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    what utter bollox, another for the pill Johnny. " Jesus Fred, there coming thick and fast, is it still in the water supply?" Na Jonny, "You can tell those who believed in Santa until secondary school!" Scared for life I tell yeh, scared for life.

    Your vote like mine counts for f/a. Why would those with the power to control the Fed Res, BoE, etc give a toss what a bunch of plebs think. We are not that important. Wake up boy. Duh.....

    What is the point in voting when it won't make any difference. I find it really disturbing that so many people don't know 'the story', not his story or her story - I mean real stuff, not the selective crap that schools brainwash the kid with, or what the nanny state pumps out.
    The reason we won't be coming out is that those who own the bank of England, federal reserve, and the other main five capitalist banks do not have it in their plans for UK to leave ecc, eu, or whatever they call it these days. The Story of finance is mostly about the the story of war. The Ministry of Defence is about War. Tories and Labour and the Whigs are a variation of the same thing, etc which is why there is no point in voting in general election, etc.
    Next comes the story of accounting and the story of law.
    Then join that up with the 'right of the individual' to arm self.
    Full circle.

    Middle of Nowhere - can personally recommend. Small. Friendly. Child friend. Dog friendly.
    Farmer Phil - the place to be says friend who does marquis tents at the festivals, plus if it is anything like last year, i would recommend it, although, beware of toilets.
    Chiddfest - never been, but Geno Washington scheduled, brilliant performance last year at the Retro
    Spirit of the Marsh - never been, pagan, maypole, etc

    From a dog website (sorry forget name), but only been to Fairport Convention, and Cambridge Folk years back, so dunno what they are like now.
    Ely Folk
    Cambridge Rock or is it Folk
    Conway Beer Fest

    I discovered the 12 steps in the late 1980s at the tail end of a pretty OTT drug problem - and have been clean ever since. More to the point though, it was this that connected me to the New Thought movement years later when I started to look more into the origins of it all.

    I don't know of Neville Goddard, but really enjoyed Neale Donald Walsh's Conversations With God 1 and 2 - and used to habitually listen to Abraham Hicks material all the time ... although I felt Esther's earlier work, prior to Jerry dying, was far better than it is now.

    Congratulations on your clean time, that's quite something!!!
    I find that State side is still very much linked in with the Emmet Fox dimension within the original 12 step fellowship, and not so much over on this side of the pond.
    If you've had a browse around Wayne Dyer's 'Wishes Fulfilled' stuff, it seems to me to be a rewrite of Neville Goddard's 'wishes fulfilled' subject matter, as one example, and there are more but I wont bang on about it, as I love Wayne Dyer.
    The problem I have with much of that 'thoughts are things' type stuff, say of The Secret and many of its predecessors is that I cannot believe that victims of crime/child abuse/holocaust, etc, put that into consciousness. And I go on to think that it is really dangerous to start 'blaming' the 'victim' and holding the 'victim' responsible for being victimised. So I do have concerns about some of this stuff.
    Incidentally, I'm curious to know what you think of Ayn Rand.

    I liked Wayne Dyer a lot. I think he did so much to bring the message out of 12 step fellowship into the mainstream, regarding the New Thought spirituality such that Emmet Fox spoke of. I find the Neville Goddard type stuff, though, can really wacky when its blended into the Neale Donald Walsh stuff and Abraham Hicks stuff.
    I watched The Shift shortly before he died.

    Ohh I'd like to go to DefCon as well, a number of the others have become too mainstream; just a bunch of suits peddling their latest product, but Defcon looks great. It's surprising how many things like that they have in the States, comic cons as well. Sure their population is bigger but not that much bigger to justify so many of these things. Different interests I guess.

    And The Burning Man festival looks interesting. x

    Oh here my thread is ..... Thanks for moving it .....
    Im having a sneak look to see if anybody replied to this thread, and ive already got loads of replies!!! Alioce In Wonderland's bungee cord thing is just perfect solution, but with one end attached to roof bars. And thanks for all your replies.
    The area under the tailgate is the place where i have standing up room to get changed, or dry my dog off.

    Sorry for long time in getting back here.

    One of my two friends that suffered copd, was originally diagnosed with the bronchitis type. In later years he suffered from emphasema. He lived until he was approx 78 or 79. He was of a particularly strong character. Although went along to copd hospital appts because the pharma company were carrying out drug trials and he wanted the promised financial sum at the end of the trials. His came from a very affluent background in the middle east and from a young age seemed to have been taught to trust his own judgement, and I think this is what made him ignore the doctors advise about giving up smoking and changing his lifestyle and going on oxygen. He continued smoking until his death and continued to be active up until the last few months. Perhaps he had an 'arrogant' attitude, but he used to believe that his life wouldnt be worth living if he couldnt do exactly what he wanted to do. He always said that it was up to God when his time was up and neither he nor any doctor could do anything about it. I can honestly say that he lived a full life.

    In contrast, my other friend, who died a few months ago, aged 67, was diagnosed with emphasema around the age of 53. He was at the same clinical trials as my other friend. His attitude about the illness was very different, which quite surprised me, as he was one of the original hippys from the 1960s, had desserted from the military, and at one point knew his own mind. Something changed though, when he gave over control of his life to the doctors. He ended up on oxygen 24/7, and could not comb his own hair or wash himself. Part of his life's journey was that he experienced a lot of guilt from abuse that he had inflicted upon others, and it was almost like copd became his punishment for stuff that not only happened in the military but also from actions that he had taken in his early life before he became a hippy. His past before I knew him was pretty dark.

    The difference in the way these two friends handled the disease was in such contrast, it was difficult not to wonder about the importance of mental attitude to life. Other people in our circle also commented on the difference in their mental resolve. My first friend i mentioned may still be here today if he had stopped smoking.

    Hello Raffi
    The deeds on my mum's freehold detached property state that no caravans and mobile homes are allowed to be parked on her driveway. I specifically asked her, as I wanted to put a Dodge 50 there. Meanwhile, up the road a few doors, many of the houses have massive motorhomes parked on their drive ways, apparently all legal.
    If I were a home owner, I would think 'great extra security at night!'

    I've known three people with copd although I don't suffer from it myself. Two of the people were very close friends for many years until death. One of my friends had the bronchitis copd and the other had emphysema. I could right loads on how they personally copd with the condition but I'm not a medical practitioner. Is there something specific that you're having difficulty with?
    I will add quickly that both my friends had different attitudes to the condition and this seems to have been a major part in the quality of life (or lack of quality for one of my friends).
    I would be willing to go into as much detail as needed if its something I can comment on from my personal observations of my two friends, but I cant comment on medical stuff.
    I'll keep an eye on this thread to see what you reply. X

    On the domestic front, i have found some remarkable similarities between cats and dogs! They both have me trained to perform the following tasks:
    1. open cans of food for them
    2. cook for them
    3. clean up their mess
    4. play with their toys
    5. stroke them
    6. take them to vet
    7. etc
    But my dogs have me trained to chauffeur them to the local park and back. So from my observation and experience of the domestic types, my vote goes to dogs :p

    I cam but my equipments limited you need a pump out and clean there are mobile services that can sort you out online.
    How much fuel did you have and how much did you put in and did you run it after?

    Thanks for your reply. Its sorted, via rac 200 quid to drain out petrol and 75 fuel filter via my mechanic. But whilst I was sitting there, I was thinking of this bloke on ukhippy forum that's a mobile boat engineer, and thought .......