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    The House of Lords must also be done away with or reformed. If these so called conscientious, good will & intentions Lords, want to give their two pence worth. Then let it be without reward, like the millions of volunteers who make a huge difference to many aspects of citizens lives.

    if a generation were given a chance make the seas under UK jurisdiction a healthier habitat in conjunction with sustainable food production. A protected zone where the seabed isn’t being constantly scrapped bare by factory trawlers from around the world. Where fish stocks are valued and incentivised. Coastal communities benefiting from not only a better managed resource, but tourism, as the climate and sea temperatures increase.

    I recall a time in 1994/5 when we were told Cod could well be off the menu in coming years. My fish of choice and at a £1 a head. A healthy sea will cover shortfalls in agricultural.

    Feeding our kids fish fingers ((pollock) from the artic circle could become a thing of the past.

    This is just one of the many possibilities Brexit can bring. Yes other food products may cost more from around the world, (if tariffs are imposed) why shouldn’t they.

    got to love a plan :)

    We have always complained about how crap the system is, how unfair, unjust, corrupt. We have the opportunity to actually take it in a direction that “frees us from some further restraints, to governing within our own democracy.” We all (most of us) want to change it for the better. We probably have all fought at some point in various campaigns, strikes, struggles. We have more chance of changing our own house, than changing the neighbourhood. But it’s time to make that change. The Country has been divided long before Brexit or Covid. Respect the will of the electorate, even if we can’t see eye to eye.

    It must be a leap year....Ta-ta.

    For too long I have been pandering to know-it-all remainers. Who peddle had-hock pseudo statistics cos they absorb only what they want to hear, while failing to convince me! Advice!!! “Get with the program.“ Rough it could be, challenging it will be....necessary it is.
    We really can’t assess a well or poorly managed brexit transition, in light of COVID and any previous/ ongoing anti Brexit MP’s/Lord’s rhetoric or agendas.

    Lorry parks....... We put them temporarily on adjacent agricultural land. On land annually taken out of food production as was for old EU subsidies. China builds a hospital in ten days. We can Temporarily hard surface hundreds of acres in weeks (if we have to.)

    Watch out for the fall of the EU. We/the UK will be out of the dark and spreading like light across all nation’s boarders, in trade and best practices, at a time when the EU fragments under crippling debt and dismay.

    It will take a year to defund the lockdown. Rebuild and modernise > 2.5 years to scratch the surface. it will take forever to please some as they buy into the ruins of hopelessness.

    Like many I’m absolutely delighted to be out of the EU..... even if remainers worst case scenarios became reality. A time when WE the people collectively take control and responsibility for our own backyard.

    Hi & a welcome reflection from the future.....

    May 2018 when by right, we should have made the transaction into Rexit... but so many nay sayers, spanner’s in the works.... many saying the people who voted leave are now dead, % have changed etc etc. If We had the Democratic support from all sides of the house and the wet stuff. The Brexit transition would have been well underway.

    Lorry parks, Some trade deals, customs infrastructure would be in place and many bugs ironed out.

    To compare exports/imports at this time is a little misleading.... most of our ex-EU trading partners are in recession. Germany one of the few car manufacturers actually making money out of building/selling cars has maintained their edge over other manufacturers, by siding with a China to prop up Car sales, regardless of well documented human rights abuses in China etc.

    Farming in Britain was thrown into crisis due to the COVID-19 crisis... yet still crops were successfully harvested and taken to market with little more waste than most previous years. We would experience the a similar transition disturbance with the Brexit process. So fears aside. We know we can now do it. We knew we may need to permit seasonal labour from outside UK, but that’s never really been disputed. We are fast approaching the Brexit date and most of our manufacturers, decision makers, and the public are less fearful and onboard. What we know for sure is just how much European countries have depended on the UK for much of their own trade and good times.

    Seeing how the EU cling on to “their control of the UK” best thing we could do now is walk away from this trade deal. A clean break. Grow as we need to and abide by our own rules and laws.
    next update May 2023 :)

    Chill out.... I was hoping to explain, but ran out of time, Around the 15th August I tried to (felt obliged to) do too much physical stuff and it knocked me for six.... forced home it’s now or never and the REST made sense. nowt broken that can be fixed, nowt fixed that can’t be broken. Married? My ass. Next they would want to hold the steering wheel and who knows what I would be driven to. I’ve seen too much, hurt too much to throw my hard earned life at the mercy of the opposite sex, or at the feet of a needy friend. My life is a big responsibility & one I'm best in charge of.

    To those still pillow hugging.... get up you lazy buggers.

    Life’s a blast and it’s passing right by.

    It’s not everything I hoped it would be on the other side. But the opportunities are endless. it’s almost a state of mind. I’m sucking up love and learning like a dry sponge. Who would have thought, All you need is the opportunity to be yourself & the rest comes after.

    To all of you struggling. It pays to play and not all effort is rewarding, investing in yourself isn’t negative equity if you see it through. <3

    stand your water bottle/butt/jack on 3 x stands ((Small tins of Tuna/ or blocks of wood) or 5 tennis balls! Get the picture, :) within the catchment bucket. Allow drips to drop clear of the water bottle/butt/jack and avoid contamination (Drips) when lifting out of bucket.

    I had many winters when my water butt would freeze solid in winter, making a cup of tea first light was really awkward. Dog water bowls too use to freeze. These days it’s just olive oil and honey that sets in winter.

    Insulate your water bottle/tank. Make a jacket /stitch/sew, tape, glue it to the bottle/tank. If you need to see water level try to incorporate a transparent panel or incorporate a sensor. If money and space/weight is negotiable.sit portable/fixed water bottle/tank Ona set of secondhand/cheap bathroom scales. Get to know how much water weighs. if you build a insulated box to store bottle/tank, build in a Perspex inspection strip and illuminate the tank and water level by installing a 12volt light behind the water bottle and facing the inspection pannel.

    Or except condensation is a part of your air conditioning system. Place a drip dish underneath the water bottle/tank. Moisture in the environment will try to collect somewhere. A dry air environment isn’t always a good environment for air breathers.
    remember on a hot sunny day, there’s more moisture in the air around us.

    Chinese miners fell ill with ‘covid-like virus’ in 2012, scientists claim.

    COVID-19 may have first struck eight years ago in a mineshaft in China rather than a wet market in Wuhan last year, scientists have claimed.

    In 2012 six people working at the Mojiang mine, in Yunnan province, suffered from a pneumonia-like sickness after completing a job removing bat faeces.

    In total three of them died after experiencing a fever, dry cough and other symptoms linked to COVID-19 and were treated in a similar way to those who contracted the virus.

    Virologist Jonathan Latham and molecular biologist Allison Wilson studied Chinese doctor Li Xu’s thesis on the incident and now claim it could have been the first occurrence of the infection.

    The scientists previously wrote: ‘The evidence it contains has led us to reconsider everything we thought we knew about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.’

    Visit our live blog for the latest updates: Coronavirus news live

    Latham told the New York Post COVID-19 ‘almost certainly escaped’ from a lab in Wuhan.

    Samples from the miners had apparently been kept at the lab and scientists found a SARS-like coronavirus linked to a bat caused the virus.

    The Chinese have vehemently denied this and say they believe the virus originated in a wet market last December.

    Latham and Wilson, who works for the Bioscience Resource Project, added: ‘It implies that the illnesses of the six miners were of high concern and, second, that a SARS-like coronavirus was considered a likely cause.’

    well mate wont be on puter after tonight till weekend but what ever it is i hope its good for you

    I hope so too mate. In fact I banked on it being so. 17 years ago I was already on this journey, but following a accident and resulting life changing injury. I convinced myself, If I was no more than eyes on a pillow, life was worth living even in cruel discomfort. Believing/knowing I would fully recover one fine day. Years have dragged flown by.

    Now I know eyes aren’t nearly enough when Your head and heart are full to overflowing. Oneday it will always be too late, no matter how patient. Don’t let others drive your destiny, don’t think they aren’t putting their own interests into the equation. Expect a % of manipulation.

    Not everyone gets time or the opportunity to evaluate friendships, loyalty and trust and still have a chosen path before them. Learn to take advantage of your interests and trust your own feelings.

    sounds more of a look then. I’ll rejoin :)

    I’ve been on Parler for a good few months now. I’m beginning to see why a lot of what goes on in the world is kept from the public deliberately and out of the media. I’ve seen far more videos of headline news stories that portray a totally different viewpoint. Invalidating what the sometimes FAKE media hope to portray with their agenda. But also more images that I would sooner not have in my head in the first place. Some truly shocking actual video recordings of events around the world. I’m more inclined to browse now when Im at my strongest and I’ve unfollowed a few sick puppies, who think We thrive on being shocked by the truth and reality of worldly happenings.

    That’s just the start for this type of “out of the box” Ai. Each person will add to its potential Development. The external computing power and therefore it’s learning capability is endless. We had to start somewhere and the basics were the hardest to perfect. It’s also one hell of a dog if you consider all it learns will be carried forward to its pups. A dog lasts 20 Christmases, 15,000 years of domestication and most dogs will still shit on the carpet and won’t clean up after themselves.

    Science advances one death at a time.

    last year I followed Adam Savage as he took receipt of a Ai robotic “dog” called spot. Straight out of the box, Adam wanted to see what this Ai could do. Over the following 6 months he was charged with finding faults/limits and pushing the development of Spot the Ai robot dog through its paces.
    This first video shows what we have achieved so far with a Ai semi automated dog robot. Adam used to present the show Myth Busters. In the few moths Adam had with the robot, he built a rickshaw and got spot to pull it. Since the lockdown, testing has been minimal, but the 3rd video shoes how these semi autonomous machines have and are developing.

    I think theres been a nail in the coffin for the van life since the criminal justice bill. Wild camping is a all encompassing definition. If it’s intention is to reduce impact on areas like Dartmoor etc, where uncontrolled encampment by many, (including those who don’t give too shits about “leave no trace” ) & now that many have the means to drive to, park up and please themselves. Attracted by endless blogs, vids on YouTube etc. Then there is going to be overspill into the nomadic van dwellers domain. It’s inevitable that laws would be introduced, tightened to protect the Countryside, landowners and public services/authorities.
    I spent most of the 1980’s90’s and 2000 not frequenting formal/legal campsites. Paying to park up was never on the cards with the way of life that appealed. I didn’t need, nor looked for toilets, tap water or entertainment. Joining UKH was a turning point. Folk gathered in lawful surroundings. Although accommodating, it came at a price. The convoy days and large illegal stopping places were ruined by the very tribe I was affiliated to. Now the same is happening to the van dwellers. It’s becoming too popular for the wrong reasons.

    Let’s hope common sense prevails and those who act responsibly are left alone.

    Unfortunately there’s far to many folk, who have no respect for property other than their own. & care less about public opinion. Like us, they want space to do “their thing.”

    Our children don't associate the environmental impact of dropping their sweet wrappers, just like us smokers throw down fag nubs. Education and conveying ownership is a tough hurdle to get over and in need of investment.

    It’s taken years of publicity, public outcry, provision of infrastructure and legislation just to get “otherwise, sensible, otherwise responsible folk to consider cleaning up their dog mess. Yet I still see bagged up dogshit hanging in trees.

    Welcome aboard. I envy those who can “really work from home” wherever that home might be!
    Lots of folk have found peaceful surroundings to fit in their 9 to 5 and maintain tranquility without the rush forced upon many trying to pay bills, just to be closer to their place of work, or traveling hours before the work starts. “funny old world.” Hope you get your life back.

    It’s all becoming a bit confusing, being forced into a woke pc world.
    Try as I may to go with the flow. It all started to go wrong for me 30 years ago, when Marathon became Snickers bar.
    Two days ago I saw a small but thickset African Male hanging around the open shed door in a neighbour but one’s back garden. A very rare sight in these parts. What made me suspicious was the raising of the empty hand and nod of head, when he realised I had clocked him.

    I immediately went to ask my friend & next door neighbour if she knew anything about this person. (She was born and bred in the village and knows everyone). Not to be rude In front of my friends woke daughter. I struggled to describe this coloured stranger.
    “Do you know who this darky is” ? were the words that came out of my mouth. Only to be informed, that my words were offensive. So by trying hard not to offend, I did just that. On reflection I don’t know why I even used the word “darky” it must be something I picked up as a kid. I try to be descriptive when communicating, so not to waste time beating about the bush when conveying a message. Turns out to be no big deal as this coloured was a friend of the family who owns the garden shed.

    A Week to go!

    What a long time 28 years amounts to..

    all the upheavals, joys, sadness...

    Births, deaths, losses & gains.
    What price should we place on happiness, on honour, obligation, on personal freedom?
    Time is the one thing I’ve not seen for sale.