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    not sure about what others think of my smells ,,but on a regular basis ,I cook a homemade curry ,normally with mutton ,so its a long cooking time ,about 3 to 4 hours ,during the cooking process ,I just have to open my front door ,which is a small block of flats ,and let the curry smell ,drift around in the comunial hallway for a few hours :D iv noticed on a couple of occasions ,one of the other residents in the flats ,spraying air freshner into the hallway ,does this mean he doesn't approve ? or isn't a curry fan lol

    there are many type communities ,alot of them are in wales ,pembrokshire in particular ,because wales are signed up to the one planet solution policy ,theres tipi valley ,lammas ,just to name a few ,iff you want to check out ,these and more ,go to website , diggersanddreamers ,

    the only advantage of smart meters ,,is for the advantage of the providers ,it saves them money ,because they dont have to pay the wages of meter readers ,those meters use mobile phone technology ,to send signals and meter readings several times a week ,i wonder how long it will be before the consumer starts being charged ,not just for the gas or lecky ,but also charged for the coveinience ,for the useage of the way these readings are sent ,via mobile phone type tech

    i dont need a smart meter to tell me what uses the most power and what to cut back on ,iff i want to save gas , i turn off the boiler ,iff i want to save electricity ,i dont put my desktop PC on as much ,simple really

    I forgot, avoid fruit juice. It contains far too much fructose,

    iv been eating 3 peices of fruit every day for the last 8 years ,,passing regular 2 stools a day without fail ,, i stop eating fruit for 2 weeks , and i havent had a crap for 5 days , i think that that speaks for itself ,

    im gaining weight ,and my jeans are getting a lttile tight for comfort ,i cannot allow myself to gain anymore ,in the last several years ,i have gave up anything with processed sugar in it ,so no sugars ,i dont drink ,and for 8 months iv been a vegetarian and i cycle most days ,yet im still gaining weight ,im about to start a ketosis diet ,which is basicly water fasting ,which is just drinking water for a couple of weeks ,without food , then eat again for a few week ,and start the proccess over again ,until i acheive the weight i want ,,i have to try it ,fingers crossed it will work, its an extreme method of dieting ,but iff nothing else seems to work ,its worth a go

    my last grow was organic , with minimal equipment , however the equipment that i did have ,wasnt that expensive ,and once perchased , lasted for as long as i was a grower ,which in my case ,was about 15 yrs ,once you have one packet of seeds ,germinated ,you clone from them ,as much as you like ,,as a group of freinds that were growing ,we was using the same plant from cuttings ,for a 15 yr period ,so to include these into costs is very difficult ,iff you are running a constant production line .of 8-12 weeks per crop ,depending on the strain ,yes you have to renew bulbs now and again ,but generally i was making £2000 profit ,at the cost of about £40 electricity i cant count equipment in the expense because i was using the same equipment for 15 yrs ,and the plants were clones ,yea they say 1gram per watt , iv never seen anyone achieve that amount ,i used to average 2oz a plant ,grown organic ,in builders buckets, all growers do thing differently ,and use different equipment ,and charge more or less for there produce ,so the profit i made , was the profit i made ,every grower will be different ,and do things differently ,for example ,i used keep my plants as short and bushy as possible ,so yes i have done the maths ,and the maths were correct ,bassed on ,the way i grew my weed ,the equipment i was using ,my method of growing ,and what i was charging for the final produce ,1 gram per watt ,maybee something to aim for , but thats only an estimation ,until you have weighed your weed ,i wouldnt get anywhere near 1 gram per watt ,,more like just under 3/4,,my running costs ,and final dry weight ,were actual fact ,not a estimate of 1 gram per watt

    ahh yea ,i almost forgot ,fling a bud or 2 in the microwave ,iff things got despertate ,had to put it a low setting ,or it would sometimes start buzzing and catch fire lol

    true thing , also true of the marijuana ,its man that has modified it ,into what it is today in its super strengh form ,not alot of natural weed about these days like there was 30 years ago everyone s gone skunk crazy ,back in them days ,curing was the big thing ,depending on how the weed was cured ,altered both the colour of it and the taste

    im not so sure that marijuana is very healthy for your lungs ,for long term use ,i smoked it heavily for over 10 yrs, and yes ,when you make joint in involves smoking ciggarette tobacco ,without a filter ,and whilst smoking the weed itself seems to emmitt alot of resins and tars ,which become aparant by displaying themselves on roll up papers whilst you smoke , i had to give up the habbitt ,due to chronic chest pains and breathlessnes ,at that time i was only 33yrs old ,im now 46 yrs old and after 15 yrs of smoking abstanance ,my lungs and breathing have recovered ,to a point where i can say ,im fiitter at my age ,than ever was in my 20s ,on the subject of herion and coccaine ,both of these drugs have been manipulated ,and derived from plants ,to make them into hard drugs , from what i gather smoking raw opium from poppys is a much safer bet and the same goes for chewing coca leaf ,

    i think the australians have the right idea ,decriminalised ,and allowed to grow your own ,up to a certain amount of plants ,anyway who ever came up with the saying ? that money doesnt grow on trees ?

    cannabis can be grown at home ,under lights for a very small amount of money ,so there will allways be a black market ,and the home grower would allways be able to undercut ,any government farmed weed ,atm ,growers are charging rediculous amounts of money ,for a product that costs very little to grow ,for example ,i can grow 12oz of weed in 8 weeks ,and all it will cost me to grow it is £40 in electricty ,for over £2000 profit ,you do the maths ,and weed grown on small scale ,is far better quality iff grown correctly ,than mass produce government farms

    That's not true, apart from the fact that Muslimes hunt him, and it's not his real name (but everyone knows that!).

    There will be tensions with or without TOMMY, and whether you agree with it or not!

    as iv said before ,tommy is from luton town ,,same town i live in , the muslim men that he has been antaganising for so long all no his face ,he says that he has muslim freinds , but i assure you he cannot walk through town center or the asian area of town ,without being set upon ,they no his face sooo well

    tommy is a wanted man ,he is being hunted by asians ,tommy robinson isnt even his real name ,the powers that be ,keep him out of the media spotlight ,to try and stop any escalation of racail tension ,from what iv seen happening ,the police and the home office ,are trying to do tommy a favour ,they have offered him ,a new identity,and money ,to basicily piss off and live in another country ,as his life in danger from asians that he has rubbed up the wrong way ,he has refused ,the offer of a new identity ,and a pay off ,to bugger off somewhere else ,so the police now want to keep him inside ,for his own saftey ,and to try and prevent any more racial tensions

    I'm the same with food and cooking, knowing the ingredients and how they affect food to breing the best out in an overall eating experience and taste etc. A guilty secret is the one thing I would watch there and then if I had a T.V is masterchef the professionals. As it highlights, you have to know and understand ingredients to make good food, anyone can chuck 6 things in a pot with a tin or two of tomatoes and that god awful shite that is dried pasta.

    As with drugs as you say, ingredients maketh it. The growing side of things in my mind with all the genetics and science they use to make hybrids and super strengths and adding flavours and hits by scientific intervention has gone too far in my mind, it's all gone to pot, pun intended. There is many bits that go to make up the final hit and smoke, and commercially, its all horrible, they prey on the THC side of things which is what causes it to be a cosh rather than what you describe as that old skool happy giggly head high, it's rare to find thta these days hence why I dont touch it. There is all the numerous CB's , turpeines and other finer aspects that go to make it what it is. Thankfully, ther eis still old skool hash from traditional outdoor under the sun hgrown plants, but even in Morrocco and appearing in India, plants and seeds have been transported from elsewhere and introduced and or crossed with the land race native plants, changing it yet again, a lot of seeds etc has been taken to Morrocco and India from Afghanistan, this is big time growers for the commercial market. The small family farms doing it traditional still exist but not like it was. A lot of the resulting hash has changed from these places due to imports of new seeds and strains to places where they never existed before. Ingredients are in the picking of strains to cross to then grow a new variety, I dont know how deep they go with all the aspects that affect the final smoke and hit but for the most part, it all seems to revolve around the THC content and now the CBD's etc for the medical oils.

    People are dumb and fall for it as the one main aspect they think of in what they should be buying is it should be as strong as possible. Well, that's no good really, hence the more modern cannabis psychosis thats crept in, and that's only happened since genetics kicked in and upped the game of cultivation to grow these super strength's. You can only pretty much gaurantee what you are going to get by the indoor cultivation, outdoors is very weather and conditions dependant which can vary a strain's effect year after year.

    i used to cultivate for a 10 yr period ,throughout the 1990s ,both indoor growing under lights ,both soil grown and hydroponics ,and outdoor under natural sunlight ,i used to mainly grow from cuttings and keep a mother plant going ,but iv also experimented ,cross polinating and creating my own strain ,making my own hashish and oil ,from the leaves ,it was a very nice time in my life ,very interesting learning about growing and plants ,and a very nice hobby indeed ,and its true what you say ,most people go for strength rather than aroma or taste , i allways went for aroma and taste before strength

    agreed , and may i also add ,that there are more compounds to marijuana than just THC that actually contribute towards the buzz that you get ,you also have the CBN and CBD ,factors which also contribute towards the high ,different types of marijuana have different levells of ,THC , CBD ,CBN , in them ,depending on what crossbreed that you are smoking ,for example , pure indica strains ,are a different high from pure sativa strains ,hence what we have now ,is either pure indica ,pure sativa ,or the huge variaty of different crossbreed strains that we have today,the different strains not only gives the user ,personal choice ,of different highs ,but also aroma and taste ,the same way a drinker has a prefference ,for bitter or larger ,or different types of ale,generally,indica strains , originate for a certain part of the globe ,and sativa strains originate from another part of the globe ,they differ ,because of the climate in which that they grow naturally in there natural habbitat ,they have been able to manipulate theses strains ,to make them stronger ,by developing them and seeding them under high powered lighting systems

    I am firmly convinced that if it were legalised many present users would stop using it. The real appeal is in the anarchy

    not so sure that present users will stop using it ,and not so sure iff its going to be leagalised ,it could go the same way as the usa ,which is its made available through the NHS for medicinal use ,via a medical ganja card ,so anyone authorised with the medical card is permitted to consume it , i can see a few problems appear iff this happens ,yes i might put some of the growers and gangsters out of buissines ,but i believe the black market price will fall considerably ,but there will still be a black market for it ,secondly ,there will be a huge influx of people going to doctors surgerys ,blagging illnesses ,so that they can get there tings ,on perscription ,which will put even more strain on the NHS and clogging up doctors surgerys

    hmmmm to allay and make a set of stories about the unknown or death ?? i ask you do you believe in life after death ? because i dont ,and are such stories of reincarnation healthy ? after all death is part of life ,and something we all have to experience at some point with relatives ect ,wether religious believers or not

    How do you actually know that?Read it?Heard it?Felt it?Nature is god,god is nature?Life force?So why call it god with all the connotations the word god has?

    its what i no ,and believe ,and as for all the connotations the word god has , and what is written about god ,is not factual ,there is no evidence to prove it ,and god based on religious beleifs ,is just a load of ,fabricated fairy tales,i call nature god , because i call god the creator of life and all living things ,and not religion. to beleive in god the creator ,of all living things , is a much more powerfull thing ,because nature and living things ,are a reality ,not a fabricated religion ,that beleives in life after death ,or heaven ,which is an idea and ideology ,which has no evidence or factual knowledge to support it

    Absolutely Cricket. A set of stories to allay the unknown and fear of death and a means to absolve and as you say, evading responsibility for what humans deemed as sins. Putting the fear of God into people puts bums on pews and fills the churches coffers and gives them power over people. There are plenty of people around the world who are waiting for the colony spaceship to come back and pick them up. They regularly gather on hill tops waiting for the rapture where they believe they will be transcended into another place :whistle::whistle::whistle: . well, that will be a long time coming, its never happened yet, and its been an awful long time since anyone has claimed the voice of god came unto them and delivered a set of instructions to bestow upon the human race, isnt it funny how that hasnt happened since the big ones were er hum 'supposed' to have happened. would have thought if something like that happened back then, it would happen now, like a set of windows updates for a computor, I would have thought the Goddy man would have decided we need updates for modern times as it's been an awful long time since it was claimed he delivered the originals.

    As an aside, if I was the all knowing creator god, I'd know about it, I'd be in some floaty relam somewhere, living in the knowledge I had created something as amazing as the earth and the life contained on board as the bible pertains, I would think I would have a vestd interest in such an awesome thing, I wouldnt just create it then fuck off never to be heard of again, only to be muttered and mentioned out of the mouths of humans. Surely a creator being/s would have much more of a care of what happens to the bit of handy work. A bird builds a nest and looks after it while its occupied, a moray eel loks after its little under water cave, humans look after their home, this God figure that so many people are wrapped up in doesnt seem to be taking care of its creation. bit slack if you ask me. :S:S:S Perhaps God felt about earth as windows did about XP 8o

    hmmmm to allay and make a set of stories about the unknown or death ?? i ask you do you believe in life after death ? because i dont ,and are such stories of reincarnation healthy ? after all death is part of life ,and something we all have to experience at some point with relatives ect ,wether religious believers or not