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    Having spent many years working in forestry. A Civil servant working in forestry mgt. I’ve planted Probably more trees than all of these MP’s from all parties combined.

    In the early 1982 I visited sites in Scotland that were areas of high tree cover. These forests were planted as a result of ongoing timber shortages since WW1 WW11. At a time in the 1950’s/60’s when poorly thought out planting of lowland sites and mountains, which made viable mechanised timber extraction virtually impossible by the 1980’s

    2002 I visited similar sites in Scotland, only to see with the ongoing development of modern/advanced tree harvesting machines. Some of these forests were still uneconomical to harvest. However a change in government tact, new forests were being planted on brownfield sites and on land of poor conservation value throughout the UK.

    My concern with today’s politicians claiming they will plant another X million more trees is. Where will they plant them? If urban development is to be differed from flood plains etc.
    Will they expect these trees to successfully grow to maturity if they are planted on floodplains?

    What type of trees and for what end purpose? To win votes? To stabilise groundwater runoff? To offset climate change? For future timber resources?
    will agricultural land be requested to meet these boasted numbers?

    We have national forest’s cover in the UK already, which includes ‘free public access’ for recreation to much.
    Will these new Party proposals support ‘private forests’ where public access is denied and the landowner takes all future profits from these resources?
    I’m all in favour of more “appropriate” tree cover. Just not convinced this has been thought out.

    Any views? :insane:

    They all sound enjoyable oldKieth, it’s amazingly endless the variations of recipes we can all contribute to with just a simple pan of oats. Like the endless flavour range now found in ice cream comes. When we were kids it was raspberry ripple, vanilla or two flakes and dribble sauce.

    I was told to rinse any pan with water before putting milk directly in to the pan to heat up. Reduces sticking?
    Milk is also a sneaky cooking ingredient, unlike a whistling kettle. Turn our back on a boiling pan of milk and eruptions all round. Try get the the local dogs to clean that pan by the next morning.

    I often wish I could go back in time and put strawberries in cornflakes or orange chocolate/toffee toppings on a digestive biscuits. How I could have influenced the product development of our British shopping basket, if I had realised folk would not only buy it but enjoy it. I was brought up on jammie dodgers or industrial bags of broken biscuits :D

    Some of the concoctions of porridge I’ve knocked up in the last few years. :) Only to think how well it should sell at that festival.

    I like tree juice ‘maple syrup’ Honey or chocolate in my porridge and Im warming to warmed fresh raspberries in there now too.
    strawberries still taste like they have travelled from Spain or grown for looks and not taste these days. Has kids working summer school holidays for pocket money on fruit farms, showed me Strawberries can taste so much better than shop bought these days. :whistle:

    I have to be honest. I really have no regrets about the experiences I’ve had, be that social/recreational intoxication. Or spending years and years in the Countryside, forests, even living off my own bit of land, with horses, surrounded by chickens, dogs, trucks, tractors :D and cool people.
    I can always look back to the hard times, the lonely, bruised and anxious times too. I’ve lived in the moment and on the edge, been safe for myself and family, never wanted to deliberately hurt anyone without good reason and very very few of those bogeys in a long amazing life.

    If it’s not a cancer that catches us. We run all the risks of excess or aversion. However we made it through the LSD years is enough to feel chuffed:) I didn’t realise the mind could see so much and a body take so much. I didn’t run and jump off a cliff unlike some friends did and they’re missed big time. :rip:

    I’ve got several Nato/British Army bivi bags. They are a little cheaper to buy at carboot sales and can last years.

    Goretex bIvi bag could double up as a float, if it’s a emergency :D

    I’ve looked at CBD brother website before. Some of my research found limited credibility to testing of compound ratios. Relying on a few companies to verify/certify THC CBD content in raw materials and some financial pressure/incentives from growers/suppliers to grade raw product incorrectly and falsify higher values at point of purchase.

    It’s a bit hit and miss if controls aren’t mandatory/universal and possibly does therefore support trying to make our own product.

    My prescription drugs are free because I'm over 60 and CBD oil is around £70 a month I guess.

    Hi, I only found out that prescriptions are free when we reach 60. That’s great news. I buy the 12 month deal Pre payment certificate. I do save a bit on my pain meds as I get 12 scripts per year For Fentanyl patches @ 24 scrips for Fentanyl lozenges. However, there’s often times when I may need other medications (subject to ever getting a chance to see a local GP) so I cover my base and I only have to pay another £416.00 before they are free for me :D

    The CBD oil you use interests me. I’ve tried CBD Oil a few times (ointment form) never vaped any.
    First time I tried it, I experienced positive effects, but it did come with a wonderful massage from my beautiful partner.

    How do you acquire your CBD oil? Do you know what’s init? Quantities/formula? Is it legit?

    once upon a time before fuel price rises we held gatherings in Wales, etc. We still meet up at Dovedale Derbyshire for anywhere up-to 14 days end of August. Usually it’s you organise something, some of us might turn up.

    I'd like to believe that but i dunno. When i was living in my van in the UK i often got everything from polite hassle to downright abuse (from all classes) when i parked up. If i ever live in a van again it definitely won't be there.

    I wasn’t implying views have changed towards folk parking up just where it’s convenient for us. eg Common land, laybyes, friends fields.
    I was talking about the use of a “adapted/converted/designed vehicles for habitation.”

    These types of vehicles still are required to be sited “sensibly, lawfully” for general acceptance/approval.

    Views have changed towards the concept of micro living, Eco living, off-grid living, re-purposing.

    boneheaddread that’s a lot of fuel. If only our Country was a bit bigger, Im sure we could all do with a popcorn sutton character

    living in the next wood to us.

    Have you thought about brewing/mashing your own alcohol? I know strong spirits can be our downfall, but a little and less often can make for a sweet kick for little buck.

    Can a chop or drifter be made to run on potcheen? or some form of distilled alcohol?

    old thread ~ but today it’s now “happened”.

    Medicines derived from the cannabis plant have been approved for use on the NHS for the first time.

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) has approved a drug for epilepsy in children and another for multiple sclerosis. Campaigners hope they open the door for more cannabis-based drugs.

    Epidyolex, made from cannabis oil, can reduce seizures in children over two with two rare forms epilepsy. Sativex is a spray containing cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive constituent of cannabis, and can treat muscle stiffness in people with multiple sclerosis.

    This leads into the Twenty21 Project

    Project TWENTY21 will enrol 20,000 patients by the end of 2021, creating the largest body of evidence for the effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis – with an aim to demonstrate to policymakers that medical cannabis should be as widely available, and affordable, as other approved medicines for patients who would benefit from them.

    The times are a changing!

    I came across this last night and it gave me the slap I needed :D

    7 questions to ask yourself...

    1. What do you love most about your life?

    2. What is it you do better than anyone else?

    3. What would you do with your life if money was no object?

    4. What is the picture of the life you want in the next three years?

    5. What will it take to realise your true potential?

    6. What will you do to unlock who you really are and what will that take?

    7. What are you going to do about it in order to develop yourself?

    There’s no need to reply to this thread with your own personal answers (unless you must) :pp

    I just dont give a shit about politicking, Brexit and all thats contained within, too busy getting on with life to have my ears turned towards it. Wont bother voting not that I can becuase I wont register to vote. Due to the way we live we are not really acceptable to them as they refuse to recognise us as a cultural minority group and make laws etc to prevent us going about our lives lawfully so feck them, why vote for those that will hang you out to dry.

    It takes a long time to make change happen. I think views have changed towards folk like us. Van living, off grid living is now considered acceptable by all classes. Just not with NIMBY’s.

    Gypsies eventually got rights and recognition, but at a time when they were treated like Native American Indians and placed on awful Gov sites. If we are to be “included” let it be on our terms albeit with compromise.
    Drug use nolonger separates us from members of the settled community. We have a great heritage of hippy, peaceful footprints that have laid a foundation for acceptability.

    Are we really a “cultural minority.” We have just as much in common with most settled folk. We often work at some point within the system. Pay taxes, use facilities, rely of services. Very few go to the grave living in the back of a truck being constantly harassed and moved on. Most of us end up back in bricks and mortar living as settled folk. So we could say most of us are only temporarily a cultural minority or we get lucky, buy a bit of land and start to make it home, try to better our lives with domestic structures/facilities and no longer live as a cultural minority, but living like the pioneers of those settled folk on housing estates or farmers.

    Where we fall down is we often “choose” to remain silent. Avoid voting for a-path of change.
    OK if it’s a lack of a residential address stopping us qualifying to vote ~ there are ways around that, but it requires sticking our head up and being counted.

    I think the word lawful is often misplaced when we describe our “often” way of life. More often than not. We reside on land that’s not residential or Highways built for transport. There are lawful stopping areas/sites. But like the rest of society. It comes with a price tag ~ rent ~fee and restrictions etc.

    That’s where most of us find difficulty, paying for it.

    Years ago we campaigned for animal rights, legal highs, greener living, peace. Small steps have been made, but more than ever these issues are at the forefront of political discussions.
    A tree won’t grow if the seed is left in the packet, just because we fear no one will bother to water it.

    I’m Fed up of bull shit politicians peddling their promises and lies at every opportunity. I can’t wait for the truth regarding deals and negotiations to come out over the next ten years about Brexit “behind closed doors manipulations and deceptions.”

    This General election really feels like a final straw.

    8 years ago I stopped regularly smoking dope for recreation and to prep myself for stopping smoking fags (had I actually fallen out with the dope buzz too)

    The yearly cost had not really been a issue as I had known growers for years and never paid the market rate. Let’s say six to twelve ounce a year personal use (at a guess) = average £100 per Oz.

    7 years ago I stopped drinking alcohol. Now this was a pleasurable habit acquired over 20+ years.

    6x to 8+ cans of larger per day, 7 x days a week and enjoyed every drop. Est cost £6 per day.

    Wine could supplement days without cans =average £5+ bottle.

    6 years ago I finally stopped smoking fags. Never (very very rarely paid duty) bought in bulk and could consume 100g rolling tobacco per week average. Cost £14.

    Stopping smoking fags lead me down the garden path of chewing gum. Drinking none alcoholic pop or sugary soft drinks and eating sweets soon wore thin.

    I’ve tried long and hard to get back into drinking alcohol to no avail. I still don’t smoke. I regularly treat myself to a bottle of favourite none alcoholic fruit cider and a bag of sweets to indulge in with or without the kids.

    What I’m getting at is, let’s say market research. For the past three weeks Ive tried to buy and enjoy alcohol. I’ve just got to a point where I can tolerate (maybe even enjoy) a bottle of cobra alcohol (just the one bottle) but I buy the bottles on offer in threes. I don’t ever want to be back in a position where head stabilisation costs me more per week than the average weekly running cost of a 55 foot narrowboat.

    The price of tailer made fags has made me shiver for years and I don’t know how folk can afford that type of smoking habit.
    I’m tea total nowdays and loving it, with no regrets.

    So what does it cost you on a weekly basis to maintain your sanity.

    Six months to luxury natural heat, 3 months to regaining our evenings sunlight. I miss the late afternoon sun. A time I often rely on for completing the days jobs.
    The cold I have just got to except and acclimatise to a.s.a.p. I once read that The Military claim it takes six weeks to acclimatise to sub zero temperatures. I’ve only lit my woodburner once “this year” since end of last winter! no kidding. But the days are finally upon us when needs must. I swept my stovepipe 2 weeks ago in preparation. My little girl is now complaining her hands and feet are cold in the early mornings. The damp doesn’t seem to be a issue. I have adequate wet weather gear and opportunity to avoid the worst of it.

    Paul can I send you my contribution? I was told requested asked to remove it. Insecurities maybe? but not insecurities of my own :whistle: Having taken the time to design a page. I eventually caved in complied and I removed my page from the scrapbook.
    Strange enough today when recycling much of my office/business paperwork I came across my page. It was a time in my life I won’t get back, & enjoyed greatly. I have no wish to disown it or deny it.

    I can post it to you Paul and that would be the end of that chapter for me :reddevil::D

    it’s a balancing act. A semi sealed environment with ever changing external/internal factors,

    One or more occupants living in that space, breathing inside and creating moisture from cooking etc.
    The type of heating used, the methods of ventilation, all have some influence regarding air quality and using a appropriate type of insulation is just another control factor in the balancing act.

    let’s consider pine (match) boarding. Timber furniture/frame work. Dried for internal/domestic conditions @ 17% moisture say for structural stability. Too damp the environment it swells, bows (If untreated it could eventually rot) resulting in Mould, smells which could lead to poor air quality and possible health risks. Avoiding a build up of moisture/damp areas should reduce the likelihood of these, inc rust, corrosion of the vehicle.

    Fortunately our vehicles themselves tend to have a short-ish lifespan. So we rarely get to see the extent of poor insulation/ventilation over the longterm. However we do get to feel the benefit of good insulation over both short on longterm use of these spaces.

    If I find after a long winter, that I’m having to scrub mould from the walls behind the bed, or find once clean, stored cloths smelling too fusty to wear without draping them over a thorn hedge to air. I know the balance is out of kilter.

    I'm thinking I keep forgetting to come here :(

    I spent a long time away from “most” forums/online social groups. Never really done fb. Stopped using Messenger 8 years ago.

    I’ve come to realise I don’t have a passion (at present) to spend endless hours on forums. Not allowing my time to be captured replying to stuff, frees up my energy to pursue more important/ beneficial interests.

    Life’s what we make it.

    The reason I suggest a WAV is these vehicles are usually a stripped down version of a standard model. (sometimes lowered floor or raised roof). Often purchased on mobility scheme and maintained as such before selling on. These vehicles generally get limited use compared to a family car or work vehicle. Once adapted these vehicles are often less appealing to the general motorist for personal use and therefore often much cheaper to buy.

    Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Tax)

    You don't have to pay Road Tax if you get the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement.

    If you are not the driver you have to provide the name of whoever will drive for you. The vehicle must be registered in your or your nominee's name. It must be used only by you or for your benefit - such as to do your shopping. Anyone can drive it as long as they are insured.

    To claim, get an exemption certificate from the Disability Living Allowance Unit of the Department for Work and Pensions or the Veterans Agency.

    I would look at Renault Kangoo 1.6 petrol WAV conversion. (Wheel chair access) Look for one where the wheelchair access floor allows for laying down room from front to back, advantage is a little extra head hight too.

    Right guys, gals and personal pronouns . I’ve changed my name, Not because I want to rob Travelers, but I’m no longer the girl I thought I was & because I can (while it’s still legal)

    Anyhow back on Topic.
    I still have a limited stock of UKH bumper stickers, Window decals, Female T shirts, cotton bags etc.

    Im proposing to sell these from time to time and I will donate the purchase price to UKH to help towards the running costs of this site.

    I will want any postage and PayPal fees refunding to myself.

    Postage costs will have changed due to all the time that’s passed and will be amended at point of sale.

    These are rarer than a straight hippy and more vintage than the tunes your listening to. When gone, they are gone.