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    I think the toilet thing would be the biggest problem, especially in a car! And especially for me as I tend to go a lot, (bowel disease) as I have to eat a lot of fibre and drink a lot of water. I've thought about it a lot and I think I could get by with a bit of tactical parking for public conveniences and also as Subgenre suggests, having a shovel to hand.
    I take it you were into Judge Dread then Lionheart

    Ha ha. Good points entirely Lionheart and Raffi. It seems that the general consensus from everyone seems to be, much better a van, which I kinda knew anyway, but if it's gonna be a car, then a volvo is about as good as it gets.
    I don't actually have to move into a vehicle straight away Raffi. I'm just being a bit eager there.
    It has been hard to save even to this extent and at times, the money goes down rather than up.
    I thought to get the car then save again which would be much easier with less bills to pay.

    Thanks guys. That helps a lot!
    Grendal, it's a 960. The other good point about it is that it already has a tow bar fitted which gives more possibilities when I get more cash.
    I would much prefer a van greenvanman but haven't been able to find anything for that amount of cash.
    I know that the volvo is right regarding reliability. Just gonna be a bit tight for space.

    Hi everyone. Need some advice if you can please, and maybe a bit of encouragement.
    I have the opportunity to buy a 1996 Volvo estate.
    It's gonna cost me £600 which on the face of it may seem a lot but it comes with a full 12 months test and has been looked after.
    Will this do to live in do you reckon. I'm under no illusions as to the difficulties with it being a car as opposed to a van and it's gonna clean me out initially. Haven't had my own car for years so insurance is sky high.
    Hope you can help guys.

    This is an interesting subject.
    You've won half the battle already because your very aware of the dangers out there.
    Your main defence is in the following areas; awareness, take longer to look at and think about things that are happening around you. Think about these things happening around you and their relevance to you. Example, your walking down a road and a van pulls up a hundred metres in front of you, chances are, it's all normal, but it's also a moment of opportunity for some nutter to drag an unsuspecting victim into the van, through a side or back door. So, this is awareness. Then you have to make a judgement and based on that judgement, have some well thought out actions.
    For making a judgement think of this as a warning that something is wrong; 'the absence of the normal or the presence of the abnormal'.
    When you have all this in place, then you can work on your close defences. This can be phycological and physical which would also include standard precautions such as locked doors etc.
    To fight your way out of trouble, just work on 2 or 3 'missiles(punch or kick)' and learn to do them very well!

    It would be difficult to live a normal lifestyle if living year round in a tent. A lot would on your circumstances, resources etc as to whether you would be living in relative comfort or just surviving.
    Is it a lifestyle choice or forced upon you. Do you have some level of support from family/friends, eg, for laundry, showers etc., will you have some financial back up. You could consider using launderette services.
    It is doable but as Tim points out, not an easy choice year round and would need a lot of discipline to maintain a reasonably healthy and acceptable standard of living.

    I've camped in all weathers and at all times of the year. The coldest was around -10. As long as you have the correct equipment and clothing you should be fine if your reasonably healthy.
    The cold by itself shouldn't present too many problems to an experienced camper, the cold, wet and wind being the main cause of problems for campers in the british isles.
    Happy Camper, I often camp by myself also in winter cos people just think I'm mad

    I seem to be susceptible to ghosts having seen a lot and having many more experiences where a ghost was not seen.
    This is one of those stories. It also appears in haunted Leeds, although they got the detail wrong.
    Me and my now ex wife had bought a house. Lots of weird things used to happen on a regular basis and our dog would never settle.
    This particular night my sisterin law was staying in the spare bedroom.
    In the middle of the night we were woken to my sister in law shouting through to us that something was trying to pull her out of bed.
    She was getting in a bit of a panic and was adamant that although she couldn't see anything, something was in her room. She started to panic more so I shouted her to come into our room. She got to our door but couldn't open it. She was now screaming, saying it's locked.
    I got out of bed and simply opened the door. It was not locked.
    That was the end of that night. My sister in law never returned to the house.
    The story continues however.
    The following night I was woken and although I couldn't see anything, my eyes followed a path were I knew this thing was. It hovered above me. I sat up and was immediately struck, catapulting me backwards with massive force. My head was spinning and I remember thinking that I'm going to die.
    It came back the next night and hovered above me. I just layed there and it left.
    We sold the house shortly after. The house has sold many times since and is always on the market.
    For over 10 years I had nightmares about the house and would never even drive near it, always taking a detour if needed.

    Ha ha ha.... I'd go along with you anytime Suzy. Do you know, that sounds do cool Suzy, travelling around whilst gigging. I'm sure you'll love it. Hope your partner does too. Whatever I choose to do I'll let you know where I am so we could always meet up anyway.

    Thanks to the rest of you guys too for all taking the time to share your thoughts. The comments have been really helpful.

    Gotta agree with ma..... Hovercrafts do fly. Only a few inches above ground level or water, but it's still flying. Good thing is, you don't need a parachute :)

    I don't know much about vans, but could you get one which needs updating or a part project.. Do it up over winter and then sell her on?

    Thanks everyone. A lot of positive stuff here. Regarding doing the van up, I simply just wouldn't have a clue. Shame really because it's an excellent idea.

    Thanks guys. It's looking like the van is winning out at the moment. It does make more sense with winter on the doorstep although it will clear me out of funds in the short term. Thanks again everyone :)

    Thanks Chris. That is something I'm looking at. It would be a totally new lifestlye with quite a bit of freedom and I would be close to family too. Thanks again.

    Hi guys

    In a bit of a confused state at the moment. Really not sure which way to go!
    I'm just gonna throw this out there as all advice and the different perspectives would be greatly appreciated.
    I had a plan to take the job I have now which is great money, and save til around April where I would then get off wwoofing among other things.
    My daughter has already moved into my home with her family releasing me of all obligations to bills.
    The job hasn't worked out. My notice is given and I'll be off at the end of October. On foot is the idea.
    My funds will be limited. About 2 and a half grand.
    I have taught in the outdoors and have good gear and a load of experience to fall back on and despite being really nervous, terrified actually, I'm also excited at having the opportunity to meet new people, explore a new lifestle, learn new skills and more importantly, learn about myself.
    The spanner in the works in a good way is that I have been offered a part time job which would give me an income and lots of free time to do other stuff or extra work as needed. The cash I have would buy me an ok ish van to live in. The job itself I could go at anytime on an evening. I would be a key holder. There are showers and washing and cooking facilities. What do I do?

    Just wondering how those people managed who have no assets? I still think its sorta possible, but maybe less comfortable? Maybe if you are younger and fitter you can do Woofing and other stuff? Did people find others to share this with? It might be hard to do on your own, esp. if female?

    I'm 55 but am going to give wwoofing a go along with some other avenues. I will be "roughing it" quite a lot too! But I'm used to that :)

    So you've got til the 31st.
    Firstly i'd check out the friends drive short term, lets assume it gives you another week.
    As you say, maybe you can find somewhere long term, and an obliging friend to tow it. Maybe a pub, restaurant car park would let you park it in exchange for a bit of casual labour such as kerping the grounds tidy.
    You'd have to move every 28 days though.
    Hope it works out for you

    Littlesuzy.... I'm going back to about 1992 now. I used to teach survival courses on Dartmoor and on this particular weekend, although not actually teaching, I took the wife (now ex) down along with a friend and his partner. We'd been out for the day in Tavistock, just off the moor, and was returning to Princetown. I saw a girl hitchhiking. I stopped to pick her up. I was this girls 2nd lift of the day. The first lift being an old couple who also bought her something to eat.
    I've never forgotten this girl and to be honest, meeting her had a massive impact on me.
    She had a thick parka type coat on and carried a rucksack that weighed a ton. Strapped to the rucksack was a sheepskin rug and some baskets which i assume were for gathering food.
    This girl lived her life on the move in the southwest. I could have talked for hours with her.
    What i also noticed was some creeping sarcastic comments from my own companions.
    This was a massive learning curve for me not just about the girl and the life she lived but also about the people i choose to spend my time with and the life i live.
    TI'm passing the story on in the hope it will inspire you too..

    [QUOlittlesuzyblue;1342870]this is what i want to do.. posted a thread about 5 minutes ago about this. would love to hear more from you![/QUOTE]

    Hey littlesuzyblue. You should defo go for it. I'm regretting not doing it sooner. Gonna go and find your post now. Back soon

    I'mQUOTE=whitepoppy;1338108]I didn't realise we had been talking about epilepsy, and its not an illness i have researched, as i know no one who has it, but considering that most drugs are derived from compounds found in nature, yes, i still believe that there is a plant for every ailment, even if it hasn't been found yet. Now obviously, I'm not saying to anyone, ditch your medications, but there are proven benefits of using plants alongside, or instead of certain drugs to negate the unpleasant side effects, like tumeric root and almonds instead of/ with a smaller dose of Prozac, Okra for regulating insulin etc. I don't believe that big pharmaceutical companies want to make people well, after all, if they cured everyone, they'd have no customers. They need repeat customers, and so, studies that prove plants sources help are squashed or pushed aside, but there are alternatives.... Obviously, if you don't agree, then you're welcome to that opinion, as i am to mine....[/QUOTE]

    I'm totally with you on this. I do believe there is a cure or treatment for everything even if we don't know about it yet. We all know that lifestyle and diet choices can negatively impact our health and we also know the importance of our 5 a day and also the wonders of super foods and their ability to stave off certain types of illness and much more. So, to me, it's a no brainer that there are so many cures out there in the plant world. Just wish I had the knowledge to utilise them.

    When I was a 14 year old kid, I'd look out of my bedroom window and think, what am i doing here. I need to be off. It's never left me. I've adapted my lifestyle so many times but I always come back to needing to be off.
    I'm 55 and in 6-9 months i finally will be off. I'll be homefree.
    I'll be wwoofing. I'll be leading walkers on walking holidays( voluntary) hopefully. And i also have some paid work including accomodation sorted for my first year too. Nervous but very excited. No vehicle! Just me, on foot.

    I know that feeling only too well. It never leaves you! I've been tweaking my life for years but still want to jump ship. So that's what I'm going to do.
    I'm in the last stages of my preps. I'll explain a bit more. I don't have any plans to use a vehicle as this will mean there will be pressur3 to earn money.
    I want to try and live on as minimum a budget as I can although I will have a good cash fallback.
    I've been saving for awile now but its very slow with all the bilks, so, my daughter and her family has moved in to my rented property. I'll be relocating in August to start a new and very well paid job. I'll just be renting a room so that over the next 6-9 months I can save as much as possible. Then I'm off.
    Part of my plans is wwoofing. (Working weekends on organic farms) is a long established movement no longer confined to just weekends. A person works 4-6 hours a day in return for food and accommodation. They have to be willing to embrace a totally different lifestyle. Skills are taught such as coppicing, dry stone walling, animal husbandry and much more.
    Also, i am going to try and establish myself with Ht walking holidays. Volunteers lead walkers both here and abroad. Everything of course is paid for.
    I already have some paid work lined up for my first year as well, along with accomadation. This for a total so far of 5 weeks.
    Nervous times ahead but committed now.

    I am myself not much more than an occasional visitor to the site st the moment. I'm kinda feeling my way about not just on this site, which I think is great, but in the world of computers too, and the internet.
    So please bear with me, cos as my confidence and knowledge of how things work grows, I'd be happy to donate. Would be happy now but scared I'd do summat wrong lol... As a noobie a standing order would have probably put me off but now, as I get to know what it's all about, I would welcome it. Just food for thought.