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    I've been trying to do as much research as I can but I really struggle with concentrating and it really tires me out (joys of cfs :p) so I thought I would ask if I could pick your collective brains about it if anyone has any knowledge on the subject. Short story is we have a 19ft yurt (its awesome) and need to get a stove for it. I've read alot on the fourdogs website about how it needs good seals, something to do with a baffle and air intake adjustable which all makes sense but I'm struggling with finding something suitable as unfortunately fourdogs are american. I've heard good things about windysmithy as really like the fact you can have an oven (which I would really like if I can afford it) but they are very pricey with flue costs etc ontop of stove price and we can't really afford to spend that much on a stove as we've put all our money into buying the yurt and building a base. So basically do you guys have any suggestions from experience of alternatives that are available in the uk?

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated

    (sorry if this is in the wrong section I wasn't sure as yurts are nomadic structures but while in one place I thought it might be relevant to the good life section)

    I find the news just plain depressing a lot of the time, I mean I know what's happening everywhere is important but I struggle to deal with what's happening in my own life so till I can deal with that I don't think its healthy to deliberately expose myself to how screwed up the world is. My other half decided to real off all the news at me before I was properly awake and it just made me cry - I really wish he wouldn't force it on me as he reads the news religiously

    I grow my own in seed trays of compost with a handful of vermiculite next to the sliding glass door in my kitchen. Had to get a hand juicer though to juice it as the big electric one just spat it out as it was too light. Wheatgrass is a god send to me as it has really improved my energy levels - I have cfs so was advised to take wheatgrass by a chiropractor/ wellness person who is amazing :-)

    can i be cheeky as i'm new on here and add myself to the list to get involved if it gets that far this time :)