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    One of the reasons shops have started to lock away their bins is the bad behaviour of some of the "scavengers". I've spoken to a few warehouse managers in the past, and they said they were fed up with spending half an hour clearing the mess first thing in the morning. If you think about it, these stores are there to make a profit, and if someone takes away their waste/rubbish at no cost to them, then it helps to increase their profit. If they have to spend time and money to build secure areas, and lock bins ( which is inconvenient for them), then there has to be a commercial reason for it. Once again, it is the inconsiderate and irresponsible attitude of a few people who spoil it for the rest of us.

    That maybe the case now i dont know but in the 80's quite a few of the big and not so big retailers would lock skips or spoil stuff as a matter of course just to stop you using it, A little tip the chain of onestop shops owned by tescoes i think, dispose of huge amounts of food in their generally unlocked skips.

    yes it's a success story, not unlike AIDS really. At first, we didn't know how bad it was, how destructive it could be and if there was anything we could do about it. Over the years the fears became reality, the costs absorbed and people worried obout the next big thing. Ozone depletion and same sex marriage. Britains acid rain predicted threats diminished with the introduction of Smokeless zones, introduced to curb the effects of smog in towns and cities. This led to a move to alternative heating, namely gas and electric.
    Closure of many coal mines throughout the country ment fewer communities having access to cheaper coal. A countrywide halt on building new coal fired power stations, in favour of nuclear power stations. Importing electricity under the sea from other countries, allowed foreign nuclear power stations to gain a foot hold in the energy market.
    Imports of poor quality coal from Russia increased. Resulting in further improvements to scrubbers to facilitate British power station using imported coal.
    Yes a reduction in local acid rain, due to the loss of our British coal industry and its associated communities. Increased imports of nuclear generated energy from our European neighbours. Acid rain fall over Britain is down from back then in the 1960/70's. However, we still produce almost the same amount of pollution from fossil fuel energy generation, leading to acid rain in other parts of the world, from our dwindling coal fired power stations that we did at the end of the 1980's Because once up the chimney its blown away to become someone else's problem, we no longer need to hear about it. Instead we focus on Countries like China who continue to pump out pollution from coal burning into the atmosphere, contributing like us to the worlds acid rain.

    Didnt germany buy some coal p stations from us ???

    Sorry this not aimed at anybody in particular but
    ffs ive never heard the sound of so many pairs of balls retreating back to where they came from,
    its like a huge SSSSHUCKsort of noise which grows in volume every time another pair get sshucked in.

    The eu /s fundemental reasons for existing have not changed since it was first discussed,and that is something worth worrying about, its not freedom its not a lifetime free from the horrors of war or hardship,
    The eu is so wonderfull and fluffy and democratic and principled that it wants an army so it can export its values and
    principles globally ...............................

    That about sums it up and all true mate.

    They can stick their chip and registration soomewhere about their body where its warm and dark,,,,,,didnt ask for it/dont need it/dont want it. Never lost a dog or had one that was dangerous or agressive. If people are ok with chipping/registration etc all well and good,
    personally im not a big fan. and partly because im being told i have to.:whack:

    Actually dogs don't like to be touched around the face and head, they will tolerate it because you are their pack leader but they don't enjoy it. When you train a dog you use classical conditioning which involves associating a conditioned stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus to create a new conditioned response. In Pavlov's experiment the unconditioned response was salivation, which happened naturally to the unconditioned stimuli of food; Pavlov wanted to bring in a conditioned stimulus which was the bell.
    Why on earth would you give a dog a pat on its head as part of a training regime? I agree that dogs are much better on the body language front than they are at commands.
    Yes before you ask I do have a dog, who do you think Daisy is?

    sorry dont agree my staff not only likes a bit of scratchy around the head neck ears but insists on it, noodles and sometime gone durban bless her would and will fall asleep when I lightly stroke her between the eyes in little circles with my finger mm yaaawn sorry just thinking about it makes me sle.........

    Awwww poor little bubaz :((((.....i too could not watch it as seeing the words made my heart hurt and my eyes fill with tears ....
    Why...Oh..Why...Are so called humans so cruel and mean and do anything to any of our beautiful animals etc big or small or babies just for the sake of paper money and metal coins ...the most powerful and cruelist of things are done just to earn .. "MONEY" :((

    With you there mate I cant watch this type of video upsetting for sure, it just isnt right ....

    I've no idea how it would actually impact my life but I'm pro EU. Get the power away from bigwig stuck in the muds. To me the EU is a step towards dropping the flag and nationalism, the cause of much strife.

    So to stay and adopt a different flag is any different, I agree that in extremes nationalism has been the cause of some grief but its a big leap of faith to think that under a different flag and another unelected bunch of whatsinnitforme`s we would be better off,
    so im a bit one and a bit the other on the issue,Ive never voted in my life so maybe ill keep it that way.

    Well we have walked up town this morning to the vets.. weighed her and her weight is fine.. I have also booked in for her spey at the end of Jan..

    Kongs are expensive things F'Onion .. if I could find a bloke who was good with his wood (oi oi).. perhaps I can get a simple one made out of plastic bottles :)

    when your out walking keep hold of any old tennis balls you find or buy cheap ones, take a sharp knife and put half/3 quarter inch slit in the tennis ball then push 2/3 of your dogs fav treats through slit into ball should keep dog busy for fair while.It does mine.

    I cant rember what they were called but a few years ago I contacted a greyhound rescue centre [not really a centre] I was living in a caravan but met this woman at a friends house for ease.She knew i was van dwelling but was happy to let me take on a greyhound, cant for the life of me remember what they called, sorry.

    Youve got some talent there for sure,I have been scanning the horizon of late for somebody to make a backdrop, but size / design etc still vague, but like your style.

    An anti-fracking campaigner has been detained under terrorism legislation by Devon and Cornwall police at Exeter airport.

    +++ +++++ was detained for two hours under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 after returning from Amsterdam on 20 December last year. Although his luggage was not searched, he reported his phone was taken away and investigated for an hour. Mr Crane further claimed he was asked questions including “where have you been?” and “what have you been doing?” as well as being asked for his opinion on what radicalises people.

    Yes I had a friend that used to go skipping and she said certain supermarkets would essentially poison the stuff they were throwing out (I think they used obvious/brightly coloured bleach).

    Ive known in the past a while back mind of not so sympathetic shop managers / keepers using good old clear domestic bleech,

    As SAD as it seems - in this world of consumer usage, neglect and regard.
    The life of animals is secondary to the convenience of the individuals
    - Bigger Fine/Punishment/s are needed in order for these acts to be treated more seriously

    I get what you say but sadly our law courts have little to do with justice at best they are simply revenue collectors for the system.