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    The reason I suggest a WAV is these vehicles are usually a stripped down version of a standard model. (sometimes lowered floor or raised roof). Often purchased on mobility scheme and maintained as such before selling on. These vehicles generally get limited use compared to a family car or work vehicle. Once adapted these vehicles are often less appealing to the general motorist for personal use and therefore often much cheaper to buy.

    Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Tax)

    You don't have to pay Road Tax if you get the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement.

    If you are not the driver you have to provide the name of whoever will drive for you. The vehicle must be registered in your or your nominee's name. It must be used only by you or for your benefit - such as to do your shopping. Anyone can drive it as long as they are insured.

    To claim, get an exemption certificate from the Disability Living Allowance Unit of the Department for Work and Pensions or the Veterans Agency.

    I would look at Renault Kangoo 1.6 petrol WAV conversion. (Wheel chair access) Look for one where the wheelchair access floor allows for laying down room from front to back, advantage is a little extra head hight too.

    Right guys, gals and personal pronouns . I’ve changed my name, Not because I want to rob Travelers, but I’m no longer the girl I thought I was & because I can (while it’s still legal)

    Anyhow back on Topic.
    I still have a limited stock of UKH bumper stickers, Window decals, Female T shirts, cotton bags etc.

    Im proposing to sell these from time to time and I will donate the purchase price to UKH to help towards the running costs of this site.

    I will want any postage and PayPal fees refunding to myself.

    Postage costs will have changed due to all the time that’s passed and will be amended at point of sale.

    These are rarer than a straight hippy and more vintage than the tunes your listening to. When gone, they are gone.

    Iran owns 20% of the largest remaining gas field on earth. Saudi’s own the other 80% of the same gas field. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia desperately want to sell this gas to Europe & Europe are desperate to safeguard their gas energy needs from the grip of Russia.
    In order for Iran OR Saudi to viably supply Europe with this gas, this gas needs to be piped overland and through Syria.
    Saudi offered to cover the full cost of US military intervention to overthrow the leader of Syria (who just doesn’t want any gas pipeline going across his Country) Iran also want to run a gas pipeline over Syria.
    Russia is backing Syria to safeguard its own interests in supplying USSR gas to Europe.

    We get what we pay for. ;(

    I'm thinking why are there no active threads about Brexit or anything political? I used to like coming on here to see peoples opinions as i don't trust or watch the news...

    Probably due to Censorship promoted by members of CC forum. I got fed up of being called a Nazi, racist and the likes. I just unplugged the forum Connection and found healthy radicalisation on YouTube for six months worked for me. :D

    Pm me if your in Cambridge area. There’s one or two good lay-bys stop overs next to the river.

    A merc used the same spot for several months (leaving in daytime, weekdays) with no hassle. Odd hornblast by passing motorists is enough to spoil sleep though.

    Fk to Christmas. But try telling that to our lass and the kids. I’ve still got a bar of Blacks sea salt chocolate from last Christmas. A bar of Blacks chilli chocolate from my Oct Birthday last year. Half a bar of Blacks Chocolate from the Christmas before that, but that’s looking a little dusty now.

    It’s not that I’m not a chocolate kind of person. But I buy chocolate when “I” want to eat the stuff. If it’s the thought that counts! “Think” Don’t waste money on Christmas gifts when it isn’t necessary.

    Thanks for the offer Shroom but unfortunately that stuff is a lot newer than the older stuff i have and incompatible. Further up in this thread Rogue Trader was talking of a gaming pc for his lad - may be of some use to him. Alternatively if it's just sitting you'd get a reasonable price on eBay for it.

    Thanks for heads up. We did buy our lad a secondhand PC. I think postage would be substantial and probably not in keeping with freecycle ethos.

    Comply the best you can, but don’t get yourself busted is your last resort. You can film them covertly, just incase you get framed of feel violated and as leverage later on at the copshop.

    Search YouTube for Crimebodge. This guy is a thorn in the Police side, hip, face and butt.

    He goes out of his way to “push, test, disprove, and annoy the police and courts” He defends public rights and individuals. A mindful of info and he likes sharing it.

    Check him out. If in doubt or trouble, contact him.

    I take far more “tat, projects and move it on, sell stuff” with me these days. There’s usually something “I could have, should have” included. I have always got by with, without or adapted.

    This year at Dovedale was a turning point. I had spent two days designing, fabricating, welding and painting two awning leg height extensions (eliminating a need for awning guy ropes too) for our new “recycled wind out awning tent. Only to find out at 6.30pm in the field. I had left the two leg extensions 100 miles away, where I had placed them while paint dried. I improvised, but it pissed me off. Two days work and no benefit so far.

    NT your extensive list exhausted me just reading it. So I can see a list that precise/inclusive wouldn’t work for me. But in the future :shrug: we are all capable of organising to varying degrees.

    Once or twice (lately) I’ve noticed a spanner or rear doors padlock resting on the vehicle bumper/tow hitch frame when returning to my vehicle in a car park. So I’ll never say never to lists.

    Lyndsey writes her own list for every adventure, weekly to do lists, shopping lists. (Some folk like writing lists) I may scribble three things down on a list a year when I think I may forget about remembering/doing stuff.

    NT you picked up on some very important points like isolating gas, legal requirements and a peace of mind stuff list may just become good Practice for some.:whistle:

    Reading a post on a American Truck/camper mag. It was suggested we all make a laminated checklist of important things to check/do before hitting the road after a stop over.

    Got me thinking. Getting older, more complacent, more forgetful. The days when I covered all my get up and go bases have past/are passing me by. I’ve ended up on site without a first aid kit. Kids without coats. low on gas, only two skins left etc. The list goes on.

    Do any of you have a checklist? a must do list or must take list? Shopping list isn’t what I’m talking about here.

    I’m considering making my own and my families check list, just “incase”

    To get me/us started I’ve copied the American Truck/Camper mag list example. I appreciate many of the items have nothing to do with my/our set up and no doubt most of our rigs/requirements will be unique. Hopefully you hippies can throw a few suggestions on here that I/we can consider adding to our own lists.

    Well after three attempts it won’t include the copied list. Keeps saying “please fill in this field” ?


    I've yet to find any sloes around here :(

    It is a lottery as to where you are in the Country and the type of agriculture prominent since the days of the great plague and subsequent agricultural development/methods in that area to date.

    During the great plague. Land Labour/land management went into decline. There wasn’t enough people keeping the hedgerows managed, laid and ditches cleared. Blackthorn once mainly dispersed as seeds by birds/animals and humans, thrived during the years of limited land mgt and due to blackthorns rhizomes spreading abilities and abundant annual fruit production. Hedgerows that may have only had a few blackthorn species within hedgerows before the time of the plague, soon became overrun with it. When field margins and headlands were taken back into mgt and ditches cleared. Established blackthorn within these old hedges was left growing. Blackthorn is hazardous to both humans and animal, but effective as stock control.

    Bacteria often found living on the bark and thorns can be very nasty and imbedded thorns can turn septic quickly resulting in blood poisoning.

    However blackthorn/sloes have many useful medical uses (wonder plant???) See following.