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    Where abouts on the net can you buy head socks?
    Around here all the university students have them, and i was looking for them but found nothing. Now i know there name and still can't find them :P. And how much do they usually cost? :)
    Peace and Love:hippy:

    lol.. koolness, thanks Atomik
    I was thinking laundrette, but that would end up a lil bit expensive wouldnt it?
    Is solar shower meant to be solar power? I didnt know u can get solar power trucks/campers. Thats kool. how much would it cost to set you up on that? and whats the specifications of it? How many miles would u get on a normal day? is there any sites that have all the faqs on solar power for a truck? :)
    Swimming pools ok but rivers and lakes are a bit of a no no id have thought. Still water attracts rats (ie possibility of Weils diease) and even if there is no rats, rivers are usually dirty as muck (where im from anyway).

    Where did everyone learn the basics from, by just getting out there and learning from trial and error?
    Thankd again
    peace and love:hippy:

    Ah but the net can be sooooo handy too
    if u are on a bus alone what else can ya do? and also if u want to check your route or for local information (etc etc) when it may normally not be available, then nothing can beat the old net.
    Just make sure u keep yourself busy and it doesnt take ur whole life over :p.
    Peace and Love:hippy:

    yea, i never had the option of having a baby thankfully...... not a good idea considering that its scientifically proven that the pain of giving birth is enough to stop a mans heart.
    When the time comes ill be holding some1's hand and getting my fingers broken (because they squeezing so hard) though, so its not like i wont be going through any pain either, just alot less then them.:p
    peace and love:hippy:

    When some1 is on the road, in say a vw campervan..... how do they wash their clothes and how do they have showers and stuff?
    Sorry that this post might be a bit out of place but i was totally bamboozeled as to where to put it.
    And what about fuel rates? I mean if you are driving around in a converted truck, thats going to use up ALOT of gas. Anyway to limit fuel consumption? Cuz it would cost a whole hell of alot of money.
    And how do people get money on the road? Just settle down for a month or 2 at a time and do part time work, and then go on the road til they broke again?
    Is there a book on living on the road, or at least a thread that deals with all the basics?
    Thanks for takin the time to read this :)
    Peace and Love:hippy:

    PP thats absolutely beautiful
    the only thing i can ask is: dont u have a floor sheet?
    lol.. and if i can find the land ill do it... the only thing is that land is not easy to come by for any less them about half a million in my area... the builders all buy it up :P
    thanks for the encouragement though, and u keep up the good work :)... might have to come pay i a visit sometime :D
    peace and love:hippy:

    Ah well.... c'est la vie
    those trucks and campers in the hippy van are also a VERY tempting prospect however:clap: .......
    ah it will work itself out :)
    Peace and Love :hippy:

    Yea well one of my problems is that i dont have anywhere to live if i decided to go ahead with it, i mean it takes land. And also i dont have anyone to help me put it up.
    Ah the joys of being a useless bum!:wall: (joke) :p
    Peace and Love :hippy:

    well done with the yurt! It rocks!
    i was thinking of building a yurt and living in it, but it just hasnt happened.
    Well done for making it happen.... YOU RULE! :p
    Peace and Love :hippy: