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    Some solitary jobs from my professional field:

    - TV / radio programme playout monitoring (basically you schedule the programme and watch if it's being played out correctly).
    - Video editing (can be very creative and rewarding). Except don't go for news editing, that's very stressful.
    - The guy who watches all recorded video material and writes down timecodes, scenes, dialogues ... (can't remember what's called).
    - Subtitling
    - Technician for broadcast/transmission system - sometimes you can get a job on some remote broadcast/antenna site, where you get a small cottage to live in ... similar to lighthouse keeper.
    - E-mail marketing (setting up and sending e-mail newsletters, analytics, sometimes requires writing and knowing some HTML and basic design skills).
    - SEO, SEM, Social media

    ... and also:
    - Remote area meteorologist, doing measurings and readings and equipment maintainance.
    - National park warden
    - Mountain trails maintainance (usually combined with duties of national park warden and nature preservation officer)

    I'm an introvert too, and also a HSP (highly sensitive person), which means I easily get overstimulated by loud noises, strong lights, strong smells, crowded places or too many people talking at the same time.

    I feel most comfortable when I can be alone. Just me and my thoughts. Be it at home or outside in nature. It's only that way I can be truly me.

    First few months I would live like as nothing happened. Then I would start planning and investing.

    I would invest 500k in 5 middle-size apartments (100k each) and start renting them. That would give me approx. 2500k each month, which would be more than enough for me.

    For 250k I would buy some land and build a self-sustainable house in some remote area in the Alps.

    Another 50k would go for a second hand offroad motorhome and a pick-up truck.

    As for the remaining 200k I would save them for the future.

    Basically I don't give a sh*t about luxury and showing off. Besides 1M is not that much money ... I mean, it's enough if you invest it smartly, but certainly not enough if you head out for a spending spree.

    As for VW T4, even if it's wider, you won't be able to comfortly sleep across, unless you're 165cm or less. I have converted one myself and after a lot of measuring and trying different layouts, I ended up with a "normal" bed. I'm 172cm and I wasn't able to fully stretch my legs when I tried fitting the bed across the van.

    VW T4 is widest at the sliding door and narrowest in the back. As for length, VW T4 SWB has 240cm from the back of the driver's seat to the tailgate. I guess VW T5 is not much different.

    If you want to have a bed to sleep across, you'll have to look at larger vans such as VW LT, Fiat Ducato (Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer), Mercedes Sprinter, etc.

    Bored, concerned and slightly depressed. Can't stop thinking about the surgery I'm going to have in October and its possible bad outcome. Studies show 2% possibility that things will not turn out ok. It may be not high at first glance, but when you think a little ... would you drive a car if there would be 2% possibility of having an accident, which means that statistically you would be involved in an accident at least twice a year.

    Very calm and content.

    Spent the weekend in mountains, alone, just me and my thoughts. I got completely drenched (three times!) by afternoon showers, which felt so liberating ... The rain washing everything away and feeling even more connected with nature. Almost therapeutic!

    The only thing I could never leave behind is my backup hard drive. It contains some things that are important to me (my past work, scanned documents, business documents, contacts, old articles, photos, some old software that can't be bought anymore, ...).

    Oh, and my savings. They give me peace of mind.

    1. Avoid every form of advertising as much as posible (put no ads sticker on your mailbox, use adblock, don't read popular magazines, don't watch TV, listen to non-commercial radio stations, ignore billboards)

    2. Avoid shopping malls, they will trick you into buying more than you need. Use small local shops instead.

    3. Buy only what you really need. Plan in advance. Buy only what you have on your shopping list.

    4. You can find lower prices online, but you have to be disciplined.

    5. Buy quality items as they will last longer.

    6. Pay with cash only; use credit card only for online purchases.

    7. Monitor your income and spending. You can use pencile&paper, a simple Excel table or some dedicated software.

    8. Avoid Lottery, bets, casinos, etc. Remember, the house always wins.

    9. Eat and drink outside only when you really have no option to have a meal at home.

    10. Don't give a damn about fashion. Get clothes and shoes that are comfortable, durable and can be worn throughout the year. This way you'll only need 20-30 different pieces of clothing and a few pair of shoes.

    11. When buying a car, look what size of tires does it have. 14'' and 15'' tyres are cheap, 17'' and bigger can be very expensive. Bigger tires also mean lower MPG.

    12. Invest in some quality tools and learn to make and repair things by yourself. With Google and Youtube you can find tutorials for almost everything.

    I also find myself in limbo, I don't connect with the people I know anymore but feel like I'm a bit of an outsider to the people I'd like to know, if you get my meaning.

    I totally understand you. It's the same with me.

    I met some wonderful people who are setting up a permaculture community, but I feel like an outsider to them. Because of my loner and introverted personal traits I doubt I could ever be treated as "one of them".

    I'm self-employed and working for a local TV station. Basically everything ... video editing, graphic design, web editing and website maintainance, DTP, TV programme scheduling, live broadcasting, system administration, hardware maintainance ...

    I work 5hrs/day Monday-Friday. I won't get rich, but it's enough to support my minimalist lifestyle at the moment. And occasionaly I also get some other projects (photography, DTP, making websites, ...) to earn some extra money. However it's becoming harder and harder to get a project if you don't have much connections.

    Before that I was working in corporate environment as a news website editor ... I earned twice as much as now, but then I left because I would have to sell my soul and play stupid mind games to please the management.

    I say there's nothing wrong being a loner. I'm one myself. Years ago I had that urge to 'fit in', to be 'normal' in the eyes of others, but then I figured out that I shouldn't frackin' care about expectations of society.

    I had one relationship that lasted 6 years and now I'm single for almost 7 years ... and living as a loner. And you know what? Some of the best things in my life happened in those last 7 years.

    I learned that being a loner is actually hardwired in my brains. I cannot change this. I need a lot of freedom and alone-time. What I was doing before was actually trying to be something that I'm not. Because I was conditioned that one should be outgoing, gregarious, fun to be with, etc. But this is all due to something I call extreme extroverted society - a society where being extremely extroverted is an imperative and being an introverted loner is almost a crime.

    I'm not saying that I don't have those times when I'd like to have a girlfriend. It's natural. Almost every human being likes to have someone to be intimate with (I intentionally don't use the word love, because I find it so inflated), to have mutual pleasures and someone who can fully trust. But then when I think of all the drama that goes with a relationship, I'm happy to be a loner :)

    Except if a miracle happens and I meet a similar female loner :)