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    basiclly, yes, but over the years councills have managed to twist the wording of the act to cover themselves as well, and like any court fine, you have the right to say no, I want to fight this..........the biggest problem with the practice of imposing "parking fines" in this country is that people lie down and accept it, the proper reaction is, what authority do you have to try and impose this......., and in 99.999% of the time they are chancing there arm and hoping people wont ask

    people need to learn.......ONLY A COURT CAN IMPOSE A FINE, anyone else can invite you to pay, but it is unenforcable, and as for pooping in the undergrowth, please dont, it is disgusting and there are enough loos about to cover the countryside

    the motorhome in question was a vw T3 syncro, actually quite a sought after base vehicle, but how he ever got it mot'd with the amount of corrosion on it amazes me, the body was crumbling away in chunks and there were big holes, I am very familiar with these vans and from a repair/ resto cost hed be looking at around 10-14k just for the repair work.......these vans (doka pickup) are collectable and worth a fair bit, but parts and good quality work on them is expensive.

    as for his abilities as an ad hoc designer............hes a good his next good idea will be his first

    alices wonderland, get to the doctor, I ended up in hospital for 4 days, on oxygen and massive antibiotic dose because of a little chest infection, and followed up with a 2nd dose of antibiotics and steroids, it takes very little in the chest to turn serious and inhibit your ability to oxygenate the blood, this is where the problem lies

    where did you get the 7 miles figure from, and if its registered as an agricultural machine, it is road taxed at a zero rate......too many myths about using "tractors" on the roads...........VOSA rules are clear, HMRC rules are equally clear on the use of rebated fuel( red diesel) so there are NO grey areas, just learn the facts, and keep a copy in your vehicle, it doesnt matter who stops you, or how clever they think they are, they cant argue with the facts when they are presented with them in black and white

    damaged number plate = fail, now how does that affect safety, it doesnt, but it might stop piggie identifying it it so he can extort more cash from you

    vehicles used for agriculture, forestry, and horticulture are legaly allowed to use rebated fuel providing they meet certain things. I use it in my mog most of the time, these days not only is it dyed, there is also a chemical tracer in it, this can be identified by a swab from the tailpipe. it is actually very easy to remove the dye.....basic school chemistry, but you cant take out the tracer. and the myth about agri vehicles only allowed to work in a set distance is just that a myth most tractors have an hour meter, not a distance one, and if you want to learn all the details, just look up HMRC rules for the use of rebated fuels, its all down in black and white

    most travellers dont have any details recorded......they play the ethnic harassment ticket....plod wont touch them, travellers have some of the best lawyers in the country

    get one thing straight, council tax is not a is a contract between yourself and your local authourity for your share of the shared services you use, it hasbeen perpetuated as a con for so long it has become the norm, find a well informed contract lawyer and inform the councill you wish to renew your annual contract on your terms, or you will take THEM to court for fraud watch how there attitude changes, they all know there acting fraudulantly, but no-one will admit it, till you call there bluff

    right, these are the wires for the light stack, usually 2 or 4 floodlight type sodiums, check the bulbs,one of the boxes has a pendant controller in it on a wander lead, this should controll the mast up down, and the two rocker switches beside it should be the lights, somewheree there should be a relay operating a pnuematic valve tied into the vehicle air system for this ( look for white/ translucent air pipe around 6mm dia)

    part 2, the blue socket input goes through the circuit breaker box, it should then feed the antares charger, this will feed the main batteries, and also any aux ones, check the output wiring, the metalclad 240 socket will also be on the circuit breaker circuit, sounds like a lot of wiring and switching has been removed. is there wiring coming from the top of the mast, or any going into it

    right, some more info, your mast will be operated telescopily by compressed air, the powerall generator will have supplied power to the lights on top, it would also run auxillary sockets, usually 110, but sometimes 240, you have found the blue input socket, trace the wires for this, there should be a battery charger on this circuit somewhere(also check for other outlets, used to charge onboard equipment, torches etc) your top box is a std powerall interface box, the bottom one looks like a transformer. pity your so far away, as a good look could have answered a lot of questions. another look at the slideshow of the gearbox looks like the metal braid pipes are cooler lines, its an allison so youve struck gold there, awsome boxes,

    looks like its been an incident suport vehicle, and the "unrestricted", its a two wire linkout, normally linked through the blues&twos, all scanias of that era can be done, and unless its V5'd as a campervan, normall hgv limits still apply. when you go and see it, check over the cab very carefully forsigns of removed kit(lots of little screw holes), any lightbars and antennas removed from the roof(grommets in wierd places) extra fuse blocks and relay mounts in the main fuse panel,(make sure there are NO scothlock connectors fitted), and any signs of extra wiring being cut off, It'll all be dependant on whoever did the de-installaton of brigade equipment how carefully its been done. possibilities of being a great live in, with some nice extras

    an ex fire services vehicle,....... means the wiring will be chopped and fecked about with, there is the posibility of something inside the box, but more likly its been abused by the strip out, the lightmast will have reqd a generator to work it(along with air from the vehicle), good points, it will be a high spec base vehicle, well serviced and always oem parts, it'll never have been abused whilst in service. so might be well worth the risc, it'l make an excellent live in vehicle

    these days fashion has given way to praticality, as i seem tto spend most of the daylight hours outside, usually in the woodland, bib&brace and good boots are the order of the day, and there even perfect for dinning out, saves the need for a

    an awfull lot of folk on here seem to have fogoten that all the time you are working, you pay national innsurance, this is YOUR money paid into a goverment run innsurance scheme(scam) to provide health care and money when you fall unenployed or long term sick, these days the goverment are trying as hard as they can to privatise the nhs, which we pay for, not them, and are trying every way they can to stop paying out benifitts to those who are entitiled, basiclly, theyre robing us blind. till the folk(sheeple) wake up this will continue, you have to shout long and loud to get what you are entitled to, usually threatening legal action against various named individuals in various offices to get them to actually do there jobs

    nomadickRT I thinkyoull find out you dont actually need planning permission for forestry related buildings, and unlike agriculture there is no minimum acreage before its classed as a woodland (9 acre for a farm), you only have to notify the planning department of your intention to erect a building, and contrary to there opinion, theres nothing they can do to stop you

    the forward control was a rushed project to keep LR afloat, it was an answer to a call for a vehicle to pull the 105mm howitzer, its only competitor was the stonfield, but because of political intervention, the inferior product was chosen, move forward a few years, and the same thing with the RB44 saga. as a military vehicle, with intense support and spares backup, no problem, but as civillian camper, crap, too many special one off parts, noisy, cold/hot inside, the alloy body notorious for corrosion, as is the chassis.there are much better 4x4 campers out there, keep looking, the t25 synchro eats these off road


    I sugest you all lookat your next gas or electric bill,its a con.....its actually a credit note to you the reciepient. have a search on you tube about how to do a payment using the bill,its ali true, just got to do your research, and be willing to see it through to the end

    it is an authouritive board once again trying to define something which cannot have a lawfull designation, what is a move? if your boat moves 1" then by law it has moved, someone who has high up lawyer contacts needs to challange the CRT in court, because at the end of the day, they cannot make up the rules to suit hemselves

    swb sprinters arent that common, a good basis for a single person conversion, you can get the bed transverse across the back, plenty of info on the web, the americans like them, price is maybe a bit high, but if it comes with all thats in the photos the resale of the kit would recoup some of that, looks like its fitted wih the pto option as well. al in al not to bad a vehicle

    the scum that call themselves councills cant make any money for there masters of anyone living off grid, they want everyone pigeonholed into little boxes, working from birth to death to keep them, and theres living in luxury.......for too lomg now the few have subjigated the many in this country, and its geting worse, the people need to realise that we are many and they are few, and stand together against them