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    Have you driven one? have you actually witnessed the mileage to gallon? I'm talking flat out 40-45 mph = 7-10mpg fully fit and tuned up, good clear roads and unladen maybe -12 mpg Folk trying to sell a RL are like fishermen, "the one that got away was this :hug:big"
    Before you invest. join a 4 x 4 forum or contact some genuine owners. Ask them what to expect mpg. I love the vehicles and nearly swapped my driving horse and dray for one years ago. Obviously LPG wasn't a serious option back then or that would have been a must.

    I have and the general reports are 8-12mpg from one with a body on the back, I did look at one with no body and he reconed he got slightly more, off road 5-6 MPG thats shocking!
    I wont be going far in it just local stuff so its not too bad, just fancied one and finally its all come togetehr moneys sorted, LPG bits in my mates shed, insurance with recovery that I can afford, even got secore storage but cant find an RL.
    I see what you say about some owners, some think they are worth a fortune, but forget they dont have many practical uses due to the poor MPG

    Thanks but they are all miles away so its a over night job just to look at them.
    I like the recovery trucks but as they are rated at 10 ton you cant drive one on my car licence, unless you take the stuff off the back and re plate it, oh and they have 6 tyres not 4 so cost more.
    Budget is about £1500.
    Price wise they are all over the place, just missed a running one with a box on the back for £1100

    Nice install thanks for sharing .
    One thing we all need to consider is you must have a Monoxide detector and ensure correct ventilation for the stove.
    I assume the flue is cooler at the to so it wont melt the Decktite?

    Yes I did but the MOD sold the last few RLs a good few years ago, they tend to now only have newer stuff which is well beyond my budget.
    I believe they are ok for part worn tyres about £100 each!
    I did have one lined up but the vendor has disappeared so it looks like he is either keeping it or sold it.

    Are you a rich Arab oil sheik ?You might find it coming in handy with an RL !

    I have a not so secret plan
    My mate has donated an LPG tank, another is an LPG fitter so you can guess the rest.
    When you work out the LPG cost it should be like it doing 18-20MPG so I can live with that as it wont travel far

    I am new here.
    I found this excellent site whilst looking for a Bedford RL 4x4 truck.
    I had one lined up but the vendor has done a bunk so still looking, so if you know of any for sale or any parts incase I ever get one let me know
    Its gong to be a festival bus for my son, but its a secret so don't tell him :D