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    Where I live is a rough party zone for upper-chavs who want to get smashed on the cheap. You should see the pile of trash they live behind.

    There's a group of Polish homeless who turn up on Sunday morning and clean up all the cans and bottles to drink the left overs. Then they put the cans and the bottles in the rubbish bins! They do what the council should do.

    The homeless (at least the ones who choose to be) fulfil a useful social function.

    Or simply make the Irish Sea the border and revert to the traditional Irish border tensions. That fairly simple solution is being blocked by the half a dozen DUP troublemakers Mrs May bribed, er sorry, gave a financial incentive to, to keep her slim majority. Can six seemingly bigoted people scupper the whole thing? Apparently so....

    No, please. Don't blame the six DUPers! There's a consistent part of the Tory party that would be ok with the break up of the Union. Imagine what it would be for England if the occupied territories of Scotland and NI left the Union? A Tory majority forever! It's only Labour that need Scotland.

    No Deal- Hard Brexit-Hard Border is inevitable and it's not a matter of choice.

    There are 3 parties to this game: the UK , the EU and the Irish (all of them, North+South).

    A compromise is achievable at the last minute about free trade, free movement and the so called rebate.

    But in order to avoid a hard border between NI and Eire, NI needs to be part of the common market. It is a sensible solution, if it wasn't that the British government cannot accept for fear of losing face. Not that they have any face left, but they are good at pretending because the media is still pretty much Tory friendly.

    No custom union, no soft border.

    Hard border means repudiation of the GFA. In other words, prepare for NI to be annexed to Eire any time soon. Scotland will follow.

    Bring it on!

    "Schadenfreude" is a cool name. I like it!

    It's a word that's become a part of English vocabulary (like zeitgeist) for those with an expanded vocabulary. :)

    Nephele, you'll be shocked to find that here in Blighty at least 17,410,742 people, as of June 2016, didn't have an expanded vocabulary.

    Any organisation like the EU that allows billions of euros of it's money to pass into the hands of the Mafia ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate must be more than corrupt....

    So, what do we do? Why not attack them? We can let Putin start an aggression like in Crimea. They can take all the EE countries. Then we could let them put their missile bases here. At the end of the day, Putin is Trump's friend, and Trump is our friend, right?

    Summed up in two words: Ponzi scheme.

    First off, online surveys are a waste of time. Microworking instead is a bit more rewarding. However the UK is not a very good place to do microworking. Most jobs are reserved to users in the US for various reasons. even investing in a US based VPN doesn't work because the microworking sites ban by IP.

    I stopped doing microworking 2 years ago. It won't pay your bills. But you can make £2 to £3 in 15 minutes if you're fast and organised. Put it this way: it's an extra £370-1095 a year tax free.

    I have noticed the logic of some folk seems to be that because they hate time wasters so much, they will penalise and punish everyone with a charge to see a doctor.

    What lovely people. :rolleyes:

    Sorry but you're being naive here. If a system is being abused, doing nothing is not the best option. Even a small charge (£5 per booking) is not the end of the world and would stop timewasters and freeloaders. Just about anywhere in Europe you'd have to pay either for a GP visit or for medicines, and I can't see much complaining.

    The House of Lords couldn't stop Brexit if they wanted. The UK officially notified the EU the intention of leaving the Union. If in the meantime no agreement is reached, a hard Brexit will happen. If an agreement is reached, something slightly different from a hard Brexit will happen. But the Parliament cannot stop Brexit. It could have stopped the PM from declaring the intention to leave but this did not happen.

    Anybody who perpetuates this fake news that a UK institution can stop Brexit is either a moron or someone who is paid to fool morons.

    hi am a bit new to this but the problem in the uk is to many 60 plus brexet and to many uni useless degrees nobody wants to or expects work for minimum wage and why the hell did we have the referendum in the first place its just tore the uk in half

    Because the low hanging fruit has always been and will always be to blame the foreigners for everything. It has always worked wonders and always will. Amen!

    I put a lot of turmeric powder on my meat and veggies, and I'm pretty sure it has some beneficial effect, but... the active component (curcumin) has a very poor bioavailability. The only medical studies (that I have read) have used proprietary curcumin extract, some of which are not even for sale. Turmeric in large quantity can be toxic.

    Turmeric is largely used in India, where lifespan is about 68 years.

    We don't need foreign fresh fruit and vegetables we can grow our own, if they want to sell their fruit and veg here its up to them to sort out their problems not us. That's not our concern.

    We... who? Surely you don't think "we" is referred to the British people, do you?

    Is this a provocation or are you genuinely delusional? You'd rather send the country 100 years backwards just because you don't like the European Union or its immigrants?

    Most people in this country depend on foreign food. 99.9% of the population don't even know how to grow their own fruit. (I actually don't eat fruit but that's a different story.)

    I used to think Brexit was a disaster, but now I'm sure it's the best thing since sliced bread. There's no other solution to the NI/EIRE/EU border than a hard border. This means we'll have a unified Ireland in 5-10 years time. Wow!