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    We/+ several others from UKH attended this year.

    I know some didn’t buy into it and probably won’t attend again. I will go next year (unfinished business) and Im planning to buy a ticket in October when they go on release. If you want to take a pet dog, I suggest buying your tickets (and the dog/s ticket then) last year dog tickets ran out early (or just “hide your dog amongst your tat when arriving) they don’t issue dog leg bands, so who is to know if the dog paid once your on site?

    If you want to saturate yourself with conversion ideas and talk “the mechanics” then it’s a welcoming crowd of punters/participants.

    Next year will be at the same venue. Clean site, plenty of space, friendly vibe, but it’s not a festival in Amsterdam. Very straight, very safe.

    What a picture. Banksy has put another “masterpiece” up for sale. I personally like his work and this latest Will probably become a classic in its own right. Cercopithecoidea have taken over the zoo Government.

    However it goes against the old saying “If you pay peanuts, you get a load of monkeys”

    I’m going to paint my own version for the bog wall, replacing primates with hyenas and jackals.

    I’m thinking I really should pay attention and read “any” instructions that come with gadgets/equipment etc.

    At Dovedale I was lame, the long drive up there really played havoc with my knee. So much so, I hobbled around the camp for much of the ten days. My partner went into town on day 3 and bought me a tubular bandage and a bag of frozen peas (bless her) we were in a heatwave. :whistle:

    The support from bandage really did help. Driving back just flared my knee up some more. Weeks later. It’s swollen and hurts bad. Last week I bought a knee support brace, complete with lateral metal rods in pockets down each side of the knee support.

    “Instant stiffy” and the reduced movement helped to reduced the swelling temporarily. However, wearing it made driving or kneeling down impossible and really increased back pain due to poor posture.

    Yesterday our little girl was very sympathetic, allowing me half hour rest here and there between playing outside with her and trying to meet her daily needs.

    Today I had to make some very important phone calls and used my mate’s landline to conduct my business. My back is killing me along with shooting pains in my knee. Unable to use a chair while on the telephone. I somehow got down on the floor to use the landline phone.

    Noticing a metal rod poking out of the knee brace fabric at some obscure angle. I thought I had buggered up the knee brace. Forcing the metal rod back into the brace side sleeve. I noticed it was now kinked at a 110 degree angle. Complaining about the constant worldly fk ups (that seem to follow my attempts to get through this life.) I pulled out the metal rod and discovered that it was indeed “hinged”. This must be to allow somewhat normal movement of the knee while wearing the knee brace. If this is the case I thought, why was there no “hinged movement in the opposite side knee brace rod??? My mate laughed. The two support rods had clearly been inserted (NOT by me) into the brace sleeves the wrong way round.

    Now I can bend my knee while wearing the knee brace, kneel down and probably drive a vehicle and walk without a “stiffy” ;(

    My knee is playing me up, which in turn has put my back out “again”

    Hence I rely on my electric wheelchair to get me about. On my way to the nearest postbox at the end of the Lane. I saw a child’s ride on electric jeep in a skip. My kid always pesters me for one of these kids toys at carboot sales. After asking the property owner for the ride on car. They asked where I live & more so “how I was going to transport the electric car back home.” I looked in the skip for a length of rope/string or something to lash the car to the back of my wheelchair, to no avail. The owner then offered to run it back for me. Not to be too cheeky. I suggested I go home and return with towing strap.

    Blow me, I felt a little daft and looked fkin hilarious as I trundled down the main road towing the plastic jeep. However the scale was about right. For any of you that know me. Does it bring back memories of tree dragging at Trevstock? :D

    - never looked back, thanks to Buddhafield Crew Canteen / Buddhafield Cafe.

    That Buddhafield cafe, :vomit: well to be honest, the food they provided (& the price they charged) put me right off going vegetarian or vegan) At a time and in a mindset whereI really wanted to be”won” over. They failed miserably. My partner thought it was ok, good. Not enough though to keep us from making our own food or eating the (onsite pizza’s ) for the duration of the gathering.

    Having been a happy vegetarian for several years in the early 1980’s, I still prefer quality of food over volume. Buddhafield cafe delivered on volume that’s true.

    Wooo Hoooo ... so glad I clicked the old link in my bookmarks before deleting it.

    It's been so long I can't remember where we were when I last posted (probably not moved our 5ver more than a couple of hundred meters)

    Hi glad you made it back here. How has it been for the pair of you living in your 5ver?

    Well like others, I’m shocked to hear this sad news months after.

    I bumped into him (literally) at the Green gathering last year. No one else wears a hat quite like he did. We often raced each other along festival tracks. He on his mobility scooter and me on my battrike. He was a very talented artist and gentlemen. He will sadly be missed by many.

    I'm currently wondering why the doctor's receptionist needs to know why I want an appointment :/

    So they can filter out the time wasters and refer some of those patients to their local pharmacy. If they ask me when at the reception desk and there’s clearly a cue of people waiting behind me. I say something like “bloods leaking out my arse”. I say it to embarrass the receptionist and shock any hypochondriacs in the cue. :reddevil:

    By default it does get me a speedy appointment :whistle:

    Boy says he's off to his ma's after college so I reckon it'd be rude not to jump in the bus & fuck off somewhere. Possibles are a local tractor club anual show or just find a quiet layby out in the sticks....

    Tractor club show sounds like a plan. Stay over tonight onsite in the bus. Breakfast on the burner and your set up for the day.

    I’m playing with the Gods this weekend.....

    I have full unrestricted use (until Tuesday) of a 2019 top of the range Range Rover Sport.

    I picked it up yesterday, threw a sleeping bag in it and covered over 200 miles of joyful mind bending cruising to-date. For the first hour I realised my mouth kept muttering Wow, Wow, Wow.

    I haven’t got time to learn what the buttons do, it’s got more going for it than the USSR space station. I tried to play a CD but it asks for a satellite connection to my PC hard drive back home :eek: what-no CD player. This fker can do everything but put a vinyl on the turntable via a space link.

    I’ve thought about taking the kids to longleat safari park today. Imagine the monkeys trying to pull bits off this vehicle. Do you think it would survive the drive through unscathed? :D The boot opens remotely from the key fob. So if my little girl takes a fancy to a monkey for a early Christmas present, the catch should be easy. :whistle:

    Come on. Give me your suggestions for places to visit if it was you. I can access UKH via the 15” x7” console screen and vehicle WiFi (while diving)

    This is how the other half cruise. I love my tractor of a bus, but this is how I now want to die. Not in my sleep, but behind the wheel of a brand new auto box Range Rover (when I’m very much older.) OK its Friday the 13th, So I better get that last bit in.

    Maybe I will be coming to a field near you. 8o

    Working one day a week!!! That would have caused mental health problems for me. Some of us buzz on work. How would all my personal projects be accomplished if work was reduced and income reflected hours worked? .

    Social scrutiny security would soon be including zoplicone and diazepam pills along with the weekly payments.

    I hear 4 day working week is another carrot on a stick being considered, an invisible bonus for those with jobs. Sod a wage rise, investment in your own health pays the highest interest.

    Now really early retirement would be beneficial. Far too many of my mates die before or soon after reaching 65.