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    I get the “eyes wide open” moments wiz. I often watch sunrise and on the occasional moments, (dawn, day, dusk and night) natural high visual reminders of why it’s good to be alive. We get so tied up with day to day existing that we often live in a daze and don’t see the wood for the trees.
    My mate used to wake at 4am every day. He always said “he was afraid of missing something.” I put it down to him being afraid of shitting the bed. Kidding

    Another simple pleasure for some is poking objects inside the ear canal, in a sudo attempt to clean the sound tunnel. But it can be a case of “if a bit itches scratch it“ which is also a simple pleasure in its own right.

    A simple pleasure is climbing in to a newly made bed. One with freshly laundered, line dried linen or Cotten sheets, traditional blankets, down pillows. When the sheets are tight to the mattress and spreading arms and legs out like a starfish in search of further skin stimulation. :)

    I can’t believe it’s not been said already.......but........

    ....A good shit....

    Especially when regularly consuming ample amounts of good ale, on top of a good wholesome diet.... :D

    As kids returning home on a winters Sunday evening and smelling home baked bread on opening the front door will always be a happy memory for me. The bliss of eating warm bread with real butter was only shattered by the words from mum “you can get bathed after that, ready for school.”

    Hot bath where I can submerge best part of (all) my body in really hot water and relax. The first stage of emersion when Im wondering if it’s possibly just too hot and may cause superficial injuries. After ten minutes or so of sitting in the hot water, legs outstretched and submerged. Then the first bucket of hotwater that I pour over my head and the intense pleasure rush I get as the hotwater covers my shoulders and runs down my back. Simply pleasurable :)

    Comments that I put on Youtube have been removed,

    :eek: first hippy I’ve heard of having a post removed from YouTube :woohoo:

    What’s next wulfie De-platforming :rtfm: or Cancel Cuture Police knocking on your wagon door “after-dark” :skull:

    i'm thinking how empty my life is now i'm completely alone, I should be happy, as i'm stress free emotionally, its the other stuff, you know, finance, or lack thereof...'sighs'

    Janet, Im constantly telling myself “it could always be worse” and often it is. A empty life leaves more room for trying to fill. We can have all the time in the world and not enough money to make the best of it. But having no time at all sucks just as much. Glad to see you back on here.

    You should take action if:

    • You have been to mainland China, Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia or Macau and have symptoms of cough or fever or shortness of breath within 2 weeks of returning; or
    • You have been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of coronavirus, even if you feel entirely well.

    If either of the above apply to you:

    • Stay indoors and avoid all possible contact with other people.
    • In England and Wales ring 111 (or your GP if in Northern Ireland)
    • In Scotland, ring your GP during opening hours and 111 (NHS24) out of hours and advise them of your recent travel or contact.
    • In Northern Ireland, please ring the coronavirus 24/7 helpline on 0300 200 7885 and advise them of your recent travel or contact.
    • Follow their advice and do not leave your home until you been given advice by a clinician.
    • Do not use a taxi or public transport if you are advised to go to hospital.
    • Do not visit your GP - they do not have facilities in place to isolate you and prevent transmission of the infection to others.

    And do you know, not once on anything I've heard on the radio have they given out a notice on what the symptoms are and what to watch out for

    What are the symptoms?

    Symptoms of Covid-19 only seem to start within 14 days of being exposed to the virus.

    Typical symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath, and sometimes a runny nose or a sore throat. In some cases, this can progress to serious illness, including pneumonia and severe breathing problems.

    I find I can easily well up at hearing/dealing with a close friends death. Try as I might to keep it in/together. I find the emotional loss to be very powerful and the sadness overwhelming. Sadness/loss of a loved one is a personal Journey.
    I wouldn’t want to be without my already limited emotional range, and believe it’s balanced for who I am.

    Nothing wrong with your friends attitude, if that’s her tool kit.

    why oh why do people bury wires behind their ply or tongue and groove linings.

    if you plan your wire layout and make provision for adding in future. It is sensible to place wires out of sight behind walls etc. Less chance of dust build up and damage from surface rubbing, chewing, wear and tear. If your in doubt, piping wires in conduit and leaving a trace line inside conduit for further wire installation. I had to trace “All” wires in the Pinzgauer, so I marked each cable end with colour coded tape and wrote on each tapped wire end. Drawing a wiring diagram and sticking it in the fuse/consumer unit for future reference helps the owner and any new owner.
    My wagon is a dusty place. Probably due to lifestyle and woodburner. Dust on shelves, brackets, tatt and equipment needs cleaning up often or it gets spread around. When dogs lived with me, I swept floor, cleaned hearth every morning. House proud maybe. But I just can’t keep on top of dust these days.

    Thanks for your public service announcement, zendaze!

    I use a CTEK M300 on the boat for charging four linked 125aH leisure batteries (working out how to link them was a bit of a puzzle, but I got there in the end). I'm on my second charger. The first one failed after about five years. This one's been going for three so far. I bought these batteries new about seven years ago.

    I’m using a Ctek M200. Had that for six years. Although I don’t use it in a marine environment. I can recommend this unit for big road rigs. Had two other MXS Ctek charges that died, one got submerged in water for a long period (storage box with leaky lid) and the other just developed a problem which blew internal fuse. I broke into that unit and replaced internal fuse, but fault persisted. Scrapped both units.

    folk traveler’s often overlook Ohm’s Law. It’s a law init, nowt for me there. Cable/wire gauge is really important when dealing with battery/current flow / charger unit assessments and battery balancing. To some extent the bigger the better in the right sort of materials. My mates paronoid about vehicle electrical fires. He uses barbed wire just to be sure - only joking:D

    silver foil wrap off wrigley’s chewing gum sticks makes for strong fuses. Not true but it can get the TV working again. :reddevil:

    I often find myself saying I want to come back as a cat next time round! owned by a kind old lady, with a open fire. I don't mind the idea of being “mothered” in my later years. It beats the idea of just being “the grumpy old git” in a nursing home who’s only interest in my general welfare is keeping me alive and subdued Until next payment day. I guess Im thinking of my older years, whist reflecting on the shear ease it was living back at my parents home as a young adult. Tip up some board money each week, the rest of my wallet to do as I wish. My mother and farther were just gems of parents to live with. Mum fitted in anywhere from smoking sessions to dance parties. Dad was more like me, so I got away with a lot. I like the idea of the freedom cats get alone with the luxury of getting comfy wherever it suits.

    No it's not my eyes, I can still read traffic signs and number plates at a far greater distance than the required minimum. In traffic at night I lose my pool of light because modern vehicles are much brighter and cancel out my light pool.

    That’s cool, if you can see to thread a needle in day light without glasses, and read road signs well in advance that’s a bonus.
    There’s many possible reason why some folk struggle with night blindness when driving at night. The glare of on coming headlights and rapid readjustments our eyes need to make is one. I like to drive with high beam on just to see as much as possible.