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    Money circulates, even if you save it the banks spend it!
    The money the wealthy spend will create jobs, don't worry about that.

    No and no.

    Money is created by the Central Bank (in the case of Britain the Bank of England) and used either directly to buy back Government bonds or given to the banks. The banks don't give it to the ones at the bottom of the chain but they also reinvest it in bonds. If they didn't do that, the system would collapse. This money created this way doesn't create jobs at all. In fact there are less jobs available and those who work earn considerably less that 10 years ago.

    I can appreciate here there are people ideologically against capitalism and that's fine, but please don't call high finance capitalism because it's a totally different phenomenon.

    So what are they doing with their money then? If they spend it, it will create jobs, you can't deny that cause if spending money does not create jobs then there is no point in giving money to the

    No, they're not spending it, at least not in the sense that we peasants spend it (on, say, food, housing, clothes, fags, booze). They spend it by buying properties and bonds, which doesn't benefit the average man but only those who are part of the bubble.

    I wouldn't call this system capitalism, not in the old fashioned sense. This is a sort of state capitalism or reverse socialism. When the banksters make money, they call it free market. When they lose the bet, they call on the state to bail them out.

    What about a "no supporter of capitalism" clause instead?

    Capitalism died long time ago. You can't have capitalism without capital. These banksters and their protectors (all politicians) have created money out of thin air (Quantitative Easing).

    At least the old fashioned so much hated capitalist invested his own money into production work. Now you only see money changing hands among the ultra super rich and nothing trickling down to us peasants.

    maybe im a pessimist but looking at a lot of the advertised posts on workaway there seem to be lot of places wanting people to come and clean their house, look after their kids, clean their b and b rooms for free ........ basically stuff they should be paying local people to do ....... there was one advert from a language school asking for people to come and teach english for free in exchange for a room, they are charging their students, seems like a con! Im sure there are lots of interesting and rewarding opportunities on there but would be wary of having the piss taken ....... maybe a lot of it is aimed at gap year students, but as long term truck dwellers cant see much that would work for us ........... maybe im in a negative mood this morning, praps ill have a look again later

    In my opinion Workaway is suited to young students in their gap year rather than mature hippies. Most adverts don't sound genuine. I have considered this site many times but have bad feelings about it.