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    for me its about going against the norm. Anything that is a bit outside what is culturally considered 'normal' is attractive to me, so dyed hair, dreadlocks, colourful clothing, women with short hair, an unmowed secret lady garden, all suggest that that person doesn't care about being 'different'. I can understand the appeal of shaved and it isn't a turn-off, but I find it more interesting when its a bit more natural

    Jimmi Hendrix

    Jimmy Page

    Tom Morello

    Randy Rhoads

    I'd say those are my favourites (also handily one per decade from 60s-90s) rather than objectively the best, although its hard to argue with the idea of Hendrix being the greatest

    I got 24, although a few I got were due to eating meat in the past, which I haven't done for about 10 years. Also I'm struggling to remember if I've touched a dead gecko or if I just poked it with a stick so that might be one less

    from a Tories point of view homeless or dead people are people they no longer have to pay benefits too, people are just collateral damage for the most important thing: Improving the Economy

    (you can't get more money off rich people of course as they'll just move to tax havens, apparently or something, so the only way to Sort Out the Economy is to get it off poor and disabled people who can't fight back). Sadly we live in a system where having all of your money taken away and being made homeless is a seen as a just punishment for not looking hard enough to get a job, and because of the Tories smear campaign on the poor and unemployed lots of people believe it (like my arsehole uncle, I sadly have quite a few Tory family members, who thinks if you don't try hard enough at school you shouldn't be allowed any benefits)

    There is much that we are not capable of understanding because of closed minds and some charlatans have in the past created gods to explain Mother Nature to make people happy and subservient but not now. Logic though will not explain all.

    I agree that there is much that we are not capable of understanding, but not because we have closed minds. There are some things beyond the understanding of human intelligence, we will never comprehend the vastness of space or the vastly small subatomic particles because we are bound by the limits of human imagination. Logic could explain all if we could expand and contract the field of our imagination at will but we can't. The answers to all our questions are out there somewhere, but some we may never find the answer to

    Some of the things we are discovering about the universe are so bizarre that they might as well be magic (particularly in quantum physics), and I imagine that if you showed a phone with the internet on it to someone 200 (or even 100) years ago they might assume it has magical properties. Possibly scientific discoveries and technology 100 years from now might have a similar effect if shown to us. However I think we are starting to come to the end of what we can understand. We are discovering things we can't truly comprehend and are moving towards the limits of what is possible (for us anyway) with technology.

    on the other hand we're part of a species where certain members of said species will devote their entire lives to try and save other species. I don't think humans are special in their evilness or their goodness, its just that the tools that have made us successful also allow us to destroy the environment in ways that no species has ever been capable of, but its also true that no animal has ever cared about the survival of other species like we have (which doesn't make us inherently good, its just that we have the tools to gather knowledge that has given us empathy for non-human species).

    when I was a child my mum did a sponsored swim to raise money for shark conservation and found that a lot of people either didn't care enough to sponsor her, or worse were baffled at why she would want to save sharks in the first place. I expect some people even have the close minded attitude with insects dying out of 'oh great, I hate insects'.

    unfortunately people will soon realise, when the insect populations are destroyed, how important they are to us as well as the eco-system. If the Giant panda died out (which is less endangered now than it once due to a big conservation effort to keep populations alive) it would be sad but it wouldn't have much of an effect on the eco-system and (more or less importantly depending on your outlook, mine would be less) it wouldn't impact on us much either. However if insects in general, or even just specific groups or species of insects, died out we would notice the effects on the the eco-system pretty quickly and human activities (growing fruit and veg for example) would be considerably more difficult. Sadly a lot of people only care about saving cute animals.

    somehow the most unsettling part of that Laurie Anderson song/spoken word piece is the way that it abruptly ends and the silence that follows it (I'm guessing it wouldn't have been like that live and it was just the way it was recorded), its one of those things that you feel kind of odd after listening to

    my internet wouldn't load the set you posted of the Esbjörn Svensson Trio as its being a bit slow at the moment, but I checked out the link below and at first was ready to dismiss it but found after listening to it for a bit longer that I was hooked. I've always appreciated why people like jazz without really getting it myself but this is very different to what I would think of as jazz. Another great suggestion :hippy:(I also may have listened to that Triakel song you posted about 20 times in the last couple of days)

    Swedish is such a beautiful language, I tried learning it a bit but I can't roll my r's like that. Having vocals is nice but I'm used to listening to music without vocalists so I don't mind purely instrumental stuff. I do like the folk metal stuff but I do want to try and find more traditional stuff (although I do like a mix of modern and traditional instruments). Swedish is the way forward I think, currently checking out some more Triakel

    After listening to a lot of Wardruna I'd like to get into more darker/melachony folk music, as it is outside the scope of the rock/metal that I usually listen to. As much as I enjoy a nice merry folk jig this seems to be the sort of folk music I prefer. Does anyone have any suggestions for bands in a similar vein. Doing a quick google search brings up lots of suggestions but its hard to know where to start.

    I think I get where you're coming from and I think actively discouraging those types of threads or banning them could do both (encourage more activity in some and put others off). For example, the 'what are you listening to' thread is such a hodge-podge of different genres of music that it kind of discourages meaningful discussion about any of the individual contributions, and it just become a long list of youtube links.
    Encouraging people to start up new threads such as 'this is a new band I have discovered' or 'suggestions for x genre of music' would definitely encourage more discussion and would help broaden people's musical horizons (and obviously the same would be true for the other long threads you mentioned)
    On the other hand, some people use the long threads just to say 'I'm listening to x at the moment', which is fine too and if you got rid of these threads then some people would be put off posting altogether (also such threads are a good place for new users to start off possibly).
    Maybe having sub-categories in the boards (general music discussion, specific genre discussion, musician/busker discussion etc) would help, although I understand that this would probably be a pain in the arse to change the layout of the site like that.

    ah, I see on closer inspection that the new Porridge was written by the original writers. Maybe tv viewers or bbc executives are to blame for not letting writers write sitcoms the way they want to?

    I think modern British comedy writers are more or less incapable of capturing the spirit of classic British sitcoms, and there aren't really any new ones that are any good either (that are still going now)

    Great photo- but it's not an emperor but a male southern hawker. A male emperor would have an all blue abdomen with a continuous black dorsal stripe. Southern hawkers are very curious insects often coming to investigate people.

    good to know, was basing the fact that it was an emperor on the interpretation board so either (most likely) I didn't look at the picture on the board carefully enough or the board had an incorrect picture. It was definitely a very curious dragonfly, kept flying up to me to have a look at me (normally when I didn't have the camera). I'll have to try and educate myself in dragonfly ID I think as its something I don't know much about.

    I would love to go back see the Cretaceous period- dinosaurs + dragonflies with a metre wingspan. Go forward to woolly mammoths + sabre-toothed tigers.

    Perhaps a peek at Dickensian England. And from my lifetime- back to the early 70s when hippies were hairy (especially the women!!) + some great music on the radio.

    I was pretty much going to say mostly this. Would go back to a time before humans to see what the world looked/sounded like before human activity dominated everything (and would love to see a dinosaur in the flesh). Then go forward in time to Woodstock and then later to see Led Zeppelin live (which sadly was not in my lifetime).

    Then go way into the future to see how life evolves after humans are gone + I love old buildings that nature are reclaiming so walking round the ruins of London or another major city and seeing how nature is reclaiming it would be pretty mind-blowing. I think that evidence of humans will be gone by the time that life has evolved enough to be significantly different, so I would probably need a few trips to different parts of the future(in fact probably lots of trips to see the changes gradually).

    Also I'd want to be able to chose how involved I was in the time I was in. Either I'd be completely unable to interact with my surroundings (so I'd basically just be completely ethereal, or, if I was going back in my own timeline, be able to sense everything I felt at that time but not be able to operate everything. Or, if I could interact with the time I was in I'd want a 'preview changes' option and then get a 'do you want to save your changes?' alert (just in case I trod on a mosquito and prevented the human race from evolving or something)

    If I went back to my own timeline I'd probably just want to experience it rather than try to change anything, even things I think I'd like to change might have unintended bad effects