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    Hello you lot, tis I, Abby.

    After starting another thread about my own eating habits and having a bit of a discussion, I have decided to start keeping a food diary and wondered if anyone would like to join me.

    I'm going to try to post what I have consumed each day to help me keep a check on myself. I'm not on a diet per se although I could do with losing a few pounds, it's more to monitor my health and wellbeing and how I feel.

    For example today is day one of a sort of mini detox and at almost 3pm I already have a banging headache but no tummy ache......

    So, use this thread as you will, for advice and encouragement and for when you fall off the wagon, as I am quite sure I will be doing a lot of!!!

    Maybe if it's popular it could get a sticky?

    I'll be back layer with today's would be great if some other people joined in too.

    Ab x

    I'm enjoying this thread.

    As stated I have never followed Atkins to the letter but use some of the concepts and find it agrees with me. I don't drink a lot of juice anyway.
    I've started a food diary today to keep track. And I'm going to keep calories in mind without being obsessive.
    I know I can do it, I've done it before and always eaten pretty well so it's time to get back on it.

    If anyone would like to join me we could start a food diary thread and give each other advice and a kick up the arse when required!!

    Ab x

    I've decided to go back to something which has worked for me before for weight loss. Remember when the Atkins diet was all the rage? I read the book and was unimpressed but I took bits of it and ignored others and found it worked for me. So it's a kind of bastardised version.
    I cut out wheat and dairy completely.
    I eat veg, salads, meat, fish, egg, rice, pulses. Drink water, fruit juice and black tea. But I also keep the fat content down as far as poss, unlike Atkins did.

    So my first meal of the day has been one sausage, one scrambled egg and one mushroom, coming in at around 300 Cals. My other meal today will be half a pack of cous cous, half a tin of tuna and veg and salad, coming back in at around 250cals. And tea and water.

    Let's see how the tum is today. It's already better after the lemon and ginger I had last night. I'll keep you up to date.

    I think my point here is I've suddenly got very lazy and apathetic, eating when I don't feel hungry and eating the wrong sorts of foods when I was really quite In the habit of eating well and only eating when I was hungry. Maybe a little contentment has led to this?

    I know some folks comfort eat when they are down, I do the opposite, and now it's coming into autumn etc I'm just chucking it all in . At one point I drank black rooibos tea, now I'm drinking fucking latte and iced coffee and loads of diet coke ffs. Not good.
    my alcohol intake has also been a lot less lately.

    i am not coeliac but i know i function better without wheat, and i have a cumulative intolerance to dairy. and i have been caning cheese and bread/biccies, so that stops here.

    i perhaps should, or perhaps should not add, that whatever it is i've been overdoing is giving me awful trapped wind. it hurts a bit
    I know I can get back to my healthier way of eating, but I'm looking for a kick starter.
    I know how to eat, I just seem to have fell off the healthy wagon temporarily lol.
    I'm not really asking about a full on detox diet, I can find those on line, just a kick up the arse for my digestive system. And I don't mean a colonic!

    sorry for this thread, it's a bit, erm, icky to talk about your tum!

    Ab x


    i usually eat reasonably healthily and don't usually over eat, however the last few weeks i have been over eating and over eating crap.
    i've been heavy on the carbs, sugar, choccies desserts etc, biscuits both sweet and savoury, dairy, carbonated drinks......basically all the things i know should be avoided completely or taken in moderation i have over done. i am now feeling the effects on my digestive system, i feel like i have piled on the pounds quickly and i am bloated and uncomfortable.
    so today i decided to make the change back. i've had black tea, a bowl of cereal, a vegetable and corned beef hash/soup (leftover from last night so couldn't go to waste) and some raw veg as a snack.
    i've also had 2 cups of apple, lemon, ginger and turmeric tea to try and appease my tum. (it's helping, BTW)

    i plan tomorrow to cut out all wheat, dairy, sugar, and 'bad' carbs and eat only fruit and veg and salad and fish and plain meat and pulses/beans (not in sauces or anything) for a while till i get back on track, but i'm interested in anyone's suggestions for a quick shake up when you've been a lazy bugger for a few weeks?

    thanks in advance,

    Ab xx

    Today was brilliant. I brought my daughter down to meet RM and Bessie, showed her where and how we live. She loved it, loved our freedom, loved the energy of Bessie, and got on great with RM. The first thing my bi-sexual daughter said when she saw RM was "she's cute". They were plotting against me after 5 minutes. Then she gave us a most amazing present, an original oil she had done of the green man, it'll look amazing in the van :hippy:

    fantastic, UJ xxx

    we have arranged a birthday party for my mum's 77th on sunday. it's a bit weird cos mum would rather cook for us all than go out, so, that's what makes her happy, that's what we are doing.
    we've got her stuff from hotel chocolat, a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of single malt, a clarins gift set, an M&S voucher and a cake. all shall be wrapped in brown paper and string.
    it will be the first time we have all been together - mum, me, my two girls and their respective boyfriends. i am very excited to see her reaction to the sparklers for the cake!

    she's not been too well recently - she's better now - and it will be great to see a real smile on her face and will make for some great photos and memories.

    Think so I don't know your whereabouts these days. I'm still in same place. How did your girl get on at uni? Bet she's just done

    she is done yeah, got a 2:1 in law with criminology and straight into a job as a paralegal at Irwin Mitchell in Sheff. we are all a bit proud!!!

    day out with my mum, went in Costa, trying to be sensible and avoid the dairy (it doesn't always agree with me) i ordered a soya latte (guilty pleasure) and along side it............a fucking emmentaal and mushroom toastie.
    duh, fucking numpty.

    Thanks shroom. I might talk to Violet about tattooing them. She has other tatts so it won't be too scary for her.......needles on my face would scare the bejeezus outta me but she's a brave lil thing. It might appeal to her.. never gave it any thought till I read your post. Xxx

    I recently gave one of my girls money to get her eyebrows tattoed , she had alopicia aged 14 and they never grew back.., originally i was like 'seriously you are saving up and working overtime to get your eyebrows tatooed , is that wise?' , when she explained that she looked like a freak without drawing them on and that it took 15 minutes or so to draw them on every morning (usually with a shakey hand and hungover as she manages a bar) and then that a slight rubbbing of sweat off her brow if in the kitchen ruined the drawing I got the drift and gave her the dosh , I think they look great and it has given her a lot more confidence (as well as she has the guidelines there now and can still go darker with a pencil for a night out if she likes, the colouring in is easy)

    Violet lost her eyebrows and eyelashes about age 12 or so.... first I thought she was shaving them and offered to take her to have themy waxed or threaded if they were bothering her, as me and G do...then it became apparent what was going on. They just all fell off of her........never have come back in 7 yrs. Having no eyelashes really changes the way a person looks too, and she can't really wear make up but thankfully for her she's not the make up wearing type. But she does draw on her eyebrows every day.
    It's great someone knows what I'm talking about.... cos the whole eyebrow thing has got a bit silly!

    Good to hear it..makes it easier for us mamas when the bubas are smiling😊xx

    It really the other one has her stress head on about tickets for her graduation.......getting my mum, me, her dad and her dad's girlfriend all in the same space for a few hours!!!
    I literally haven't even seen her dad since Xmas 2014 and I haven't seen his girlfriend (they've been together about 2 yrs I think) since she was my neighbour, my friend and part of the bike club...... .about 2001!!! And the last time I saw her I did actually smack her in the mouth. My mum hates my ex. It could all prove interesting but we all want to be there for G and she wants us all to be there. Add in G's bf (their dad was quite rude the first time they met) and Violet's bf (who her dad disapproves of as she is 19 and he is 32) and it's a recipe for a family disaster lol. This needs a whole new thread!!!