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    it’s a vote for Brexit. Apathy may make it a coalition gov between Brexit party and Cons. SNP run scared of trading in euros. so tactically vote to stay within UK. DUP think fk it. Europe it is.:D

    It’s strange times. Many will just let the election be. Many have no choice. What ever happens. It can only get better. Some very important issues have been thrust upon us. The climate and management of people. I couldn’t see us getting away with pitching teepees or pink boats in the Heart of London back in the 1980’s. Climate change, animal cruelty, environment, nuclear disarmament were all issues we campaigned for but couldn’t reach the masses.

    I think the media smears towards labour have increased over the last month. but before that the media were smearing Tommy R. Brexiters and anyone else if it promoted the media agendas.

    Id be much happier if they paid my one way relocation expenses to Canada 🍁

    That might be a future option NT

    2025 van swap anybody?

    New Zealand National Party Calls For CANZUK Free Movement Deal


    CANZUK International

    9 DEC 2019 —

    The leader of the New Zealand National Party, Simon Bridges, has openly called for free movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and further stated that the government should be doing everything it can to ensure New Zealanders can travel more freely within CANZUK countries.

    Speaking with 1 News in New Zealand, Bridges said: "We support a free movement deal. The Government should be doing everything it can to ensure Kiwis can travel more freely...the Government needs to get this on the agenda as soon as possible".

    Voting broke out and the whole fkin lot of em cried “WOLF”.
    What were the elections like when you were young. Crackly old valve radio and arm bent street corner newspaper sellers. Those days we voted same as our father and grandfathers. We knew our place Back then. Now it’s all sneaked in under our noses and behind our backs. There will be many who don’t vote, many who can’t vote. Many voting with the best intentions.

    Anyone tried to sell your vote? I tried to buy my neighbours vote today, fish and chips in the village pub and a drink of her choice. Looks like I will be voting alone. :/

    I am not sure whether continued membership of the European Union is any worse than becoming yet another state of the American Imperialist Empire, ruled, at the present time, by Emperor Trump.

    (Avē, Imperātor Trumpus, votitūrī Tory tē salūtant!)

    Roughly: Hail, Emperor Trump! Those about to vote Tory salute you!

    Like you pointed out, Trump won’t be around indefinitely, but Brussels would still hold the reins of survivant governments within the block, if the EU survives. The un-elected masters would continue to shape a EU empire with or without LP or Trump. and “I Thought” independent, self governing sovereignty was the goal of Brexit. Leaving the EU phase one. We would then suck up to leaders of all Countries for trade when in our favour.

    I’m now keen to know which of the LP manifesto proposals has bought sold it to you oldkeith?

    Were you a remainer in the referendum?

    Your entitled to “your own views” oldkeith and a right to vote for whom you deem fit.
    Being a hippy I would (like others) abstain from voting labour “this time.” Let them fall from grace. Hope that out of the ashes Labour reforms as two parties. A left LP and a Right LP. They can then both screw as close to the Dividing line as future voters permit. YOU the voter hold the power. Any form of racism (especially to it’s own paid up members) is “un exceptable” even under the same roof, in it? [panic]

    VAT reduced to zero for any type of heating fuel used in “registered” campervans/motorhomes. VOSA Inland Rev etc > don’t care if it happens to share the same fuel tank as drive engine :D Odometer readings will play no part in transport fuel fees owed or levied. This must be made by voluntary admission and recorded on trust basis biannually. :whistle:

    windy, intermittent showers. Crap weather for playing outside with our kid.
    Feel a workshop science session coming on. Strip a microwave and using the magnet, wire and spanner, energise a Barnett fitting 240v LED light bulb by free electricity :D

    Generally when average people lie, it affects only a very few people, however dastardly it may be.

    When a politician lies, as when promising the Earth at election time, and gets voted in on the strength of that, and then goes back on his/her promise, that can adversely affect the lives of millions of people. For some of them, this betrayal can mean poverty and even death by starvation on the streets. Or worse still > continued membership of the European Union. Such politicians should be eliminated:reddevil:


    Elimination could throw new light on it. If you switch off power (your system side) soon as it starts making the noise. Isolating your own heating pump (fused switched spur) If it continues. I would ask your neighbours to investigate their system. The noise you hear may not be anything like the level they experience if any. Also this will put the onus on the landlord to fix it without your involvement. Do you have a combi boiler in your apartment/flat? Do you ever need to re-pressurise the boiler, eg open A water valve and turn off when pressure gauge sits in normal range.

    It could be a pump on its way out or a solenoid not closing fully and high pressure water forcing through the remaining unclosed (gap)

    I’m not a plumber, but air lock in a system tents to create a knocking.

    I agree criticisms of a government/state for their actions/views isn’t racist, There are many races of people’s in the world who have no country to call home (eg, Kurds) and little is said about those.

    I acknowledge racism towards Jews was widespread years ago.

    There is clearly an issue with some of the Labour Party members who (according to sworn statements and Chakrabarti’s report) are/have been/continue to be racist. This report is focusing on claims that have been deemed to be truly racist.
    What‘s suprised me is the lack of action by the LP leaders, and Poor levels of punishment (if any.) This leads me to believe the LP leaders are more concerned with keeping membership numbers than eradicating racism towards Jewish members.

    On reflection it appears no different to Rotherham Labour Councillors, suppressing whistle blowers 2002 - 2012 regarding child sex abuse claims reported by social workers etc. Where safeguarding votes from the Muslim Pakistani Communities was more important than the vulnerable children effected.

    I would like to see in the manifesto the nuclear program abolished and to see the money saved from that put into unlimited free cake for anyone over the age of 12 months :-)

    Off topic

    I hear Germany has terminated their reliance on a German nuclear power generating system. With a deadline to close the last of these nuclear power stations by late 2022. However, it is unclear where any deficit in electricity demand will come from. Maybe they will buy it in from nuclear plants within Europe.
    Maybe they just feel vulnerable having so many potential terrorist targets loaded and primed in the neighbourhood.

    Back on topic.

    I would put voluntary/state aided euthanasia packages in the hippy manifesto. With today’s advanced pharma culture it could be tailer made. A 7 x day (on your way out) bender, free at point of collection.

    A selection of pharmaceutical buzz, fuzz, slip, slide recipes, delivering maximum pleasure to point of tolerance and beyond. hey presto. Economically, Environmentally sustainable.:rip:

    I wonder if the original owners of these animals receive payment for animals sacrificed? Do they take the meat home with them? or give the meat away?

    What’s in it for the spectators, a free meal?
    A festival every 5 years gives time to raise a cheap calf, but it’s still an expensive festival.

    But why would anyone read it?

    Scan the first and last paragraph and they don't really tie together.

    In layman’s terms, it’s to the point, less around the block & beats the bush with its own soggy root.

    Like I referred to in my opening post. We use the word racist without submitting proof. We counter claim without facts. We read what we want to read and make judgement, believing what we want to believe.

    The two articles you started to read are good examples of how civilised individuals of a moral standing can justify their own affiliation to a group/party or ideology, by deflecting from facts with smoke and mirrors or selective dementia. :)

    This one is a new’en on me.

    HINDU worshippers are beheading thousands of buffalo in Nepal as part of the “world’s largest animal sacrifice” event.

    I’ve posted a link without too many gruesome photographs, but there are plenty of online reports about this cruel festival.
    WARNING researching this could offend you…hy-is-it-so-controversial.

    I suppose it’s no different to our annual Turkey production run, except not behind closed doors. :happens:

    Good morning freedom fighters. Well that was another long night.

    A point mentioned by oldkeith

    Because the present right-wing governed State of Israel will lose a willing and warlike friend on the world stage if the LP get into power. They have many friends in high places in the US, as recent events have shown, and under the present Tory party, they have many here.

    If the State of Israel wants war in the East it will look to the US to start it, and it will look to the UK to follow. But unlike 'New Labour' under Blair, Corbyn's Labour is very unlikely to follow.

    The US are sizing up for a war against Iran, and they will need all the friends they can to help them. If Corbyn gets in, they will get the same answer they got from Wilson back in the day, over Vietnam

    It’s very true the UK has sent its soldiers to support fight in regime change/wars. We have even started one or two ourselves. Being a member of NATO (in my view) it is/was to be expected we get called to arms. However, “we” the public have grown weary of sending our children into pointless conflicts and with increased “awareness” raised through open discussions and to some extent the media. Exposed agendas, manipulation of facts, along with “poor” previous results, have made us question our future role and any subsequent intervention.

    If voting LP removes the likelihood of the U.K. supporting the USA in future conflicts, with (sending troops, military aid etc) to say Iran for example, How will a LP government prevent us from future conflicts in Europe or elsewhere if we become part of a EU army? Swapping one master for another, only this time our own troops would be out of our own control. So if in the future the EU army were to be turned on the Socialist UK government for actively supporting a identified Terrorist faction, here or abroad. How will the redwhite&blue flag resolve that conflict, Would the Labour Party affiliate to Russia for its LP salvation?

    Surely racism isn’t justified on grounds the Jews have “friends in high places” and because we share the same friends our children will somehow become dragged into military conflicts.

    So your not denying there’s a influential number of racists in the a Labour Party and In-order to keep Corbyn as the figure head, that’s excerptible and gets your vote? Why has LP turned on the Jewish membership in recent years? It’s not like this racism isn’t focused. You can say it’s the right or the left of the Party. It’s happening in the Labour Party. Surely your vote should be first and foremost to remove “the racism” from within the Party? Only then worry about our governments support of and involvement in warring factions around the world.

    I don’t want to get too personal about this with you oldkeith, but feel a broken system is just as bad as a dysfunctional system. I’ve been a Labour voter all my life, but my vote this time is neither for LP policies or LP Political structure. I was indeed a Corbyn supporter, but he sold out in my view.
    A few quibbles about racism..... That’s OK then. :osama:

    My view is that the term “racist” is banded about much more these days in social media, media, By Politicians, activists etc. and yet when asked to provide proof, none comes forward (take the case of Tommy Robinson) But when proof is provided in the form of the Chakrabarti inquiry and subsequent report including Testimonials from 70 Labour officials past and present. This racism is further denied, dismissed or overlooked because it doesn’t fit in with that voters agenda.

    Many of the hippies I know are likely to vote labour next week. How do they justify voting Labour with claims of racism within the movement made by former and current Labour officials?

    What is more important, ousting a Conservative government in favour of a Socialist/Labour government, Regardless of any complacency? and excepting some racism will continue within the Party.

    or staying true to all your principles and either voting for another party or simply not voting?


    Is it for tax purposes? :whistle:

    Not for tax, Not for looking over my shoulder. Not even to thwart any upcoming claims for child allowance. Every year I attended Stonehenge festival. I would wonder if the bundle of arms and legs held In against the tit of a radiant hippy chick, could be related to me or one-off my mates.
    In the real world it’s sometimes good to forget your real name, but never the name you use. :D