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    just leave it on Aperture priority


    and that means you only have to worry about one thing

    yup...pretty much!

    or shutter priority (tv on canon), camera chooses aparture, u think about 2 things! kind of...

    just check the shape of the histogram is the way i roll :)

    *just got a new (pre - owned) canon 55-250 delivered today so oot for some zoom-tastic stuff up the woods / hills at the weekend.... woot :pp

    well i voted once and the sound track to that was *things can only get better*, b'liar promised nothing, said he would have to look at the state of affiars when he formed a cabinet and then he proceeded to morph the labour party into some pseudo-tory party. i never voted again. my polling days have been in the form of protests and demo's since... feet on the street is my polling day and ive made sure to do it as often as possible since i was last conned into voting. this time its the referendum, i will vote and vote yes. reasons... well i see scotland as having a distinct and different culture from the rest of the uk, maybe we can see a true resurgence of gaelic, our true language. a recognition that scots folk care about there fellow man, more than cash monies and policies to reflect that. voting in scotland will mean that we get a goverment that we vote for not one that the rest of the uk decides we can have. my sincere hope is that scotland becomes independent and will become one of the last bastions of the left and from that other parts of the uk will change too.

    Cò an caora sin còmhla riut a chunnaic mi an-raoir?

    some tips

    wear some old clothes, hat - bin stink is a hazard
    boots gloves and head torch rucksack and some spare shopping bags
    gas cupboard meter key - the big fat yellow one that opens the cupboard with the triangular protrusion inside rounded barrel of lock, bucket locks are the same. gas key fits like a charm.

    i go do my shopping at any time but if on my own i tend to go when its dark, just feels better.

    have a good check out of the bucket area and unlock. scope the bucket, most supermarkets empty each section of the shop into separate bags. lift out a bag and open, check out contents, after a while you get used to weight of bags and can usually figure out whats packaging waste and foodz. have a good look at contents figuring out whether you will actually eat what you got or not (bin fever is to be avoided at all got to carry items and store them, freezer is a big bonus). i have a system where i lift out bags i have semi opened while they inside bucket, take what i need making a stack of usable stuff. then replace bags to one side of bucket and my partially assessed bags on the other.

    2 resaons u should have a system like this. 1 the police or shop staff might get annoyed with you piling bags outside the bucket, making a mess. 2 speed, its best to just get on with the job fairly quickly.

    always always be realistic about what you can carry and store

    use the spare bags u brought to put things into, then into your rucksack, this contains any spillages etc that you might not have noticed, split yoghurt pots, squashed fruit etc

    dealing with shop staff / police. if someone captures you mid way through the job its best to be polite and just apologise, point out you haven't made a mess (see above about having a system to keep your work area tidy), and say you will leave immediately, also say that you are hungry! pride has to go if its the police or the shop staff are threatening to call the police. tbh ppl, including the police, really dont want to deal with this kind of thing. you will not be arrested and even if you were its never going to go to court.

    i suppose you just got to use your common sense, i cant think of any more tips atm, hope this helps a little.... im off to munch another packet of walkers prawn cocktail crisps and maybe have a peach :):)

    *one more thing... cctv isnt going to stop me, i have went bucket diving under cctv many times and never had police or shop staff appear

    another successful bucket dive at farmfoods

    x6 multipack of 6 walkers crisps (prawn cocktail)
    x2 cheese colelslaw
    x4 potato coleslaw
    x4 egg mayo sandwich spread
    x2 packs of hotcross buns
    x1 pack of wholemeal brown rolls
    x2 pack of sultana scones
    x2 packs of blueberries
    x2 punnets of peaches
    x10 packs of sliced meats (will be good cat food)
    x4 petit felous yogurts
    x4 huge broccoli

    i will be dining well for this week or so, fridge and freezer is rammed full :)

    me and my pal's latest haul from farmfoods in galashiels

    the meat stuff is his, im a nonmeat eater


    x2 loafs of warburtons bread (nice for toast)
    x2 sanwich spread
    x3 salmon steaks
    x1 pack of chicken curry pies (wierd)
    x1 pork pie
    x2 packs of ham
    x1 yoghurt
    x7 rustlers microwave burger things
    x3 cheese and onion quiches
    some bananas
    some oranges
    x2 tins without labels (surprise foodz lol)

    anyhoo this was a quick bucket dive on the way back from the pub, just shows you whats available! will be going back tooled up (rucksack, head torch etc) later on to get some potatoes and more fruitz.
    farmfoods in galashiels, entrance to bucket is from the dwp carpark (hurhur) and the gate is usually open and bucket is always unlocked too, the items are bagged up nicley and not spoiled like some supermarkets are doing now. seems no one apart from me atm is shopping there. just a heads up to any ukhippies in the area or passing through (you can park and shop lol).

    when you are facing prison, you got to think worst case scenario! when you are in prision dont think about the outside, just one day at a time! you got to get you head up and shoulders back and think about outside when you near the end of your stretch. like another poster said when your out your cell head up when your in your cell feet up. you got to get your head in the right place for this my friend, sorry for being blunt but its how to deal with it really, best of luck

    idk seems a bit of an over-reaction to me... labelling some guy crazy etc cos he posts some stuff online, sorry im not convinced, since when did having a different view on things (weird converstaions) and expressing yourself artististicly (chilling skethes), seeing him as a stalker cos he reached out to you on fb. seeing his conversations with himself as wierd instead of a lonley person reaching out..... sorry im just not buying into that he has mental health probs, or the trendy phrase 'issues'. ppl in society now are to earger to label folk and 'signpost' them to 'services'. what ever happened to being friends with folk you know. try being a friend to this guy, after all you say you known him since school, just a thought

    im sure your brief will give it his best shot for you! take care and all the best of luck, seriously. get your head in the right place for going to the big house my friend... my advice is to look on the bleakest side possible and wrap your brain around that, then anything else is gravy!

    magpie in garden is encouraging my lil lenny cat to go further and further out on to the bendy branches of a tree, just hops away to another branch and caws, very funny watching wobbly lil cat :)

    1/2 dozen or so goldfinches visiting the garden too

    not boring at all, would be nice to hear how your doing and few more tutorials etc, interesting stuff imho. wish i had the confidence to intereact with the general population and do something like you do, how do you find it? doesnt it make you nervous being out there with folk looking at you and stuff?


    Thats easy to say when you dont have two rents to pay, due to circumstances i pay my own rent in aberdeen. The second most expensive city in britian to live in.
    I also pay as much of my ex's rent and bills as i can, so my sqon has a roof over his head and can have things that children need, ie food clothes toys ect

    I personally dont really care about money, but my landlord does so does the shops when i want food so i have no choice

    The more i earn the better i can provide for my son its as simple as that im afraid,

    i suppose everyone's circumstances are different, i never made a family so never had to think about funding children through life. that will be my regret if i ever tell a youn 'un some advice, 'have some kids'



    Anyway im in it for the money, turns out the more money you have the easier life is

    if u live simply then all u need is the basics covered, been that way in a job i had for last 10 years worked part-time and didnt want or need anymore than that, i know ppl will probably find that hard to believe but i never have been interested in money or house buying. i would agree with social house building to make some building jobs and give ppl a home, or relaxing planning regs to allow ppl to live on the land in a simple way. when i was working if my wages had doubled tbh i would have just halved my hours.

    i used to work with older ppl supporting them to maintain their independence in their communities etc, during conversations they never spoke about the job that they shouldve had, the overtime they wished they had done, or the bigger house or better car, they always spoke about spending more time with ppl, friends and family, the regrets were about the love that got away, things like that.

    work to live, dont live to work

    seems to me that corporate welfare is better in some places than others, thats why they move. i cant see what its got to do with the workers wages and conditions because after all thats just a fraction of the cost that eats into the MASSIVE profits they make. corporations loyaltiy lies to the shareholder not the worker or the customer, its been termed coporate fascism where corporations were given the legal standing of a person, crazy huh! i still fail to see where this capitalism is that people speak of, there has never been such a thing or such a thing as free markets, free trade or any such other nonsense!
    *anyhoo, rant over :(


    the small print in their terms of use grants them intellectual property rights on everything you store on their drives...I'm not prepared to live with that :)

    wow thats scary stuff, count me out of all that shennaigans too!


    Who needs hard drive?
    Make it a live DVD!
    If there is data to be saved, either: USB stick

    pretty sure i understand this part....
    you can download a linux distro (ubuntu, linux mint edition, or any other flavour u like). burn the dowloaded image to a blank dvd. stick dvd in drive of machine that has no hard drive and up should pop an option to run 'live cd' without installing linux on the system (which you cant do anyhoo cos no hard drive). it then runs like as if there was a hard drive kind of, well just the same really. do some stuff stick usb memory stick thingummy into usb port and save whatever you were doing, writting a document or surfing the www (you can even export your bookmarks from the web browser too, to reupload next time u use the computer and browser). when you shutdown there will be nothing saved anywhere (except the usb stick). next time you use comp use the dvd and usb in the same way;

    cant help with the cloud/network server/or making one hard drive act as network server tho :eek:

    ok i understand now, so bm and then post restante (3 monthly and change po). exaclty the clarification i needed. i might need to use this way forward if i do decide to live in my van. thanks much