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    I think the hospital still buy the placenta with the patients concent. It used to be 25p. The placenta is the only organ that can live for up to 9 hours outside and detached from the human body. They test new drugs, chemicals (potions and lotions) and types of cancer cells on the placenta. The placenta Grows at a alarming rate, not sure of the time equation but 9 hours placenta growth equates to several weeks of normal healthy tissue growth. Thus they can see the effects of abnormal cell growth and effects of the control drugs. They usually require the donor to be on her third stress free birth. Like shelling peas.

    1990 to 1992 while self employed as a hedge layer, I approached the Welbeck estate in Sherwood Forest about a 12 acre neglected coppice. Situated down a green lane that we had camped on for several years while traveling with a couple of horses and bow tops. I met the estate manager on site to agree rental for the woodland and discuss proposed works to be carried out by myself, which was to harvest hazel/Ash stakes and withers. Extracting the materials via horse to a point on the lane where I lived a tin trailer and parked the lorry and stock. The Estate manager tried to catch me out with a field walk asking me to identify all the tree species growing. Then he asked me if he would have to erect a dwelling in the wood for me or if I would be willing to arrange my own on site accommodation. We agreed the annual rental of £3.50 per chain. My horse loved it, I got bored of my own company, plus my child was living some 20 miles away and traveling daily made it uneconomical.

    Good vibes for your bella bus, stardust. They can do wonders with modern engines, power/economy and road reassurance... Change your engine and the rest will come after. She sits so well too, how can anyone not like her parked up outside their mansion

    summers and runners, swans necks and Lurry rings, these are a few of the beautiful things. To put a 3 or 4 year old infront of your home in the middle of the busiest traffic our towns and cities, country lanes have to offer. Takes some balls. Buy a cob old enough to do his job without you and you and the cob teach the youngster as a sider, till its older.

    what do you fancy building on? blow ups/inflatable's 5 stud or 3? steel is noisey, rubber expensive. I think its a great idea, any time you want to bounce ideas off of me. I have bits too, not that ive seen em for many years.

    Apologies to you andymel.
    In answer to your question. No its not wrong to own land. I think you have the same right as anyone else to own land. If it can enhance the quality of your life and others all the better. Exploiting land to the longterm detriment of that land and associated environment I don't agree with.

    Why is it that those who don't own land are the first to say, "no one can own land" or "no one actually owns land". Like all property is theft. Are these same people the ones who don't own a shirt on their back, a pair of boots, a guitar, A bus or a vehicle. Sure the land will remain long after the said owner is dead. But steel will continue to be recycled in much the same way as land. Ask yourself this, Do any members of your extended family own a dwelling? if they chose to demolish the bricks and mortar. Do they still own the plot it stands on? Do they have a right to reuse/ rebuild or sell it for the market value? or even to give it to someone of their choice. Define ownership please.

    I own land. I bought it over 20 years ago. I have lived on it for several long periods (many years). Ive been evicted from it, but still I'm responsible for it. Every year the land moves a little closer to scrub land, even though it is managed to some degree. Eventually the climax community will be mature woodland if the present level of management is stopped. Theres very little chance I will ever be allowed to live on there (legally) with out Planning Permission. This imposed set of rules is what guardians of land and owners of land have to adhere to at present. So the offering of this land to home travellers on, is subject to the same rules as property developers for residential dwellings. If you own a house with a garden to me its just the same issue, just on a smaller scale.

    Finding your iron work will be the thing. You cant build a make/model/type without the correct iron work and drays are in short supply if your after traditional build. If you wana bastardize the undercarriage with modern technology eg. disc brakes. wheels etc you will find loads of springs (eyes down and spring hangers). The Lurry circle you may need to have made machined. Best advice is source you air dried ash, used for your runners, because good straight English ash in 10 foot or more lengths are hard to come buy. Are you building a openlot? and have you had owt to do with driving horses? and drays/traps/carts?

    in 2004 I encouraged two twins from my village to join the army. It was there suggestion. They were spiraling out of control faster than a Catherine wheel. As part of my employment, preventing antisocial use of field bikes in the local countryside and on the main roads in residential areas. I offered them the opportunity to undertake their CBT motorcycle test free of charge and on successful completion of the course they got a free motorcycle helmet and gloves. It brought me into contact with their parents who had to give their consent to them taking the CBT. The issue arose and I said it would do them the world of good. They both joined the Army. Within a year one of the twins was shot in the head by friendly fire in Afghanistan and died.
    The father requested the other son left the army. Its hard for me to face the parents who became good friends to me and my family. My daughter was greatly effected by his death having lived just around the corner and going to the same school as the lads. No I won't promote that career again. R.I.P

    vehicles have been driven on wood gas during the war when oil fuels were in short supply. Even today some vehicles still run on wood gas. Its methane that is driven off by intense heat in a fire box. This gas is then cleaned through charcoal to remove impurities and further filtered to remove particles. The gas is then sucked through a mixing box (gas/air) having removed the carburetor, into the engine through the mixing box. Only thing to do is to maintain contact with the wood and heat source, by stoking or driving the vehicle over bumps. Exhaust emissions (CO2) are significantly reduced. as seen on Planet Mechanics.

    I live alone, Still I cook enough food for a family. I hold myself accountable for my comfort. If you dont like the company of those sat around the fire, fuck yourself off somewhere else. Going to sleep without looking over your shoulder goes along way to a good nights sleep.

    I used to take my daughter out rag and boning when she was a little'n. she would lay spread out on the dray like a princess. She said oneday "Dad ask for Barbie dolls" instead of scrap metal.

    Time to eat them cute brown fury creatures with soft watery eyes... Rabbits I'm talking about or dig up the lawn to grow vegetables.

    I'm feeling the pinch at the fuel pump, especially on long journeys. It will get much worse before it gets better.

    UK farmers on the other hand have never had such good returns on their produce.