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    i call in quite regularly and have a peek..but with work,and stuff going on thats taking a lot of brain space at the comment,but dont think the contents of my messy head would be welcome, try harder,but life is hard atm,lol xx

    just got back from town(small,rural,N.E Lincs).and everyone in shops had a mask.around the town very patchy..iv decided im not comfy in mine,a buff neck going to try a disposable one tomorrow,my lads got a pack,if not il have a go with a cotton made one

    i think i have a good sense of smell,and there are smells im not comfy with..a car that smells of dog,a smokers house,altho i dont notice it in the van..other smells comfort me,old beery,smokey pub smell(was bought up in a pub)creosote...i know,odd,lol..but dont like dirty body smells,like really bogging when people have poor hygiene ,but like lindsey i love ujs smell and just snuggle up for a sniff..chemical smells are a no no,we hardly use chemical products so somewhere like my old neighbours house,where plug ins were everywhere,i could ever smell it in the garden ,are stifling..supermarket washing powder aisles urgh! x

    i was lucky,when i got to secondary they d just changed it so girls and boys could do all the craft subjects,and i came top in a class of lads at woodwork..standard schooling shouldnt restrict what you are interested in and wish to study,although i know it does at the time ,due to maturity and being a teen dosnt always give you the oumph to "go get"..if i knew now id be an arborist,but at 54 im a tad old to go swinging through trees lol xx

    I’ll give you a early morning phone call if you want mate. I wake around 4.00-4.30am. I love it when I’m so engaged with life, I’m Frightened of missing something. But we are all on a rollercoaster and the dips are just a recharge point, before we hit the highs.

    I really hope so steve,im struggling at the mo,went to see my kids this weekend,which was great,but since iv been back im on a low..trying to recharge but finding it hard..need to get out me thinks 😊..xx

    mine comes and goes,the lockdown hasnt helped,but i try to do something,anything and usually get into it in the end..the less i do,the less i want to,but once i get going im a flitter anyway,so tend to have a few projects on the go in the same minute!..i have to be strict with myself or i get restless then moody so im best kept busy..if i find a spare mojo il put it aside for you x

    we ve been carrying on as normal ish,no work as the place i was working at has closed perminantly due to the virus and no business sense well before less often,and just me going as im the stronger health wise..but no masks,just as said common sense really

    iv applied for these farming positions on a few sites and they say applications closed,no response or wanting all my details,ie ni number bank details(i dont think so,not till i know you re a real peopley person)..even up here in farm world theres nowt local,and in a persistent lil sod when im bored and wantbto work! for going out..i thouhjt the new support bubble thing might apply to me,but just heard someone on the radio say its within a 5 mile have to look into it as i need to see im missing them especially xx

    thanks all...would you be willing to post or sell any RT?the weight will prob bugger up the postage tho,and collections dodgy at the mo so understand if not x

    We need a new kettle,at the mo we have a copper fast boil,its all carbonising round the coils around the bottom,it must be 20 plus years old and had some uses and travels..but..i cant find another..its got to be stove top,to be used on wood burner too..anyone bought 1 recently,copper or cast iron..links ,prices,reviews welcome,thanks

    it was definitely a peopley thing rick,someones been up the field to the quarry area too snooping around,nicked a wheelbarrow that a group up there uses,but you know how remote we are,it just dont make sense ..our land ladys supposedly seem a big black cat round here,but shes seen dragons over the farm so not trusting that as a firm witness lol x

    we d love to put out bird food etc,but know its rat bait,we have some crows we feed but they take it all within 10 mins so we know its clean outside the van..we did have rats in the engine bay,but didnt realise till we d tatted down to go somewhere,checked the oil and the amount of rat poo in the engine bay was..well,lots!not had them where we are now but we have a little female cat that we ve seen drag the odd rat carcus across the yard x

    only flattened grass/weeds,and the damade,no evidence of animal activities..even in the ditch,which is damp and i sank i it,no prints of any kind..or in the field of beans next door,no flattened crops..we ve heard or seen no more,the farmer said he d barb wire the gap,but not holding him to it,head like a sieve..i dont really want that as a view anyway..not worried about people gaining access, doubt it would be to inconvenience us anyway

    apparently zoo’s have been destroying some of the animals. Maybe they let a bear or gorilla free and that’s the culprit.

    You re so on our wavelength,there is a new wildlife park about 15 miles away,uj said an animal,but i said only someting with gotta be a monkey or bear escaped😁

    They look like claw markings!
    a big bear was sharpening its claws on the tree which made the bark fall off,

    Whilst doing this the bear knocked the hanging lantern, which is when you came outside, the bear saw you thought omg that’s that crazy woman all the bears are scared of and it ran away never to be seen again. :)

    Yup!definately all that 😁

    'Tis a mortal strange story, Rainbomama!

    Has anybody got a grudge against you and UJ being there? Like to trying to put the frighteners on?

    A queer way of doing it, though, I must say.

    If it goes on I'd be thinking of getting a big dog and letting him stay out at night.....

    I dont think we ve annoyed anyone,not to go to the time,travel and trouble to get miles worse than a dog when riled keith lol

    That is just a head mess. There’s no real use for the bark I know of. Only thing I can think is : often planting a screen of evergreen is a prerequisite of a planning consent. I’ve been asked before to clear fell blocks/screens of leylandiI/cupressus. Then then the real owner can be exempt from prosecution. , screens are gone and owner gets the view back.
    Could there be some contention between the site owners - site users or the planning dept? this won’t kill the tree out right, but could make for a dangerous tree and therefore (removal) Does someone want you out and you get the blame for the damage?

    I would a set trip wire (fishing line) and a 12 volt light switch to a bulb in your van. Strange they kept out of the pir light sensor range (almost like they knew the layout)

    I told the owner straight away and he said it could be a couple of lads he let go,but why?its behind a container so if i hadnt seen it ,it would go un noticed for ever probably..we thought of someone against us,but hes too thick to get here and not got the tree damage im pissed about..if they had a grudge with the owner,theres a yard full of vehicles to damage to have more effect on the business

    the lamp iron was left stuck in what i presume would be the next bit of bark...bark was thrown into the ditch next to the tree..there are stab marks on the other side of the tree about 5 odd feet high downwards,not loads but enough to notice as they re weeping sap..the stripping goes about 15 ft up the tree..its the why?its just too random..theres no sign of anyone coming in through the field next to us,no trod on crops or foot paths through grass or find the lamp irons which were lent against the next tree you d need a torch.the rest of the yard has cameras and movement activater lights,none were on when i went out .we are literally in the wilds

    A real mystery here today..we live in a remote quite secure compound in literally the middle of nowhere..surrounded by fields,cottage next door,500yds away ish..last night was windy,when setting in bed we heard a tapping about 11.30,i went out as it sounded as if it was something against the van,tracked it down to a solar hanging lantern..shouts all this into uj in bed,so made a bit of noise..went in,thought no more..this afternoon i went round the back where im sorting out a bit of a garden to sit,and someone has been round the back,which is tree lined backing onto a field and found a lampiron i had round there to hang candle lamps on and used it to strip bark off a big old leylandii i think or some sort of fir..fuking fuming,why?how?who? time il be waiting try and post pics