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    I'm pretty sure we *did* have all those rules, though :shrug: except I think the limit was 2 weeks, and it made no difference. People just didn't.

    I don't think we ever put a limit on the time we had it. I was struggling to find a time when I was well enough to sit up, to contribute to the scrap book, but the scrap book never stayed still. Akasha did a page or two and then (Lyndsey) enigma-rising contributed before I sent it on to Jay. I think in total I had the scrap book for 11 days before forwarding it to Jay. Apart from all the effort put in by ukh members, the postage alone cost me £3.75. So when its done its rounds, its going to be a huge investment in postage alone, for it not to be sent registered post. Maybe along with a time limit, a condition of forwarding with recorded delivery or alike. So that if a member happens to pass it on, then there is accountability or proof of postage.

    I was told by a vet that if we put drinking water into a galvanized metal dish & left it out in natural sun light, there is a chemical reaction and the zinc is released into the water. This then becomes available for the animal (dog) in our case.

    unfortunately the chances of you getting more than a few few days here and there, on common land before the council knock at your door, are very slim. if you are prepared to be moved on at a days notice and become a pain in the arse of the local authority, they can seek a court order and have you banned from that county for 12 months. There will be park ups you will find, that gives you a longer breathing space and out of sight out of mind is a good moto for that style of living.

    Oh shit... I forgot to mention.... after Thatcher closed all the pits & they wouldn't let me and my then pregnant partner buy a run down 1930's old pit house, they were selling off cheap.. Purely because I was one on them few remaining striking miners... I made a living buying and selling scrap metal with a horse and cart... then trained in forestry and worked self employed hedgelaying and woodland management with my horses. Where i built up my own business at times employing & training several tree surgeons.
    Then I trained to be a Teacher :) after getting my teaching qualifications, I took up employment with the forestry commission, where I ended up by default with another pension :( Am I a bad hippy or a selfish f**er who gets up early because I'm scared of missing something :panic:

    and yes in the last 7 years I have given away roughly 130k to good causes, not charities without looking at my books,

    If you don't mind me asking? what is your profession? your trade? your self employment/business?
    To give away 18k per annum on average :eek: bejesus man, you could have a frigging good private pension on that what you gave away. Your preaching to mainly hippies here with holes in their pockets and nackard buses.

    In this day and age of austerity measures, do civil servants deserve their end of pay full pensions or best part of??? I'm a civil servant (Forestry Commission) & if I spent the remainder of my working life, albeit, doing a job that I do love... Forest Ranger. I do know that the pension I will receive from my career choice, will not be sufficient to live off alone. In my case the pension structure has changed recently & is now inline with most employer pension schemes.
    The reason I ask, is that we seem to be employing about 3 generations of teachers, armed forces personel, police forces, fire departments, government office workers etc etc etc, and they all have a pretty good whack when they retire after 22 or little more years in their chosen carreer. When I applied for the post, the last thing on my mind was "how much pension I would get on retirement" and expect us, the tax payer to pay the bill, they look upon it as some sort of divine rite?? Back then I couldn't predict the financial fiasco, we would all be swept up in. On leaving school I worked for the NCB down a coal mine and when the pits closed My pension promised me a good return following investment... How wrong could they have been. Having spent 12 months on strike, like most striking miners, we had no contributions to our state pension for that year on strike & on retirement will only receive 2/3 of the state pension. The invested NCB pension is now worth fooook all on my retirement. They complain as soon as the government want to cut their hours or put a cap on their pensions, while the rest of the population pays for it, i know i have repeated myself, i just want to make a point.
    I am so angry at the selfishness of these people, Selfish my arse. If you apply for a job and pension or bonus is a incentive, then that's the agreement & contract. ho may have spent a few years studying for their degrees, a lot of these people travelled when they were at uni on their GAP year, did they travel with their eyes closed???? have they seen how inherently lucky they are even without their fat pensions. Most civil servants don't get the massive golden hand shake you are led to believe.
    If the pensions were stopped overnight for anyone coming up for retirement, others would soon fill the places left by these selfish persons at the drop of a hat without the promise of the pensions the present ones are enjoying, Of course people are climbing over one and other to get paid work these days. Go back 25 years and everyone has had to fight for wage rises etc. you would still get 'Proffessionals' who would do this work for the LOVE of it and its OWN rewards, the standards would probably go UP as a result,???? not so sure a pension is the be all end all of work ethic & job satisfaction still drives most professionals to do their best. because these fresh people do not and would not think a pension is a divine rite!! I would ask you one thing. If you were 15 years into your working career & likely to retire in the next ten years? (supposing the government are not planning to move the retirement age on by another 5 years) Would you give up your pension? or would you consider taking your pension entitlement and if need be, donating that pension to a charity of your choice?

    I'm not in favor of the bankers getting bonuses that amount to more than the average working persons lifetime wages.

    I would give it a try... Even grow my own if it turned out to be more convincing than tofu. Most of the meat sold in supermarkets has been rushed through the growth stage & can lack real quality. More agricultural land for bio crops, less animal suffering or cruelty.

    Third day since the new year I'm not a slave to excruciating pain..... fk that was a journey. :) ironically the first day without pain this year, was the day before I paid £55 to see a private physiotherapist. The second day pain free was the day I saw the physiotherapist. I felt like a right prat telling her I actually felt loads better before the physio session. :whistle:

    People often spend tens of thousands on uni fee's. Disrupt their home life for several years & work their arse off studying for the same dream job. So if it gets you closer to your goal & you can afford it. Why not?

    Sensi You can wait another ten years in hope that it stops. You love this guy, your kids love their dad & he loves you all. So this is well worth fighting for. Together you will all help him to kick the habbit or put the habbit back in its box at least. Ste will be so furious with himself for giving in to his craving to gable & devastated that he has let you and his family down. I don't know the reason for his weakness at this time. It could be just the addiction to gambling rearing its ugly head or something deeper, like the need to feel he has to/needs to provide for you & his family. To come good and be a winner, to bring much needed money to the table. He of all people will know how hard its been for you guys to struggle. Maybe the temptation to gamble came as a result of his frustration with the economy, lack of work, growing family and your new found strength to grow. In the back of his head, he may have seen it as a quick solution to making a few good qiuid & like a can of worms it spilled out again. I don't understand gambling addiction that well. I do know that gambling can be for none of the above reasons, other than a buzz to the addict. I think ste gets his buz at home though.
    I'm so glad my ex partner didn't give up on me when I found myself dealing with a drug addiction. I let myself and my family down on more than one occasion over the 21 year relationship. At the time of coming clean, after every relapse with my drug use. It was my ex partner and kid that gave me the strength to tackle my addiction. Strangely enough, January 2012, Ive been free of a crack addiction for ten years & I have no intention of ever using it again. What I really want to say is. Don't give up on the guy, keep the dreams going and work on a solution. This world is full of love for you at your low times & all things can come good in the end.

    Sorry to hear its happening again sensi. Like all of us that have been or are still wrapped up in something to the point of addiction. We are all still in the process of changing our behavior. Its not always something that can be achieved over a few months. Infact it can take many years of relapse and maintenance of them changes we embark upon. Look at it as part of the cycle and work towards the desired goal. He will still need the support and understanding of his family to achieve change. In future, your kids will have to be open about his potential to gamble and raise concerns in the early stages, if he seems to be re offending. Keeping it from you has allowed him to avoid preperation or action for change. Here is a diagram that can simplify at times where anyone of us who have had or have a addiction. I can understand you feel like you have been kicked in the teeth & all you have done has been thrown back in your face. Just remeber it wasn't a waste of time and ste can get back to that place where gambling isn't part of his daily activities.

    Is it easy to make?? I was gonna try before but thought you`d probably need billions of rosehips.....the syrup is mean`t to give you lovely shiny hair :)

    Its so easy to make. I like you thought I would need a massive amount of hips. So I collected loads. looked online for a recipe. I made 3 .5 litres, enough to bottle and give away to a few friends. It stores well when bottled, several years. A opened bottle kept in the fridge is good for 12 months.

    1) collect and wash hips.

    2) wash hips and mash them into pulp

    3) boil in a large pan and add sugar

    4) strain, cool and bottle.

    Small bottles are best..

    Ive fked myself up big style. Been pushing and pushing my body for the last few years. Taking back control, smothering myself in the strongest painkillers. I had another MRI last spring and they told me Ive got new general deterioration higher up in my spaine from the last MRI. Just before new years eve. I tried lifting some short lengths of telegragh pole. fked a few bits in my back. cant manage my lower back pain now for the problems higher up. I had some physio that helped. Day after went back to work, lifting, gardening. What do you know back to squre one. Day 16 not able to wash my face, drink a cup at tea, sit up for long or sleep on my side. I'm a fking prick with too much work/jobs to do. Im now trying everyones pills (anti inflams) more painkillers and sleeping pills. Just when will I learn to slow down, say no to lifting heavy objects or stop before its too late.

    Even though it isn't the case here, people often take a very dim view of attention seeking - like it's worse than the problem that caused it ... but sometimes people need that attention, they want to be noticed and in my opinion have every right to be noticed.

    I have to admit, I did have a dim view of attention seaking years ago. It wasn't so much the cry for help that I didn't understand, it was the method I thought they were using. eg. cutting. I was brought up in a rough mining community, take it on the chin, get over it and theres always people worse off. Over the years, through personal experience of close friends and family self harming. My views have changed and I try to be more sympathetic to the needs of others, their motives and emotional crutches.

    I found out my daughter was cutting, at the age of 17. It had been going on for over a year. My daughter hid it well and at the time I thought she was a well balanced, happy girl. I just couldn't get my head round the whole cutting thing. I reacted badly to the news and verbalized, how angry I was at her for destroying something so beautiful, that me and her mother had spent our life protecting. I had heard of cutting before and just thought of it as attention seeking. She did receive good counseling & stopped cutting. Years after a good mate of mine had some cutts on his arm. I asked about them and he told me he had been cutting. He was 45 years old. ( roughest,toughest door bouncer type guy) I knew he had suffered depression and put it down to his hard life and the loss of his close family members. The day I found out, I offered to take him out the house food shopping. He was prepared to come with me, but on leaving his house, I asked him if he was going to put a jacket on to cover up the blood and scars. He refused. To my horror he wanted the world to see his cuts. I did get him to wash and bandage up before going shopping. All cutters are hurting on the inside and this seams to be a release for that pain. The above photo is testament to the longterm damage of a shortterm crisis.

    I talk calmly to Gilly my mates cat. He responds by mouthing noises back to me. I relied on voice control/commands when I worked with my horse, in the woods extracting timber. My dogs have always been responsive to vocal communication & this intern allowed them to be left off the lead and still be under close control. Living alone and out in the sticks, I tend to talk to everything living (except Veg, plants & trees) Saying that I talk to myself often, its become a habbit.. Its usually something like "you twat" or "you fukin stupid wanker steve" when I drop, break or forget things :D I do try to get out more. :)

    Copper sulfate solution will turn most steel wire the same colours that you will find in the copper spectrum. I can't remember if you have to heat the metal with a hot flame after applying the copper sulfate.

    I bought a plastic DIY double glazing kit from B & Q. it cost £6 and did four windows in the wagon. approx 3' x 4' each window. it is on offer reduced from £9. It came with double sided sticky tape. When you have fitted it over the window frame. You have to blow over it with a warm hair dryer and it tightens up to be a sealed fit and as tight as a drum. Any creases or marks in the plastic just disappear & it resembles sheet glass. Worth every penny.