchical structure workers need informed and recognised representation.

    one mans option of their union is as unique as the union itself. Your aware I’m speaking from experience of the NUM only.

    NUM, where a man could down tools over any issue and the workforce was expected out in support. The union by definition would steer proceedings. A day down was worth more to the cause, than a quick resolution from the management and turning coal.
    Since the miners strike 1984/5 unions have lost theIr power, although not their purpose. Having had the opportunity to join two further unions 1990 onwards, which I declined membership.
    So if your referring to me drinking kool-aid. Can you elaborate?

    Another night of illegal street raves in the London area. Another bill the taxpayer has to cover for police intervention, hospital admission and local authority clean up bill. I’m all in favour of impromptu get to gethers, parties and unlicensed raves (when and where appropriate). During this lockdown it’s hard to condone any of the later due to health risks and pressures on emergency services.

    We have all stretched our well meaning obligation and compliance with the COVID- 19 rules if not to the breaking point. So any chance of normality or intense entertainment must seem appealing to many of us.

    A small group of revellers from last nights event, have stated (apparently) that they are doing nothing wrong.
    Under normal circumstances this type of event would be held out of the way, in a abandoned industrial area, under a motorway bridge or in some field/forest.

    To kick off a impromptu banging sound system outside none consenting residential properties, wouldn’t be considered expectable in peace time, without consultation with locals, em services and community groups and council big wigs. Obviously all the preparation for a approved, legal event comes with paperwork, site meetings, insurance, licenses and other staff time.

    So an illegal alternative approach to entertainment might sound greener and achievable. But then it’s not normal times. What is the Policing bill for this one night event? I’m guessing 50 x Police officers on 11hour shift, so that’s 3 hours overtime each officer. Now most of these coppers could very well have been scheduled to work this Friday evening. Maybe some extra officers programmed in to cover, in anticipation of the past weekends of illegal street parties. 7 x Police officer were injured and maybe off work.

    Sky News reports today.

    They weren't happy that their illegal party ended abruptly.

    I'm told the minute ravers saw flashing blue lights, everyone on the Havelock Close estate in White City, west London, started to disperse, spilling out into the streets.

    Officers in riot gear seen running towards the estate were met with hostility.

    Alongside me were a large group of teenagers, all flinging stones and bottles.

    I asked one man, who chucked several bricks at officers, why he was so angry. “I just don't like the way they turned up and were being so aggressive with us," he told me.

    "We weren't doing anything wrong."

    So opinions please.

    A) Should residents, local authorities work with the public/event organisers to limit disturbance/conflict and allow these events to take place or identify a alternative venue.

    b) turn a blind eye and leave folk alone to have a blow out.

    c) Expect the police to uphold the law, even if that requires extra police in riot gear and further expense for local authority budgets and Increased council tax bills.

    So is the statement : 'We weren't doing anything wrong' correct?

    Looking in to the immediate future, chances are we will be in a B&B with the US, amongst Canada, Australia, along with many international trading partners.
    Our system will probably closely mirror that of the US with a two party polarised political. Struggle. Leaning left opposing leaning right. Gloves off, diplomacy fails. Either Country goes to war with itself. We’ve watched the foreplay. It results in a Civil war. Each of the Countries supporting the others struggle. Tories and Republicans have the police force and the military.

    Which side You going to take?

    I really think (unless I backdown & retire my head) me and the missus could be fighting/at war with each other.

    I’ve already decided I must continue to vote in UK general elections (which I also wanted to retire from) just to Counteract/cancel out my missus vote. (We both maya swell stay in bed on poling day) I asked her a few months ago to tell me about the future she sees. I wanted to put faith In others. No vision yet, but I couldn’t handle the white supremacy guilt if that was to be the icing on my retirement cake. Silence isn’t condoning, silence isn’t racist in my book. I’ve shouted louder than many in my time, but now I just wish to be at peace with myself, my surroundings and my environment. Do activists ever retire? or do they move on to another Issue?

    Do any of you see eye to eye with your partner on the political spectrum? She once told me I couldn’t vote UKIP. :whistle:

    6 month moritorium for some mots due to covid19. .. I hope so anyway because mine has otherwise expired😕👍

    Been living in mine full time as usual and as usual it's devoloping expensive to fix problems.

    anything that can be sorted out (without paying garage prices) ?

    One thing I’ve learned, not all mechanical repairs require a apprenticeship of experience, or a garage full of tools and a 4 post lift. Some of these mechanics might come across as magicians, but behave more like charlatans.
    Even sourcing parts yourself can be an eye opener. Google and YouTube have become my go to classroom, as it allows me to remain remote, while being independent and skint.

    I got a quote to supply 2 x flexi brake hoses and have them fitted at my regular mot garage. Supply flexi brake hoses = £79.00 each. I only needed the one hose replacing to get me going, I bought a Brand new (old stock) genuine County flexi hose off a Transit County enthusiast for £20 posted.
    Garage wanted £350 for the work, supply and fit hoses. I bought 5 litre of brake fluid for £23 delivered, enough brake fluid to practice bleeding the brake system about 10 times over or do 5 vehicles. Total bill for my DIY repair £43. I had meths and half can of brake cleaner (picked up at carboot) for about 50p each.

    Since I didn’t have a job to go to, it pays me to do the work. :)

    This year I’ve fixed Propshaft bearing,, viscous fan clutch, and front brake flexi pipe, all prep work for MOT and still had change out of £100 for fish/chip supper and a piss up. :thumbup:And I’m no mechanic or even mechanically minded.

    remember to manually lift the windscreen wiper blades up off the glass, clean undernieth before hitting the wipe switch next time it rains. That sun turns muck into glue and it could prevent any damage.
    Tip, wipe blades with a cloth dipped in vinegar to revitalise them. :)

    I’ve been messing with servicing brakes (for over a month now). after front brake started binding at the beginning of lockdown and getting hot. Being a rare vehicle, I bought the last and only 41’’ front O/S flexi brake hose in the Country. Last made in 2000. It took 3 weeks to locate and post.

    When it arrived and I had removed the old “knackered” Flexi hose, I realised it was for the N/S only. Bends/ two crimped brackets/ chassis keyway etc was opposite and wrong way round...... I tried to get a new hose made but due to lockdown, no joy....
    Rewind a couple of to the rescue. I bought an amazing quality 10mm pipe bender for £4. They sell for £60 + secondhand on ebay. I kept it for bending lpg gas pipes in vehicles.

    I used this tool to carefully rebend metal flexi pipe ends to fit, I swapped brackets round and made new key way. Managed to finish servicing brake, reconnect and bleed them yesterday.
    So I’m mobile again and need a test run.

    Building work/odd job work can be difficult to obtain unless you move to the job or sdverzise. Traveling around and hoping to find this kind of work in remote areas is quite difficult. (Although luck can score some work) Relying on local advertising when chances are your stay could be cut short (moved on) plus your reputation (word of mouth) might mean you needed to back track to places you stayed in to complete previous work, (would you trust a builder to stick around, finish the job) in this situation? Even if materials were the proprietors responsibility to provide. Far easier to have a base and travel to work from there as a builder. Tool/materials storage, etc. But that’s not the freedom of the road you seek. labouring can also tie you and partner, your vehicle to a place, even if one of you would rather not be there. Is your partner strong enough to deal with most situations if your out at work all day? 5pm your still working or travelling, your partners stuck in some laybye or down some lane, waiting for your return, whilst dealing with dickheads or kids that don’t like you or your kind.

    Now, artists can park in some of the best places, get inspiration from their surroundings and strangely enough, work outside the vehicle with general approval from passers by.

    Having been shocked by the amount of general hatred/abuse nomadic folk have been exposed to during this lockdown. I think it’s never been more important to have a bolt hole to go to, be that a friends driveway, a plot of land or a property. Generally campsite have remained open, so places like caravan club registered farms etc have always been open all year round for emergencies, vehicle repairs, illness etc. This virus stopped all that and the public turned on those living in vehicles.

    The press are going through a strange time. Those on the right are being denied freedom of press. Those on the left are encouraged to play the tune of media bosses.

    Those civilians using mobile phones I don’t class as press. I understand anyone can be a journalist, More film footage of any incident or event can be invaluable when it comes to revealing the truth or to secure a conviction. Posting videos for likes or street cred isn’t journalism/press.