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    Yes definitely sage and onion stuffing. You don't need to use it as stuffing either. We sometimes just cook it in a small roasting dish and have it as a side dish.

    Blimey we always do this, usually grilled, it ain't posh at all!

    Well that particular relationship that I first posted about was short lived and ended amicably and taught me a lot. It made me realise that after being in a relationship for 10 yrs, things can be very different and you should open your mind to other things.
    So yeah, 41 is not too old ;)

    There's good advice here Paul about not putting pressure on yourself.
    I guess I made my post because I can be an all or nothing sort of person. I couldn't commit to all without being slightly insane about while I chose a different path to you I experienced similar turmoil at the time.

    I hope you can find your way without too much damage, but, finding your way isn't meant to be easy....

    Abby x

    i would appreciate it very much if you could move my avatar over to 'groove' please but i don't need the accounts merged.
    new life, new account. or something like that!

    i became vegetarian for the first time when i was 14 and didn't do it well - my mum kept on putting gravy on things and serving me things saying, 'oh it's just a bit of chicken it won't hurt...', and as a consequence i wasn't eating right and got unwell so i went back to eating meat.

    then i tried again when i was in my twenties and able to take control of my own was fairly easy and i was healthy but the more i thought about it, the deeper i got and i started to question everything. i was moving toward veganism but i had problems knowing where to draw the line....i was disappearing up my own arsehole worrying about what i should and shouldn't be doing.

    in the end i went back to eating meat.

    not saying you should or shouldn't remain vegan paul, just giving you my own experience of the mental battles you seem to be experiencing.

    lol, yeah, i don't just don't think it should be for everyone else's eyes, don't get me wrong, i have got some post coital photos, but they are for me and my fella alone :D

    photographs used to be a lot more special, important, but they are so disposable now. It used to be a thing you could keep, in a box as a memory, a longer so.

    I think taking an after sex selfie, to let everyone in the world know that you're getting laid, is not only massively narcissistic, but a tad sad to be honest. Some things should be kept private, especially what is meant to be an act of love within a couple. Take saucy pics by all means, go for it, but plastering it all over the internet is taking it a step to far. Or am i just being a miserable git? It could just be latter, but i find it really distasteful....

    I think you're right, if it's all about, ' look at me I got laid', then no. But it can be different, memorable, special.

    Yes I would, I have, or rather, we did, but not for publication, just a reminder, like photographs used to be. I still have one from many years ago, in my box of memories. But it's not for anyone else to see, and not to gloat, show off or use as bait, blackmail or revenge.

    i love the addition of the 'groovy' tag, i love even better that you get the option to 'remove your groove'.....


    i will probably be around a lot, adjusting to new life etc.

    i'm happy with a slightly different name, i won't be able to get a photo on though, i only have my phone or my work computer now.

    hello sammy!

    - - - Updated - - -

    dry land is very noisy, but it's quite nice to have some space.
    other than that it's not so different really, more stairs..........

    hiya :)

    i'm back, slightly different username, i used to be groove st........
    after forgetting passwords and changing e-mail address i couldnt log on, so i decided to start again!

    i am no longer a boat dweller having separated from my husband so i now have a little place on dry land.

    anyway, hiya!!!:waves::)