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    Fk to Christmas. But try telling that to our lass and the kids. I’ve still got a bar of Blacks sea salt chocolate from last Christmas. A bar of Blacks chilli chocolate from my Oct Birthday last year. Half a bar of Blacks Chocolate from the Christmas before that, but that’s looking a little dusty now.

    It’s not that I’m not a chocolate kind of person. But I buy chocolate when “I” want to eat the stuff. If it’s the thought that counts! “Think” Don’t waste money on Christmas gifts when it isn’t necessary.

    Thanks for the offer Shroom but unfortunately that stuff is a lot newer than the older stuff i have and incompatible. Further up in this thread Highwayman was talking of a gaming pc for his lad - may be of some use to him. Alternatively if it's just sitting you'd get a reasonable price on eBay for it.

    Thanks for heads up. We did buy our lad a secondhand PC. I think postage would be substantial and probably not in keeping with freecycle ethos.

    Comply the best you can, but don’t get yourself busted is your last resort. You can film them covertly, just incase you get framed of feel violated and as leverage later on at the copshop.

    Search YouTube for Crimebodge. This guy is a thorn in the Police side, hip, face and butt.

    He goes out of his way to “push, test, disprove, and annoy the police and courts” He defends public rights and individuals. A mindful of info and he likes sharing it.

    Check him out. If in doubt or trouble, contact him.

    I take far more “tat, projects and move it on, sell stuff” with me these days. There’s usually something “I could have, should have” included. I have always got by with, without or adapted.

    This year at Dovedale was a turning point. I had spent two days designing, fabricating, welding and painting two awning leg height extensions (eliminating a need for awning guy ropes too) for our new “recycled wind out awning tent. Only to find out at 6.30pm in the field. I had left the two leg extensions 100 miles away, where I had placed them while paint dried. I improvised, but it pissed me off. Two days work and no benefit so far.

    NT your extensive list exhausted me just reading it. So I can see a list that precise/inclusive wouldn’t work for me. But in the future :shrug: we are all capable of organising to varying degrees.

    Once or twice (lately) I’ve noticed a spanner or rear doors padlock resting on the vehicle bumper/tow hitch frame when returning to my vehicle in a car park. So I’ll never say never to lists.

    Lyndsey writes her own list for every adventure, weekly to do lists, shopping lists. (Some folk like writing lists) I may scribble three things down on a list a year when I think I may forget about remembering/doing stuff.

    NT you picked up on some very important points like isolating gas, legal requirements and a peace of mind stuff list may just become good Practice for some.:whistle:

    Reading a post on a American Truck/camper mag. It was suggested we all make a laminated checklist of important things to check/do before hitting the road after a stop over.

    Got me thinking. Getting older, more complacent, more forgetful. The days when I covered all my get up and go bases have past/are passing me by. I’ve ended up on site without a first aid kit. Kids without coats. low on gas, only two skins left etc. The list goes on.

    Do any of you have a checklist? a must do list or must take list? Shopping list isn’t what I’m talking about here.

    I’m considering making my own and my families check list, just “incase”

    To get me/us started I’ve copied the American Truck/Camper mag list example. I appreciate many of the items have nothing to do with my/our set up and no doubt most of our rigs/requirements will be unique. Hopefully you hippies can throw a few suggestions on here that I/we can consider adding to our own lists.

    Well after three attempts it won’t include the copied list. Keeps saying “please fill in this field” ?


    I've yet to find any sloes around here :(

    It is a lottery as to where you are in the Country and the type of agriculture prominent since the days of the great plague and subsequent agricultural development/methods in that area to date.

    During the great plague. Land Labour/land management went into decline. There wasn’t enough people keeping the hedgerows managed, laid and ditches cleared. Blackthorn once mainly dispersed as seeds by birds/animals and humans, thrived during the years of limited land mgt and due to blackthorns rhizomes spreading abilities and abundant annual fruit production. Hedgerows that may have only had a few blackthorn species within hedgerows before the time of the plague, soon became overrun with it. When field margins and headlands were taken back into mgt and ditches cleared. Established blackthorn within these old hedges was left growing. Blackthorn is hazardous to both humans and animal, but effective as stock control.

    Bacteria often found living on the bark and thorns can be very nasty and imbedded thorns can turn septic quickly resulting in blood poisoning.

    However blackthorn/sloes have many useful medical uses (wonder plant???) See following.

    I would rent a good “industrial dehumidifier” they all take electricity and it can take well over 7 days to dry out a room with a professional unit. They are big and noisy. But they do the job quick and could save lifting the floor all together. You may be shocked at the amount of water a good unit can lift in a hour, never mind a day. if you stop the flow of water, it’s time critical to save/avoid further warping/damage etc.

    Rented dehumidifiers aren’t really that expensive to hire. Sometimes you can strike a deal too.

    I had the same problem some years ago. I got a phone call from the police whenI was staying in London. Apparently water was coming out of my front door :eek: I got a mate to enter the property by taking a double glazed window out and turning off the stop clock. if you can “stop” the leak, lift some of or all of the flooring. Dry it or hire a dehumidifier. Most of the laminate can be saved. If not take out some house insurance and see how bad it can get :D

    It’s good year for sloes. First frost was a way to time the picking of the fruit, due to unpredictable seasonal weather this saying can be overlooked if the fruit is ripe, soft enough to squeeze. Putting sloes in the freezer is a good way to burst the skin and mimic first frost. I usually prick them with a pin, but that method is time consuming. I would try freezer method next time I make sloe gin.

    Just been given a 22ft galvanized caravan chassis , so thinking of building some sort of redneck / hobo shack /tiny house little house on the prairie type thing if anyone has any ideas or imput , feel free

    Hi mate and welcome back. I’ve had similar idea over two years. I’ve got a 20+Foot Twin axel trailer chassis on land rover wheels. It was once a mobile Police command unit to build off.

    I’ve been researching the web for tiny homes for two years and I’ve a good selection of designs stored on Pinterest. I’m not sure if I can share my link directly?

    I have enough 12’ x 2’6” x 3” thick aluminium enclosed insulation panels that slot together connected by aluminium profiled uprights to build walls etc (off a mobile freezer room) Enough new box profile roof sheets (brand new) I bought a full set of 11 x windows (single glazed) and door + frame from a brand new 2011 5th wheeler. I know towing weight needs to be considered and I like the loft bed idea. All in all I almost have enough parts to complete a project. If nothing happens I may sell as a kit.

    Not for the victims it isn't.

    Also, it isn't a dietary choice -- you could argue that for vegetarianism, but veganism is rejecting all animal use -- so, no leather shoes, no wool, no horse racing (or riding), no zoos, no animal tested products. Nobody ever got healthy from avoiding any of that.

    Unless it’s a Fennec Fox, then “anything Could be considered acceptable” to “some vegans” :whistle: just saying.