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    Took down a dead beech in a churchyard recently,rekon over two days we had more than forty people asking for the wood some got very rude when told it was spoken for! Any wood you leave overbite on site these days seems to disapear,bloody timber fairies lol!

    Watford! I use to live there on a shitty estate of tolpits lane and later on on the canal that was lovely,the rents are mega but there is still no shortage of people willing to pay them,friend still lives on same estate and is moving to look after his dad put his flat for rent on Gumtree and had over 40 enquiries in first six hours!

    Life on the road has become as hard as it can get if your surviving on your earnings.
    Im surrounded by dids, pikies and gypsies. They have all found it harder to earn a good crust over the last 5 years. The boom years are long gone. Contractor reference websites and council approved contractor lists seem to be a way to keep the work coming in, But that requires sticking around certain areas and proving yourself and your work quality. Local odd job men have now gone legitimate, setting themselves up in business and advertise through village websites, local press, village news letters, cards in shop windows etc. They mop up much of the work relied on by itinerants.

    Very true all trades super competitive now getting the work has become a job in itself!

    Hi as long as you have got a bank account just knock on those doors ,invoice them and get them to pay you bacs,and if you show them loads of pics of work you have done you should pick up few jobs public liability is not a legal requirement but is advisable and lots of firms do pay monthly policies! Good luck with your calling mark

    So I've been given a variety of larger and cider and I'm in need of getting a bit pissed. I am of course mixing up snakebite but whichever way round I seem to mix it I seem to get a really big head!
    Can anyone pease tel me how to get rid of a big hed pleas

    and do you find the glasses look filthy in the morning lol

    Yes, but are you going to get people to put money on the table when their right of tenure is at the whim of the majority of their neighbours?

    isn't this always the way with trying to gain planning permission,thing is if you buy land not only are the locals going to be watching you like hawks so is everybody else who may have been interested in buying said land, I would be looking in Europe just too hard in the uk

    i was in iceland the other day buying my fav lasange £1.. well the last time i bought some when i got them home the microwavable containers they come in where damaged ( possibly by me shuving them into my bag ).. well this time i opened the packets to check they were ok before purchasing.. when i got to the till i said .. all these packets are open .. any chance of a discount ?... 25% off was the result :angel:

    once found a bin full of cans of diamond white at the Iceland in Rickmansworth! we sure had a party on the canal that nite lol

    making money on the road, whatever, anything, no matter what if it brought a few quid in, couldnt be choosy, its a case of eat or not. mostly when I was horse drawn, used to prop a sign on verge side painted with work wanted in large letters, needed a busy-ish road with a verge for a few days grazing, always used to bring in something,

    It depends how badly someone wants to nomad it and earn as you go, if you want it bad enough, something will come along, you have to challenge yourself and be prepared for whatever comes along, If someone is choosy and picky, then I'm afraid it wont work so well, all roads will lead somewhere good from humble beginnings with good intentions.
    And yes, it isnt as easy as it used to be, but determination can bring results.

    I started my many years of self employment and nomadding it from selling crafts on the side of the road and built it up and learnt new skills and it grew and grew to a self perpetuating business which keeps me busy 365 days if i want. it doesnt happen overnight and the white fluffy clouds dont open and drop a golden pot of everything you've ever dreamed of in your lap. determination and follow your instincts.

    absolutely spot on mate|

    Forklift sounds interesting. Was thinking woodwork, but was concerned by the amount of tools potentially required.

    Was thinking that I could get a pressure washer and offer services to domestic, driveways etc.

    good idea,plus get yourself a hedgecutter and maybe a mower and door nock for jobs must be loads of work down oxford way

    me just a sprog too,but living on estate in west London being constantly stopped and searched be the met,riot vans on every street corner at the weekends it really did feel like we were being brought up in a police state! wonder why lots of us ran away to the countryside lol

    we brought ours in 1997. 5 acres up the road from me with a crappy asbestos shed more of a liability than an asset was on the market for 110k it appears to have been sold now!

    fair comment mate,but will the corporations that run the countries allow all their slaves\consumers to be destroyed? wheres the profit in that? was brought up being told nuclear war was coming even watching film at school on making a bomb shelter out of black dustbin bags filled with soil lol!

    The banks are mainly concerned with whether or not they can get their money back, houses are a bit risky now, massively overpriced and due for a crash. Land, however, has some intrinsic value - you can grow food on it, put solar panels on it, live on it, and they're not making it any more. It's hard for basic land to lose value, so you might find the banks are more willing to lend than you expect. Bear in mind that basic agri land in many parts of the UK can be had for £8k per acre, that's pretty cheap I think.

    we brought our yard cheaper than that,you cant do anything with agricultural land that isn't agricultural unless you get planning! but as you say land is always good investment but so is property if you are in it for the long haul!

    if you want to buy land in the uk you are in competition with a lot of other people and many of them are cash buyers! mortgages are hard enough to get on bricks and mortar these days let alone land with no chance of planning!