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    I agree, neither of us know anything about any of us including Trump office and that’s my point. Opinions and that’s all they are. Problem is Trump isn’t going it alone, He delegates to those he trusts and those respected in their own field. Although a very calculating person, He’s probably flying by the seat of his pants on many issues, same goes for leaders around the world.
    How many of these “so called experts” he fired, removed from office, didn’t employ or stand against him. Who have gone on to publicly ridiculed his decisions and actions, only to then be proved wrong? Economy, foreign affairs, border security, defence etc.

    If it wasn’t for the fact so many folk (like me) simply hate “the man” we would be talking about the remarkable achievements in office he successfully pulled off. All in the face of hostility at home and abroad. The real difference with Trump is “he isn’t their puppet.””

    He comes across a total jerk at times on Twitter etc. But he chooses to sideswipe the swampy shithole media system we “the public” have allowed to prosper and control narratives.

    There’s plenty Who believe he has/is making America great again and that’s what counts. Look at the shambles our own leaders are responsible for making Britain a laughing. Stock.

    now I realise your just a hippy angry at the world Trump. Do you think all this gathered intelligence and policy shaping information that’s been taking place over the last 40 years wasn’t written down in multitudes of reports, consultations and information sharing amongst departments, debated and scrutinised, but instead kept in the heads of the individuals whom have worked for the White House over the years? There has been/are teams of colleagues who’s job is to look to the past, work with the present to predict their future. Even piss poor businesses in the UK take stock of business information and make sure if a employee leaves, is sacked, it’s not the end of the business, just a change to the dynamics. Sure the rhetoric of the Dems and Trump haters will feed into and off your views, but really. Don’t think for a minute you have your finger on their button. Just saying. :whistle:

    My mate claims that film is about me and my brother. He insisted I watched it. My brother is in India now and when I was younger I wanted to drive a grey Massey Ferguson tractor to India, asking for help and assistance from other tractor enthusiasts on route.

    I find it hard to believe that some random hippies seem to think they are more clued up about affairs of Iraq and Iran than the President of America and his personal advisers collectively.

    He has sacked lots of staff that he simply doesn’t trust or are swamp mutants more interested in feathering their own nests or helping the Democrats. The mind boggles. :whistle:

    If you'd taken some medicine and got rid of a tapeworm there'd be no such hullabaloo so why now.

    Two parasites down but sadly a lot more to go.

    you know what. We moan like stuck pigs when toffs talk down about “us” surfs! But we are no better than them when truth be told. “Parasites”? Ain’t that what a large % of tax payers call the unemployed, sick and disabled. Shit this name calling and pigeonholing is might confusing.

    yep, he’s a lucky sod. I also think he would give it all up to not have lost his mother when so young. He doesn’t come across as a bloke who would shy away from going to work, paying the bills, having a raucous on a Friday night down the pub with his pals, and having his wife put the whip around his neck is just the cream on his weekend fun cake.

    I did say thank fook not every religious loon has nukes. Not that there’s anything wrong with nukes like. :reddevil:

    Trump isn’t a hero. in this instance he’s the daddy who drove a nail in and I haven’,t woke up sporting hideously painful blisters today or been told to switch off the machine “it’s prayer time.” Because people before Trump prevented certain Counties from developing nuclear capabilities. :wag:

    I’m sure your not the first victim of this scam. Stick to your guns, go to court if you have to. You have tried to do the right thing. Just hope they see your genuine and be thankful your not defending yourself in a hit and run charge or other more serious offences since Christmas.
    I know this doesn’t take away your worries, but had it not been for notification of parking offences, you could be facing much more trouble by now.
    if your fked and have to pay the fines, we will sort the fines out for you.

    All we need is use of your flat for a month to house a few bros from County lines. Nice dudes. You’ll Hardly notice them around :D

    Best thing Trump has done since impeachment was taking out this dangerous man. If you think for one minute that the aims and objectives of today’s Iranian leaders is not to develop and own nuclear weapons of mass destruction at any price, in order to hold stage, influence, and possibly threaten all other world leaders and civilians of planet earth at a future date. Then the biggest fool is looking back at you in a mirror.
    God not Mohamed made drones in the image of airfix to strategically strike with minimal collateral and the way forward for modern waring conflict. Sending troops in to hostile Countries to Fight troops threats, is so last century. No cunt dictator button pusher, order giver should think they are safe conducting terrorist acts/plots from the safety of citizen loyalty/fear safety. Thank fook not every religious loon has nukes. We are all safer when No one individual is safe!

    I’m not sure what this days meal will be. Like most days it’s not worth planning ahead. I don’t generally know from one day to the next whether I will be on my feet, capable of standing, bending, cooking, sitting up to eat it, able to walk or drive. On good days at least once a week. I generally score a good food deal at the local supermarket reduced section or on offer. In which case I can make enough to feed me and my mate and neighbour, that in itself gives me inspiration. Good food, good friends, good times. I really like cooking, but more so eating it. :D

    Out of interest has any dirty hippie here ever jump started off of their leisure battery?

    No. I have thought about it once. But the price to replace leisure battery put me off. I did once fk up. My old tractor was a bugger if left long enough without running. I was so used to just dragging a charged battery across to it. One evening I was running late (a job on door security, friends 18th birthday bash). Dressed to kill, I decided to just put my tractor away. Climbed in tractor seat. Bonnet up, jump leads from big battery on the floor to tractor battery on top of tractor engine, behind steering wheel.


    Bluddy tractor is positive Earth you burnt face fk. :eek:

    OOh i am feeling contraversial, anyone think we were probably the greenest when we were hunter gatherers and maybe that would be the future model of a green society.

    Back as cavemen we followed the food on legs and used less resources.

    Early man was on a short and fast learning curve. Residing high up where possible, for a observation/protection advantage. Depleting resources within arms reach, trees, soil, seed and the feeding animals. Move down the hill bit by bit, to where new seeds grow and dangers increase. Slowly slowly changing habitats. Learning to cultivate to reduce risk of hunger and threats. Slash and burn, domesticate, leading to further resource depletion, erosion and exploitation.

    Early man took a sharp point to anything that moved, regardless of what it tastes like and burnt everything in their way. So much change for so few early uprights.

    I feel naturally occuring climate change due to our planets natural life is moving on further and faster towards doom than what humans are doing. We are not helping but we are not the cause. It is known we are at the end of the last ice age and that means only one thing, Ice caps and glsciers melting, rising sea levels, surface temperatures rising, desertification of once green lands, this is happening at a rapid rate in Spain. No matter what humans do to halt our activity we will not be able to stop the natural occurences that will eventually wipe out life on Earth.

    I generally agree with all of this wizard1luv. We are the animals that got to speak, collectively we are no more structured than a beehive, but for some reason and although we grew up together. We consider our own species to be of a greater importance, We march blindly forward hoping time will be on our side.

    Now hear this.... cry’s from the tea cup.....

    In the next 100 years, there is a 15 percent chance the North Atlantic Current could experience a temporary shutdown. A natural occurrence or the delayed effect of our own run away arrogance? :whistle:…ily-in-the-next-100-years

    I must have planted in exes of 75,000 broadleaf trees species in my life. Most wont grow to high trees but hedgerows. I’ve Left 5 acres to grass for over 30 years. My thinking is Im offsetting my carbon footprint. In my days I’ve recycled possibly 100 plus ton of scrap metal for cash.

    The devil in me loves diesel. Smokey diesel tractor engines, older vehicles. I’ve had more fires than most, burning processed and unprocessed wood. I don’t freak out about burning huge bonfires even if what is being burnt isn’t healthy for anyone.

    I eat farmed animals and have kept horses. I’ve considered growing a biodiesel crop on the 5 acres to fuel my vehicles tax free. But thats only robbing a Peter to save a bit with a Paul on a environmental level. The permanent species rich grass lay would be sacrificed to grow biodiesel.

    we talk about pollution and human impact from burning fossil “carbon based fuel”. Look how much is going skyward these last few weeks in Australia. It kinda puts my worries in perspective gee.

    worth testing it out on a cold engine with a flat battery, before you do really need it and before the return policy expires. Various user reviews online. Periodically check the temperature. If these small multiple lithium batteries inside get over hot. They can swell and split the external charger casing. Best to recharge via 13.5 v cig lighter socket and not 12v 240v ac mains adapter supplied.
    I’m very sceptical they will start any of my vehicles in very cold weather. I assume starting a warm engine is not going to be too difficult.

    I’m with you on not spending Unnecessarily on tools etc Like most of the tools, gadgets, compounds etc and new ways to mend, stick/join, weld stuff together as advertised on YouTube between viewings. I don’t feel the urge to buy any .... Except for...
    The new amalgams/glues designed by/for dentists, that bond multiple materials plastics/glass etc which are set by UV light or the low temp aluminium welding rods. They look so useful to have in stock or just play with.

    I’m hoping to spend a lot less time using up data. A Pinterest flash of what I’m generally, really or heavily interested in, gets through my time continuum and I’m buggered. Pinterest is mimicking cocaine, It just knows my buttons. I can be absorbed, distracted enough. But being a avid fan of Pinterest and the more I’ve used/saved from it over ten years. I’ve become part of the default host. With folk sharing my boards and taking me further down the rabbit hole.
    But it’s been a interesting experiment for somebody indeed. If I need to go further in any subject or even ask questions, like you say there’s other ways to access it.
    I’m still a active member on a Bushcraft forum. That feeds my other side of life and I would like to attend the forum annual holiday meet. I’ve only met a dozen members in ten years. Online communication is one thing. Hearing seeing, doing has a hugue part to play :D

    I’ve just had to ask my partner what Instagram is about. Dropping back in to Pinterest, I’m finding the worlds been liberated with self re-design/development and manufacture of more or less everything invented before, with lots of Personal interpretation and licence to modify.

    For example, 10 years ago. We posted photos of live-in wagons on here. Most of them were lifted to Pinterest. Look today at the design tweaks made around the world to say campervan interior designs, same restraints, size/shape etc but with newer components, construction methods, materials, equipment affordability and availability. Gadgets and vehicle furniture design has come a long way in those ten years. There’s got to be another ten ways/designs of electrically hoisting a Motorhome Bed up out of the living space at the touch of a button.
    Another interest I have is electric wheelchairs and mobility vehicles, it’s mind blowing what equipment is available now for folk with mobility issues. For years we have waited for military advances in tech before equipment filtered down to public availability. Now there’s a James Dyson in every other shed near you.

    Like maggi says. It’s great for arts and craft ideas. I often wish I had several lives. I’d leave one life to just play with tools arts and crafts.

    Tiny home ideas is another example. Having spent many hours pondering over designs in my head. it’s just liberating to the point of saturation with the many designs/builds I could happily live in.

    NRT I watched it on YouTube and it takes a few hours, but if you get the chance. I’m sure it will only reinforce what you already suspected. But interesting to hear/see facts from high up and exposure of the true bandits with an agenda. It paints Labour in a very poor light pre and post Thatcher years. I would highly recommend viewing it to anyone who worked within the NHS, just because it’s factual and they did it regardless of how dedicated, compassionate NHS staff were at the time.

    I can’t erase a love letter with a nipple delete button, no matter how rubbery. It messes up threads But I did miss your online presence. Glad you made it through all the tinsel and fuss folk do. Hope it hasn’t left a mark on you. The Christmas that went away hurray!

    Now we've got Brexit upon us we should have a government thats organusing to build a domestic manufacturing base not fucking giving it away.

    if “The business” was that good. The shareholders and British gov, MOD elites, would move very strongly to prevent/stop this sale or at least intorvien. Safeguarding not only our potential security risks, but a thriving/stable British business asset, Tax revenue and much needed British jobs.

    This technology is now out there and has been for several years. In the hands of many who are prepared to sell on.

    I imagine secrete negotiations have been taking place even before the first referendum. Companies like this are fluid and approached all the time.
    other/New British or partner companies will have had the opportunity to cherrypick staff/ scientists etc and what was sold is last years cake with new candles on it. The world is changing and making money solely out of war machine manufacturing isn’t a good base to sit a emerging empire portfolio, unless the status quo is a preference.
    we haven’t been the manufacturing empire since pre Thatcher years and like most of the world, company trading goes with having opened doors to shareholders. If it was government owned. We the voters/tax payers would probably insist it’s shut down and tax spent on defence technology diverted to propping up struggling services or NHS.

    Boris sees what Trump has done to bring much needed manufacturing and jobs back home. Let’s see if they do really have a plan and if that plan involves draining the swamp and dredging the culverts of “so last years companies.” We can’t keep them all, so let’s keep only the best!

    I've given up with the stealth trip, I believe that hiding away is bad for your head and a van that looks empty is more likely to be smashed,broken into etc, I'm living in this van,its my home and if you want to break in etc, be prepared for resistance!

    There are occasions when you just need to park up, sleep etc and it’s not always wise to tell the world your “in there”. We have all found ourselves in less than ideal parkup situations. When it’s not so cold you can just bed down and get quality sleep. Not lighting a woodburner is good practice when in NIMBY LAND.
    In extreme cold there are other things to try to make your life more comfortable. “That’s all I’m saying” :)

    Indeed, I think that vinegar is used along with the newspaper to get it sparkly clean only problem is that I haven't bought a paper since Thatcher won her 1st election.

    news papers are left laying around and I don’t blame anyone for not wasting money on tabloid “fake news”. But asking for just one news paper put out for recycling, will last a van dweller best part of 6 months or three full vehicle window cleans.

    You can always recycle the sheets of paper afterwards or dry them out and light your stove.

    it’s been sunny and warm.. so mild I noticed three budding rose buds in a garden. If this keeps up,spring will get a huge head start. And nature will get a cell slap first snow fall and freeze.

    keep a newspaper for cleaning windscreen/ door windows. Just lightly wet one sheet. Clean glass with wet sheet of newspaper then dry with a clean dry sheet of newspaper immediately. Replete with afresh sheet on each window and each side of windows.

    clean wiper blade rubbers by wiping rubber edge with vinegar. this revitalises them.