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    well i think the property that best sums up my search in london so far would have to be this…00&salerent=1&pid=3101156 and only a mere £200 quid aswell, what a lovely studio!

    @ enigma
    thanks alot for your imput.
    The narrow boat idea seems wicked. I guess it is just a pity that you no longer have any of those people's contact details.
    I have seen a few online before writing this post though, and they all seem to be out in uxbridge or harefield? which on google maps looks hours away from holborn?

    I would prefer being in london, because like you said the costs are a bit high for transportation in and out everyday, but i guess maybe i should look at options a bit further out just as a back.

    Heya everyone
    I am considering going over to london as a last minute acceptance of a postgrad course, and i was just wondering if anyone has any accomodation suggestions they could throw my way. I am really clueless about it, and i havent left myself alot of time to look.
    The university campus is not too far from grey's inns, or university college london, and is just a short track from camden, so i initially thought that would be a cool place to stay. But at the cheapest studio flats going for 800 quid a month, seems a bit expensive for a lone (or should i say LOAN) student. I dont want to be paying off the bank forever, and the course will already be costing me 12 grand for the year if i accept it.

    Also its possible that i could get a bit lonely in some big city that i dont know, living by myself. So a squat or shared house seems a cool idea, even though there would be definate things to look out for. I think as a result id like to at least have my own room, with a lockable door, wherever i end up.

    Those are just the ideas off the top of my head, but if ANYONE has any serious suggestions or advice, it would be really appreciated. Alternative and different ideas would also be welcomed; thats why i posted on this site first :).

    Anyway it would be really great if someone was able to put something out there for consideration.

    Cheers again lads!

    Heya everyone
    Here in ireland, it has been decided that certain breeds of dogs are no longer going to be allowed on government properties. The result is that people living in council houses will now have to rehome or destroy their dogs, and people living in private houses will have nowhere they can bring their dogs which will result in a large, restless and unmanagable buddy.
    This is cruel and unfair, as the dog never had a choice how he/she was born and as such is being punished for simply being.
    I came across this_petition_online, and though most people may not be able to do alot about this, everybody can at least make their voice heard through this petition.
    ALOT of people have already signed, and the more that sign it, the more likely that some attention will be paid to it. So taking your time out to sign it is not just a waste of time, and by doing so you may even change the outcome of a poor doggies life.
    We all want to be happy, so lets make an effort for the happiness of the voiceless ones in our society.


    haha spacer ye plonker
    i know this guy who lives in meath.... thats bogger enough but maybe without the land, so the WORST KIND OF BOGGER!! keeps fecking off out of ireland to india, malaysia and china, so his house MUST be empty! I might just go have a look see :whistle:

    ps... its you!!!!

    aww cool thanks... yea i see now
    but i dunno where i could get i live in a city that is only smaller than bham, manchester and london in england....

    looks like im just going to have to pitch a tent :(

    i was getting latticed and coppiced mixed up
    lol.. i just looked up what coppice wood is, but i do not think i would be able to diffrenciate between coppiced and non-coppiced wood if i saw them both.... what is the difference in looks? both are wood, just one was cut younger than the other?

    i am in the middle of the city so forests are not exactly a dime a dozen around here, to be honest :p.
    also i have no car, so even if i could find some i wouldnt be able to transport it i think :(

    lol.. this great idea of mine is fastly disappearing :p

    It turns out i cant build a dome, my area of land is too small (the height of a dome would only be 3.5 feet, and i probably could only fit into it crawling :p) ... so now im going to just fiddle around and see what i CAN

    Do any of you guys know where i could find (or buy cheaply) flexible latticed wood sheets? I have developed an improvised structure idea that could fit well on my land available but i would need first to find some latticed wood (ideally willow), with which to construct it.....

    ideas anyone? :)

    ok so now it is dome building time
    i had exams for 2 weeks, but now finally today they finished and im free to start building the dome... happiness
    yea thread needs to be changed.... i was told a dome would be better for what i have got, than a yurt.... so its not THAT much of a change but a change in plan none the less

    so how has everyone been? :D

    Quote from vern

    To answer your question Irish Hippy, work wise i sold handicrafts on the road side, people seemed to love buying stuff they can tell their friends the bought from a horsedrawn traveller. Picking work I've done occasionally, if you're travelling with others so someone is at camp all day it's not a problem. Odd jods for locals, mainly gardening. Working at stable yards. On the whole the general public find horsedrawn folk more approachable.Money, all i needed was enough for food, drink & baccy, and £60 pm for shoeing one horse. Hope that gives you some idea.

    Thats pretty cool
    i guess its like learning to swim... u can consider the theory of it all you like, but until you go out and do it u will never know.

    Thanks man :)

    ok so i guess a dome it shall be..... but on that calculator, im not too good at maths :p its_here
    I put in 7 and got 7.360 back... whats that all about? the length of each peice of wood? lol.. i hate maths, thats why i thought against the dome... its the only paper i did a lower paper in as a kid :p ... therefore me and maths are no longer buddies :p.


    lol... ok u have an idea there
    so i dont know how to make a geodesic dome :p
    i always thought they would be complex (more so than a yurt)
    can anyone give a brief description of the process to make em (as opposed to posting a site about it :p )?
    what is needed? i thought it is lots of tubing that has to be put together in a somewhat awkward shape, which seems much more complex then yurt making :)

    damn cities, miles of space but nowhere to live :p
    I could possibly try set up camp on a green near me, they are green spaces in residential estates, but people would call the police and i would be told to leave (im in a snotty area :p)... also i wouldnt know about the safety of my stuff.
    The area i have is actually closer to 18 foot by 8 foot.... but if i am attempting to build a yurt, the extra 9 foot really is of no significance. I could always just put up a long tent, but that would still not be what i have spoken about for so long, and i would feel i am being untrue to my word. It is a concrete space that i have so also i would have to try organise a tent without pegs for putting in the ground.

    So truth, do you (or anyone) have any suggestions that might be of use in this situation? :)


    Stardust :), if i could find anywhere to build an 18 or 21 foot yurt i would DEFINATELY do it. As it stands all i could think of was on the roof of our house. I live in the middle of a city where every inch of land is grabbed up to build apartments, so there ARE NO fields anywhere near me :p. Imagine if you were living in central london and trying to find somewhere to put a yurt. The roof of my own house is not exactly very adventurous, but i am determined to try live in a yurt for the summer, and my choices are EXTREMELY limited. If you have any ideas about where to look i would be glad to hear them though :).
    Yea Chazz, thanks for the advice.... i will try keep it circle as much as is feasable, but i might just be forced to make it oval.

    heya Truth
    i could possibly push it to 8x8 (but i would have to re-measure to be sure).....there is nothing i can do, the space that i have available to me is only 9x7, and to be honest, i am thankful even to have that... but there is no point for me just to quit what i have been talking about for so long just because i find it inconvient... persistence is a virtue that is very important to develope in our characters, so it would be a good exercise for me to try develop it further in me . So i am just going to have to make do with whats at my disposal, and be glad to have to :) .

    So when and how did you build one?
    Which woods did you use? Did you fashion the centre pole yourself, or buy it pre-made? And what did you use to cover it all? :)
    Do you think it would be possible to build an oval shaped yurt? Granted it would be a bit more awkward, but there shouldnt be THAT much of a problem in it.

    Hey everyone....
    i have decided that since summer is coming and it will be less cold (its gonna be the hottest summer on record :happydanc ), and i will have less on my plate.... it is time to have a change of setting.
    I keep saying to myself i want to live in a yurt..... and i just never have tried, so this summer it is time to walk the talk, and start doing what i talk about.
    Anyway i have found a spot, that is concrete floored... the dimensions that i can build on are 9 foot long by 7 foot wide, with the entrance being at one end of the length. I originally wanted to build on grass, but that isnt possible and since heard that concrete is actually better for yurts......
    Do any of you guys have experience in building them? :)

    Peace :hippy:

    I bet that was SUCH a cool lifestyle..... i mean really enjoyable times.
    But it would only be as good as the people u were travelling with. Did you meet them on the road or were they settled before and u asked them to travel with you? or how did it all happen? :)
    There are not many new age travellers these days, are there? I never met any if there are, unless unwittingly speaking to them online here, but that isnt the same as actually meeting them. :insane:
    I would love to go on the road but if i am honest i dont think it will happen. But a man can dream i guess :). What kind of weekly finances and supplies would one need on the road?
    I guess actually i could plan to do it for next summer. Horses are easy to get here at the monthly horse fair, and if one could get a wagon that you could live in for 1,500 in england, then the fundamentals wouldnt be too hard to get. But how did people used to make money on the road? Temping? picking fruit? rides on the wagon (like i saw on your flikr :p)? And basically anything you can find? Or was there a set pattern?

    Peace :)

    I would like to see more than just an animation... u can make an animation vw camper that can fly and converts into a spaceship, but i DEFINATELY wouldnt believe that til i see it.... this also looks too good too be true, and if its true it will no doubt be pricey