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    is anybody there......?

    i've just opened this Pop up Pub for the duration of the lockdown.

    i am quite surprised at how quiet it is on here right now given that if you're anything like me, you're bored and a bit lonely and could use the interaction with people i trust and who make me laugh.

    so i'll just open a tab for today, fill yer boots, we have cleverly concocted cocktails and some artisan ales and ciders and over 4 gins!!! (tonic is limited however but there is plenty of lemonade). some of the drinks may be vegan, you'd have to google it when you can get to somewhere with wi-fi)

    there is a wide selection of crisps ( ready salted or cheese and onion), nuts (dry roasted) and pork scratchings (still in date, just, not vegan) and 2, yes 2 pickled eggs (not vegan) left in the jar.

    for a limited time only you can pre-order meals to enjoy at the bar, choose from:

    cheese and onion

    corned beef and onion

    ham (with or without onion)

    egg (with or without onion)

    onion (vegan option)

    each served on a white cob with a sketchy covering of marg from Bookers, a side of crisps (choose from all of the available flavours) and a sachet of salad cream (disclaimer - not Heinz, not vegan)

    this is also available as a take away via telephone order, please allow 24 hours notice, collection only, your meal will be wrapped in cling film for freshness.

    i've put the juke box on free play, we have cards (dealer available for Texas Hold'em and Blackjack, please enquire directly with the dealer for special under the counter offers daily) and crib boards, dominoes, darts are available behind the bar if you have a certificate of fitness and i've unlocked the pool table.

    24 hour open mic/jam sessions led by our very own resident muso DJ Marshy Marsh.

    would customers please refrain from stealing the toilet paper.

    no lockdown rules apply here, hell no rules apply here except be nice. anyone being not nice will be evicted and barred for life by our resident doorman, The Rogue.

    don't mind Boris in the corner, he's ok so long as you don't poke him.

    unlimited parking and toilets and showers, fires encouraged, no opening hours, dogs welcome.

    so come on down for the biggest lockdown party ever!

    (Ts and Cs apply, wi-fi not available, ID may or may not be required depending on who is serving you).

    Management has the right of refusal and also to skip tracks on the jukebox which are deemed rubbish by a majority vote.


    i'm haveing a meh day today.

    a bleurgh day.

    a CBA day.

    it's raining.

    it's wednesday.

    i've run out of fags.

    i get paid *tomorrow*.

    i used to hate going food shopping. now it the highlight of the week which i look forward to like a kid going to disneyland. i write and rewrite my list. i google the ingredients for recipes i'll never make. i plan what i'm going to wear in case i see anyone i know (my colleagues, my ex) because no way am i gonna be that person that goes to the supermarket in my onesie and my uggs - for the record i have neither of these things.

    i never did care much for wednesdays.

    drunk in charge of a tractor has been going on since they invented them. :D Guilty as charged many a time. :thumbup:

    also fun is watching 8 blokes trying to right a tractor and trailer which has jacknifed horizontally in the clamp in the dark about 10pm because the tail lift failed to raise while it was tipping


    i love reading this thread!

    mine are all grown up now but i'll have a grandbaby to coo over in september.

    i've always had a really close relationship wigh George, she's 24 now.

    since she has been working from home she's taken to sending me really silly snapchat pics which make me PMSL.

    Daze, she's 22, also working from home, is sending me snapchats of her bump and her weird dinners and all the new things she has for the baby as it's delivered in from Amazon!

    i imagine a lot of this is through agencies on zero hour contracts therefore no one has to commit to anything.

    also a lot of this is piece work and it is VERY hard to a) keep ,up to speed and b) earn any money. it's back breaking work and long hours.

    employers will not take on people who have no proven experience in picking piece work. they also prefer people who work in gangs and have own transport to the remote areas of work.

    i'm speaking as someone who last year and the previous year was working in recruitment and i have some working knowledge of the agricultural and GLA industries.

    i spoke to my buddy at the agency this morning, she has no agriculture or horticulture until June and when she does she already has loads of bods registered, sitting at home waiting for work. pickers, packers, drivers, the lot.

    govt are misleading people.

    i said the rye was late didn't i?

    interesting question, steve.

    3 films which totally relate for me are fear and loathing in las vegas, the Doors movie and train spotting.

    the first two i love and have watched multiple times but i've only seen train spotting once and i never ever want to see it again. bad scary shit..

    sorry not much help in actually answering the question!

    i dislike the taste and texture of quorn, it upsets my tum and a lot of it is not vegan.

    for chilli i just use ythe exact same stuff as you would for a quorn chilli but i use mixed beans instead of any meat replacement. it's really nice and much less bloaty and farty :D

    morrissoons ch*cken style pieces mare much better IMO. i always have that in the freezer for stir fry or thai curry, and some sausages for when i fancy a 'roast' dinner with gravy etc and i've currently got some good old fashioned sos mix. i am rather partial to tofurkey and tofu.

    if i want a burger i like viv era but that's hardly ever TBH.

    i seem to be moving toward pure plant rather than plant based but i'm not there yet!

    hello again......still vegan!

    i agree with paul i was obsessed at first but once i learned what i liked and didn't like and a lot of accidentally vegan things it's now second nature.

    i've learned i like oat milk, naturli spread, violife ch**se and anything but quorn - i find i'm not using much in the way of meat substitutes. there atre some fab dairy free desserts and ice creams available too, and in general i am eating veg and pulses a lot and cooking from scratch a lot more.

    still taking the vitamins.

    so i'm sitting here troughing rhubarb crumble and custard after a yummy tomato and herb pasta.

    i really don't know what to say about Trump.

    i don't think for one second he was being sarky, he really is that dim.

    but if he was then, yeah, an exemplory way for the president of the US to behave in a global crisis.

    i'm honestly waiting for the first reported death/hospitalisation of someone trying to inject/ingest disinfectant or bleach, because a lot of 'murcans are also that dim.

    funny you say about plants, i bought a miniature lily a few weeks ago and it has mysteriously disappeared from the kitchen windowsill.

    today i am trying to crochet and driving myself mad lol

    until recently we all got on well, lending and borrowing etc like housemates do but he just seems to have lost it. i know, a lot of people are right now.

    we share a kitchen but that's all as i have my own en-suite and we've all got a kettle/fridge/toaster in our rooms so realiistically i can go a day without seeing him.

    i am a little worried about him, he's doing a lot of shouting on the pjone lately.

    but i'm not confrontational, i will walk away first.

    and i haven't got his effin pillowcases :eek::shock:[panic]


    with regard to my housemate it's quite out of character but this is my home, it's my safe place and i don't want the ill feeling between us. my other housemates assure me i don't smell. :(

    it's actually very insulting as i am a clean person, my room is cleaned and tidied and i always bath and wear deodorant etc and burn incense daily so i don't know WTF he's on about.

    i can't wait to get back out to the power station but not until July. you can't get much more isolated than that and i'll be glad to get back to my little caravan in the middle of nowhere.

    rye harvest is looking late and might almost run into maize so i could potentially be out there until november. god knows i need the money! there is a baby on the way which i have to spoil rotten!!!

    just have to wait it out patiently.

    well it all kicked off here, there are 4 of us live here, 3 of us all rubbing along nicely for over a year with one new person moved in about a month ago.

    the guy kicked off big time at me because apparently i smell :shock:

    he then proceeded to pick up the wok from the hob and chuck my stir fry all over the kitchen calling me all sorts.

    i have to wonder how much of this was because a) he has been working all hours (he works in the food production industry) and b) the fact that he gave up alcohol, weed, coke and fags all at the same time.

    he even had the cheek to call me lazy as i have no work due to this thing, and those of you who have known me any length of time know i always work.

    i despair.

    i put in a universal credit claim on 23 march as i haven't been self employed long enough to get the 80%.

    march 30 i got £615.00 (i had an attachment of earnnings, it should have been £717).

    this month i've got an email to say i will receive £859.00, no attachment of earnings and payments have increased as it is April. that also has to pay my rent of £540.00.

    i would urge people to claim...........

    i'm reading off a different page from the book here but right now my daughter did a thing that a good person would do.

    if you've read about being self empoyed and furloughed and having to go on universal credit from me, then it will make sense.

    my daughter G is 24, tonight she transferred some money to my bank account because she knows i have to wait until next Thursday for a payment. (i should add that she and her partner are both still working full time from home so they still have an income).

    i have food in the freezer and the cupboard but i'm out of silly things like milk, bread, loo roll, fresh produce and shampoo...............

    she said, here, mum, get some essentials and go online shopping at Lush, get your shampoo and some bath bombs and pamper yourself for once.

    i didn't ask her for any help, she just did it.

    i am so proud of her .

    thank you, Georgie xxx

    *parenting win*