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    OI thats a bit steep , I can get up to 60 downhill ,
    thing is with an old bedford it would only get the rear axle cut off and the engine out and go for export , the rest would just get scrapped

    Depends on the diff you have in there. Some of them are worth proper money, some ain't.Gearboxes are starting to get pricey as well.
    You seen the J type flatbed that's on eBay at the moment by the way? Looks tidy.

    You'd have to be unlucky to blow a fuel tank, even with a spark plug in it.
    If somebody nicks a TK you can practically cycle after them and get it back anyways :D

    Anything with a minijack input you can theoretically use your laptop with. All you'll need is a minijack male to minijack male lead to connect the headphone port of your laptop with the input of the dab radio, so yes you should be able to use your laptop with that radio.

    This one says it has a 30 hour battery life. I was interested in the minirig cos it's British designed and manufactured but I definitely want a dab radio, I like 6 music

    Minirigs are ok, long battery life and surprisingly good sound quality and ooompf for the size.
    Pricey and mono only though. For the money you can buy a minirigs you can build a semi decent setup from second hand parts.

    To be fair, most towing companies have both, clueless drivers and rescue heroes. Depends a lot on what the person did before they became a recovery driver. If you doubt them just get them to tow you home and sort the problem out yourself/get your local mechanic to do it.

    I've made good experiences with the RAC by the way, and a pretty bad one with the AA.

    Right, a few things on 12V Audio.

    First off, how important is sound quality to you? Secondly, why do you want 4 speakers? Do you require surround sound or is it just that more is better? Because believe me, two decent speakers on a relevant amplifier outperform four mediocre speakers on a mediocre head unit. One can always add a base bin to the setup if two speakers are deemed too little.
    Also, what is your budget?
    Car stereos listed for 40-50W per channel often don't mean 40-50W RMS per channel. This means it's 40-50W peak output per channel, not something you'd want.
    Depending on budget I can probably recommend a decent amplifier for you, be prepared though, there is practically no limits upwards in price.
    Digital amplifiers use the least power but decent ones cost £100+

    Here's a decent non digital amp:…nosto=productpage-nosto-2
    Here's it's newer digital brother:…L52smoXRN8ZMCgBoC7Nbw_wcB

    In case you need to be able to play CDs or similar you'll need a head unit as well, if an aux input is all you need the amp will do.

    Couple one of these amps with a decent set of hi-fi 50W 4ohm speaker and you're having a decent sound setup. Old technics (proper old ones, not early 2000s) go for little money on eBay and give a lot of bang for the buck.

    If loud and bass is your need then you'll want a setup that incorporates a base bin to make the walls wobble.
    In this case if recommend getting a base bin of your local cash converters and an amp(either mono, bridgeable or an active setup, active means the amp is included in the speaker) to match. As cash converters and pawnbrokers often don't have the kit to test 12V audio and the second hand market is limited they are often surprisingly cheap.

    You'll also need a head unit to drive the speakers (unless you want more power in your speakers in wich case you'll need another amp as well, anyway from here it would get more complex and I'll only write it out if you want to know more), I'd recommend 50W RMS per channel on the output of the stereo again, maybe using a decent set of car panel drivers to match. The nice thing about car speakers is, that they don't need to be in special enclosures to develop their sound as they are designed to be mounted in panels. Sound quality isn't going to be as nice as a Hi-fi setup mind.

    These are the options if you have a reasonable budget. £100-150

    Cheaper is possible though sound quality suffers from there on.

    Depends a bit who too. 3500ish to a traveller type+ a bit extra for the burner with a years ticket on her. She's got a big solar rig etc. Southwest ish. Lost the 4 passenger seats in the back and replaced with extra storage mind(a wardrobe and a booze cupboard to be specific) Wouldn't be to difficult to undo though.

    Year is kind of important on various/814d types. I'd consider getting the minibus variety, they are often cheaper and especially Alexander and Plaxton build in Aluminium. Definitely a winner for rot there. Also worth looking at are 709d varieties, the bus built ones are roughly the size of the 814d panel but they are usually cheaper. Less powerful engines and no full air brakes but still enough torque to tow a 30foot Roma through north Wales. Not that I'd recommend that.
    My 709 has more than half a million miles on the clock but still runs fine by the way. Also the only steel parts on mine are the chassis, the front wheel arches and the bonnet and grill. All the wings and bodywork is aluminium and fibreglass.

    Habe you though about getting a DAF45 4x4 straight off the army and downclassing it?

    They are quite cheap at the moment and ain't enormous.

    I've seen down rated Mercedes 608s and Dodge 50s. Something tells me that the legality of that is questionable.

    I'd recommend to anyone who wants to full time to bite the bullet and do either one of the C licences or a BE and tow a trailer. Life becomes so much less hassle when one can stop worrying about every team of tat.

    The weight of the minibus will depend on the coach builder to some extent.
    Check V5.
    Most LDV Convoy minibuses I've come across were plated at 3.5, some slightly over as Nomadic Rt says. Should be Able to down class, though not a lot of weight to play with if you do.

    Yeah, I cycle a lot. I have two bikes, one a Thorn Nomad which has just done 1300km in Iceland with me and is also my general doing shopping etc Bike the other is a Whyte 905, I just acquired it and am itching to take it to the local trails. Forest of Dean trails are awesome by the way.

    Pink with veins on.

    In the real world, MOD green is a good choice as you tend to blend into hedges more. If you intend to go far abroad/expedition in it I'd go for something bright and optically not military. People are usually kinder to Travellers than military and in some places the armed groups to be shoots first and asks questions later