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    If you travel over or camp on private property it is regarded as a civil matter and not a criminal offence. The landowner can apply to the courts to have you removed and to stop you returning. If you damage property while on the land or in order to gain accesd then this becomes criminal trespass and you can be arrested. If you climb over fencing, gates etc, then this is also a criminal act, entering an enclosed area, and again, you can be arrested. If you light a campfire then again, you can be arrested for criminal trespass as this is regarded as arson. In most cases, if your being readonable, the police seem to try and keep their involvement to a minimum as long as your willing to move on as soon as is reasonable.They even allowed me to stay one night although I had a camp fire and although a water bailiff was demanding our immediate removal.

    I had a lodger for around a year. It was on the quiet so that was always a worry. The guy was great and rarely posed a problem. Ground rules had been put in place which for the most part, he stuck too. He kept himself to himself. Cooked his own meals and was generally, no problem at all.
    However!! Not having my own space started to grind at me but he wasn't doing anything wrong so I could hardly throw him out.
    Then, one day he staggered in after an all night bender. I got him too his bed. After about an hour I heard him go to the bathroom and then come out. Hedidn't go back to his room though so I went to check on him. He was stood pissing all over my bed and clothes? Just a warning.

    The way you feel about even the thought of living in a city is actually quite common.
    You have a deep rooted anxiety of crowded and busy places.
    The way to deal with this is to face it. But it is hard! Short shopping trips into busy
    Places. Short bus rides on busy buses. And build up from there.
    Set yourself a bit of a timescale to beat this. This is your first battle! Your next battle
    Is what to do with all those possesions. Sell what you can. More money for when you
    Go back to college. The cats is a tricky one of course. All said and done, what actually
    Jumps out at me is that your ready to embrace an adventure, one that will hopefully
    Lead to a qualification, but as good as that qualification may be it will pale in comparison
    To what you will gain through taking on and winning these personal battles. Good luck

    Don't forget the tin opener! Everyone forgets the tin opener! That aside, the priority has to be on getting a good nights sleep.
    So! Some sort of floor covering would be great and would add to your comfort and provide some insulation. Then, as already mentioned, an air bed. If it's cold though, cold air sinks and tends to run along the channels of the air bed, producing a
    refrigeration effect. A couple of sheets over the air bed would counter this. Then a good sleeping bag or just use the bedding
    you already have. Make sure you air the bedding regularly to remove the moisture caused by condensation. Always have a
    Torch close by.

    Great list Alice. It's probably worth mentioning that the smoke from Oak can be really irritatinh to the throat unless it's
    Seasoned as you've already mentioned. Produces a long lasting gire though.
    Thats irritating and fire. Damn tablet lol