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    Ai will have full access to the internet, it will delegate learning/problem solving to individual computers and collectively share the resulting information. The speed by which it will learn could be astounding. Looking through the human historical archives/internet. Ai may just conclude we get it so very wrong so often and decide we are unfit to rule.

    If you wore a mask at the beginning of this farce in defiance of governments completely useless advice to the contrary and have continued to do so good on you. You have exercised sound judgement and good old commonsense whilst facing a barrage of official nonsensical " advice" given by those who completely failed the nation from the get go.

    That’s the nicest things you’ve said that actually includes me. I was getting fed up of being called “sheeple” though. I’ve been wearing a homemade mask with a disposable mask inside it since day one in public spaces (shops/chemist etc) and until I ran out I also wore disposable gloves at the same time.

    I agree fully it’s been a mixed bag of conflicting advice from both medical and government agencies and it Possibly still is. So none of us can be 100% sure that any of those measures promoted have been beneficial or effective. In the early days, wearing a mask on a public street got us a wide birth from other members of the public who were not wearing a mask. Resulting in immediate self distancing without making any extra effort, other than wearing the mask. Win win.

    Living like some of us do, I don’t have easy access to hot/warm running water to wash my hands any more often than I would usually do. A weak link in my own risk assessment no doubt.

    Humans unconsciously touch their face, hair, beards, clothes many times throughout the day. We use our hands, facial muscles, lips to communicate with others and learned personal habits. Just washing our hands more often during times of exposure to environment contamination will reduce risk. If wearing a face mask adds further barriers, reduces risk of increasing the R rate. Raises collective awareness etc. It’s a dam good educational exercise, not only to curb the spread of COVID but any future (Far more dangerous) potential viral/biological threat.

    Regarding herd immunity. I would have been happy to give this a go. If it killed me, tough shit. If I were responsible for the death of a loved one or friend, that would have been too high a price to pay. Isolation offered an alternative. Most of us tried our best.

    Ben Goertzel say’s, in the late 1970/80’s people were worried Ai would become far more intellectual than humans and therefore more powerful and as Ai learned for itself. At which point Ai would start killing off the humans.

    By 2000/10 people worried that Ai would make most people unemployed by taking over their jobs,, before Ai killed them.

    You do what you have to do. Give others the same respect. I’m sure there’s plenty of people calling folk who chose not to mask up in public at this time, far worse names than sheeple.

    I was “allowed” to read it wen I first scanned it. I was only browsing and when I got back to the wagon. I was denied access. Until subscribed. Subscription was free, but I’ve had enough of giving consent for access to “their” data base. I will try again on Lyndseys laptop.

    Many years ago during a heated argument with a miserable land owner as I crossed his paddock with no animals in to get to where I wanted to be a lot quicker than if I had walked around said field.

    I bluntly told him when he screamed at me it was his property "that he he'd only paid for the privilege of caretaking it and trust me, when your dead it will surely still be here, just as you surely will not be"

    I said that to a woman in a posh house. She was not happy when I proceeded to take a cold beer out of her fridge and began to drink it. I told her it’s my party trick! Shocked she asked “what is the trick”? I told her I could turn the beer into piss before her husband could. Police didn’t side with my argument that “all property is theft” or my lame excuse that they are only guardians of the said property. The courts were in favour of the plaintive and fined me £260 for theft of the beer and 80 hours community service for breaking and entering.

    France making mask wearing outside in Paris mandatory, when the law comes here how many UKsheeple will comply with yet another draconian measure??

    I’m not sure, if I’m in town or public place and the threat of a fine hangs over it, I might sheeple. But in the local vicinity of my wagon, certainly not.

    I know plenty folk who would fk another, knowing full well they have a STD at the time. A persons regard for their fellow humans well-being, apparently seems to depend on the individual.

    It’s not for us laymen to understand how these systems will be controlled/protected. Last year I listened to Ben Goretzel. He has worked on the theory/concept of Ai since the late 1960’s. Probably the original “hippy” & the future is orange thinkers.
    I like his view on Ai as he has tried to get there before the military does. Although he has seen who has been funding development throughout his years.

    Worth listening to his podcast.
    but this one I recommend watching first.

    it won’t be long before protein chips (not healthy crisps) and bio systems replace the silicon diode/chip, leading to reduced vulnerable electronic circuitry used in Ai control. Fuel cells are on the cusp of change too. Plasma and ionised electro magnetic interference will be minimised in development of these new technologies

    Our worry is the present design and assembly of Ai has begun and is led/developed by those who seek its potential power and usefulness of control. Government/military/space research and exploration. It should be developed from the beginning for only good purposes, with a beloved ideology. Sure enough once these Ai get connected to one another, they/it/them will learn the wickedness of ones potential power.

    I think surveillance has a place in this modern world. For safety, security and crime reduction/accountability. The bigger picture, if you feel a need to avoid detection, methods can be diploid. I’m all in favour of ID cards to match DNA, Photo ID etc. In England since 2000 on arrest and charge our fingerprints have been taken. Prior to that as teenagers we had identifying markings “tattoos, piercings, scars” documented by the police. Our dental records are available.

    I’m sure there are plenty of folk hiding in plain sight of/amongst “us” and the law who would like to think they are home and scot free.

    What I’m not happy about, is being continually monitored in both movement and communication. I’ve nothing to hide, but that doesn’t mean it’s anyone else’s business where I go and what I say, or research etc.

    China is just taking the piss. There’s surveillance and there’s crushing the spirit of its oppressed.

    placing government grasses in the homes and (even the marital bed) of detained husbands/prisoners. That’s too twisted. That is haveing all the cakes and licking cream off cakes still for sale.

    Uighurs who were spared the camps now make up the most intensely surveilled population on Earth. Not all of the surveillance is digital. The Chinese government has moved thousands of Han Chinese “big brothers and sisters” into homes in Xinjiang’s ancient Silk Road cities, to monitor Uighurs’ forced assimilation to mainstream Chinese culture. They eat meals with the family, and some “big brothers” sleep in the same bed as the wives of detained Uighur men.

    It will be a eventful day when the CCP is overthrown. I can imagine the retribution and subsequent fear of reprisals from victims of the Chinese wickedness.

    I wonder if Im/my internet activity is of any interest to China. I’m still using 3 on a Huawei dongle.

    FUCK President Xi’s. I hope all your nightmares are in Stereo & the World rises against your Communist bullshit.

    Just to be clear. The face mask Lyndsey made are of quality material and will take a good hot wash for years to come. The internal pocket is designed to receive a disposable mask.
    Lyndsey made my older brother one with a skull printed on the heavy canvas material and chrome studs in. That’s so cool. I will ask if she took a photograph.

    no offence taken. I was posting simply because I’m a pikey with pikey attitude to the fucking mess this situation has brought upon us all. If wearing a mask in public does no more than advertise to those around me that caution is required while in a shared environment. Shops, work, homes. Then it’s part of my risk assessment.

    In the beginning I made it clear I had 5 army gas masks for “us.” These army masks I have trust in. However it transpired to be overkill. To date, I’ve not seen one person wearing one of these army gas masks in public/real life. But we keep them for “get out the City” scenarios.

    Lyndsey insisted that I not only remove my cloth (handmade) face mask on entering her home, but I seal it within a plastic ziplock bag. I was happy just to hang it up with my hat and coat. But quite rightly, I would be exposing the family (who “do not” go out in public, shopping or other during lockdown. Otherwise the mask would be shoved in my pocket or thrown/placed on the dashboard in between “uses.”

    regarding the mask article. I was “shocked” that the US research results had suggested face masks were pretty ineffective. Like shroom say’s. Even a pair of Sports socks flip flops would make me feel “a little safer” running across a field of broken glass. Even though I may get cut to fuck, I feel like I’m making some sort of effort and hippies won’t stop running in fields regardless of the dangers.

    I’m not trying to belittle anyone’s view on H&S or what works and don’t work.

    I’ve wore a face mask to enter my pharmacy once every two weeks regardless of what is law. Two days before we were “threatened with a £100 fine. I found myself parked outside the high street chemist and I had left my face mask in a plastic zip lock bag in the waggon. I could have driven back for it or “just like other members of the public & gone in without a face mask. I looked around my van. No scarf or T Shirt (it was very sunny). So I used the windscreen wiping cloth, tied with a large electric band forming a large “stinky” bandana. Went in got my meds. I bough a box of (50) disposable face masks £29.99 while in the chemist, Cos this hassle can seriously mess with your health day.:D

    sure, but back in the 1980’s you needed to know a domestic supply electrician in order to get hold of them. No ebay back then. We were both mining electricians and we certainly didn’t come by them through work. Same goes for gas meter seals.

    I’ve still got a few PAT test labels for portable electrical equipment. Handy if I want to charge my 10years old electric wheelchair up at festivals etc Using site electrical supply.

    Face coverings, face shields and the flat disposable masks do little more than reduce the amount of the wearers secretions that reach common/shared air space.

    About 2 months ago I read a article from a university in the US. They researched effectiveness of face masks Vs No face mask on vapour/droplets expelled through the air. In particular the distance travelled and droplet size. Research found the masks were quite ineffective.

    I’ve tried to locate the article a few times before to post on here.

    Regarding paper envelopes, would”t seepage of moisture potentially breach the paper envelope barrier? Exposing other people as well via contact contamination. Otherwise we could make/use simple Disposable paper face coverings.
    The advice was to fold the face mask inside out to trap any external contamination. This would only be to protect the wearer from External virus potential.

    Those in high positions are hoping to keep the drug supply from drying up, as most of them denying its effectiveness, are and have been secretly taking it for sometime. Just like they did when telling “us” that “Masks” don’t work, preventing mass use and depleting stocks through herd demand.

    I make a point of putting my face mask inside a ziplock plastic bag when not in use. Lyndsey made us all a cloth face mask at the beginning of time! It has a internal pocket which can receive the disposable type masks inside it. Should we get the outside of the cloth mask contaminated. Simply throw it in the washing machine or hand wash with a little bleach if your pikey. I like the idea of those laser printed personalised face masks. But there is lots of choice and designs.…ps/laser-cut-face-shields…cle/pii/S0901502720301235

    So now I’m thinking of (at last) actually ditching the business that has been my prison for many years. Not sure what I’m going to live on, but I do have the advantage of having a house, so that gives me some stability. (But a narrowboat would be preferable !)

    I’m really looking for lots of lovely people to talk to, to make friends, and see what I can learn from people who’ve already escaped.

    here’s a link to a mate’s website. He moved from a house onto the canals some years ago. He is a mind full of useful knowledge and shares it with “other potential narrowboat dwellers.”…k_subscriber_id=120548554

    It had to happen dinit! :whistle: The threat of loosing our vehicle or covering the vehicle storage fees while appealing the charge, will be enough to get most of us on our way, before they issue us with any paperwork. saving Police time and stiffing Police control over individuals. Faking a breakdown isn’t illegal.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are arseholes who don’t pay attention to where/how/when they set up camp. Most of us are extremely conscientious and like to portray the best attitude possible to NIMBY’s. But the policing and avoidance of public discord is always going to be priority. What next? Photo ID cards.....

    I love sniffing used shotgun cartridges and let off fireworks. Nag champa is one of my preferred sticks. If I can taste the perfume oF a woman walking in-front of me. It’s either too strong or too much applied and I get the hell out of there.