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    Gypsies worked that out a long time ago. “The barrel shape” in the Bowtop caravan design creates a wider area within the bowtop to place the bed.

    gee rubbish is burnt daily throughout the County to generate electricity. These kilns operate at high temperatures which destroys many of the pollutants given off when incinerating.

    I was happy to read 2019 was the first year the UK had generated a higher % of our electricity from renewable sources instead of from coal.

    The riser should be longer, youd want two containers stacked on end at least... :whistle:

    Did you see the stainless one i took to DD a couple of years ago? That was the first one i built and apart from inefficiencies due to not insulating the burn and riser tube i was quite impressed with the small amount of fuel it used to cook a meal. The downside was constantly feeding it small sticks but it is something you could easily learn to live with.

    I was only day dreaming about oversize rocket stoves and don’t need anything bigger than a spa heater size rocket stove. I paid £750 in delivery for my shipping container. I’m sure one day I will come across an old grain silo going begging or a long metal water bowser to make a serious chimney out of.

    I remember the SS rocket stove you made.very smart indeed. I suggested you incorporated it into some future nudge bars for your vehicle.

    I get what your saying about wasting Spending more time drooling over gadgets. Pinterest is the modern equivalent of Readers Digest for keyboard warriors and armchair inventors.

    yes 20 foot container oldkeith. It would smoke a lot, lifting the chimney higher would help. It’s simply the scale of the rocket stove and the intensity of flames, Hence “heat” big enough, hot enough to incinerate human bodies whole, or house clearances leaving little for forensics :D

    Those boots you’ve hung onto will probably never be worn on feet again. but if you can cut a sole shape out of marine ply and tack the leather to the ply sole plate. They can make for a pair of original front door porch plant pots. Or drill a small 25mm hole into ply sole. Insert the open boot top over a old tree branch and after securing to the tree branch with the laces. A wicked bird nest box.
    last year I made two pairs of authentic leather Viking shoes, a pair for me and my daughter. I also bought a pair of nackered viking sea boots off ebay that I’ve removed the worn out soles already to replace. I’m actually looking forward to that project.

    I’m often sidetracked Pinterest impressed by inventions, creativity Pinterest
    Over the years it’s really caught my attention Pinterest A materialistic digital distraction, showing me all that I like in the world on a shiny backlit screen of dreams, The Silicone Valley Tablet.

    Pinterest’ is a church for sinners and dreamers and true access to many tried, tested and failed ways.

    Through Pinterest I’ve watched Rocket stoves evolve, motorhomes adapt, Tiny homes offgrid.
    I enjoy letting my mind go, collecting, repurposing stuff and we now have access to world-wide digital industrial meccano sets and all the surplus to requirements or light use tatt made to date. And this useful tatt is getting cheaper to buy by the day.

    Today I walked down by my 20” shipping container and thought

    “ wouldn’t that make a wicked Rocket stove.” weld a 45 gallon oil drum on top for the chimney and a 8 cube skip bolted on for the wood hopper. Daddarrr A Rocket Stove big enough to throw settees in :D I might name it the “Community Cleaup Rocketstove.

    So what’s your obsession/s? Has Pinterest Got your number? :boing:

    fractured families in local communities are another reason parents have smaller families. Not having extended/shared childminding responsibility, makes it tough on parents responsible for 24/30+ days childcare, which eventually burns out the soul of your free time. Children aren’t a guaranteed joy. But now and then they can become a total motivation.

    I think it’s been blown out of proportion by his Voluntary announcement on social media.

    Thick fk must know the law on potential animal cruelty allegations. If he had been caught inflicting death on the trapped fox with his wife's hard black dildo. It would have been the end of his career. Even if dressed in his court suit top-half and sock suspenders. its not going to look any better for him.

    Italy make growing low grade cannabis legal.... but for how long?

    Italy court rules home-growing cannabis is legal, reigniting dispute

    Italy's Supreme Court has ruled that small-scale domestic cultivation of cannabis is legal, in a landmark decision triggering calls for further legalisation from weed advocates and anger from the country's conservatives.

    Called on to clarify previous conflicting interpretations of the law, the Court of Cassation decreed that the crime of growing narcotic drugs should exclude "small amounts grown domestically for the exclusive use of the grower".

    The ruling was made on Dec. 19, but went unnoticed until Thursday, when it was reported by domestic news agencies and immediately fuelled a simmering political debate over cannabis use in Italy.

    "The court has opened the way, now it's up to us," said Matteo Mantero, a senator from the co-ruling 5-Star Movement.

    Mantero presented an amendment to the 2020 budget calling for legalisation and regulation of domestic cannabis use, but it was ruled inadmissible by the senate speaker from Silvio Berlusconi's conservative Forza Italia party.

    "Drugs cause harm, forget about growing them or buying them in shops," Matteo Salvini, leader of the right-wing League Party said in a statement on Friday, in reference to shops selling low-strength "legal weed" that are widespread in Italy.

    Maurizio Gasparri, a senator from Forza Italia which is allied to the League, said the first law the centre-right coalition would approve if it came to power "will cancel the absurd verdict of the court".

    Salvini, who was interior minister until he quit the government in August in a failed bid to trigger elections, pushed for the closure of legal weed shops and cheered in May when the Supreme Court said many of their products should be banned.

    The commerce has thrived in the last three years in Italy under 2016 legislation allowing cannabis with a psychotropic active ingredient (THC) level below 0.6 percent.

    While the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement favours a more liberal approach to cannabis, its centre-left and centrist coalition allies are more cautious, meaning future legislation on the issue remains in doubt.

    (Reporting and writing by Gavin Jones, Additional reporting by Giuseppe Fonte; Editing by Alison Williams)

    My knees arnt brilliant they arnt going to get any better i went three times two years ago only to be give an exersize book, total waste of time they crunch and go on but i make do but of they had been optd on maybe they wont mess up in years to come, ie keyhole

    Wear and tear and the natural process of ageing effects all of us differently. Occupation, health, ability To access affordable health care and attitude determines the outcome usually. Our desire to acquire “new” replacement body parts has until late been a pipe dream and a sci-fi concept. We/I have been on the same cartwheel of discovery along with the medical evolutionary dreamers. Hearts grown in pigs. Artificial heart/skin etc. But alongside the possible we have taken some mods/repairs/reuse as standard practice. Folk donate bodies/body parts for human reuse. Lifesaving blood banks have changed accident and emergency and general surgery, including childbirth in most of our hospitals in the western world.
    And yet 2/3rds of humans on the planet don't have Access to some of the most basic surgery, due to location or poverty.

    From one extreme to another. Have we perceived a service that is still possibly before it’s time?
    We wait on lists indefinitely for lifesaving surgery, live with postcode lotteries for life changing drugs.

    And most of us express disapproval, disappointment with our NHS system and it’s mgt at every turn.

    Taking it to another extreme, some folk want to live forever, regardless of the implications, loosing loved ones, living with the frailty of a tired mind and body, we opt for cryogenic storage. Hoping that There is medical/scientific advancement allowing resuscitation in the future.
    we all seen to have individual ideas of what a health service should/could provide. Yet theres no “what is covered, what isn’t covered” in the small print.

    I could say the NHS does far more than the founders envisaged and I’m just thankful it’s here. Being a service user, I could say it’s hardly fit for purpose. long waiting lists, reduced procedures, poor quality diagnostics and Joined up healthcare treatments.

    gee the Farmer at Dovedale was told around 20 years ago that one of his knees had worn to the point of him requiring a knee replacement. Being a farmer and on the go 24/7 he put up and shut up.
    This year I watched him struggle to climb out of his tractor and walk any distance. His leg just wouldn’t bend at the knee. He was told this year that it’s too late to have a suitable knee operation, but he’s happy knowing there is no daily pain from using his knee.

    I believe knee replacement surgery has a lifespan around 10 years.

    gee if we had to treat our eligibility to state health care like we do our vehicles and the annual MOT. I think many of us would further consider the consequences of our actions and responsibilities

    Obesity is said to become the next big killer? Weight gain is very much down to individuals sticking excess calories in their own mouths. I’m not saying that other factors can’t play a part in weight gain. Some biological, genetic factors and mental health may well be a cause. But for the many. It’s pure greed, laziness and or limited self control that results in weight increase/obesity.
    Blaming weight gain on medical reasons is more often than not just denial. Fat shaming generally has a negative effect and treating obesity like a illegal heroin addiction may be the way forward.

    Gender reassignment, boob job corrections and cosmetic surgery for beauty sake should be considered on merit of necessity and value for money.
    But Then the equal ops card gets played and we look again at pc parameters.

    Rumpusmany. I don’t think there is “a”answer for such a all encompassing service. Either fund the fk out of it or streamline it for those eligible.

    I’m watching the doc marshy posted war on the NHS.... worrying... Shocking even.
    After all that mud slinging Corbyn and they Labour Party had spouted during the election run up. I’m disgusted to learn that Labour are much to blame for some demise and privatisation of elements within the NHS. Then Thatcher came along and covertly showed the government how to do it stealthily. Tony Blair and his government tore up the rule book and fked the NHS and us the electorate with secret/fraudulent plans PFI, United Health and today with McKinsey and Company management consultants. Care Uk, Virgin, BUPA all have contracts with the NHS. None of our elected governments have clean hands.

    But this brought something up I had read on here about “those who smoke, drink excessively etc” should/could be denied specialist healthcare, if the reason they need health care is as a result of self-indulgence. Now this is a very fine line, but it got me thinking. My dad smoked and drank excessively for most of his life. 5 years before he died, his GP told him that the damage/I’ll health he was suffering was due to or not helped by smoking/drinking etc. My dad eventually cutdown and then stopped both smoking and drinking alcohol. But it was too late. In his final years he endured reduced mobility through lack of available oxygen. His general health deteriorated, due to a combination of factors possibly brought on by or contributed to from a life of self indulgence inc poor diet. I know my dad was not prepared to fight a long lingering death. But his health eventually effected not only the care the NHS had to provide for, but also time, attention and personal care his family we’re duty bound to cover for.

    If I had sat my dad down (when he was fit) and put it to him that smokers, drinkers should be denied NHS “specialist health care” I’m not sure what his reaction to the question asked would have been. Half of me thinks he would “expect” the best care possible, as he had paid into the NI system. But I wouldn’t be shocked if he would support removing care elements inc “extra care” eg free oxygen bottle deliveries, GP/nurse home visits.

    So 25 years on. Would I support removing some care or charging either the individuals, the tobacco companies for extra care, or burden our government with continued funding of the NHS for the care of those damaged through self-indulgence, because the governments took revenue (Tax) while the media promoted smoking and drink industries.

    For now I would favour further Tax funding for the NHS, but remove it for millennials on reaching maturity. They had the education and restricted advertising in place.

    what’s your view?

    From what I’ve just read. I would politely tell you to leave those trees the fk alone and not to waste your time trying to get the LA/HA to consent. You have very little knowledge about trees, tree mgt and tree species, wood types and wood suitability. Health and safety or correct/exceptable working practices adopted by Local Authorities including training, qualifications, risk assessments and public liability insurance to min £2million to £5 million depending on the Authority and all of which are required from contractors.

    There are hundreds of unmanaged/neglected woodlands/trees that you could possibly practice in/on as boneheaddread suggested, try to contact private owners of woodlands to practice and to source materials.

    Regarding street, village green, highways and park trees. Inc Those overhanging a boundary onto a public space/public right of way/highway belong to the Owner of the property the tree is growing on. Any material (branches) even if breaching that boundary are still the property of the tree owner and limbs/ branches etc, should be returned (if requested) to the property/owner. Also TPO’s Tree Preservation Orders are often placed on specific growing trees of importance. More so trees in places that have a higher value other than a timber value, (Either as individual tree TPO or blanket TPO’s eg aesthetic value, environmental value, ecological value. To damage a tree with high aesthetic value eg. One in a church yard overhanging the pavement outside. Could have a aesthetic value in excess of £20,000. Were the same tree to be growing in the back garden of a private/council house etc, the value may be nonexistent or several £100. Aesthetic value is hard to quantify by the layman and they are nation wide variables.

    Dead wood in trees, (still attached) has a high ecological value (deadwood/dead branches is home to a range of Specialist wood boring insects and their predators etc. Removal of some dead branches should be considered where a risk of injury /hazard is identified.

    If you contact a hedge layer/coppice manager, they will probably be able sell you a hazel rods/binders 10’ to 12’ long x1” to 0.5” diameter for less than 25p each. So it’s not worth considering paying £hundreds for public liability insurance every year just to get enough material to make pegs.

    I can’t identify the tree species from photograghs you posted. What is it/are they?

    yes she is a wonderful lass. She will be live and dangerous in a field somewhere. Keeping J out of harms way no doubt. :D

    Lightbringer where are you?

    For all the destine folk have in the run up to Christmas. The unmeasurable anticipation, excitement, joy our privileged kids experience (without drugs of any kind) Christmas really is a magical time before the world turns dark and the children have to grow up and deal with reality.

    look back to a good Christmas in your own childhood and let Christmas be for the kids and not just for dogs the money.

    On behalf of those kids who may just be wiping your arse and sick up in your lingering days. Love and peace from the Christmas monsters :xmerry:

    And yep Rogue Trader, christmas does nothing but add massivley to many wrongs in the world, every little bit helps bang the nail in further.

    And for 2000 years folk from around the world have embraced “their own” true meaning and ethos of their Christian faith. For some it’s been the only medicine available. Many have given or lost “their” lives in pursuit of “their” faith, they feel that strongly.

    They continue to celebrate the many fixed annual events, reinforcing belief by active participation In rituals.

    We have the freedom and a right to question motive, actions, impact and also to abstain. I don’t think we have a right to Judge.
    Christmas is popular for a reason, maybe it’s a numbers game.
    Most of the obscene greed and gluttony has materialised under our watch, initiated by our parents for our benefit. :xbounce:

    Religion played no part in our family or my upbringing. Never attended church other than a few weddings and funerals. I got kicked out of RE in the first year of comprehensive school for asking questions and that was fine by me and my parents.

    I did pray to god once (at a low comedown point in my life) when returning to my young family after a LSD holiday binge which terminated in Amsterdam. But that was very short lived, after discarding any shackles of guilt :insane:
    It really worries me to this day when world leaders talk openly of their different gods (and you lot think Christmas celebration is bad) These leaders have the power to turn most of the planet to dust, not just make someone look stupid in a themed jumper or put the whole family on a downer during a meal.

    Christmas isn’t compulsory unlike the TV licence. You can indulge in whichever side you wish or just switch off, unplug and live on. :whistle:

    There is far too much hype and hypocrisy that comes with our interpretation of Christmas. We are all aware of the waste, greed, plastic and paper excess and the fact many folk are living hand to mouth, so can’t possibly compete fund a typical Christmas extravagance that’s now considered “normal” Yet folk do try.

    We all know it’s wrong and out of hand. Hopefully individually we can turn it around and influence those Around us and rekindle a less commercial event.

    Sharing a mince pie and ten minutes to catch up/reach out is more rewarding than a gift of tatt a person don’t need or want.

    I’ve never spent New Year’s Eve in Trafalgar or Watched the fireworks display on the Themes. But that shared experience is one for my bucket list.

    like it or not. We are in bed with the yanks when it comes to defence. Most of the airforce bases around me have a large contingency of US staff and military personnel stationed and active.

    Regarding the sale of this particular company. It is the wish of its shareholders and the original family owners to sell. The main concern is based on future security (if identified security risks can’t be managed) Otherwise it’s business as usual regardless of which party is in a Government.

    vaccinations are a good method of reduction/prevention. I’m not gend up on measles and Im unsure if “our” UK measles vaccine covers the same strain even. There has been/still is, a lot of contention/confusion amongst some parents in the UK and elsewhere, regarding multiple vaccinations at a early age. Some parents prefer to “pick and choose” which and when vaccines should be used or needed and weigh up potential risks. Advice is freely given and careful assessments are needed regularly.

    I have the flu jab and have done for several years. I know if my friend should get “That” strain, I will still be in a position to help her or my family. Living alone, it’s not the best circumstance to get flu and recovery can be troublesome.

    in the 1980’s vaccinating horses against horse flu became popular. However being a newish preventative measure, stories were past around about horses developing lung/respiratory problems. So many of us stopped having our horses vaccinated. Thinking if our horses weren’t in livery and exposed to other animals toing and froing from events etc, the risk to our horses were minimal.
    Nowdays many dogs require up to date vaccinations to travel to curtain Countries, it’s common sense to vaccinate appropriately, but beware big pharma companies are not too far away and would sell a product given the chance.

    I think it’s amazing how the modern approach to treatment can identify, quarantine, isolate and temporarily eradicate some viruses and diseases in most parts of the world.

    well said NT.

    Thank fook this has all been lots of rain. Can’t imagine how deep the snow would be by now if it had been colder. It would have shafted the Christmas shopping and deliveries for loads of folk (how would they all coupe then[panic]) if snow was 10 foot deep. :xsnowballKids would have their best Christmas ever I bet.

    Welcome aboard Jonny. Rose tinted specs available on demand. But most of us see it how it is. Your views and words are most welcome here. Hopefully you’ll have a great time here, even find sympathy and support.

    No! I'm very happily married, have a great family but I absolutely hate chrimble and all the hypocrisy that surrounds it. Everything bad that happened to me in the past, happened at chrimble so I may be biased. lol.

    I am was with you on hating Christmas. I’ve come to the conclusion, if you can’t beat them, join them. So from now on (until my little girl goes out clubbing) I’m going with the flow, path of least financial burden and mental hurdles. I’m embracing the inevitable. Christmas will come and pass. I WILL find loads of discounted reduced luxury food items in the too much for da consumers shelf at the supermarket. I will Try and try again to get pissed.

    But from here on in on this winter occasion and every chrimbo there on, I WILL use the time to look back over the year and celebrate just getting through it. I nearly died this year in a motor vehicle accident. Disabled but heaven don’t want me, and hell thinks I just take over. So I made it to another a Chrimbo. Something to celebrate after all. And while the world has hung out the bunting and draped the flickering lights. Fk it. I’m still here. Let’s celebrate.

    For all those single folk out there. You too are a survivor. Statistics show more couples fall out, breakup, separate or have a horrible time at Christmas. So although you may not have a longterm partner to hug during this period. Some of those who have partners must feel like they are sharing a tangerine with a Wasp and wish they were still single.