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    My rooftop doesnt have a gentle slope, its 100% flat.

    Well the soil varies.... u see i would have to be bringing to to my place so i cant quite tell you which soil i would be getting. I have a small bit of excess soil in the back garden, which is quite sandy, whereas the original soil in my back garden was very loamy/mucky.
    Sandy stuff is brown, while the loamy stuff goes to black soil. Id mix it with industrial and homemade compost to make it better, but i am not sure of what type of soil ultimately that i will have up[ there as their isnt enough excess soil in my garden, and i would have to look around for whose getting rid of soil, as a result.

    Peace :)

    Duckman..... i was thinking that.... but with the amount of rain that ireland gets in winter, wouldn't soil being washed off the garage and onto the car below be a problem? :p I am not sure, i am going to have to do more research on it, but thats a good idea man.

    Velvet.... when growing in pots the food remains organic, i agree, but i mean that u dont get that truely organic feel to the farming when u dealing with pots. I am not knocking it, cuz i may be forced to do that, but if i can get large amount of compost up on top of the garage roof then i think thats a better option, as that can be made into an effient eco system.

    DreadyGeordie, your point is VERY significant, and something i did not think about before. I am 99% sure that the garage is strong enough to withstand a lorry ontop of it, but none the less thanks a million for bringing something so vital to my attention.

    Thanks for all your input so far. It has all been extremely useful. And if anyone else has anything that they can add to what has already been said, then it would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers :thumbup:

    So for monthes i have been looking for a plot or some land, but always without success (unless you consider getting MAJORLY frustrated, a success :p).
    Anyway someone said something on these forums, and it made me realise that i have a flat roof above my garage, which would be PERFECT for a rooftop garden.
    Now i am trying to think up a design for the garden.

    I want to design a no-dig method garden (thanks for informing me of the name of this system Duckman :D), but i dont know if i will be able to grow anything on it. One restriction, is that being a rooftop garden, there will be limited soil to grow vegetables in, and then the major restriction is that i can not allow the roots to burrow into the roof and cause it to crack in places or get damaged.
    For these reasons i am thinking about a potted rooftop garden, but this is not Truely Organic, like i am aiming for.

    Does anyone have any suggestions. This thread is not solely for me, as i am sure that this will be used as a referance by many who would be in a similar situation to myself.
    So if anyone has knowledge or experience of Organic Rooftop Farming (or ANY farming experience), then advice really would be appreciated. :)


    Ok Duckman,
    I looked up the no dig method and didnt realise that was the name on masanobu fukuokas method. lol.. im actually just finishing off One Straw Revolution at the moment and so maybe i should know it is called that... but i dont remember Mr. Fukuoka ever calling i that, so it must be a term that was later coined for his agricultural methods?

    lol... anyway man, im starting a new thread, as i have now found my plot
    so anyone who knows anything about rooftop farming stop by and gimme some input :D

    Peace guys

    Quote from Duckman

    What about roof top gardening on a skillion roof using the no-dig method?

    I dunno what a skillion roof is, but u just gave me a VERY good idea :D :D :D !!!!
    I have a flat roofed garage, and i could do something up there. I am guessing a skillion roof is a flat roof :p.
    I am going to have to research this no dig method though.

    Duckman... ur a fookin life saver!!! :D

    ps.... Ripple, your garden is excellent, something that i could only ever dream of :)

    Ah brilliant site
    like usual nothing for men though :P

    when it comes to close eco-fairtrade designers and producers really must think that we can just go to hell :p

    There used to be the eco warriors living in the "glen of the downs" forest in Co.Wicklow in Ireland. They were living there as a protest against the planned motorway being run through the middle of the wood.


    Quote from Bee Sew Glad

    I have two black rastafarian friends in SA..Known them for years. We went to the Lucky Dube consert in was great! There were loads of other Reggae bands playing...

    This posting is more in line what i was looking to discuss when i started this thread :p.

    Thanks Bee :hippy:

    Velvet... what you said is a very good guideline, i agree..... but i have met a Rasta from the Bahamas who informed me that "Haile Selassi had his own issues". This guy is accepted as a rasta, and is a member of the Bobo sect, but he CLEARLY did not accept Haile Selassi to be the messiah.
    Bobo's also believe that all Africa is their homeland, and not just Ethiopia. So that stereotype about Ethiopia is also a good guideline, but again not wholely accurate.

    But they are good guidelines in general, without being exact or apt for an official definition.

    lol.. and shorty, you are right. Africans also were raiding eachother for centuries. The net result is that humans of all races generally act in a similar way when put in a similar situation. But the actual point i was making is that you can not blame irish people for making africans slaves. You can blame irish for making welsh celts (the inhabitants of Britain before Anglo Saxons arrived) slaves, but not africans, and as a result what that guy was saying was a load of crap. :p Please don't think i was trying to make ther irish out to be saints, because everyone is the same and no nation or race is better then another :p.

    Peace :)

    Well, all i can say then is we must agree to disagree... because i view paganism as a belief system with more then material goals and gains, and as such it is a religon... and rastafari gains the same acceptance from me. And you view because there is not a universal creed or measure stick, and as such both are meaningless and neither can be classed as a religon.

    Its a matter of definition at this stage, rather than explorative conversation.

    yes but that is structured group religon
    and in essence all religon (even rastafari) is structured, though some on a individual bases.
    Similar to neo paganism, or new age.
    Paganism is a conglamorated name, for an often individualised faith.

    Lol... he is saying that religon should not be restricted to definition alone, or a universal definition. If thats the case i agree. Because Rastafari (in this case) is OBVIOUSLY something and carries meaning, and yet remains impossible to define in totality..... just the same as hinduism
    It varies from each perspective.

    lol... thats ok hannah :p

    and dok.... if something meaning something different to each person is really nothing.... then poetry or art are nothing too

    Reality is reality... and everyone lives in it..,.. but some have different understanding of it.

    Quote from Hannah

    yeah but hippy aint a religeon.

    hinduism is... now please give me some form of dogma or even a religous text or even a perception of God that is equally accepted by all. :)

    lol... if you chose to perceive something as useless because u cant put it up against your measuring stick then that is 100% your choice man :p

    lol.. no one joke about atomiks measuring stick now please!!!! :p :p :p

    lol... EXACTLY
    hippy and rasta are the same, in so far as both are indefinable, and vary from person to person

    its not an arguement its a fact :p

    it is a mixture though
    just like hinduism
    a conglamoration

    the fact is that there is no explanation of rastafari or rastafarians, that does justice to all. And to speak in such general terms about perceived mal practices about it, doesnt do it justice.
    Its understandable when done, but inaccurate none the less.

    Peace :)

    And thats why it is often more called a way of life
    But yet it is a religon... and now you are getting into definitions more then anything else.
    I guess all that has to be said by Rasta is, that its whatever you WANT to perceive it to be.
    And that like most things in life, one can't generalise.

    Peace :)

    Yea i guess u do... because it truely is inaccurate

    its an attempt to build a dogma where there is none, and a way for us westerners to put ALL people who adhere to rastafari in a little box, so that we can be comforted that we can then "understand" them :p

    If there is no dogma, then u can not explain one. :p

    Thats actually more cultural then religous.
    I mean the very foundation of rastafari doctrine is "no isms schisms"... which means there is no dogma. You cant judge every rasta by the one stick as a result. The perfect example of this is the notion of "racialism"

    Twelve Tribes of Israel (the group that Bob Marley belonged to, and who was himself the son of a black woman and white man), usually adhere to the physical notion of the color of the skin being of no more significance then the color of the eyes.
    Whilst Many Bobo Shanti's (Sizzla and Capelton, etc.) often say that White people are all the devil, and Blacks are the chosen race of God (even though technically they are not all one race).

    These are just groups. The truth is that all rastas have different points of views, and not all rastas belong to a specific mansion of rastafari.

    I get what you are saying Coyote, and your point is definately valid.... but the only thing is that the measuring stick for this analysis is one that doesnt exist. Its just like when a Black person said to me before "your forefathers enslaved my forefathers" and when i retorted "but my forefathers were peasants in ireland under the subjegation of the british, all he could say is "All y'all white folks de same"... lol im sorry but his measuring stick was not valid to view me as a racial supremicist just because some of the wealthy british and french of the past were. :p

    Peace bro' n sis' :)