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    Don't forget Jester that it works both ways. If someone disbelieves something enough they will not see it even if it's right in front of them. The brain will just filter it out or come up with other explanations. Belief is a two way street. :)

    That's what I find weird about what happened to my parents in the post I made higher up, they don't and didn't believe and yet they still saw sommat.

    I've experienced far too much of the paranormal in ways I can verify for me not to believe in it. I don't have a choice any more, I've admitted it's there, put my hands up and gone 'fair enough, I see you'.

    That's exactly how I feel. I never used to believe in it at all, and yet the stuff I've experienced now I find it impossible not to believe.

    I hope you can get this sorted, I have experience of this myself, CBT can be really good so sorry the waiting list is so long, it's good you're aware of this and working at sorting it.

    My cat made me laugh today even though what she did to make me laugh happened last night, I'm still laughing at the thought of it. :D She was off on a mad un and was running round, screaching and jumping 6ft up the walls, this is usual for her, then she managed to jump on the switch for the floor lamp and plunged the room into darkness, me and me man were baked so we were totally blown away by her skill. :clap: She then screached and jumped up to nearly the top of the lamp. I was scared to go turn the thing back on in case she attacked me :D Never a dull moment when she's awake!

    Beautiful animals Daisymom, sorry to hear about Bill, and about your car too Lateralus. It really is like loosing a family memeber. We lost out cat Cosmic last year and I still miss her every day. It's weird though cause we only want 2 cats and without the loss of Cosmic we would never have known our mad tortie cat Twitchy who we got a few months after we lost Cosmic. I always find that kinda a head fuck in a way, to miss Cosmic so much yet feel I wouldn't want to be without the cat we only have cause we lost Cosmic.

    Mine didn't take well to it either time at all (I looked after it really well) and then I spoke to someone about it, a tattooist/piercer I became friends with, and he said I should never have got it done with a gun. But that's not to say it wont work out for others who have it done with a gun, it didn't suit me though. He told me a needle would pierce better through the scar tissue if I got it done again than if I didn't have scar tissue but not sure how true that is.

    You usually get 6-12 months warranty on stuff unless you buy an extended warranty, depending on where you purcased it from, if the goods break after the 6-12 months (most places offer 6 months but there are exceptions with some products and they get longer) you have to get an indepandant report to prove there was an inherent fault with the product. If you shout loud enough a manager might bend the rules though as previously mentioned :D

    My bloke is on the way home from Scotland where he's worked the last 2 days, we live in the Midlands so that's quite a commute :D (6 hours I think, he stayed in a hotel last night of course!) I wouldn't be willing to do that but his job is pretty cushty really for the hours he works and the pay he gets so I can see why he does it!

    I have 2 in each ear and that's it. I had my nose pierced twice but both times it was rejected after a few weeks, I was young and didn't know at the time that noses don't take well to being pierced with a gun. I used to want loads more in my ears but I was a chef at the time so I couldn't get more done, the ones I have would have started to close up after taking the earrings out for a shift. I'd like more in my ears and my nose done again but I doubt I'll bother, I dont think I can be arsed tbh :D

    Yes they are only human but they really should try not to judge too soon, surely that's part of their job, jeez. I can understand them having to ask if my fiance had been using. But when I said no the doctor still checked his arms and asked me again and looked at me with disbelief when I said he was needle phobic. He did say the type of infection he had which made him ill tended to be contracted by users. But not always. He should have left his judgement at the door while my fiance was lying there in rescuss fighting for his fucking life.

    With the deposit scheme you only get up to 3 times as much if you're still living there. My ex landlord didn't put mine in one and we got the deposit back, eventually, but as we had left his property we only got back what he owed us plus our court costs. So do it asap if it's not in one and you're still there!

    Glad your dad isn't too badly hurt.

    If you're still living there, and she hasn't use the deposit scheme r3ubs mentioned, shop her for it asap while you're still there as you will find it much easier getting the money back and you will also potentially get much more back than the deposit.

    I took my ex landlord to court a few months ago as he didn't pay me back my deposit. He wanted to keep most of it for no valid reason and we couldn't agree on a compromise so I took him to court and won. If you can call it that. If you need any advice, fire away.

    Hope your dad is ok.

    My internet connection breaking :D Last time this happened was because some div of an engineer had decided to unplug our cable in the connection box thingy. If that's happened again, I will screw.

    I remember when my fiance was taken ill, he was being worked on in the back of the ambulance getting ready to go to hospital, I was with him and it was about 5:30 am so the streets were quiet but someone walking past stopped and stood there staring at my faince while the paramedics tried to save his life. I screamed at him. I probably shouldnt have but my fiance was so ill and this bloke was just stood there gawping.
    I'm always ready to help anyone but I make a point of never looking over at ambulances now. Even tho it's kinda natural to and if I catch myself doing it I curse myself and look away.