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    Is freight rover the posh word for Sherpa van :D? They are so much easier to work on and nobody has to spend hours underneath them welding. Form the money my mate have spent on welding transits I could have bought several LDV vans. The Peugeot 4pot was a lovely engine as well.
    Luton's are kind of cool but I quite like my box lorry. I never took to beds over the cab, I hate not being able to sit up in bed :.

    I once insulated a van with bin bags stuffed with rock wool(God was i skint). Worked surprisingly well. Any insulation is good insulation) I made sure that there was no gaps in the panelling though and the most important thing is to air your home for a while every day. The cheapest way to get foil covered bubble wrap is to buy insulated tarp from one of the really big army surplus stores (Exeter and Plymouth come to mind) it tends to have silver coated bubble wrap sandwiched in between two layers of tarp.

    Your link seems broken. You might be able to get some parts cheap, it's still a hell of a lot more hassle than having something that the maker still supports, especially if you are not doing the work yourself and don't want to be driving round scrapyards for that magic, long lost front diff.

    Don't really like the idea of chemicals being used for the convenience of having a dump in my truck, that just leaves you with sludge that is hard to get rid off and has to be processed by a sewage treatment plant. Compost is way less energy intensive. In tight spots and cities i usually use public toilets, community centres or pubs. Thankfully i dont spend much time in the city. A personal thing I suppose.

    Seems like a serious project for somebody who's got little mechanic experience and a tight budget. I still think 4x4 vans, especially transits are overrated as live ins that move a lot. We used to have a transit county tipper with our company, felt we spent more time under it than driving it. Drivetrain parts just cost to much (try finding front axle parts for a county with Chevy axle :)) and they are getting old now as well.

    For cheap and cheerful they don't come much cheaper than the old postie Ldv pilots. They are not the best vans in the world but you can happily pick one up for 500£ and I've seen several with 300.000+miles on the clock and still going strong. As with any old cheap van one of the main things to look for is rust. Try to get one from the late 90ies with the 1.9 engine and under 100.000 miles and you'll be looking at paying well under a grand for the van itself. Another 200£ for boarding, insulation and chimney flashing and the rest you should be able to scounge/ make and buy for scrap value which builds you a camper for under 1000£. That leaves more money for the important things in life.

    Are we talking an actual bus or a minibus? Tendentially campervan insurance is cheaper than commercial van insurance especially if you are a newish driver. A lot of camper van policies come with mileage limitations though( Anywhere inbetween 3000 and 10000miles per year) and some require you to register the vehicle as motor caravan with the DVLA.

    Whatever you do, don't tell them that you are a traveller, they are biased against us :)

    /my windowless white 7.5ton box lorry is by the way insured and mot tested as a camper

    /I made good experiences with Adrian flux as camper van insurers

    I'd put her onto a Mercedes 308 chassis, purely on the basis that you can still get tidy ones from the late nineties which have incredibly decent engines (especially when it comes to running on recycled vegoil). You can find a not very rusty one for under 1500 if you are patient usually). Swapping a box really isn't difficult (even if you have to weld brackets onto the new chassis), but get somebody who knows what they are doing to help.
    Having a 4x4 doesn't really help with the bounce, that has to do with strapping usually to heavy tall Luton boxes onto narrow 3.5 chassis with 3.5ton suspension. You need a heavier vehicle with harder suspension to remove bounce. County Transits are getting an absolute rarity these days with prices for spares skyrocketing somewhat chronic. 4x4 van chassiscabs are particularly rare and expensive and unless you need the 4wheel drive for working I'd recommend not to buy one. After all there is always a 4x4 or a tractor or a telehandler that can pull you out of that muddy field. I'd rather pay a farmer the odd £10 to pull me out than spend lot of money on a rare van and then some more when I need to fix it.