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    The middle east is a volatile region and always will be, people have tried and tried for peace and failed, the biggest achievement would be bringing permanent peace between Israel and Palestine, I can not see that ever being done.

    I think the modern conflict started with the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, that put the Arabs back up and its been ongoing conflict since then.
    of course the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya by "infidels" only added to it.

    you have to remember that the government does not have any money of its own, its all your money.
    how do you think they pay for new roads, new hospitals, etc etc? the money has to come from somewhere or else nothing would get done and you'd be living in a mud hut in some 3rd world country. its how capitalism works.

    Regardless of party, we should never have been involved in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and now Syria, we are now targets as a result, by extremists. I remember the protests against going to war with Iraq, the protests were huge, but the Gov still went to war based on some fictional dossier of evidence. Then the UK helped remove Saddam and Gadaffi, which in turn left a massive power vacuum in the region, which has allowed extremist groups to flourish. What did the UK think was going to happen when they removed both Saddam and Gaddafi, did they really think that democracy would automatically flourish in the region with no problems. :wall:

    yes, I agree with all of that, all of this had nothing to do with WMD, it was all about "regime change".

    What party went looking for weapons of mass destruction and started all of this ??????? They are all as bad as each other but hatred of anybody is self-destructive. Hatred burns and festers and the hater loses.

    oh that's was Blair-Labour not the Conservatives- trying to please his "best buddy" George W!!
    hatred is what others have for the British way of life, but they come here in their droves none the less and take up our housing, and live on our benefits whilst openly preaching hatred for all and sundry. Abbu Hamza, Choudry , and all the rest.

    I agree i don't think it's the answer but it's a fine line and we have to be careful not to allow people to use our site as a platform to incite racial or religious hatred. For me, Hagrid has crossed that line.

    i'm not inciting anyone to do anything, i'm just putting my view as I see it, other opinions are available.

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    Now they are referred to as 'The Conservatives'


    yes I would declare war on anyone, both externally and internally, who would seek to do this country harm.
    that's ALL enemies foreign and domestic, irrespective of their race, creed or colour.
    you all decry the BNP but their foreign policy is one of non interference: "if it dosent involve British citizens, British territory or British trade, then we should mind our own business." that pretty much sums up my attitude too, but unfortunately the damage has already been done.
    we now have people living in this country who want to do British people great harm, in WW2 they would have been referred to a "The Fifth Column".

    Looking back at the history of the british empire its nice for us to be able to take the moral high ground and say that we are entirely blameless and have never done anything similar to other countries.

    Oh wait.....

    exactly, but what is done, is done, we cannot undo it, we cannot change history much as we would like, we just have to live with the consequences .

    just killing the killers isn't enough, we have to kill the ideology that made them in the first place or else they will just be replaced by others.
    that may be harder than we think.
    like I said before this all started first with The Crusades, then the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, so the damage has already been done, we cannot undo what has been done, just deal with the consequences.

    what we need is actions not vigils, we need to root out these nest of vipers in our midst, not put piles of flowers and balloons on some street corner, we need arrests and deportations, if they want to fight someone, remove their passports and all rights and previleges of living in a civilised society and parachute them into Syria, maybe they wont like it when someone is firing back at them, and they aren't murdering little kids and off duty soldiers and female mp's.

    'Fully paid up member of the BNP' was enough for me am afraid. With that, and some of the rascist statements that you made yeserday Hagrid, you've finally shown your true colours. I have tried to be respectful of your views in the past but now I hope that you be respectful of our views and take your hatred elsewhere, as there's no place for it here.

    well its all got a bit off topic away from the original thread hasn't it.
    I think we can all agree that what happened in Manchester was an atrocity, an affront to any religion no matter what that religion is.
    anyone who makes war, and a war is what it is, on women and little children is worthy of our contempt, both yours and mine.

    as I have said before, those that don't denounce terrorism are supporters of it, its not about religion, what it is is a 12th century culture that has no part in a 21st century westernised civilisation, the 2 do not go together and never will, by degrees this culture will overtake that of its host nation, not just here but all over Europe too, in 30..50 years time, maybe a hundred but I doubt it will take that long, the whole of Europe and Britain too will be Islamic, subject to sharia law, the subjudication of women, your women will all have to wear the burkha not strappy tops with their tits hanging out, flogging and stonings for some minor infringement, a barbaric state of affairs that will put this country back to the middle ages, and will remove many of the good things this country and its allies have accomplished, I suspect the internet, computers and mobiles will all be banned, and you will all have to pray 5 times a day under pain of death. but hey, your all so liberal left leaning it wont bother you will it?

    Speaking your mind is one thing, being truly honest with yourself another. I take it you're having a bad time at present if so

    no, what would make you think that? i'm perfectly happy, I live in a wonderful part of the glorious far south west,away from all the mayhem and hate that is our wonderful multi cultural hell holes...err...cities.

    Thank you Paul for that. It offends me greatly to see posts here on ukhippy with such bullshit content by someone who obviously does not give a damn about other belief systems.
    Hagrid,I hope that you give thought to why your posts are deamed offensive and correct your ways towards innocent and harmless people. If you continue to show disrespect towards other people than white english folk,you will end up being hated by many.

    I speak as I find, if people don't like it.....tough.

    How do you work that out? I qualified in a trade and have a well paid job. That does not mean that i have too much money.

    If i had enough money i would give up work - having excess money means nothing to me.

    The fact remains that if approx one quarter of my wages werent taken from me i would have more. I also then have to pay tax on everything that i buy with the remaining three quarters..

    if you can pay £10, 000 in taxes i'd love to see what the take home pay was, I never earned enough to pay anything like that amount my entire working life.