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    I’m sure some folk would abscond from the restricted area if they have the chance. It’s going to take some serious control measures to blockade not just roads and rail, but our open countryside. Legitimate transport can go through checkpoints but unless personal ID cards are issued, who is to say where folk live.

    Why do all lives matter?

    If your answer is because they do that's the way you were raised/ conditioned/indoctrinated then it's not your answer it's someone else's opinion put on you.

    It’s hard for me to put into words without rambling. My post was with regards to the lack of consideration for those cops killed “during these protests riots,” further senseless deaths.

    I wasn’t raised with the support of strong views either way. My father held racist opinions towards “blacks”, and yet I didn’t meet a black person in the flesh until I was 16. When I encountered a visiting South African Mines manager down the coal mine. My dad was the kind of guy who gave me a good hiding for getting caught, but not for the stealing. My mother never had a bad word for anyone, although she stood up to a group of football hooligans beating the crap out of a individual (rival supporter) in the bus station in the 1970’s while others turned away or feared for their own safety.

    I stand by what “I’ve established to be my opinion” All lives matter to someone, so collectively “all lives matter”. I refuse to be muffled by the narrative “only blacks are suffering from racism or victimisation”. It depends where your standing in the world, to wether your skin colour, ethnicity, religion or political persuasion, might cause concern to the individuals and to what type and the extent the prejudice, hated, brutality they are exposed.
    Try being white minority in any ghetto or a member of Falun Gong in China, a Gypsy in parts of Europe. Hatred and victimisation is widespread throughout the world. Perpetuated by all skin colours of most ethnicities.

    I see struggle in all walks of life, Gypsy, Asian, Muslim, Black, White, Gay, Straight. So I don’t consider Black lives to be of any more importance. Hatred and intolerance should be called out as the problem, not skin colour.

    May bugs otherwise known as Cockchafers, (silly name)

    seem to be nesting under my lawn

    Fascinating history is you check them out.

    They breed in cycles every 3 to 4 years and every 30 years they have a bumper colony. I seem to remember it said this year might be the big one again.
    In the Middle Ages, pest control was rare, and people had no effective means to protect their harvest. This gave rise to events that seem bizarre from a modern perspective. In 1320, for instance, cockchafers were brought to court in Avignon and sentenced to withdraw within three days onto a specially designated area, otherwise they would be outlawed. Subsequently, since they failed to comply, they were collected and killed. (Similar animal trials also occurred for many other animals in the Middle Ages.)

    fancy some cockchafer soup?

    Cockchafer soup

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Faked cockchafer soup, "mockchafer soup", with toasted bread and liver (Cockchafers were substituted by crabs.)

    Cockchafer soup is a European dish made from the cockchafer insect. It was a delicacy in Germany and France until the mid-1900s.[1] Its taste resembles crab soup. As cockchafers were once an incredibly common pest insect in Europe, with population explosions every 4 years, collecting enough cockchafers to make soup was very easy in former t

    I would still suggest monitoring Ebay. It may take a few weeks, but if your not watching a dealers item, you can try doing a deal with a seller or score a good auction price. If you were closer by I would lend you a good kettle till you found “your bargain”. I wouldn’t post cast as it’s vulnerable in postal transit and the weight makes it expensive. Trust me a month watching eBay, you will catch a treasure and get your money back in years to come if you were to sell it. Just don’t pay dealers prices.

    I bought a really small (cute) antique cast kettle (with lid) two years ago at the carboot for £1.
    I bought it knowing the hoop handle had separated at the front end. Cleaned out the inside and considered getting it welded or drill and bolt/rivet it back on. I probably won’t get round to fixing it, as my cast kettle will see me out with a new lid “oneday”.

    I’ve got a set of 3 antique brown enamelled kettles, the largest holds a gallon approximately. These are ok for open fires, nothing to melt or burn.

    One feature I do like on a wagon kettle is a whistle. Often I put a kettle on the gas to make a brew, then I go outside and get distracted. Not only wasting gas, filling the wagon with moisture, but often have little enough hotwater left to make the drink.

    Once I went out to work for the day and forgot I’d put the kettle on for a cuppa in my DD bus.

    I returned after a 8 hour shift. The copper bottom on a stainless steel “posh” kettle had completely separated. Ruined the kettle, but taught me a big lesson. I still had my DD bus for a home.

    I have a selection. The cast iron are more practical and I’ve two sizes of these. You’ve probably seen how I use my cast kettles. No good getting drunk and leaving a aluminium kettle over a hot fire to boil dry for too long. I’m on my 2nd go to cast kettle. This last one is over 26 years of my use. It needs a new tin lid, but works well. The cast kettle before that was ancient, it was also caked up inside, so got it shot blasted to clean it out and blew the bottom out of it. If you drop your cast kettle, chances are your fkd. But worth the money longterm. I bought that secondhand when in Wales. Buy off eBay. Look for a name in the cast iron range, do your research. £30 to £50 inc postage. I’ve bought my smallest cast iron kettle off eBay £10 “pick up” But it will be an investment. I have a selection of mogi metal kettles that are bulletproof for stove tops and gas. But only buy them when cheap at carboots. I’ve also got a selection of spare cast iron kettle lids of various sizes, none fit any of my kettles though. Check ebay, be patent, buy the best quality (named, stamped, made in England or USA)

    I'd love to know what Cummings has over Johnson that keeps him there....

    the mind boggles....:reddevil:

    You’ve just not lived Oldkeith. ;) Dat dare London scene ain’t what us laymen call a normal carry on. :D & if you did get to know any dirty little secrets, it would take a lifetime or professional counselling to try to forget about it. It’s a weird old carry On inside the M25 the closer you get :reddevil: Each to their own and all that. :whistle:

    I can well imagine him returning from the bog after a little taster, (joking) to feel world shit coming up to waist height and seeing Captain in No 10 going down with sickness. Then deciding it’s only a matter of time before the whole platoon goes down with the plan and fire bomb throwing starts In the streets of the capital. it only takes one! Luckily that didn’t happen.

    He was also lucky enough to go somewhere less busy to crash out. Fewer media clawing at his garden gate. There is no excuse for driving to, walking round, Scouting out a bugout in the castle grounds. Guilty..

    If we lined up all those who haven’t stuck to the rules religiously we could almost encircle ourselves.
    It’s a crime to go to, stop and just stay somewhere, regardless of who we are, punishable by fine. So fine him. Fine them all if that’s what is called for and move on, but don’t settle for hypocritical and say “it’s just him to be punished.”

    My worst fear about the lockdown when proposed, was just how far will it be taken. Now I see we are not even safe from some of those who Probably stood by new age travellers living with their families in vehicles, leading up to battle of the beanfields. We Travellers, hippies, alternatives didn’t want letter of the law or public opinion to judge us then, but now it’s ok.

    Im just glad those supposedly steering this ship are at work, before and after they get sick. Even if the work made them get sick.
    For all those who may have fked up and broke “any” rule, law there’s so many more considerate folk doing extraordinarily stuff for neighbours, communities. Good bad and indifferent, Onetribe.

    I would be a lot better off with a minimum living wage. I retired 20 years before my time and had intended working on through retirement. My piss poor (NOW) pension is less than the dole. And I’ve a good few years before my state pension and halfhearted invested private pension matures.
    But we are alive still and can fight another viral outbreak better informed if not prepared.

    The black market can’t really help me these days. I can’t afford to pay labourers and my vices are not catered for on the black market anymore. Unless I can find fuel cheap. :D

    Didn’t the Government say “those who have been furloughed can take on a second job”. 80% of a crap wage is still crap.
    Cash in hand aside, filling a tax return means they’ve done nothing wrong, if it’s declared.
    Sounds like your mate prepper went all out to take advantage of the situation. There’s been thousands jump on the furlough bandwagon & (emergency payment scheme) who aren't entitled or fraudulently don’t exist. Scammers are never far away.
    I've got a mate who’s been a selfemployed gardener for 2 1/2 years but got nothing. He suffers from respiratory problems at times. He’s staying behind closed doors.
    I agree it’s unfair on legit businesses to foot any extra bills, but hopefully and after being furloughed, those employees go back to work for the same business from day one. It costs a fortune to advertise jobs, interview and train a employee. Businesses shouldn’t loose out to labour sharks and we now owe the debt of financial support to the next generation, who will still be paying it off.

    not well today,fed up..whats the point?want to see my someting..even just go to work,but the tearoom i was working at has shut down no work..

    I understand your frustration. It’s almost like writing off half a year. Surely you can formulate a way to see your kids? Get them to come and camp with you for a few days.

    I was a film addict for a long time but something is not right.?? (is it only me?)

    Blade runner 2 was shit.... Great cinematography but otherwise shit.... That's the last film I watched and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    I’ve never been a film addict and I avoided watching films for well over 10years. (Saving them for the nursing home) If something sounded worth watching. I often said I would go to the cinema, but then on the odd occasion I did go and watch a film, I was more disappointed by the experience, crap sound system, shared experience and expense.

    Meeting Lyndsey I found her choice of film selection quite interesting. Not the usual material I would bother with, but it now pays to trust her judgment. If I find a film boring she normally agrees and it’s aborted.

    I agree Oldkeith lockdown for the masses, means just that, for everyone.
    However Government officials, like army generals and those elk who could do far worse to leave their post and responsibilities.
    It’s not like he’s a builder from Doncaster wanting to drop off some race pigeons or a owner who wants to take her sick horse for treatment. Cummins wants to get this shit over and get on with work. Dump the kid, see what sort of lasting ride he might be in for recovering from infection. But ultimately, get back to No10 and stop any Brexit saboteurs from ruining Christmas. :)

    What I’m saying is in my book. Anyone who is a essentially essential workers has freedom of movement should “they” deem it important enough. I may have my own opinions of what constitutes essential worker. Many allowed wouldn't get on the list and I would have brought the army out to replace some who were considered “essential workers.” I’m asking these folk to put themselves potentially in arms way. I expect them to Risk Assess and be considerate, along with flexible.

    I would be really pissed off if Boris or any of those close to him, take it to the letter of the law and hide away in their Prepping shelters, homes or 2nd estates etc, leaving us to fend.
    Who drew up to the rules law for Government essential staff? I assumed that “essential workers” could be going about business anyway. Freedom of movement one might call it. Otherwise would we allow nurses to go to a busy supermarket to buy groceries, or travel miles by train, bus or car? Should they stay in onsite accomadation? Shouldn’t we provide groceries to nurses/essential workers homes, to further reduce risk? We have seen it all. But to close down “those” in the frontlines whom risk more exposure than those who stay isolated on restricted movement is taking the piss. I pay Authorities to put themselves in that position, with that “risk” in times like these and as part of their job. I expect they will not only travel in their duty, mission to look after us, but stick around and not go to ground because common sense and scientific advice suggests this.
    Im not suggesting any labour mp, police officer, nurse or celebrity be sacked, fined or trialed by media or I would be standing by you’re values outrightly oldkeith and Sack any who stepped out of line, broke a rule, no matter how lucky they were to survive it or trivial the mission. If that’s what is good for the goose then so be it. Im applying common sense and grace for time serving.

    I love the rose specs, just like pushing the plunger on a hit of smack. It’s all warm and cosy until reality kicks back in. :) I’m at an age when It shouldn’t really bother me in the longterm. However, my kids have a chance to see a beautiful world without the specs or gear use. Hopefully we won’t be too quick to look away from wrongdoings and stand together.

    We are advancing so quickly in time and space, we will soon stand at a threshold. A time when only AI can be claimed to have full consciousness. Allowing A1 to become judge and jury maybe. :whistle:

    China has set its goal on world dominance by 2050. A important milestone is 2025. They don’t want to be snubbed, slowed down or prevented from this at any point by rival, competitive players eg India and USA. They will go all out to defend and execute plans leading to the 2025 celebrations.
    What should worry all of us, is the censorship and exploitation of all of our freedoms or rights, if China cannot change its intrinsic evil nature.

    US - Venezuela. US - China, India, Turkey, Libya, Iran, Israel, Palestine etc : it goes on and on.
    Are we seeing a new alignment of power? of Nations/Countries leaders? Are leaders flexing their muscles and grabbing world attention or hoping that it’s too big, too costly, too risky to intervene?

    A time when we are all up against the wall with health and economic crisis.
    China sees it as “a last chance” to take land and new trade access routes to further the belt and monopoly! Do they envisage that the world will eventually prevent this type of takeover and the rule of law and respect will conquer?

    Will we first see conflict between India and China. What’s to stop nuclear exchanges between those two a Countries taking place?

    That’s a typical lefties excuse. 10/10

    Yes they should all follow the rules. Including the media. I said weeks ago it was “business as usual” in my village. Old man up road out odd jobbing nearly everyday, best about it, he works cash in hand for pensioners and the well off City made folk. Young farmer next door has been busier than Addenbrooks with visitors, suppliers, contractors and mechanics. If it hadn’t been for the massive increase in folk who walk/cycle/exercise going by my wagon and strangely all saying hello or acknowledging me lately. I wouldn’t know the worlds in lockdown. Remember the screen shot of life under lockdown is what you see/hear from your window on the world. If your media feed is only pumping out your enemies scandals, your only getting half the story.

    I had to laugh when mechael Obama told everyone “they must stay inside to save lives.” meanwhile her dad Obama was out playing golf with his pals and security team in tow.

    We all get it. Staying inside, washing hands, blah blah blah, folk getting screamed at by shoppers in US for not wearing a face mask. Yet in other counties, Countries, your lucky to see a person wearing a face mask, UK included.

    We all cut the cloth and one size doesn’t fit all of us some of the time.
    Sooner we drop the tribal bit we will realise we were all played to some extent, intentionally or not.

    Rats scavenging food from food discarded from truck drivers etc, is quite natural. It’s also a way the population is controlled. Once a people start feeding rats the population explodes and problems arise. Female rats can reproduce six times per year. Each female typically gives birth of 5 to 10 pups. Problems arise when the feeding station is taken away. Rats will fight to the death for food to sustain life. When food becomes short in supply in remote areas, rats that are injured through infighting will die of starvation/injury or become prey.

    We had a problem a few moths ago. After watching the rat antics taking food out of the bird feeders, they suddenly became a plague. They would come to my daughters feet as she spread bird seed about. I tried live trapping the female adults and taking them half mile down the track and releasing them. Eventually I had to shoot a few rats to get the population back under control and reduce the amount of seed available to rats.

    Feeding birds can be just as rewarding and more beneficial. :)

    Truth be told most of us have cut corners, been places we maybe shouldn’t have, stood closer to someone we can’t be too sure of. Admitting to it is another thing completely. I keep thinking about the first few days before lockdown became lockdown proper with the threat of fines.

    Government Advisers and a Police chief driving 100’s of miles to second homes. Celebrities holding shed piss up parties or boating trips out at sea. I’m still seeing coppers grouped together like their having a pint in the staff bar, no mask and less that a handshake apart. How da fuk do they travel in Police cars? Driver and 2nd copper in the back seat? No they are exempt being robots. :D

    Has any of us tried to wear a mask for 7 hours continuous? =O

    apparently zoo’s have been destroying some of the animals. Maybe they let a bear or gorilla free and that’s the culprit.

    That is just a head mess. There’s no real use for the bark I know of. Only thing I can think is : often planting a screen of evergreen is a prerequisite of a planning consent. I’ve been asked before to clear fell blocks/screens of leylandiI/cupressus. Then then the real owner can be exempt from prosecution. , screens are gone and owner gets the view back.
    Could there be some contention between the site owners - site users or the planning dept? this won’t kill the tree out right, but could make for a dangerous tree and therefore (removal) Does someone want you out and you get the blame for the damage?

    I would a set trip wire (fishing line) and a 12 volt light switch to a bulb in your van. Strange they kept out of the pir light sensor range (almost like they knew the layout)