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    at least with our MP's we have a chance of getting rid of them every 5 years, you get no chance of that inside the EU they are all unelected and you get stuck with them whether you like it or not.

    The European Parliament is directly elected(by you and me), The European Council is indirectly elected (made from the government of the member States), and the European Commission is directly elected by the European Parliament and made of one person per Memberstate.

    How that is more undemocratic than having a house of lords I'd really like to hear.

    I know, i do take an interest in them. The Austrian ones are often cheaper. It's predecessor is called Haflinger, also after a breed of horse and was designed to replace the Willy's jeeps left in Austria after WWII.

    If you want to buy a pinzgauer ( they are fantastic off the road and generally awesome) do so in Austria or to a lesser extent Switzerland. The armies there use(d) them and they get sold off as Army surplus in good condition. is the Austrian MOD sale site I believe. Can help with translation if required.

    You are technically right if you only look a GDP. This tells you nothing about living costs etc. So it doesn't really tell how much money people in a nation have, just how much money a nation has.
    An industrial nation with a large slave later force would have a high GDP.

    GDP PPP is a better figure for this.
    Here's the list: in 2015 the UK became global 29. Behind a fair few other EU and EEA nations.…s_by_GDP_(PPP)_per_capita

    If you have budget and the will to import, the Mercedes LA series was one of the best off road trucks ever built. Incredible good looking tok. Sadly never sold in the UK.
    Also Volvo made and continue to make decent 4x4s for the Swedish army. Worth a prod if you can get your hands on one.

    Well, a handy piece of informationen for you would be that I'm an EU immigrant ant this is likely going to make my life and my partners (who's British) quite difficult. So there's my personal reason number one why I think Brexit is shit.

    Secondly I have so far to hear real arguments against the EU that would benefit the working classes in any real way. Strangely enough Britain, which imports more goods than it exports benefits from a strong pound and free trade agreements to some extent. Britain also benefits as a whole from EU immigration, the labour is needed, especially in the care industry and agriculture. One of these sectors also benefits quite largely from EU subsidies.

    I could go on with this list for a while, but I feel it's a wasted effort,so far all I've heard in your last post (or quite largely from the pro Brexit side in general) is a stack of fearful buzzwords, not arguments.

    So whilst Britain is making itself the political laughing stock of the EU (Johnson as foreign minister, seriously) and Scotland is yet again making noises of leaving the UK, whilst the pound is plummeting to lows that outdo those of your mentioned banking crisis (wich is somewhat more complex than the EU is at fault) and racist attacks are on the rise, you just keep a steep upper lip watching your country being driven against a wall for no particular reason.
    One thing I can say for sure though, minorities and poor people are going to be the losers of this madness.

    The daf45 will drink less than a G300 I reckon on a account of having a considerably smaller engine (5.9l opposed to nearly 10l on the Renault) and about half the HP(150 instead of 300)
    I reckon they'll be about the same height of the ground.

    Gotta train with spray too. And ideally carry it holstered. We used to do a thing in our DIY self defence class that demonstrates this quite well. We would give somebody a self defence spray (this was in a country where these things are legal btw) tell em to put it in a pocket. One of us would stand 10m (30ft) away from them and we told them to expect an attack from this person. Only condition was, that they would keep their hands outside their pockets in a normal position.
    Not one person we did this with got to use the spray before they were floored by the mock attacker before they could use the spray, most didn't even get it out of the pocket.

    Now this is in a situation where people were expecting an attack and were not in an adrenaline high.

    Self defense relying on a false sense of security based on being armed with things you're not trained with is likely to cause more harm then good.
    Best self defence is legging it wich should be done whenever possible.
    A lot of stuff can also be sorted by the right ways of communicating etc.
    If you want to learn how to defend yourself in the situations where you can't, do proper self defence training with a certified instructor.
    There is a governing body for this, I can't remember what they are called.

    I've never had a tent blow away. I roughed a winter in a bell tent and another one in a bendefmr, they're really quite nice. The only reason for sleeping in a car prolonged for me would be security if having to park in a biggish city. Plenty of space in a proper bell tent/bender and one can fit a burner.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Vans are a different thing mind, van over tent any day.

    Subhuman jokes? Really?

    If you quote Wikipedia, dont pick and choose.
    "Pikey or "pikie" is a slang term, which may be pejorative when so intended but not necessarily so, used mainly in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales[1][2] to refer to people who are of the Traveller Community, In a pejorative sense it means "a lower-class person", perhaps 'coarse' or 'disreputable'.

    It is not well received among Irish Travellers or Romas, as it is considered an ethnic slur."

    I'd like to draw you attention to the last sentence.

    Back on topic:
    If I lived in a city I'd prefer a car, out in the sticks a tent any day.

    The term pikey is downright derogative and considered an ethnic slur in a lot of the travelling communities. If one throws it round in capitals in the same sentence as the word hate I get upset and reserve the right to complain about it.

    Take for example the word nigger. I'm sure we can all agree that that's not an appropriate thing to say to someone, even if the fullfil the stereotype of the black thief. Nor would we dare to that said thief is not a "proper" black man.

    So yeah, if somebody throws around derogative(and ethnically loaded) terms and singlehandedly decides who's a proper traveller and who isn't then I'm going to consider them uninformed and bigoted.

    Right then fuckface, the caps were a mistake as i have fat fingers.... I did apologise and obviously comprehension aint your strongpoint, is it? EVERY decent gypsy or traveller I have known and have known a few, are decent peeps that dont leave a pile of shit behind em wherever they go or fuck things up for others, by your instant retallistion and humbrage at what I penned, am I to think that you are one of the so mentioned?

    My my my, someone is a bit short tempered.