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    .I have been guilty of bein too matey with him-not a concious choice,just lack of maturity and parentin skills-and thats part of the problem now coz he's 'matured' and caught me up.

    hi ya
    i wouldnt say its down to lack of parenting skills as no one is the perfect parent innit even if they think they are. it is tricky id say go with ya heart and do what ya think is right, u definatley hav to set some boundries otherwise he'll take the p! when i was young if they gave a inch u took a mile! probably worth havin a look at fsome forums on the web aswell.
    good luck:D :hippy:

    guess I'm in cat no 3 can do a lot of tricks and hav mastered the whip catch! best I find is mr berbache (i think that's how u spell it)theres another one I hav what is good and whenn I find the name ill edit it on here best sticks I find are the metal ones u can do some badass grinds!

    Thanks for your views people, i agree at the end of the day u gotta go with what u think is right in your heart as a parent, i personally didnt have any injections from day 1 but that was my parents choice now i have to make the choice. im going to check some of the links out that peeps have put up on here. I would also like peeps views on vitamin k injections? does a natural baby mean no injections at all? :confused:

    its hard being different in a world thats trying to make everyone the same. If you look different u are (generally) judged as a outcast! i think a lot of peeps are sheep and too worried about consuming stuff they dont even need. i know so many yoot who change their mobile every 2 months just for the latest "must have":rolleyes: - i bitch about it sometimes but like the star fish story ( the guy throwing them in the sea) theres no point being negative about it you just gotta do what ya do innit:D

    I had a 508 d for about 4 years lived in it for 3 only broke down once that was gearbox and clutch! rust was a constant problem espically sills and wheelarches best tip bitumen all the underneath or waxoyl Other than that not a bad van- used to get spares from a scrapper oin dartford and a place in yorkshire (dronsfield?) me thinks good luck on finding a vehicle!:)

    my reason to livin in a vehicle was to travel, we, me and missus were blattin over the uk doin a bit of work here and there and avin a ball done some of france and most of ireland over about 4 yrs had some of the best, maddest memories of my life dont regret it a bit anyone thinkin about it id say go for it defo- just use yr noddle where u park up. met sooooo many peeps when i got my 1st vehicle who goes - i wish id done that at your age:D but u just gotta fokkow ya dreams- live the life u love and love the life u live innit:hippy:

    :congrats: sending good vibes your way!
    dont want to hijack your thread but me and the missus are trying to scout for names aswell have been on web for hours, books the lot have 3 girls names in the frame but only one boys name!:D

    when i was in ireland the year before last they had built sheds/bus shelters outside the pubs and in the beer gardens and they were rammed! if someone said they were goin to ban smokin in a pub in ireland 10 yrs ago i think everyone in there would of laughed at them but goes to show u never know whats round the corner innit!

    do u think iran is goin to get invaded? I heard somewhere its on the cards for april:rolleyes: ffs when is it goin to end:mad:

    Quote from Coyote

    Nope, greed exists outside of money but money does act as an accelerant as it enables hoarding far easier than when a spear costs 3 chickens :)

    i agree, I dont think money causes greed its cause in western society we are programmed to want more by tv,radio,advertising,newspapers everywhere u go. In countries that are buddhist they have money do they not? I consider money similar to a computer,u can design it to design a nuclear bomb or solar panels-its what u do with it innit:)

    me and the missus always go down on our own cause u meet so many sorted people, it aint like goin into a field of strangers cause everyone is on the same wavelength. everytime i've bin to this festi its been wicked.

    the problem is tesco is a corporate monster look at high streets up and down the country they are closing left right and centre. Tesco dictate prices, they give farmers about 7p for a pint of milk that they sell at 40p (i know they gotta make a profit) but come on. :rolleyes: They only open at night (sometimes at a loss) to mop up the profit the corner shops would of made . I see this as another step to tesco global domination. They're opening a store in japan this week. There is a blindin book about all this kind of stuff that i have and when i find it i'll put up the name and title. Intrestingly i was in france last year and someone was saying they have banned any new out of town superstores to keep the high streets alive. sorry bit of topic but i was typing fast!

    what i heard was that tesco are building a new supermarket with the houses ( they get then get a bigger site for less money innit) also i aint got a problem with affordable houses either except only 300 of the 900 are goin to be affordable:mad: one day they will build a bloody town and call it tesco u can buy a tesco house, wear tesco clothes drive a tesco car all they need is a tesco hospital and u could go on a tesco holiday and u wouldn't need to spend money anywhere else:surrender Was in france last year and a hyper market was doing car servicing and parts in the carpark and it had a hairdressers and a optician and a travel agent in the shop so give it 10 years:whistle:

    Heard this one on the radio yesterday, tesco are to build 900 homes on a site in london next to a new supermarket thats being built at the same time. 2-300 of the 900 homes are going to be "affordable". Spose its one way to make sure people go to the shop innit:rolleyes: