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    I am not a fan of inverters as most things these days can be charged, converted or got in a 12v versions. They use up power themselves and folk often expect domestic performance and time. That said if you want one then it is up to you.

    You say the ones you got were from e-bay and low cost, maybe that is the issue. I am not one for spending over the top either but sometimes a good known brand is worth paying for. Is there a trip switch to reset? Is the battery healthy? Is the inverter running something else while it is on you don't know about? Having gone through 3@ £25 = £75 I would be looking at why you need one and is there an easier 12V way to get what you need.


    I once told my sis in law the only reason she got travel sick was that she was too sensitive (meaning in terms of balance but of course was a play on her character). Much guffawing and rolling on floor later she chose to quote this regularly.

    The best thing natural thing I have found is the "acupuncture" style pressure bands that go on your wrists. A friend of mine swore by number plate spotting - you pick reg letters and see if you "collect" A-Z in the all of the columns where they appear on the plate. Keeps your mind off the feelings.


    I mean there is no possible way a ghost could exist, they violate all the laws of physics with their walking through walls nonsense.
    if you do believe in them how do you get round that?
    If ghosts are not bound by the laws of physics to the planet earth and that explains the walking throw walls, why don't they sink into the ground and disappear? Why, when the Earth spins around the Sun, do the ghosts move with us?

    I lived in a cottage that was haunted by a friendly ghost for quite a few years, many instances of things happening that could not be explained, but beneficial to me and my flatmate, such as who lit the fire when the temperature suddenly plumetted and snowed while we were at the pub, who opened the front door with lights on when we forgot our keys - we never ever used it because it was at the wrong side of the house, who was in the lounge in the middle of the night -we both thought it was the other till we talked about it.

    As regards proving they exist/laws of physics, that is one of the problems of our "scientific society" where they require concrete evidence of existence before they believe it. I would also point out that at that point in my career I was a scientist.

    To those who have challenged my belief I point out that before Newton "explained" gravity apples still fell to the ground. The fact is that all "science" comes from trying to explain observations or proving theories which explain that which what observe. The Higgs Boson being a recent example. Because of scepticism and the frauds/charlatans the same amount of money has not been chucked at whether ghost exist or not.

    I know where my beliefs are, but as to what the precise nature of it is I dont know.


    Btw we both liked our unexplained flatmate and the only state altering substance ever used was alcohol.

    Sorry to hear that it wasn't that good a van mate. Just a word when you are looking at replacement engines. Be careful on what you replace it with because if the new one has any electronics or stuff like that for electronic engine management then you will have to buy all the gizmos to make it run. If it is an old fashioned bung in the diesel turn the key type then you are fine to choose what you want.

    As I said before weekend drop me a pm with adress and I will send the manual as it covers all the body work stuff as well.



    If playing with electrics buy a multimeter for about £15, they are invaluable.

    To be honest battery charging is normally low amps relative to an electric motor to lift heavy weights, so I don't think that is going to be a problem. My concern would be why is there a split charger powering the tail lift? Do you mean charging the battery that raises the tail lift?

    If that is the case then what size battery is it? Even that is not really the issue, the issue is what are you going to run off that battery and how quickly do you need to recharge it. Your alternator will only put out so much current and that is more likely to be the deciding factor on recharge time. Most chargers will feed their maximum current for as long needed and then progressively drop off as the battery reaches full charge. So if there is one fitted I would not be worrying about that until I had seen whether it met my need or not.

    Just checked tail motors are measured in KW even a 1kw would drain an 83ah battery in under an hour, so I would guess the charger will be fine.


    No probs, I will send it on CD if you need, it is 211MB hence not really uploadable.

    I did post some links to it but the last guy that tried to download had probs, so I posted it to him instead. It is the "proper" workshop repair manual with part numbers, tolerances etc, not the haynes one. Needs adobe reader to read the sections. It does come with an exe file which makes navigation easier but you can still read the adobe sections without it. I will warn you the exe file plays an annoying tune which I have never found out how to kill, and fucking kill it I would.

    Good luck

    Just going to insure and tax it, much easier that way.
    Now how many questions do you recon i will be posting on here over the next few months?

    4 a day during the week

    23 at weekends

    What was the base vehicle? I cant remember. Over the past few months I have been collecting manuals for various folk that have been asking me questions on their vans so I may have one.


    Ooh just reread Mechanic Bungo's comments and its an LDV I got that one but it is too big to upload. If you buy and need it drop me a PM with address. I am away this weekend so wont get any messages till Tuesday.


    As folk seem to be in a buying mood I just looked at e-bay and what options there are down the side to narrow down the choice on things like budget, number it sleeps etc. Some good looking ones in picture at least for the £2500 mark. I certainly would not "bid" on one, as that can be taken as a confirmed purchase sight unseen. I would want to visit.

    One thing I did note was the number of Traders saying "Sold As Seen with No Warranty", this is actually illegal. Legally they can only do something like this if they list every single fault , if a fault is not noted or occurs that is not listed then they are subject to the sale of goods act where it must be of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.

    If you ask a trader for a list of faults and they say they dont know or none - write on the contract "seller declared no faults" in case something crops up later. Again they can be had for misselling for giving not enough information. If they declared specific faults write those down as "The only faults declared are..1) ...2)" etc. They are classified as professionals in their field and as such should be aware of any faults and for potential ones for that vehicle. Wear and tear is fair enough and can be a bit harder to categorise as a fault. Something described as a "good runner" should be.

    It is best to assume you have no comeback against a private seller, there are very few cases you will win and these tend to be things like proving it was unroadworthy at the time of the sale, they were actually a trader or it was stolen. Even then you have to take it through the civil court process which can be costly and unless they have the cash not worthwhile.

    Also as every one points out a "current" MOT is no sign of roadworthiness. Things can go wrong even an hour after an MOT and it is still "current". Better to make a "new" MOT part of the deal if you can.


    Good luck, new tax is a bit of a bugger. Ad no longer posted on gumtree so couldnt check if it was taxed.

    Basically as soon as DVLA know it has been sold tax is cancelled and new owner has to buy a new set of road tax. So if it happens on 15th of Month, old seller loses that month and new seller has to pay for 15 days when they did not have vehicle. Sneaky gitty taxman shafts us again.

    If it is taxed then as it is close to end of month get them to declare it sold on 31st as they have lost this month anyway. And you retax on 1st next month claiming it was off stored the road for a day, cough, cough honest guvnr.

    Good luck mate.


    Got to agree with Ma on the problems on the mechanics, doesn't sound too serious as they are described, but have a good poke at the steering. (she is a lady of many talents apparently mechanic as well). Maybe phone the person and have a longer chat, why selling? where did they get it? where have they used it? Whats it fitted out with? etc etc.

    My biggest question would be are you prepared to drive that distance and then walk away if you dont like it? Lot of pressure when you have committed that distance and money getting there.

    Just a word of caution if the tracking is out then check the tyres frequently when driving home. I once drove from Paisley to Aberdeen knowing tracking was needing done (car was bad for tracking and it kept going off - design fault) and when I got there had worn right through the steel bands. Yes not down to - but through!


    Just casting an eye over the ad and photos I would say not to buy.

    The reason - the pretty bad wobbles on the coachwork on the side are indicative of failed insulation and that indicates severe water ingress to the interior. Only a pic of one side - what is the other side like? Also the seller seems to be wanting all their money back for parts they have spent some of which are essential for a "running" van. Are you really going to buy one without tyres and windows? A lot of the body parts listed are what you call consumables and would need to be fitted anyway. How much does that knock off his £3000 spent on parts, a set of tyres is about £400, and how about the respray how much does that knock off?

    They have mixed and matched standard equipment and what they have upgraded to give the impression of a lot more work. They praise the heater they bought for £800 but don't say what happened to the old gas one (presumably failed). Why did the wet room need "sprayed" and was the work done to cure the problems that led to the respray.

    The MOT is short and I would be expecting them to put it through an MOT at their expense AFTER I had agreed a price AND before I parted with any cash. If interested I would want more photos before going down to see it. A number of all sides and top, and quite a few of the interior, and the inside of cupboards to see if there is water damage and its extent. And as you have done ask someone to go and see it.

    Why did they buy a bus if this is so great? If they are doing up a bus why are they not keeping all the bits fridge, heater, solar panels etc etc to "donate" to that.

    Call me cynical but I think this is being offloaded due to problems to expensive to tackle and they have bought the bus to move on. The way they are pitching it like the best thing since sliced bread makes me question what it is really like.

    But in saying that it might be cheap. So you gets what you pay for, it is nearly 25 years old after all.


    Just remember all those who think that flying on broomsticks and casting spells might nab a trophy, that all of you need your familiars, and they to know where their loyalties lie, with me.


    The logic is, that a TV is not like another white good. Not only do you need energy to power it you would also need some "software" to make it work. I suppose a better anology would be like saying, I've bought a computer, but I also have to pay for the software.

    Yes but you pay for the operating system when you buy it and then choose what software you want to buy (analagous to various tv packages like sky, BT, sports, netflix). You don't have to pay someone over and above that for the right and privilege of using your PC even if you don't use their software.


    Malware can reside in the registry and yes it will not reinstate from a single entry but if "written" properly will re load itself…y-in-system-registry.html

    The whole point of using registry cleaning programs is to prevent folk who do not know what they are doing going in and manually deleting entries, or the cross referencing they have to do to ensure they get it all.

    Reading the 1st page of google links on problems it seems most folk in their initial posts were having serious issues before using the cleaner and were not booting from a "clean" machine" or in the case of one bloke he cleaned his mates computer then some time later got a phone call saying it wasn't working and blaming it on what he had done, not what the user had done in the mean time.

    The subsequent posters all support that they use CCleaner without probs and suggest ways people can try to remedy the matter that was causing problems in the first place. That is why I wrote down my steps in the order I did and suggest a clean start and shutdown before using the cleaners.

    The next page then goes on to recommend it.

    Reg Cleaners might be more of a sledgehammer to crack a nut rather than a flamethrower but to non techies they are easy to use. You may have the skills to not need them but there are a lot of folk who do.

    And agreed, nuff said folk can listen or not listen to whom they wish.


    I would recommend that nobody ever uses this unless you know what you're doing - and if you know what you're doing you won't need it anyway.

    The space saved will be negligible, it won't improve speed, and the potential deletions may end up with you needing to reinstall your whole operating system.

    The point of using the registry cleaner is to get rid of the residual entries which some malware can use to re-instate itself. It is not to save space or speed up the PC, as you say that will not be noticable. If you don't clean up the registry you can get more problems down the line. Indeed both Malwarebytes and Spybot "clean up" the registry in their operation and I see no difference in using these programs as well as the ones in malware remover software. These programs are streets ahead of the first ones decades ago well tried and tested round the world.

    I would always recommend someone uses one of these programs rather than try to do it themselves through the microshaft supplied program, that is where you really have to know what you are doing. Almost all the techies I have worked with use these programs as someone else has done the "hard work". Manually removing from the registry is so beset with pitfalls unless you have backed up all your data and have all of the MS and other program installation discs to hand to sort out a mega cock up is just not worth it.

    Both these programs I have used for years and never had any problems or I would not have posted them where non techies could damage themselves. I also omitted a number of other steps I took because for those you do have to know what effect they may have before using them, however 98% of what I did will be achieved by the steps above.

    I am having to do this for friends more and more because the old fashioned destructive "virus" has morphed into malware which is more like a parasite with the objective of feeding of information like bank details or directing you to their sponsored "sales" sites rather than killing it entirely. Consequently traditional "virus" checkers do not pick it up as easily and these days you need both.

    I would estimate at least probably 80% of non techy owned PCs suffer from malware to a degree and it is only when things slow down to where it is unuseable do folk ask for help. Installing either of the malware progs and CCleaner and running them once a week will avoid most performance issues.

    Also note the link you give is effectively an ad for Wise Registry Cleaner and the examples it gives are problems less scrupulous folk claim their software will fix. I have used wise registry cleaner and it is good as well.


    That is one loophole I hope they close.

    Yes by removing the licence altogether.

    The licence fee is a hangover from when there was only one station - BBC and it was used to fund the transmitting infrastructure and programmes for only British listeners/viewers. Then came commercial televison/radio and it was funded by adverts. They paid to use the transmitters and then bit by bit the transmitting side was sold off.

    Many years later the BBC is a commercial operation, with commercial advertising on some of its channels and selling programmes to other networks. Why should they benefit from a "tax" that no other operator gets. They raise a fortune in revenue by selling stuff sponsored taxpayer not just in TV/radio sales overseas but books, news services, magazines etc etc, they give each other massive golden handshakes and operate like an "old boys club".

    It is now time they were cut free and made to operate like any other commercial station and compete to supply their services. The transmitters and satellites are all privately run so there is no longer the "infrastructure" excuse.


    This week I just cleaned up someone's laptop for them. It had more malware and virus's than a dockside hooker. Doing it was made worse by the fact it was a Swedish laptop and Microshaft want you to pay for an upgrade to get English on it.

    You need to use mutliple progs to really clean as not every bit of software gets every nasty

    Also set aside a full day for waiting as progs will take time to run. Use it as a good scour out the home day, returning to push buttons when needed.

    Programmes I used were all free and listed below

    Revo Uninstaller…taller_free_download.html




    AVG 2015
    Note it seems they want paying now but free trial works


    Eusing Registry Cleaner…aner/registry_cleaner.htm


    Hitman Pro

    The method

    If you are not PC literate then skip 1/ 2/ 3/ and just run software

    If you know what you are doing

    1/ Open CCleaner go to Tools - Startup and disable ALL "toolbars", things that say "Backup" and "Update" . This does not remove them but stops them starting when you start your PC (which you will be doing a lot)

    2/ Open Revo Uninstaller and look at progs. Delete any toolbars and any other programmes assosciated with then unless they are from "big names" like google, adobe, Realtek etc. Use the "advanced" option on the removal to get max removal. If in doubt use the check in 3/ before clicking anything.

    3/ IF and ONLY IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING - Delete any other dodgy looking programs you cant remember installing.

    (an easy way to check is look at program name on google. If the first page of google is full of "How Do I remove......" then you can be pretty sure it is dodgy. If not sure leave it. If curious then only follow the links to things like Malwarebytes/Norton/Macafee as some malware is installed through bogus removal tools, dirty I know but they proved they had no scruples)

    If you are just a normal user not a techy start here (obviously click on latest updates when asked)

    Always create Restore Point and/or Save Registry when prompted by the PC

    Obviously let the progs delete/quarantine and reboot when they ask

    4/ Open your browser(s) and disable all toolbars and search add-ons
    5/ Run Spybot advanced - Click at bottom - Run Rootkit Scan
    6/ Run Spybot Full Scan
    7/ Run Malware Bytes Full Scan
    8/ Run AVG Full Scan

    After doing that and they have finished Start and Reboot once without running anything

    8/ Run CCleaner "Registry" Scan for Issues - then Fix Selected
    9/ Run Esusing Registry Cleaner - (you can skip registration part) on menu bar choose "Action"- "Scan Registry Issue" then "Fix Registry Issue"

    10/ Run Hitman Pro

    Repeat the above 1-10 or 4-10 at least once more or till you sure you have killed as much as you can.

    11/ Open you Browser(s) delete any add-ons/Toolbars that were removed during the above processes. Reinstate ones you really want.

    If you lose your favourite game/timewaster/porn then that was why you got infected in the first place. Dont reload it!

    Have large drink.