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    We are now informed,aware and have a choice.If anyone cannot see the point of being a vegan then they are unlikely to understand sentience in other species than our own,nor have they stood in a slaughterhouse.

    Why are you replying to a post of mine from last year? I have apologized for that. Do you want to stir up some hate?

    I think a lab in a van is ideal, you can get away from everything and head off into a nice spot in the countryside to work. I think all you'd need is a decent bench you can sit at, and probably a 300W inverter (max) to run a soldering station (30W), desk lamp (~25W), and possibly scope/signal generators (50W), and radios (various). All that could run from a leisure battery bank for a few hours. This would be absolutely ideal in a van because you can move around for antenna testing at different locations! Other 'nice-to-haves' would be a laptop with 3/4G internet connection (probably another 60W).

    Something very important to consider though is heating! Sitting still in a lab in this weather would be a big no-no. Van wise, I could do this in my T4 and just about fit everything in, but there wouldn't be space for living full time as well. It would be a dedicated sleeper-lab.

    A soldering station can run from usb (I've seen them), likewise a lamp, although not great! Radios can (should) run from rechargeable batteries. A tablet consumes only a handful of watts. A signal generator I believe could potentially run from a laptop as well, but I could be wrong.

    Like you said, I wonder if there would be enough space left to live decently.

    EDIT: radios (especially transmitter) can generate a lot of heat. This could turn useful in winter. Cold temperatures are great for P.A .finals!

    Does anybody live full-part time a nomadic life and is able to pursue their radio/electronics/soldering hobby? I'm not even nomadic (crappy shared accommodation) and I find it difficult to find a place where to do my soldering, testing, etc.

    I wonder if I lived in a van or similar I wouldn't be able to pursue my hobby.

    How do you put a lab in a van? I mean there are vans that are already a lab, but can you live in it?

    See I don't mind low life trolls using profanities on a fake hippy forum. The real problem is that you also do this on air. And on our repeaters!

    Methinks that referring to peeps that have a different view to your fine self as 'scum of the earth' you should be used to being called a knobhead ?

    Nobody calls me a knobhead in real life. Only anonymous cowards like you might do.

    CB radio AFAIK is still used by many farmers amd is increasingly being used in elderly warden controlled facilities in the US to give residents a means of talking to each other and their local community.

    Many of them wouldnt be able to use it nor want to pass Amateur radio certification.

    As ex military radio user i had looked into doing the Ham Radio course ive even got the books on Foundation and intermediate licensing as refresher on current regulations and im a member of an online ham radio group but its exactly the superior attitude displayed here that ive encountered elsewhere that puts me right off proceeding.

    I think the primary role of any comms technology is to provide a useful purpose in the every day real world not just an expensive elitist hobby for a few knobheads.

    It's not really "superior" attitude. If you had to deal with insults from the general populace on a daily basis, and then discover that the insults are there because they think you are a CB, you'll know what I mean. The Foundation Licence was dumbed down at one point just to attract newcomers who otherwise would have stayed in the CB world or as pirates.

    Cbs don't care about interferences, TVIs, etiquette. etc. It's really a relic from the chaotic society of the 70s.

    The fact that you call knowledgable people "knobheads" really qualifies you for what you really are.

    Where do you find a place to park up in NL? The only areas I can think is Limburg and some parts of Brabant (south of Tilburg, near the border with Belgium). Lots of people live in caravan parks in the Netherlands. You can rent a place for a season or the whole year. I used to live in a caravan park just outside Valkenburg, but I was living in a hut and it wasn't cheap (about €400 a mo about 8 years ago). The woman who was running the place would keep my mail for me but wouldn't allow me to use their address for registration (bank, fiscal number, etc).

    Following this thread because I'm thinking of going back one day.

    As said in previous post, amateur radio. Professional cb'er.

    If you need to take an exam to talk to people then theres something wrong..

    Well there IS something wrong. This is why Ofcom requires that you pass an exam. When you transmit, you pollute the air waves. But if you know your stuff, your pollution is tolerable.

    I am pissed off when I pull out my HT and people shout at me: "Where is your lorry?" and "Break Break!!"!

    It's because of people like CBs who feel entitled to spread their crap on the air without a licence that we hams have to defend ourselves all the time.

    And I'm not even putting CBs and pirates at the same level. Some pirates are actually clever.

    Or maybe a valuable tool in an uncertain future ? , when the shit hits the fan your mobile phone will be a useful doorstop but a cb rig and 12v battery will provide communication ability.

    No! you're confusing amateur radio with CB. Amateur radio operators are licensed; they must pass an examination and trained to be respectful and cooperate with emergency services. We have to know the law inside out. CB's are just scum of the earth. Just listen to the CB band: insults, profanity, music.

    CB is not amateur radio!

    Citizen Band is a relic of the past, just like the Troubles, the potato famine, the black plague and the holocaust.

    Unfortunately with the advent of cheap Chinese radios like the Baofeng they are now invading the amateur bands and clogging VHF/UHF repeaters, because they can. Just say no to CB and CBers!

    You're totally right!

    Quite frequently, i see British expats driving around in their vehicles running down the pedestrians, and if there's a decent football match on, they strap explosives to themselves or the local bars, to teach them a lesson or two!

    Your name suits you very well! :*

    If memory serves me right, not so long ago (the 70s and 80s) white Catholics and Protestants were bombing each other in NI. Yes, they were British. No, they were not refugees or other dirty immigrants.

    Over to you.

    You guys finally convinced me! I was one of the SWJs snowflakes Remoaners loony lefty appeasers who believed that nobody could be framed as a sex pest just because of their race. But now I've opened my eyes. It's quite obvious: if it's a foreigner or an ethnic minority, it's quite normal for them to harass or rape innocent women. If it's white men (and in particular British white men) to grope a woman, then it means the woman is a slut and just deserves it.…egM?ned=uk&hl=en-GB&gl=GB

    Good fucking grief what are you on about,Trolling and bashing immigrants ,I've posted links to credible storys that show some of the negative aspects of reality of mass migration.

    There was a guy from Sweden on this forum about a year ago and he confirmed some of these stories from his perspective.

    Still haven't read any of the links I posted yet ? Where are the untruths ?

    Carry on shitting and strutting , winner

    I'm done for now

    So, you say you won't give up trolling, bashing immigrants, insulting people from different cultures and backgrounds than yours, disseminating prejudices, fear and untruths? Is that what you're saying? Well, let's see what the admin is going to say about it. At the end of the day I don't have a problem with you, but with those who give you a platform.