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    yeah due september. wish i could see her, she is suffering bad from sicckness. spent thursday night in hospital being rehydrated.

    she has the doggo to keep her company while her partner is still at work. she is on paid leave.

    i scored a pack of 18 loo rolls for 2.99, shared with my mate. i already had a load of store cupboard stuff and i blanched fresh veg and put it in the freezer. got sent home from work on Monday. technically i'm self employed but i'm not registered with HMRC so am relying on universal credit.

    so no money until Tuesday, no fags and i can't make my vape work. grrr

    my little little girl, Daisy, is expecting her first baby!!!!

    she is 22, in a long term relationship, good jobs, cars, home, dog.........i am so thrilled for thrm both!!!!

    thanks Fly, things are pretty good right now, i start a new job on Monday, my kids are doing well, my mum who was quite ill last year is on the mend and me and the fella have sorted ourselves out and got back together.

    back on the vegan thing, i was really surprised at how much negativity is out there from other vegans! my family and close friends are really supportive but i had to leave a couple of FB pages i'd joined because some of the other members were just plain nasty!

    it's all going rather well!

    i'm right into the nutritional yeast, yummmmy!

    i haven't succumbed to any of the new vegan fast food/junk food options which have sprung up and i'm cooking more than i previously had been. i feel good! and there really isn't anything which has been a struggle so far. i will say thank goodness for Alpro iced coffee though!!

    thanks Maggi, that has eased my stressy mind! the nuts/seeds etc are not a problem as for years now i've done my own mix and always have a pot on my desk at work to munch on, i use cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds and pine kernels, i dry fry them and sometimes i'll add pepper and soy sauce. or sometimes i'll break a small amount of dark chocolate into tiny pieces and add that. i think they are a yummy snack!

    thanks for the advice xx

    back again.

    with more dumb questions.

    will i get enough B12 from a mulivitamin?

    which seedy stuffs should i buy? ive seen references to flax, hemp, linseed and chia. do i need them all? and how much per day?

    oh dear i;m stressing now!


    yes i was aware of the quorn thing.

    it's interesting to hear Maggi say about the chia/flax etc, as all the researching i've done suggests i should be using them.. it is great that i can get lots of this stuff in Lidl which is right near my house too. they also do a few milk alternatives.

    i'm really up for this now and i'm so glad to have you lot to support and advise me through the transition, thank you all x

    thank you all.

    paul is it the coconut oil cheese you mean?

    i am going into this with my eyes open determined to make it a healthy vegan diet as that is half the reason i'm doing it in the first place. i'm lucky in that i do like most food types and i do like to cook. i usually have a pot of mixed nuts and seeds and dried fruits on my desk at work anyway so that's not a problem but the chia/linseed/yeast will be new to me so i will have to see how i like it.

    i don't eat a lot of processed foods now so there is no reason why i should suddenly start but i imagine i will use something like quorn to make the stodgy comfort foods i am used to such as pasta bolognese or shepherds pie etc. i love tofu so that's good!

    thanks paul, i;ll definitely try the cheese, i only really use cheese in cooking though.

    with omni foods i am a pretty ok cook and rarely follow recipes but i want to make sure i'm getting the right nutrition so to begin with i'll go by the book until i get into the swing of things.

    i decided to do it when i heard about Veganuary but it's something i have thought about before, now this is the perfect kick up the arse to take it on. i'm looking forward to it.

    re: wellies

    i gave up on them many moons ago, they are freezing cold, offer no support and are really uncomfortable (also hunters even split when you actually ride in them).

    i moved to leather or rubber and neoprene yard boots and never looked back, a good pair will last several winters as opposed to 2 or 3 pair of wellies a year.

    on another note i met a girl while i was working at Drownload this year who puts thick sanitary towels in the bottom of her works for her :shrug:

    hi evryone, long time!

    i am converting to a vegan diet in the new year.

    i've been doing a lot of reading but i still have a couple of questions which i need advice on.

    i'm ok with vegan dairy alternatives except for cheese......i have looked at what is available but i would reallyy welcome some opinions on which are good and which are shit, and which are best for cooking sauces etc and for eating raw.

    secondly, i have info on what extras i will need such as chia, linseed, yeast etc, but my question is, how do you all consume these, and how much per day? i mean do you weigh it or just chuck on a spoonfull?

    i have been looking up meal plans etc and essentials to buy and preparing myself but now i really need some personal opinions and preferences from you guys who have tried it all as i don't have money to burn going through all of the many products now readily available.

    i will definitely be popping in here often for help and support.

    thanks in advance,

    Abby xx

    What are you doing now?

    i'm looking after a weighbridge for the harvest, so they start at about 8am and can go on till 10 or 11pm every day until it's all in. so i get to sit in my little shed with my radio and the pc all day, or more accurately sitting out in the sun a lot today. i've only got 5 tractors out today so mostly i am just sitting here chilling out till one comes back to the yard to weigh and be tipped. easy peasy job, no one to talk to and nowhere to go so i'm waiting for my boss to come over later and bring me some fags!!!

    another week here then moving to another site.

    they bought me a smart caravan to stay in! it should take me into November.

    it suits me just fine after a hectic summer.


    i have been moving about a lot doing various jobs, logistics, then recruitment, rented a house in Derby for a bit, moved in with a guy back in Norfolk but it didn't work out. been doing festival circuit working the bars for the last 5 summers just renting a nice room in West Norfolk. currently living in a caravan on my own on a farm operating the weighbridge for the duration of the harvest which should take me into November then back to my room and find some more work. or maybe keep the caravan, don't know yet. been very much single for a year.

    my kids are doing well even though me and my youngest had a big falling out about 6 months ago, trying hard to mend that one :( other than that i am pretty content at the mo!

    hiya, well it's been a while so i guess things have changed for most of us. so what are you up to now? where and how are you living? did you get married or have kids or convert something? or get a new tattoo!

    See now I'll be honest, I CBA to read this whole thread.
    And this is the crux of it. I love UKH but I dont say much any more because it's either dull or clicky. I have the friends I want on FB and have made many real friends from here who I see in Real Life.. I check in and I read posts but I rarely reply any more.
    Something has changed, and it may well be me, but it ain't the same as it used to be.
    I was sad to see TL go and would be sad to see UKH go, but, for Paul, what does he get out of it, is it worth it? It's still a great resource for info on live ins, but other than that it's become a chat room.

    Well done nutter! In my experience, drunk sleep is not proper sleep, and after a while off it, it will come. But I'm not one to talk, I'm a terrible insomniac. But, what I find helps me is, don't go to bed hungry. And I've been told about the bananas too. And I use ear plugs because I can tune in to the tiniest noise, like a dog Barking and that will keep me awake. Also make sure you are warm enough. Cold can keep me awake.
    But high five mate, ten days is awesome xxx

    I'm also familiar with this on parts of the Nene when I was living aboard, I've no idea if or how it was policed but it was,for the majority, homeless eastern Europeans in tents and benders just trying to find a better place to sleep than a shop doorway. Why not.
    Never knew any bother from them other than their methods of fishing.