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    Somehow I think that the sprite is going to go for a fair bit of cash. They have become quite the collectors item despite being so shite that at times you couldn't get rid of them for free.

    7.5 really isn't enormous, especially if you don't max out on space. I have a 6.5t Mercedes Bus at the moment, that's quite a nice size and you can still get it most park ups. Doesn't turn as well as my old 815 box truck though. Outside of slightly increased fuel costs and the harder to find scrap spares everything speaks for 7.5 as far as I'm concerned. I'm a full timer though.

    If you want to move they are a bit impractical any way. It's worth going to auctions and contacting specialist PSV sales people and sometimes even bus companies directly if you want to buy a bus. Often considerably cheaper than eBay. There is always loads of deckers being sold because they are no use outside of being a bus and the odd show vehicle.

    My mate has an a series with a York engine. He starts it after having stuffed a burning paraffin soaked rag on a bit of white down the air intake. Works a treat that.

    The easiest way to get an image visible in the forum is:
    Take a picture with your phone.
    Upload the picture to an image hosting service. is a decent and free one.
    Find the upload button and press it.
    Press the device button and select your image in your files.
    Press upload.
    The picture will upload, and be shown on your screen.
    Press the image long (or whatever opens the right-click on your phone), there should be an option to copy the image url. Select it.
    This is what you need.
    To insert the picture in the forum you have to tell the forum that you are posting a picture (this is simplified, I know). You do this by typing (this tells the forum that the picture URL ends here).
    You final line should look like this:
    [i mg]http://your picture.something.jpg[/IMG]
    (note that I added a space between the I and the m in the first square bracket, this shouldn't be done when posting pictures. I had to do it here to make the line visible.
    This way you can post pictures without using forum webspace that can be seen by all.

    /the [IMG] brackets should be what the forum does when you press the insert image button, unfortunately that button doesn't exist in the mobile version of the forum.
    /more on topic, there is no need to cut holes in a classic truck, use a pot in pot fridge, get a gas fridge or use a coolbox and ice. Would be a massive waste of time and effort to cut a hole in the floor.

    About 3.5k I reckon unless there is 2 nutters who really want it. I nearly bought a decker 2 months ago, they all seem to go in that region.

    I'll tell you the secret of cold things without electricity if you post pictures of your truck.

    Just kidding, what you are looking for is a zeer pot or pot-in-pot refrigerator. They only work when it's hot though, but then they work really well. Easy to make yourself as well. There is tons of instructions on the internet.

    I do want pictures of your truck though. Or at least a make and model.

    /further I might have a working gas fridge lying around, I'll check when I get back to my park-up. If it's still there you can have it for free.

    For more piercings. I've only got a septum stretched to 4mm, some earrings and some holes in my nipples. When I see pictures like olives I want to go and find people with needles again.

    I personally don't like pre-made campers, they are usually built for staying in rather then living in. That's a personal preference though. Mechanically you can't fault the old Merco based Hymers, I would personally take my budget, buy a 709 or similar and convert it myself, you'll get a lot more van for your cash I reckon.

    That steamer is what is going to make your setup relatively impossible unless you have a hookup wherever you go. Creating heat through electricity is just hugely inefficient. The blender ain't helping either. How about one of them?…crank-travel-blender.html and one of them for steaming.$ja=cgid:17471339553|tsid:59157|cid:199888953|lid:92282091993|nw:g|crid:63891974193|rnd:4017075953920669307|dvc:t|adp:1o3|bku:1.Phones, stereo etc can then be done of a decent solar setup+ engine charging.

    To be fair, even most not downrated ones in The lwb Luton variety are close to the limit. With paneling, furniture and tat just about every 3.5t Luton is overweight. As I mentioned with the Iveco dailys, the lab lutons are identical in 3.5 and 6t apart from springs.
    Hence me mentioning getting a big licence if you want to house anything more than a single hippy with not very much tat.

    There is always downclassed motors but there is 2 vans I can think of that fulfill your specifications. The old Mercedes 310 snubnoses come in silly big for 3.5 tons they are a bit hard to find but parts are easy as they share a lot with the 308. Sometimes you find sprinter 310s in similar sizes also.
    Another huge option are Iveco daily Luton vans. Because they make them up to 6 tons and they are practically identical apart from the length and the rear springs it is really quite easy to change a big one into 3.5 ton. Often that has already been done. Looks something like that.

    If you really want to permanently sleep 5 in a truck I would strongly recommend that you upgrade your licence though. 3.5t just isn't really big enough for that many people.

    A bit modern for my linking but well done. Congratulations and all. My 20+ year old merco with 750.000 on the clock is jealous.

    What Colin says!
    If you use thise disposable ones make dann sure ther is no naked flame anywhere near you when connecting or disconnecting the canister. I've seen myself what happens when you don't, it involves an air ambulance.

    I use 2x220W solar panels, 300Ah battery bank, 40A MPPT charge controller. Does me fine, with the inverter I can run drills and grinders. It's OK as long as I don't have to weld or use other really heavy tools. The whole rig cost me 540£ + some wiring and little bits like fuse boxes that I have lying around anyway.
    I reckon something similar will do you, probably only one panel if you don't intend to use TV and laptop a lot. LED TVs are good, they draw some 20-30W. Laptops really depends, a 17" Mac book pro draws considerably more than a 10" netbook. Solar panels do alright at charging battery banks, get somebody who knows their low Volt DC to help, there is lots of pitfalls that can make 12V setups inefficient. Some of the most common ones are badly mounted or directed panels, inefficient charge controllers and wrong cable sizes.