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    Bugger the carpet. Too much hard work to clean, and hassle as well with having to avoid wet/muddy shoes on it as far as possible.

    In my van I have that limo/vinyl flooring stuff. Sheet is best IMO as avoids gaps in floor (between tiles) and getting damp underneath. You can get off-cuts or end of roll pieces cheap from flooring places and it's dead easy to fit yourself.

    Lovely van mate. Best of luck with it and looking forward to more pictures!

    EDIT: Should also say that if in the colder months you did want carpet, put a rug down!

    nicely made , but I am sure if you looked around you would find some ready made ones going by the name of 'olives' , internal diameter on em is same es the external ones of the pipe you used , so slightly bigger and fill fit on ya fingers :)

    Good idea! I made these deliberately to fit the top part of my finger though. I've been wearing tiny rings there for ages (way before H&M got the idea! ;) )

    Aw, I haven't heard from you for ages! Good to see Monty is doing his job, and it looks like you're looking after him beautifully too!

    Of course! Treated him to some new fire rope and a jolly good clean out the other day. He loved it.

    In my view, our Unkle Ju Ju is worth ALL THE FUSS! I absolutely love my burner. He's just perfect. Perfect size, perfect heat, perfect look and he hasn't even properly burnt me yet. What a good boy.

    I wombled (read: enthusiastically pounced on) a small piece of 15mm copper pipe that my brother was using to fix something or other in his new bricks and mortar. Then I temporarily wombled a pipe cutter and some steel wool, and an hour later I had two small rings for my little fingers.

    And before anyone says anything, the kettle in the background is gross but is used only for renovation purposes, not tea-making purposes (God forbid!).

    Let's just hope it was a one off. If that's the only trouble you've had in all the time you've parked there then I wouldn't worry about it :)

    Been away for a couple weeks my friends but I am back and ready to womble! I wombled some clothes the other day, which I was excited about. My friend said she was in need of a trip to a charity shop so I volunteered myself as a recipient. Acquired two awesome hoodies (one of which is a 15-20 year old Guns n Roses hoody, so I'm IN LOVE WITH IT), two even-more-awesome t-shirts, and a shirt that may or may not be awesome, haven't decided yet. Either way, that's refreshed my minimalist wardrobe and it means I can get rid of some other stuff! :D Could have wombled some fancy headphones whilst I was away on holiday but I reckon they were lost rather than abandoned, so didn't take them in case someone was coming back for them.

    What's that thing about caring for certain types of animal and being able to live on your land to do that? I seem to recall reassuring myself that one day I would be able to buy a bit of woodland and live on it as long as I took an alpaca with me...... but who knows where I got that information and how much I had to drink before I came to that conclusion... :eek:

    Took the van back to Lincs to get it repaired by my trusty mechanic, and whilst I was there I visited family to do the usual huge van clean up with the access to mains leccy. Decided when I was cleaning up that I still had too many clothes, despite the fact that I had pared them down to two shallow baskets. I now have half as many, and I'm just as happy! :D

    Here's a thought....... do we really need underwear? Now, gents, I've heard things about man-bit-health and how underwear affects that, so you may have a reason to keep underwear more than the ladies. But ladies, what do you think? Can we go even more minimal and get rid of that? I know someone who barely ever wears underwear, and she's pretty happy. Knowing how crazy I am about my minimalism at the moment, I can see that being the next thing to go!

    Does freecycle count as wombling? If so, I freecycle-wombled a wicker table, two brand new folding garden chairs, and a nearly brand new desk. I donated the chairs and the table to the people who live in the buildings that I'm currently parked up at (lovely little old lady said it would be nice if they had some communal furniture so everyone could go sit outside together) and the desk I gave to my better half. Wasn't happy with how the desk was assembled (it was flat pack originally, and every damn thing had been put on back to front or otherwise incorrectly) so I set about disassembling and correctly reassembling the whole thing in the car park, hahaha. Got it all sorted! Love freecycle!

    Got new sensor fitted for £19 and for the 70 mile journey I did straight away after fitting, the temp gauge worked 95% of the time. Every now and again it dropped to below zero and then few minutes later it went straight back up to just below the middle. Not sure why! Presumably not needle problem as it works then drops, rather than sticking. Any ideas?

    The other night I had a dream (nightmare?) that my van got broken into and that everything was stolen. I woke up DEVASTATED and then realised it was a dream and was so relieved. I think about this a lot. My only valuables are passport, wallet, MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Whenever I am out of the van for more than half an hour, I keep them with me in a rucksack. Used to bother me carrying stuff everywhere but now I don't really think about it. I've downsized so much that I don't own much sentimental stuff. Plenty of YouTube videos on how to downsize sentimental things though. Some are quite clever. Have a look for them! The 'Exploring Alternatives' channel has a video on that; a quick search will reveal others.

    I have a womble tale! The better-half's mother went skip diving today and pulled out four pine shelves from a well known DIY chain. Still in their packaging and complete with all fittings. She's going back for more goodies tomorrow! Legend.

    Turns out the sensor will now be arriving tomorrow so hopefully I'll get that banged in and it sorts the problem. Wondered if it was a lazy gauge but not sure how to spot that over any other problems. If the sensor is the culprit, would the needle movement be sporadic or would it just not move altogether?

    Trial and error I suppose!

    Hello! Simple question - what could be causing my engine temperature gauge to fail? I've only seen it work a couple of times, and when it did it was after having been on the road for an hour or more and the needle on the gauge went up to the middle for a few seconds then back down again. The rest of the time I've been driving it over the past few months I haven't noticed it move at all. Today I'm having the sensor replaced as I reckon that's the easiest and cheapest thing to fix first, but what else might it be if that doesn't solve the problem? Sender unit?

    Tonight is a treat! I'm making veggie burgers with fresh grand mange bread cut up into a square for the bun. I'm going to top the burger with homemade arrabbiata sauce and onion rings, and then make sweet potato fries and macho peas (garden peas mashed a little bit with chilli and herbs) for the sides. :)

    A couple of days ago I made a salad with spinach, rocket, water cress, raw red onions, spring onions and red peppers, and on top of that I stacked up some seasoned and roasted sweet potato cubes (skin on), which were then covered with chickpeas that had been simmering in chopped tomatoes (with the juice) and red chilli flakes. I realised it was vegan half way through the meal and got even more excited! :D

    So do we subconsciously create two (or maybe even more) identities to use depending on the situation? Or is it a deliberate way to fit in with society?

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    I reckon most people have different identities, but the collective identities is what makes them who they are. People can say, "I'm a this" or "I'm a that", but when it comes down to it they are a lot of things and that's what makes them unique as a person. I never really realised this until recently. It's funny. When people ask 'what I do', I never really know how to answer. I've got the thing I am by training/vocation, and two other jobs that are in a similar line of work but not the same, and then there's the things that I actually spend my time doing! The whole mix of them together is 'what I do', but try explaining that to someone! Haha guess I'll have to pick a main job and make life easier for myself ;)

    I'm about to make a Quorn chicken and sausage jambalaya! I used to work in Louisiana and I never got a chance to have it cos of being vegetarian, and today it occurred to me that I could just make my own! Rather than using chorizo, I'm just going to use Quorn sausage and add some extra spices! Into the pot is going Quorn chicken pieces, Quorn sausages, red chilli, red pepper, green pepper, tomatoes, onion, garlic, peas, and long grain rice :)

    I think this is a really great thread, and I've been thinking a lot about this 'finding your thing' thing recently. I sometimes feel a huge disconnect between the person I am on the outside i.e. to everyone else (what they see me as, not how I deliberately portray myself) and the person I am on the inside i.e. what I see myself as being. Sometimes I wonder if the two sides of me that I see are compatible. They must be compatible, because that's the life I'm living, but then again they don't fit together on paper. Sometimes it's job related, sometimes it's just the way I am in every other aspect. No-one would know I live the way I do when I walk past them in the street. But should that matter? Who am I living for anyway - myself, or someone else? Recently I've realised that the only person I should care about living for is myself and so it's that inside person that I'm concentrating on more and more. Anyway, I could ramble about this all night because I've been thinking about it loads, but great post and it's awesome to read about all the things that are getting the UKH community out of bed in the morning!!