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    Is President Trump going to start a nuclear war? I wonder. He reportedly said as a response to a question on climate change that America had the best air quality it had ever had, and pooh-poohed the idea of climate change. As he seems to only believe what he thinks or hopes does he think that a nuke dropped - anywhere really - will not affect the Americas? And does he believe there will be no retaliation? I grew up in the shadow of the threat of nuclear war, it was a very real prospect - so much so the government released films and pamphlets telling us what to do Protect and Survive. And now near the end of my life am I again living in the shadow of the threat of nuclear war? I don't know. I just wish the US and UK would leave other countries alone to sort themselves out without bloody meddling all the time.

    As an aside: how many ecobricks + trips to the shops by bicycle rather than car = offset one military aircraft journey or one military aircraft journey + one nuke?

    There is every chance Trump will start a new war with Iran or Korea including most of the Muslim world.

    You seem to hit the nail on the head. He doesn’t just think that climate change is not mainly caused by human factors, or believe the many who claim it to be so. He believes and we all know that a persons belief is often hard to shake. He is capable of rationalising the climate change crisis argument, and probably considers the major fluctuations in the worlds climate to be predominantly of a natural, cyclical nature and although CO2 levels are recording the highest for x years (since accurate/comprehensive records began and ice core analysis data) CO2 levels have been higher long before mankind came along and the advent of the modern industrialisation of the world. A belief (his) which contrary to popular views/reports/statistics/predictions/scientific models and propaganda has otherwise not been disproved in his view. It’s just a matter of time, one way or the other.

    If a mature/responsible person is capable of believing in one god, then that same strength of belief might become unshakeable when considering the natural fluctuations that have/are and will continue to occur with the earths climates. From one Ice age to another, it will become hotter in between, as sure as god is his witness.

    If Trump didn’t think believe America would suffer from be effected from radiation fallout political or environmental pollution or retaliatory aggression at home or abroad. He would have been encouraged to strike with possibly limited nuclear warheads at Iranian/Syrian/anystan sticking their chin out during his 3 year presidency, just going on the mindset of the war mongering US defence department and “old school” congress he campaigned to run.

    However Strategic nuclear strikes on rouge nations doesn’t automatically result in a world war and if conducted with the support of NATO inc most of the Muslim world. It is possible that only limited airborne and oceanic radioactive pollution would pose a risk to other Countries/continents inc USA.
    He is aware that should some rogue nations become nuclear capable. There is a very real threat that America and Israel would be effected at home and or abroad. This could be why he is trying sanctions drone assassinations as a peaceful alternative.

    No idea how many bicycle rides to the shops to offset a warmed up fighter jet or a returning bomber....

    But if your using a conventional cotton carrier bag to bring your shopping home instead of the 5p classic plastic carrier bag. You would have to reuse it 52 times to have same climate change impacts as a classic plastic bag and 7,100 reuses would be necessary to have same cumulative environmental impact (water use, energy use, etc.) as a classic plastic carrier bag.

    Kinda puts these celebrities flying around the world to climate conferences in their personal jets into perspective.…mpound-baghdad/index.html

    Not much said on the recent rocket attack on the Baghdad US embassy, one injured and nothing on the news........................ just wondering what the orange chimp will do next for payback.

    Sanctions and more support raising from Iraq and around the world no doubt.

    I don’t know about the one cell trump brain, but the cell count must be in his favour since he wipes the floor with most world leaders and their think tank at 5D chess. :whistle:

    No No No........ not round here and not for over a decade. Economic migrant workers have seen to that. Although most gardening jobs are done in the bathroom, some training sessions are mobile based.

    Due to unprecedented market changes, wage increase is expected for some females :reddevil:

    For a few years now LocalAuthorities have been clamping down on unofficial sole traders undertaking tree/gardening work. How effective these investigators are is anyone’s guess. How much man time the LA’s put into policing cash in hand/unregistered/ uninsured craftsmen gardeners/odd jobs man I don’t know. There is certainly a market for female gardeners.
    Some good advice been posted above. The going rate for a skilled gardener is around £20 per hour. I specialised in hedge maintenance and I ended up with more work than I needed, eventually I could build up a route which allowed for seasonal travelling with guaranteed work on route. Beauty about specialising on hedgerows is the time off durning the nesting season. :)

    If you love doing that kind of work, the rules, regs etc aren’t all that difficult to overcome.
    What is your business idea? Maybe we could encourage you to have a go. Gardening for instance, clients like to form a longterm relationship. Once you establish that, word of mouth soon gets you more work. I know a couple who started their own gardening business in the last two years. Both have different approaches, and both are getting work. One thought buying tools would create work, but 2ndhand tired ride on mowers are temperamental. He’s on his 5th ride on mower already, but cuts more lawns with a conventional petrol lawnmower. The other gardener bought basic tools and uses his saw and electric battery drill just as much.

    I’ve tried to find the Trump definitive statement on “his view” of climate change. I’m Not having much luck. He doesn’t trust the claims of “the many scientists and their data.” He seems to agree with “a few scientists who doubt the validity of the collective data.”

    He opposes restrictions on major manufacturing Countries (Like the USA etc) Hence dropping out of Climate agreements. Pointing to lack of focus on other 3rd world or less industrialised/productive Countries who are also contributing to CO2 pollution, Is that because US export much of what is produced in the US to the rest of the world?

    He realises much of the wealth of America is underpinned by the petro-dollar. And having just reached energy security/independence, coal, gas, oil. He doesn’t want to loose this position?

    He wants clean air, water soil and thinks they are doing ok, good even and planting trillions of trees will offset CO2 from energy use?

    This morning our little girl told me “if We drink vinegar in a morning, just vinegar, it turns our skin a darker colour. Then she said, “I want skin colour like my friend Jessie, the sun turned him that colour when he was a baby.” :eek: what a conker

    I mumbled to myself, “I wonder if that’s why loads of lasses on the Council estate drank cheap cider in the 1990’s :whistle:

    The internet is just another tool. We can abuse any tool and if we aren’t lucky, these tools can bite back. I see the internet as a great benefit to myself and my kids at the moment.
    When I was 7 years old, all our possession were sold off or packed into shipping creates for the long sail to Australia. We were told we wouldn’t be going to school again, but would have to sit in front of a radio at home and our schoolteacher would conduct our lessons via the radio set. Technology has its place. Both my kids are home schooled now and the internet is a wonderful tool regard access to learning. I’ve not found a place for myself on facebook and suchlike and Im generally a very private person. I had six months away from this forum and found Im at peace with myself no matter how involved I am.

    I’m just as likely to drop out again as I see more and more of my time spent online. If it helps me to understand the world around me (because it’s certainly not the world I grew up in) and It’s beneficial to myself and others, then I’m in. Simply Just bouncing stuff off you lot helps shape my views.

    In reality my life will end all too soon. I would love to see what the future world looks like, what discoveries, achievements, marvels are in store. Science fascinates me and seeing what’s at the bottom of our deepest oceans or lingering in darkest space, the stuff our ancestors could only dream of, the internet goes along way to making this possible.

    Sharing stuff that accelerates my learning curve is worth my time and effort. I can look at the internet negatively, just like I can political parties, governments or ideologies. I trust those appointed to manage my world, but refuse to turn a blind eye to bullshit and those perpetrating hidden agendas through mainstream media lies need calling out. I will gladly give out T shirts in the future to some of you lot with “You told me so” printed on the front. I value your views and opinions even if I don’t agree with them sometimes and it comes via the internet.

    Couldn't agree more mate. The internet especially is responsible for so much that is wrong in the world in my opinion. When I was a boy & computers were just a flight of fancy the world was a fuckin massive place & you hadn't got a chance of seeing most of it. Now its all there in front of you at the push of a button. The whole world, in all its toxic glory , available to all both young & old!

    Add to this the evil manipulations of advertising/news reporting execs & the only possible outcome is negative.

    My boy is 15 now & he laughs like fuck when I tell him about a world without this shit, where people actually went out & spoke to each other & earned a living outdoors or in factories making goods. He can't understand that life was so different just 40 years ago!

    And this, my friends is called fucking progress!

    Mankind will not destroy the planet, mankind will only destroy itself....😕

    But we “don’t have to tune in” Just use the Internet for the good stuff. It’s really only my interest and the relative ease of availability that I bother reading/watching the news. If my friends didn’t have a tv, I wouldn’t get to see the news. If I didn’t get internet signal I wouldn’t read the news. I live alone, remote and very often isolated. 3/4 of the week I might briefly speak to just one other person 3 times a day max in real life. I choose to look behind the bullshit, because like has been said. We are all getting the spin. Do nothing and it gets done their way. Take notice, Stand up, take action and well “We get a Brexit”.

    Yes NRT. The world is full of propaganda. Journalisms has been sold down the river from high up management to sponsorship persuasion. However, often censorship can’t be maintained.
    I get my news from various sources, inc Russian outlets which are often to the point with a whole different spin on a issue.

    Question.? Was Gretna actually on school strike on the day she was discovered by the world renowned climate activists that day?
    Answer. It’s a special school Gretna frequented. With a open door policy for it’s pupils. They can have days off when they feel “unwell, not up to it” Gretna apparently didn’t like Fridays.

    So encouraging the worlds school kids to strike when Gretna wasn’t actually on strike - stinks.

    This whole thing looks like a climate crisis extinction PLC scam. Don’t dig in to it. Be dismissive, call it fake news. No problem. It will all come out in the wash. But fucking with “kids” heads. Don’t sit well wI me. :(

    Since working in a all Male environment (coal mine) I adapted to a certain unique one sex culture, where everything was on the table around menfolks. From then on I learned to (bite my tongue.) respect the unknown female creatures when in their working space. In later years & working in forestry/countryside management alongside male and female office staff/colleagues, I assumed all were equal and approachable in a pc way. If I had to work for long periods with anyone I didn’t respect/value/like. I’m sure the person and conversations would do my head in.

    1984 Margaret Thatcher deliberately lied to us miners and the public about the extent of plans to close pits.
    NCB chairman Ian MacGregor had already told the Government he intended to close as many as 75 pits with the loss of 64,000 jobs.

    I just dont buy into this new massive wave of peeps living on the road,we know it's no walk in the park and many will not last their 1st winter, so dont get too worried.

    This site has very few active members these days and now even fewer who are full time nomadic. It’s not the hippy crew who have swelled the number of folk living in their vehicles. Many of those who now choose this way of life are escaping the property trap and prefer to spend money to reside on campsites, using unofficial stopping places when convenient.
    Just attending the quirky campers festival 2019 showed me the diversity of van dwellers and those making use of converted vehicles these days to explore the country on the cheap or live closer to their place of work, even if they own property not.

    During the 1980’s (convoy days) when even vehicle insurance and mot wasn’t a priority, we were experiencing negative feedback from society and local authorities, resulting in traditional stopping areas being restricted. Many large unofficial sites were closed down.

    Look at the increase of parked liveaboards last year in Brighton. These folk have drawn attention to their situation and that’s a reflection of what could happen should more folk take to living in vehicles and reside in the same place for too long.

    The increase in fuel costs has also reduced the activity of a lot of vehicle dwellers.

    it’s about giving more power to the Police and therefore local authorities, by tightening up loopholes in the CJB. Travelling with one vehicle is doable but a support vehicle and company goes a long way too.

    . If you saw the Yanks and the Russians going head-to-head over Cuban missiles back then in the 60's, you felt you might not even get to the weekend....:reddevil:

    oldkeith 1967 I can clearly remember me, my little sister in white vest and pants sat on my mother’s knees. My older brother (your age) sat alongside. My mother was telling us that we may all die soon as a result of a nuclear strike. My brother had had the same speech a few years earlier over the Cuban missile crisis. We have had the threat of all out nuclear war over our heads all our lives. (Not one rogue nuclear missile in over half a century.) IRA mainland bombing threats for a large part of that life too.

    Once a child gets the image in their head, it’s hard to believe that planting more trees while the world burns or is washed away will save them.
    if a parent hits a child often enough, the child will associate that with love, or is that just another perverse way of saying it’s ok to hurt kids mentally or physically needlessly.

    The 12year (scare) went around the world and I bet very few children with access to social media weren’t exposed to the lie. But it’s done now, all in the name of propaganda progress.

    I agree NRT. If gang home invasion was already a large problem, Congress would be promoting gun ownership and the right to protect and defend themselves at all costs.

    Americans don’t want to live in a country where only the bad cops guys and Police are armed.
    Let’s look at a now unlikely senario Trump fails to win election. 2020. Dems take back power. The leftists > AOC crew drops all or borders. Try to buy a gun at Walmart when the SHTF.

    MS13 are/were a force to be recon with. No borders > mass influx of hostile gang members and returning fugitives.
    11 months to take the most gun populated Country in the world into anarchy for the masses. Home invasions would be the least of the governments problems.

    The rednecks are already preparing for civil war over proposed gun confiscation and state control/interference. The US is a Tinderbox on a unprecedented scale.

    It’s not really about the NRA (gun lobby) personal liberty or money. It’s about longterm control. It’s about Agenda 21 (sustainable development) that Bill Clinton signed upto.

    There’s a great number of good souls, not taking advantage of a semi nomadic lifestyle, that would complement our community and even better, become ambassadors for nomadic/van dwelling lifestyles. Unfortunately just visiting a few campsite throughout the year, gives us a sample of the varied folk likely to be in the mix in the real world. Most of then I wouldn’t want living on my council estate with me.
    10 years ago it was suggested on here we post our park-ups thread etc. Many of us shared our concern about these places being hijacked by weekend tourists and hangouts for drug use sessions. We expressed our fear that any site that became popular would probably become closed off perminantly to prevent further use. So the park-up thread didn’t materialise. Word spreads and like our friends, we keep these park-ups close.

    20 years ago, I guess you could say back then I was paranoid. Although sadly this lifestyle didn’t explode with hippy chicks and mobile drug dealers, cool dudes, well wishers and free thinkers. It did become more variable and diverse. With an increase in those “I pay no rent and my giro is spent crews.” However paranoid or not, many of the traditional or potential parkups were eventually closed off by local authorities as a deterrent to prevent future use and problems, mainly from the Gypsy communities.

    regarding owning a automatic assault riffle like those on display during the rally and in Walmart. When it comes down to self defence and or defence of property. You need to consider a offender might not be alone and he/she/ them, may all be armed and there is usually really only one of you armed and ready to react, excluding possibly your wife and kids. Holding a automatic (assault) riffle gives you the advantage. They are also very reliable and a deterrent in their own right.

    I would own one if allowed.

    NRT states 39,000 gun deaths per year 2017. While 10,000 deaths on average are caused by DUI every year.

    Gypsies are even discriminatory between their own clans. There is no way Gypsies would include house dwellers or is that “celebrities” We pervert their kids too often and insist they pay tax.

    yep, the festival would have presumably grown by now with all the time that’s past :D plus not everyone owned vehicle back then. Let’s call it progress and not duplication for this excercise :insane:

    That said tho, thank god women exist, otherwise I wouldn't have any clean plates or socks by now...👍😁

    We just might be happy not worrying if our pants are clean and would have spent all those years developing handheld food instead of Rabbit vibrators.

    Is this a trap? :D

    It’s swings and roundabouts. Sometimes working with women is a blessing, sometimes not. Same can be said for working with blokes.
    A mate quit his job last year. Reason he gave. “He couldn’t handle the tough Male, chauvinistic, sexist, racist attitude, comradely during the van share drive out to jobs. The pussy lived under his mums pinafore until he got this job. I wonder if some cock would do him any good. :reddevil: