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    I guess that's because they believe they will make more money by us being in the EU. That, after all, is the nature of capitalism (although I doubt it is what Adam Smith had in mind all those years ago when he came up with the title).

    True, but is Farage the friend of the worker? I mean we've had many of those over the years and fuck me, with friends like that eh?

    Also ...

    Watching location changes when the actors must have had FTL travel to get between A & B and then C in a short time, when those points are many miles apart ...

    A really good example is when Robin Hood lands at Dover, next scene has him at Hadrian's Wall in sycamore gap and then back near Nottingham.

    What bothered me was, where was Errol Flynn?

    They'd replaced him with a miserable actor from NZ.

    If the EU is our enemy who is our friend?





    British capitalism?!!!!!!!

    To be fair the last the majority of the capitalists in this country are pro-EU.

    Or simply make the Irish Sea the border and revert to the traditional Irish border tensions. That fairly simple solution is being blocked by the half a dozen DUP troublemakers Mrs May bribed, er sorry, gave a financial incentive to, to keep her slim majority. Can six seemingly bigoted people scupper the whole thing? Apparently so....

    No, not at all they can't. What ever will be will be.

    Probably there was a general feeling that there was too much corruption in the EU, and in the dealings of some wealthy people in this country with the EU. Certainly most of the working people I spoke with before the referendum were going to vote to come out. For a variety of reasons, often to do with how they had seen their skilled and semi-skilled wages drop drastically as a result of a large influx of workers from eastern EU countries, who were willing to do the same work for minimum wages, which employers loved.

    Just as planned by the economic planners of the EU, of course.

    UKIP had a variety of reasons too, from jingoism and dislike of being ordered about by a country we had already beaten twice in two world wars, to what they saw as the free-wheeling independence of going it alone, to deluded visions of Britain becoming Great again.

    I don't think UKIP were overly concerned with EU corruption, they probably had some of their own to deal with.

    That would be an odd plan. As a large influx to one country leads to a large outflow from others. Leading to wage rises in the those countries. So if that is their master plan, it's a bit like starting a fight and kicking yourself in the balls!

    You've got the best one so far.

    Just heard Tommy Robison is being let out on a technicality,i believe he is to stand for a retrial at the Old Bailey.

    Well, lets hope he gets a fair trail and we all respect the decision.

    This does not change the fact that he is a complete cunt of the highest order. One of the saddest individuals this country has vomited forth. Believe that is saying something.

    Thank you! These are all awesome, I will love them forever.

    They seem to take everything we leave out for them in Southampton. Never known them to leave anything behind. Or leave any reminder cards. Some people do fly-tip and they don't pick that shit up, just leave it there with a notice saying it's an environmental crime.

    Who the fuck is going to draw up a trade agreement with the UK?

    This shitty nation that has projected so many sick processes out into the world in the name of empire, capitalisation, industrialisation, exploitation, profiteering, elitism, class creation and the beaurocratic bullshit that follows.

    England is going to be fucked over and shat on from all directions post brexit and it really is time that our snotty landowners were put in their place.

    With May, Hammond, Gove, Johnson, Rees-Mogg, utter & cunts on our side of the negotiating table you just know we are going to get shafted. Apart from their banker friends of course. This lot sold 7.7% of RBS shares for a 2 billion pound loss...despite RBS making nearly a billion pounds in profit. Can this lot do anything right?

    OMG, I will eat anything but got laughed at as I said, only as long as it's gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb, low fat, low-calories, sugar free, fair trade and not processed.

    What is wrong with stating that?

    I am thinking, If i hadn't decided that I would have summer off due to being made redundant, would i still be inundated with job offers? I honestly thought that i would be on the shelf until i retired? flattered that at 59 I am still in demand... my photography will have to take a backseat for a while... or, i could do a shop project... people who visit health shop portraits maybe?? hmm, now there's a thought.. !!
    Until then, i shall be washing up and making sandwiches in an italian cafe... lol

    Just goes to show you should never write yourself off, that is wonderful! Hope you enjoy your job in Italy.

    I pay £1000s of tax each year and NI and duty on fuel etc. I have to pay this tax because if I don't men with gun/batons/tazers will turn up and violate me. I do not agree with tax and I will pay as little as I possibly can but whilst I am coerced into paying tax with the threat of violence then I will be happy to use the ambulance service or hospitals since I am being forced to pay for them.

    I feel sure I have mentioned this many many times before, even in this very thread.

    BS you pay it! LOL, read Adam Smith on taxation before saying you do.

    Love the bit about the men with guns turning up, course the men with guns will turn up if you take things and you only "pay" the tax

    Try it and see what happens.

    I'm sure they already have something on file but it sprobably censored?, who knows. By the way I keep almost hitting the report button on my fone instead of the quote!!

    I believe in the ghost in the machine though!

    I did read a quantum physics explanation for ghost once. Didn't really understand a word of it, but the gist of it was that groups of atoms can stay linked together, so even when out body decays the atoms that combine to make each of us still remain together as a cluster. So if ghost do exist they would be an entirely natural phenomenon as opposed to 'super natural'. I don't think it explains phantom spectres and all that but it's still an interesting idea.

    All they have to do now is to scientifically find one then.