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    Celebrate Beltane with three days of camping in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside. Spirit of the Marsh is a family gathering that aims to keep ancient traditions alive.

    2020’s event will be packed with talks, workshops, music, meditations, plenty of Pagan and spiritual ceremonies, childrens entertainment and of course, the Beltane fire.

    Dates for 2020 festival are 7th May 2020 to the 10th May 2020. For more information and tickets visit

    I have a set in my van and they are good, not the same listing but a similar item. I have them connected to my spare battery, then to a fuse and then to a remote control which cost about £2.50. Good light output and doesn't use much juice.

    I have had barrels before but personally prefer bottles. Don't get me wrong barrels are easier and ideal for a party where it goes quickly but messing around with co2 cannisters is a pain. Also they are difficult to chill if you prefer your brew chilled. As oldkeith says, 2 litre bottles are a good compromise for bottling speed etc.

    I have just started another brew of Bulldog Evil Dog double IPA. It is very nice but at 7.1% has a good kick to it.

    I made some mead a long time ago which was quite nice. Takes a long time though.

    Didn't know the council had the powers not to let people have caravans on their own land (storage wise in a drive), that is really scary.

    Have heard of covenants on a title deed but thats a different thing altogether.

    Back on topic, we're quite lucky aren't we? Caravans can park anywhere that isn't restricted for free, for ever? They can take up space on the road without paying tax; and need no registration so are completely unidentified and the owner can't be traced..

    Sort of, but without the taxed and insured vehicles number plate on the caravan if it was sat on the road, the authorities would be very interested very quickly. Therefore traceable via the reg number.


    £1400 should get you something but it depends what vintage you are looking at. Bear in mind with transits they sit on a chassis so bodywork is not necessarily a structural problem for the future. Actually a friend of mine scrapped an S plate tourneo minibus with 12 months test as someone was willing to pay top money for the engine. It was only up for £800, body was really scabby but chassis was mint. Now in Transit heaven.

    You might be able to get an older Merc Sprinter in that budget,

    Sounds like you have quite a few irons in the fire there Paul. My experience of dropshipping is that it rarely is that worth while. I think the problem I have found is that the dropshippers tend to be also retailing there products as well so you are in effect competing with an importer or manufacturer. This may not be the case with the lines you are looking at though.

    Options 1 and 2 sound quite interesting. Option 1 in particular is interesting given that it the time required by yourself is minimal.

    I will pm you also.


    An interesting post Paul, after a crap year with my business I have been thinking similar in a bid to make sure I don't have to return to a 9 to 5 job! As said before I think £500 a week would be quite a big jump, even £50 might be optimistic depending on your time and circumstances.

    I can fully understand why you would not want to be at your unit/shop all the time when it is not time well spent. What is it that you make? Is there a more time optimal way of doing things.

    As said by bungo I have found trying to cut costs and sell excess belongings to be a good way to go in the short term. Failing that you need to assess your skills, needs and benefits of your local area and see what you can do with that to make money.

    Good luck with things,

    I agree with more self reliant,
    I agree with teach others who are interested,

    But use the system,
    that is what the moneyless man did, it is what freegans do,

    To a degree, but if you read the moneyless manifesto the he goes into far more details about how things could be better done not using the current system of work and money. I read moneyless manifesto then moneyless man and found the former a much better resource.

    To be honest I feel it is headline grabbing given their recent spells of bad press. That and it's one up on most of the other supermarkets. Maybe they are trying to cut their landfill waste bill by 10's of thousands of tonnes to save money?

    France are leading the way as it is illegal for large supermarkets to throw away food.

    We got called in once, after posting about three consecutive years of loss. They wanted to know how we were still managing, apparently. Must have thought we were squirreling it!
    Our accountant showed them we had put money from savings into the business over the last two of those years, just to stay afloat. It was all a bit of a farce, and for them a tick-box exercise, and they didn't pursue it further. Having an accountant proved useful.

    They do expect sole traders and small proprietors to make a loss now and then, as business goes up and down, as Marshlander said, so I don't think you have anything to worry about.

    Many thanks. Don't have an accountant but am a member of the FSB so that helps. Don't have anything to hide so not too worried, just could do without any extra agro.


    So, the recession is over apparently! For the first time in 10 years I am about to post a loss for my tax return 2014/15! There are various reasons for this and I have got through the year ok so hopefully things will get better. My main concern though is that the loss will trigger questions from HMRC. I have been lucky so far but am a little worried about this one. Anyone any experience of this?