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    Cheers pteroophia but food is hard to come by in the countryside. My dogs eat steak & they keep the two legged creeps out, think it to much at the mo to feed eight legs to do the garding.
    I've been watching carpet turf spider streetwars for a few years. amazing how the big un's loose the right to live in time.

    I have for some twenty years, gone out of my way to accommodate the spiders that reside in my home/dwellings. These (house spiders) freak :eek: the fuck out of some of my guests, but I feel kinda honored to have the little buggers growing older and bigger around me. How do they make you feel?

    I rarely comment on this subject, but me a healthy, dead flesh eater often feel like I'm in the wrong/odd person out. I don't diss you vegans if you eat what you preach. Your diet is varied and appealing, tho restricting. I just want to think its a two way street for individuals. Your not alone in your ridicule. meat is murder, so a plant will die if up rooted. share your best and tell us about our worst. We all like food.

    WHAT? In 2008 The renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) will mean that any landowner who produces biofuel up to 2500 litres per annum (roughly the annual consumption of a large diesel car)
    will NOT have need to register, submit returns or pay duty. This equates to approx 550 gallons of diesel fuel. So if I grow my own, for say my bus,truck or car, a bus with say 6 miles per gallen = 3300 road miles of freeish, less poluting fuel with NO tax, Truck at 20 miles per gallen = 11000 road miles of less poluting fuel with no tax. you got a car work it out. I will have to sow the crop, harvest and transport it to the refinery, of course crops have diferent yields depending on the crop grown and the soil type. But if I can run a bus/truck off the same land I bought to feed the horse that pulled the bowtop wagon we lived in it kinda makes sense. its chalk and cheese. 2500 litres @ £0.99per litre = £2475 per annum, less production and refinement. works out at roughly????? £47 per week less production costs etc. So boifuel for a few of us is a real alternative.

    We pay farmers to plant nothing. (set a side) up to twenty % of the farmland controlled by the farmers. bio crops trap carbon while growing. cleaner conversion to fuel is possible.

    Atomic quotes...Around 40% of Europe's agricultural land would be needed to grow biofuel crops to meet the 10% fossil fuel substitution target.....

    unquote....we (UK) import more coal, oil from outside euroupe.

    still thinking, very confused for a while. does your way of thought, conscious or other appear to be so different from the norm on here say?

    wrong kin Island....I would love to go to the bestfest....Isles of dat white stuff...... is it later in the year and would anyone join me in a research project. to see how a good a fest should be laid on? I flew over the island last year but the plane wing was in the way of a clear view... funding applied for mugs.., I went to the isle of sky in 1984... sheep and a pub. last/first ferry home

    my brother was fined £25 I think in 1979 for dropping the newspaper his chips were wrapped in. Ok he did tell the copper to go F**ck himself when asked to pick it up. I will see him today so I'll ask him to confirm the amount.

    I've had a tens machine for three years. I got discount through the NHS physiotherapy dept at the hospital... £24 something.. Tens interrupts the pain signals to the brain. The power and frequency can be adjusted to suit your needs/tolerance. But be warned if you turn it up too high expect muscle spasms. I think Tens would be highly dangerous if used during pregnancy....(quote manufactures instructions manual..Electrical stimulation safety has not been established during pregnancy).. It warns not to use if pregnant or with heart disease.

    Kaiya, sorry to hear hun. I don't understand... but it appears to be quite common. my older brother started to get panic attacks about 10 years ago.. I couldnt get my head around it, only advice i gave was negative, so he said. but two years ago my daughter experienced something similar. we got her some counseling for 6 months, untill she became 18.. they treated her and the symptoms as if it was a real ilness. They took it very seriously. I think it was a case of face her fears, stand up and be counted. what ever she seems to be well over it now.. maybe you should get further counseling

    I asked a school teacher friend this question today. The school she teaches at merged the infant and juniors together two years ago. They implemented this system. its proven to be very positive and the newly named school has become a pilot study.. already recommended to become a blueprint for good practice throughout the county. Only anticipated problems when mixing older age groups, ie, secondary school.