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    A good morning at the carboot again. On arrival 6.40a.m. The very first stall I came accross. There were loads of new/un-opened, Unsed items. A smart looking cardboard box with rose gold knives and folks inside caught my eye. It was obviously new as only one of each, knife, folk, spoon and Teaspoon was unwrapped, the remaining 3 x of each items were in plastic sleeves. I got the impression from the box and gold embossed makers name ( Viners Exclusive Rose Range) that this 16 piece cutlery set was quality and probably well out my price range, since I only wanted it for the wagon.

    I asked one of the two old ladies how much she wanted, £5 she said. mmmmm. I offered £4 and she excepted.

    Later I looked up the company name and set onthe Internet when I got back to my wagon. How foooookin chuffed was I. £107.99 for the exact same 16 piece cutlery set.…00UQZTEAQYASABEgIoUfD_BwE

    It gets better. I saw a Landrover 110 overland exhibition Toy that I knew my little girl would love to play with. Only problem it was missing one front wheel. I asked the seller if they knew where this missing wheel was and if they found it could I buy the Landrover toy for £1. She put the toy to one side and promised to look for the missing wheel. Later in the morning I returned to her stall, but she hadn’t found the missing wheel. She then offered me the Landrover toy for free. mmmm I thought, maybe I can make a wheel out of wood or salvage one from another toy.…offroader-land-rover-toy/

    Back at my wagon I noticed the Landrover had a spare wheel fixed to the back door of the toy. It ment me unscrewing the toy chassis to remove the spare wheel fixing from inside. While doing this I noticed it had a battery compartment and on unscrewing the battery cover to fit a couple of new batteries, a small gold belt buckle ring fell out of the toy. It has a hallmark “gold” and looks like it had been made smaller at a jewellers at some time! possibly to fit a little girl.

    I’m going to give it to my daughter when she is a little older or weigh it in for scrap :D

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Me and my little girl are going carbooting together in the morning. She has told me that she wants to buy a picture of a donkey (like the one she rode on at the seaside a few weeks ago) bless her, blonde, blue eyed and gorgeously cheeky. :)

    In 1999 my mate claimed he was registered to use medicinal cannabis here in the U.K. He was a haemophiliac.

    I didn’t believe him at first, but he showed me his government issue card. Every two weeks he put in a order and it was posted to his house from London. I spoke to him some years later around 2004, when he told me the government had stopped the scheme.

    Drinking our own piss? Your assuming everyone will be leaving “their home, base” this wouldn’t be the case. The government would restrict vehicle movement, fuel would be strictly for EM services, what’s in the tank is all your going to get. There could possibly be a curfew.

    Someone well stocked can trade support and security for a family or two. Strength in numbers.

    It’s ok dissing those that think and act that extra mile, but without is without. I know what it’s like to go hungry and when it’s too dangerous to go out, day or night, then prepping for any eventuality is good practice, if not just common sense.

    Staying alive, safe, fed, watered, warm and dry is priority. Even if it’s for a short time, 2 weeks to two months. Any contingency is better than none.

    I lived for some years in a rural village, where gamekeepers, poachers and theives were all related to each other. There’s no doubt they would close ranks, and it would instantly become a gated community.

    Since leaving school I’ve always assumed I would be living off grid, although I’ve been in and out of bricks and mortar with services. So all my tools to begin with were manual.

    It pays to gain skills and jack of all trades covers many potential situations.

    I’m still running year ten without hot running water.

    I’m amazed just how many families don’t have so much as a candle or a torch at hand should they get a power cut.

    iv been eating 3 peices of fruit every day for the last 8 years ,,passing regular 2 stools a day without fail ,, i stop eating fruit for 2 weeks , and i havent had a crap for 5 days , i think that that speaks for itself ,

    I guess it does. I’ve been on synthetic opiates since 2004 I’ve learnt to take things as they come. :D

    I do try to make lots of fruit smoothies when fruit is in season or there’s a glut of fruit in the supermarket reduced section. :thumbup:

    Sure Towns and cCities will be a dangerous place in such a situation. But the more settled, rural communities will probably allow safer refuge, if a person is already established in that community.

    There’s far too many Rambo types heading for the hills and confrontation is inevitable if not sort.

    Those that are Nomadic and residing in a vehicle will find prepping and storage of goods, supplies difficult at the best of times.

    Should they find themselves in a road block situation. They will probably need to vacate with nothing more than a bug out bag. Their vehicle will be looted within hours of leaving it stranded on a highway. Also fuel reserves may just determine overall vehicle destination from the outset. Staying put in your own community would be better that squatting the closest vacant property or route.

    I know for sure looting will be high on my priorities :whistle:

    I agree obsessive prepping is a lifestyle, I don’t care to worry about either, but we all prep to some degree even if it’s just having access to food, water, shelter, money and fuel.

    The medicines study was openly available, but like you say. It would have a impact on sales of new goods down the line. I think that’s the reason it isn’t in the public domain now.

    All these folk running for the hills in a SHTF scenario. Fk me. I lived in a rural village that would/will eat any passing strangers. A threat is just as serious in remote areas as it is in the city. A stranger in a remote or rural environment is not in a position to have established local friends , formed relationships with others local or a in-depth knowledge of the area and inhabitants. It could be far more dangerous to try to navigate and establish camp elsewhere.

    Just how high/far will folk think it’s safe to go?

    Stockpiling is a choice for the individual. Skills we can take with us.

    Regarding specticals. How many pairs, what about changing prescription strengths over say 12 or 24 months, what we can take with us at a point of panic, is luck of the draw. On foot it’s very little. Pills, meds, ammo, tobacco, survival kit, gold, gems are a trade-able commodity that can go along way to getting further essentials orbartering for free passage/life.

    What about the cunts who won't allow landowners to live on their own land?

    Such policies serve to further condense growing populations and increase rents and further the profit interests of obscenely wealthy land bankers and the like.

    Those cunts are tasked with keeping any surplus land out of the reach of farmers, Army’s, government development opportunists, greedy property speculators and industrialist as well as letting nature take some course.

    We know it’s a rigged system and only a tiny % of landlords would consider fair rent to be fair. It’s all about value, value to you, to me, to everyone else and price is set by both demand and the market. If all available land was suddenly to become residential land, it wouldn’t really become cheap to buy! Quite the opposite. Price would probably increase tenfold and rents would fall a little on the short term.

    We would see our natural and managed landscape exploited further and more infrastructure strewn across the landscape to service these isolated habitations. Who wins? Those who dare! Who looses everyone and everything.

    If today’s landowners were “allowed” to build on greenbelt, and made to pay the gov a premium for the privilege, the majority of landowners wouldn’t. They would however become encouraged to sell land and “others” less sympathetic would increase demand on new build land, increase land price, then build, rent/sell and make their buck. We would be no better off. Folk our age won’t really make enough money between now and PFD (personal fked by date) to pay for the land, buy building materials, build or pay to have built this “dream” lifestyle. We missed the boat.

    So remove restrictions and let the next generation exploit the environment. Yeh, why not, we won’t be around for too long anyway.

    I had my shotgun ticket revoked as I lived in a tin trailer and couldn’t anchor the gun safe to a safe/strong outside wall. I kept the side by side but had it deactivated. It will still frighten the shit out of someone who doesn’t want to go to the line in a conflict and it also makes for a comical crack pipe :D:whistle:

    A horse is a good all rounder, transport, haulage, company, food.

    Depending where you get “holed up” eg: too close to a populated area and :

    Horses need to be out at grass, (vunerable) when folk are hungry and they won’t need a AK47 to bring down a domesticated nag. They can walk it to the cellar, larder, camp.

    If you were to try and keep the horse safe and confined 24/7 you would need to spend hours each day collecting horse food. This would make you, the horse and your camp vunerable to attack, theft or capture.

    In this situation, either being really remote, away from hungry, prying eyes, or with a large collective group to guard the horse, the growing crop, the stores from other survivors, who will most likely be patiently waiting for “your” crops, produce to grow.

    Yes ploughing/driving/riding with a horse is a useful skill to have, but with a little trial and error, a strong kid could learn to do that. Likewise harness making is too. But just like in the 3rd world. Modern materials are in abundance, lorry ratchet straps, nuts and bolts, cable ties, bailer twine, string etc, can be used to knock up a strong, easily fixed working harness for a horse. Knowing how to do Saddlers stitching is ideal to preserve stitching and make a strong Union on a expensive leather harness strap. But think more Mad Max and less Ascot in a SHTF scenario.

    Regarding the AK47 just finding ammunition is a problem, where as a pipe gun can be put together with a few basic tools and pipe fittings found in most industrial/commercial areas.

    Storing 12bore cartridges doesn’t require a licence and is a relatively cheap investment. Many cartridges can be stored/hidden in vehicle chassis, domestic “dummy” household plumbing systems or even the framework of a wheelbarrow. Protection at short range still favours a shotgun over a single shot riffle.

    yes their all cunts :reddevil: if they go about telling folk they shouldnt be allowed to own land regardless.

    If the planet is a Apple chopped into quarters,

    3/4 of the Apple is sea and unsuitable for habitation.

    Leaving the remaining quarter of the Apple.

    Half of the remaining apple is unsuitable for farming/food production and habitation.

    1/32 of the remaing Apple is suitable and used for farming! Food production.

    What’s left is where we roll on roads, build towns and cities, industries and do our thing.

    Now farmers would like a bigger slice of the apple, so would the war machines and governments. Nature has a stake in there two somewhere, but try finding a flat bit that everyone can afford, that’s close enough to the shops, work and friends and you’ve got a unlicensed gypsy camp.

    Now where was I? Oh yeh! A cunt is someone who wants something for nothing, while others go without some things, in order to have something else. [panic]

    I’m sure there would be every chance of many many deaths and vacant properties (elderly/sick/vunerable/unlucky) in the event SHTF. Most spec wearing folk have spare prescription (new and old prescription) glasses stored around those derelict homes, ripe for looting. Even a close prescription pair of glasses is going to be better than none. Also the black market,taking glasses from those weak, vunerable survivors if it comes to that.

    Those with advanced cataract (spelling?) or eye issues will just suffer.

    In the event of a nuclear explosion, the Blind will need leading. Crutches can be knocked up out of almost anything. Deaf can use pencil and paper to communicate, but most of the ill/infirm/ wounded could need close support anyway.

    Re: creams/ liquid prescription/ medicines were found in the study to loose potency and spoil quickly (due to carrier chemicals used.) The study showed (not all creams) but most, became weak and unusable within ten years from manufactures Use by date.

    Although study showed petro chemical ingredients could remain stable, the complexity of chemical compounds held within these creams/liquids did not and further issues with storage/transportation are evident.

    FDA >

    Drugs are given an expiration date based on testing to assure strength, quality, and purity, and are to be stored and handled according to the labeled storage conditions.

    Obviously with desperation or quango know it all’s, we will try to use anything at a time of great need and the hedge Doctors will tell or show us differently.


    Drugs are given an expiration date based on testing to assure strength, quality, and purity, and are to be stored and handled according to the labeled storage conditions.

    WHO. >…ns/essentialmedicines/en/

    Anyone else hang on to their out of date pharmaceutical medications?

    In a SHTF situation, a simple infection from a cut finger could result in death. Antibiotics, pain killers and other medicines we now take for granted would be the first items to become in short supply. Those remaining will be worth the weight in gold if ever for sale.

    Often we are told about best before, sell by, use by dates on food and medicines. But a scientific study (results once available free of charge, but now restricted information) found that many drugs/medicines can still be effective many years after the best before date. Some antibiotics can still be effective up to 40years after manufacture. Liquid and cream based medicines unfortunately don’t last very long however. Also single compounds are better for longterm storage than complex pharmaceutical combinations.

    So if your actively prepping or intending to stock up, those “old” pills of your grandmas might be worth labelling and storing away safely in the loft.

    Buying antibiotics for longterm storage/prepping can be expensive and often difficult to buy in bulk. Surprisingly vetenary medicines are often identical to those prescribed for human consumption. Packaging and dose rate may vary, but sometimes they are the identical pill, out of the same factory, off the same production run.

    Amoxicillin antibiotics used to treat fish in aquariums are mostly the same chemical formula as a doctor would prescribe a patient. (Look at the ingredients on the packet) in this case a larger amount of amoxicillin antibiotics can be purchased for a fraction of the price (No questions asked)

    It’s a bugger, I can eat whatever I like and years ago, Drink like a fish also and I can never put on weight. I can starve myself and barely loose what weight I do maintain. Talk about look of the draw. I’m intending to totally indulge in good food for the remainder of my life. I love food in all its colours and flavours, so the choices and options are endless.

    My attitude to food has really been my saviour. I’ve always had a strong constitution and will power. I can physically work myself to the bone and survive on what could be considered a starvation diet. But it must be tuff if you need to reduce weight and have very little self-control. It all depends on “how bad do you want it” I suppose.

    Change your head and the rest will come after.

    Thanks for letting folk know. I would just knock out a load of machine code in a email to anyone wanting to leave, then sell on or even give away their email addy and personal details to rogues in furthest Morrocco or blackmarket Africa. Fools wanting to leave this place. How very dare they! :D

    Many thanks for all you answers and help. I think she will just carry on with the arrangement as it suits both parties. Fraud? this is true, but the way I see it, someone who needs a home is getting a home and paying her way. Why does he need a council place when he has an out of town property? who knows, but I hope he keeps the place for many years which in turn will house her for the same amount of time.

    meanwhile a family in need of a council property, will most likely be housed in a bedsit, where the kids get to hear mum and dad shagging in the corner of the one room. The kids can’t go outside to play in the garden, because the garden is out of bounds. It could be worse. But while ever folk are fking the system, sub letting social housing properties. We will continue to bring our kids up in shit environments, while someone’s mate wonders if they can cheat the system some more.

    Land Tax is nothing new. During the Tithe awards 1836 onwards, Land owners were “made” to declare land they owned and charged a Tax according to size. To get any tax relief certain claims could be made/declared. Eg. If say the village used the land to cross on foot to get to work in the next town or school kids used it as a short cut to get to school. The Land owner could say “its used as a footpath” If a community crossed Land with oxen and cart/horse and cart, horseback, the landowner could declare it a briddleway, which afforded greater tax relief, but by default became a legal Public Right of Way. Such rights of way still exist today PRoW as a result of greedy landowners, who would “often” claim more public use than was actual.

    Land is subject to Capital gains Tax. Land that was bought for peanuts and has now risen in value, is subject to a Tax payment at point of sale.

    The original purchase price or value is deducted, plus any financial improvements made to the land, eg drainage, estate agent fees, valuation fees, but at 20% tax it’s no small potatoes on say 10 acres sold.

    If a person uses the land for their income and declares this income for more than 12 months, then they can claim the first £10,000.oo taxable profit at 10% Tax all other profit is taxed at 20%

    Land is capital and therefor “means tested” fall on hard times and there’s nothing in the Social kitty for the landowner. Not even dental fees. No prescription fees, no rent allowance, no housing benefits, no job seekers, or other means tested benefits.

    We generally get attached to our land and year in year out out, put lots of hard graft into maintaining it. Not easy to put a financial value on that maintenance input. We generally keep the Land for life too, so No means tested State financial help for the landowners for life. Not such a good investment when you look at the finer detail.

    Then some cunt who doesn’t so much as own a patch of concrete with a brick box on it, because “they didn’t find themselves wise enough or in a position to buy either a house or land themselves” tells us, “we shouldn’t be allowed to own land” well fk you and “get off my land”

    Your friend will have no rights to the flat. The original tennent May loose the accommodation should they get to know the present situation. I would be careful what is said or done.

    Just going on the electoral register won’t guarantee succession of tenancy or any right to social housing under these circumstances. If anything the original tennent should deal with any correspondence with the Council.

    I went yesterday. It was another good day.

    I bought 3 x 20litre sand colour US military Plastic WATER Jerry cans. Used once for “his” weekend camping holiday” The guy selling was US soldier, who is based here in the U.K. He wanted £5 each, but excepted £5 for all three. Bargain. He didn’t want to take them home he told me.…ry-water-can-20l-tan.html

    I also got a Stihl pressurised water container for £2 Which I’m going to use to make a hillbilly camping shower.…0JogAZEAQYASABEgIcYPD_BwE

    There was more, much more. :)

    I didn’t vote for years simply because I was Living “off grid” out of the system. I lived in a Tent and I paid No rent!

    Waiting for Thatcher and her government to get kicked out was painful and slow. Even shaving my head the day before the election wasn’t enough to influance the universe.

    The four years that followed led me to discover a way to vote without the commitment to a dwelling which comes with the added disadvantage of Community Charge/Council Tax.

    One simply needs to find a mate who resides in a dwelling as a couple, who pay their bills in full.

    There’s no “extra” charge levied on that property for a third adult and therefor no expense incured by the new voter to be or dwelling occupants.

    Simply register with the LA and once the elections have taken place, notify the LA you nolonger reside at the said dwelling and are now NFA.

    Well it looks like we are fked with a U.K. ~EU~ May style US trade deal. We have street protests, against “the man” not the mission!

    Pay 4% GDP or grow an army, Navy and Airforce, or suck up the the EU. Your going to need it!

    Best thing May could do now is tell him to take back his missiles, his troops fromUK bases.

    PS. How much did The Sun pay for that interview? Why The Sun Donald? Aren’t you anti garbage Press? :whistle:

    folk scoff and berate my stance about not voting, even when I explain the very valid reasons as to why, they still wont have it even though the whole system is outdated, outmoded and not in tune with moderrn times and needs and only supports the followers and those who gain the most out of it in monetry terms and those who cant see beyond only what they know. Voting only works if a person agrees in part or absolute to what the party they vote for represents and wish to have in power.

    Voting for a back seat party like the green party is a protest vote in my mind and not a real time valid vote for change as it will never bring real change as they havent got a hope in hell of winning to implement much needed change and if they did win their hands would be so tightly bound they would not be able to implement and bring in half of what they profess to stand for.

    Yep! It won’t ever happen, and tomorrow’s voters will always agree “in part” with the party they vote for. Only way to get the change “is to vote” work from within and be prepared for disappointment.

    Voting is a hard won right and those who are happy “to some extent” will always outnumber those who are of a mind to stay silent or abstain from their right to vote.

    Whatever we think and say as individuals, it’s the collective % that counts and this world has never been run by fair, fluffy, planet lovers. It is a business in every sense of the word.

    Voting for the Green Party or voting to leave the EU has always looked unlikely to result in anything but a protest vote, but time shows us, We can us our votes to influance the outcome.