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    I like the transit van, but the vw to be honest wouldnt be my cup of tea.
    I mean how is someone supposed to live on 2 couches? Maybe something better could be done with it, but as it stands im no longer impressed with vws as a camper.
    That said, they do look gorgeous.
    Peace and Love :)

    I would vote for an environmentalist party if i was voting by choice, but really it doesnt matter in ireland. I would just vote for anyone that is left of centre and not from a main stream "fat cat" party.
    In England i would vote lib dems at the moment, cuz labour are fat cats and i would not vote for right wingers. And a protest vote over there wouldnt stand for very much, it seems.
    Peace and Love :hippy:

    I work in a shop that sells crystals, and today when i was polishing them i saw one called "Citrine". I do not know if u believe in crystal healing (i am not sure if i do myself), i am open to them in a healing sense but not a superstitious or new age sense... anyway the point of this posting was that the qualities attributed to "Citrine", were the "ability to curb self destructive tendancies". Maybe u should try out getting a peice of jewelry made from citrine (or even just buy a peice of it for £1 in the shops and stick it in your pocket).
    Im guessing it could only help, even if the help was psychological.
    Well sorry if this sounds silly, but just trying to help. :P
    Peace and Love :hippy:

    When i was in secondary school i had a born again as a sports instructor. He was a really nice guy, but a bit to head-on at times. Before our rugby games when other teams were getting psyched up by roaring their school's name in a circle etc., he used to get in the middle of our huddle and raise his hands calling out the name of jesus to protect us blah blah blah
    It was a nice sentiment, and looking back i guess it was a kinda nice thing to do, but the reality of the situation was we were preparing for full contact sports and needed a rush of adrenaline, rather than an "Our Father".
    The chap tried to perform my conversion one night by bringing me into his house with 4 other lads to "tell me something...", and then they sat me down and started performing an "exorcism" on me which was kinda unexpected. Anyway when he saw that i wasnt buying what he was selling, one of the guys with him came up to me and aggresively exclaimed something along the lines of "the Lord hath come as a guidance to the people, to SQUISH the vermine like as under a rock", and he made a stamping movement with his foot to show that he was going to squish me under his foot like he would a snail.
    Safe to say that was the last time i ever spoke to them as a group again. I realised that people that go around doing stuff like that to 15 year old boys are not to be trusted :p .I have seen the coach once or twice since, he is a genuinely nice guy, but his friends were just a tad too creepy for my liking.
    Peace and Love

    tell me bro
    are u actually living in the yurt yet? :)
    how does she run? Is life smooth or difficult (relatively speaking)?
    peace and love:hippy:

    lol......RIGHT YOU ARE BRO!!!
    i stand humbley corrected
    my spelling is atrocious... as i have probably shown a few times even in this thread :p
    Peace and Love:hippy:

    well it all depends bro
    renting in dublin is too much. I am back in college this september and maybe to university after that. So for right now (i.e. this coming year), i wont be on the road full time when i get one. Might be on the road a bit more though after that (i.e. from the summer of 2007).
    I do not want to say anything with certainty, cuz life has a way of messing up your plans when u make em. I prefer just to have good ideas, do your best to make em work, and see what happens.
    Peace and Love:hippy:

    This is my baby

    He is a flipping HUGE cat, i dont know why my hands look so big in this picture. It really does not do him justice.
    He is 13, and is the LAZIEST cat in the world. He LITERALLY tries to sleep through being pushed of places that he shouldnt be sleeping, as if to think "if i close my eyes and pretend they dont exist maybe they will go away" :p
    So now you people have seen my pussy, time for you lot to get yours out.
    Peace and Love :hippy:

    will do my best, cuz it sounds really great. By the way, are tents provided or brought along? cuz if i was to come along i would have a 25 kg quota for luggage on the plane and the tent is 11kgs, that doesnt leave alot of room for essentials.
    Then again all i need is a spare pair of underwear, and MAYBE a toothbrush :D
    Peace and Love:hippy:
    ps.. for anyone who didnt get it the underwear and toothbrush part was a joke.

    I really like the tam aswell... the colors are bright and warm
    if it had a peak it would be even cooler, but still is tres cool :)... well done
    Peace and Love :hippy:

    I would be definately interested in going... will have to see how things are working out nearer the time to be honest cuz i need money and that means working extra hours. If i have saved enough for college then i shall be more then happy to go, otherwise i shall have to work out a compromise of sorts.
    Anyway will check back later. :)
    Peace and Love :hippy:

    The design is great but the size is not exactly practical...
    it was my dream to get a vw camper and live in it, but now i have modified the dream somewhat.... that leyland is the knew dream :)
    peace and love:hippy: