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    Whilst I am not tee total I don't drink k anywhere near as often or as much as I used to and i now appreciate being so er too, it really is much more rewarding than being either drunk or hungover.

    Groove both my son and daughter offered me a book shelf tonight, rare that they get together to chat idly, but both got the same shelves, bought from lkea, I would have had 1 of them but had a sort, sent a load of books to charity, now got loads of room, so dont need another, il ask them about them an let you know x

    oh thankyou darling that would be lovely x

    milk atlernatives, butter alternatives, yoghurt alternatives and even the cream alternatives and are easily available, i can just live without ice cream, but the cheese alternatives are generally shite so that's why sometimes i just eat the cheese and deal with it but i don't do it often.
    philadelphia have just brought out a lactose free version and it is good.

    That's a very interesting watch, ma, thank you for the link.
    I daren't comment as I don't know quite how it would be taken, it's a few years before my time.
    but yeah, interesting, shocking, disappointing, ....... The new age lot (and i was travelling under that monika) really didn't help ourselves much, did we?

    Oh! Well I don't need to worry about my eggs lol.
    I like it occasionally, say one meal a week wouldn't cause too many problems but I couldn't eat it regularly. It has a similar effect on me as dairy does and is, similarly, a cumulative thing, so a little every now and then doesn't kill me but every day, the build up just makes me more and more ill

    I remember very clearly, when I was a child, asking my mum why she waited so long after having my brother before she had me......

    Well I'm still a fan of the old skool sos mix when you can find it, also like bean feast and there is an amazing brand of falafel available called Al Fez, just mix with water, but can be quite hard to find.

    If it was one of my dogs I couldn't have had them treated without payment but with equine you have an account so the horse is treated then you ate billed. Leti had 8 wks of treatment in climbing 5 call outs and due to her being on loan to me and out of contract when the injury happened she was not insured any more, the 3% is standard for the vet, I can't really argue it and have to accept that I will be paying a couple of hundred a month off for a while yet.

    I wish you luck my lovely, I have a 1200 vet bill hanging over me at the moment accruing 3% interest and I can't pay it, but as it's an equine/large animal account they treat and then charge so my horse is better now, it's not the same for small animal practise. (Sp)

    Good luck hun xxx

    I think it's all down to the kind of person you are, my kids have had friends who are part of large families and one thing I noticed was the mother's need to always have a baby in the home, like a sort of addiction to babies.
    as said I do t have a problem with it, but as a parent to only 2 I wonder how the fuck I would cope!
    My mum is the youngest of 6 and my parents were Catholic yet only had us 2 with 12 years in between, so if biology had been different I could have been part of a much bigger family.

    Don't feel so bad darling, shit happens.
    Firstly, I am glad you have your dog. Secondly, vets are money grabbing fucker in my experience.
    Has your dog had the treatment, I guess not, vets font normally do account for small animal stuff.
    Are you working?
    There is a thing called PDSA, it's a charity for animals and has vets nationwide and they deal with people who cannot afford the vet care they need.
    It will all depend on your circumstances but please please, Google it and look into it.
    It won't be free but it will be considerably lower cost.
    And the only mistake you've made is not having insurance, which is something you will no doubt change straight away, it's only a few quid a month.
    Don't panic, you are being a good human to your dog xxx

    At last I have actually met someone else from UKH ... and a very nice time we had too. This is me with nicklincs painting a small town in South Lincolnshire a streetlighty shade of yellow last evening. If we meet again, maybe there are others

    Totally up for this, seeing as i drive by very close to where you may or may not be on a regular basis, let's meet up soon Marshy. I am regularly up and down the A 47, PM me and we will have a cuppa xxx
    I am going to meet Rainbowmama soon too!