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    I haven't been logging in as I've been going through a very rough time for the past few months I don't want to say what's happened for obvious reasons and have only charged my phone up today for first time in over a month and was just going to try and check the forum. I'm too confused to actually take anything I've read in much just I don't know I cant actually remember what I'm replying to but I've gone to the effort of writing this so I'll post it just in case

    you could experiment with adding food colouring or the natural colouring you can get for soap making which should be biodegradable to bubble mixture and see if the bubbles actually look that colour then if that worked you could tape together several different bottles and make a joined together bubble wand that dips in all colours at once then in theory when you wave it you would get a rainbow of bubbles. i may be talking nonsense but who knows :)

    Happy summer solstice wishes to you all :-) Enjoy the longest day of sunlight of the year after the long journey from midwinter and recharge your batteries in the sunshine (well hopefully sunshine anyway ... This is England afterall)

    Its amazing how some bits of bent coat hanger helped up find some old land drains so we could dig in new ones to replace the bungged up and leaking old ones so we could put our yurt up. Dowsing seems to really intrigue my miniature Shetland snow who followed us around all day. I was a skeptic when my boyfriends mum first tried to teach me dousing for ley lines for her bees but I seem to be pretty good at dousing for water

    Dont know whether it would work but you could try soaking in soda ash now. I Know its the wrong way round but you never know. My dylon tye dye has all faded away which is sad but I've found an American brand that seems much more vibrant and you use soda ash with as fixative and put tye dyes in a plastic bag still damp for 24 hours somewhere warm before rinsing. I did a load for my boyfriend for Christmas and while he doesn't wash his clothes that often it isn't running out in the wash at all and still bright. I never did find the trick with dylon I just used to get disheartened that my work all faded away. Its fine for tub dying just doesn't seem to work for tye dying for me.

    I try to but as reading and concentration are so hard for me its something I struggle with so sorry if I'm not considered active in which case feel free to take me back off me list I thought I felt like I was a part of the forum and had found some like minded people but obviously was just in my head then

    Could I re ask to be added to the list if it gets going again ... I was previously told the old list had to be finished before they would consider taking new names or something like that. I know I've still fairly new but I would love to have a chance to see it and even more to add my own little page :-)

    Glad to hear its been found again

    I managed to pick up a seconds king size memory foam mattress which is really thick for £50 from pound stretcher a couple of years back and it is the comfyest thing I've ever slept on. Took a good month to flatten it out caus that seemingly was the reason it was a second but well worth it. My plan when the vans finished is to just cut a section out where the unit will take up a bit of the foot space of the bed and its perfect width already. Just use it on top of the current 3/4 rock and roll bed in there at the moment with bags or toolbox stuffed under the overhang. Wish I'd seen it before spending £150 on an Argos mattress for the house which sticks into me so I ended up getting a thin mattress topper from the same place to go on top of that. A dog is very useful for helping keep a rolled memory foam mattress unfolded while its settling - hard to get off though when you want to lie on it he must think its rather comfy too :-)

    We had been thinking along the lines of making wind breaks from reed matting and then growing things up them to hide them from view as much but we didn't really know if we were barking up the wrong tree or not. The site is a bit exposed from the direction we're getting trouble but not as much as not would think there is a stretch of open lawn but beyond that fences and buildings hence why we didn't think it would be an issue. Strange thing is we read all the guidelines they gave us as to where to site it and in relation to wind it just said not the brow of a hill (we're kinda down in the valley), not on the coast (Yorkshire) and don't leave the door open in a Gale. So lots of head scratching. Just hoping to hell it survives the high winds tomorrow then the weather calms down and we can start trying to incorporate wind break type things into the garden up wind.

    So excited the stoves ready, can't wait to get it in then we can get in :-)

    Hi I hope this is in the right place if its not i'm sorry

    We have a mongolian yurt that we managed to build a base for and get up in september/ october time can't remember exactly when now, time doesn't keep track of me very well. All seemed to be ok after much stress of getting to that point and we were just waiting for our stove to be made by julian so we could get in properly but as the law of sod always goes a couple of days before christmas we had gales and the yurt shifted about a foot in one side but fortunately didn't fall off its base because of the bits of wood we'd screwed down around the outside as we were afraid of it falling off being our first time with a yurt. Anyway we panicked added about 100m of rope to it to lash it down and then when the wind dropped roped in everyone on hand to get it put back on kilta, then put some more blocks on on the inside of the lattice work this time to try and reassure us this couldn't happen again. We were good and back on track or so we thought but today/ last night we had high winds again and now the bottom hasn't shifted but the top seems to be leaning abit (the door isn't vertical). Everythings holding where it is and when the winds drop we will shove it back in line again but what I want to ask is has this happened to anyone else before with any kind of yurt/ ger/ bender and if so could you possibly give us some advice of what you did to stop it happening or if its down to us putting it up wrong (we followed the instruction manual that came with it). Sorry if we are being a complete pair of muppets but we would really appreciate the help if anyone can offer us any.

    Would actually love to hear from anyone who has had a yurt of any kind with experiences, tips etc as we've both scoured the internet looking for information and stories both before we took the plunge and after but I'm guessing if you're trying to fly under the radar you don't really publicise what you are doing so the majority of what we found was from abroad.

    Hope no one else is blowing away in the wind and that the winds will bugger off soon :)

    I'm going for the first time this year ... My awesome other half is giving me tickets for us to go for my birthday and take our campervan so we have to get her up and running for then :-)

    I make my own deo but I recently found that if you start to smell more than usual it can be a lack of magnesium so a good soak in Epsom salt bath works well and have yet to try but ingredients on there way more for my cfs and knee injury but meant to work great magnesium chloride instead of what magnesium salt Epsom salts is made into a solution and sprayed / rubbed onto desired area or mix up with coconut oil as moisturiser

    One year I camped in every month bar December in a variety of tents of varying quality including my own ropey 2 man that was still alive then and survived with a 1 season sleeping bag for the first part of the year till I finished my final d of e in Juneish and treated myself to a 2-3 season one as a treat after camping with crappy gear since I joined the girl guides back when I was at school. I only didn't get December caus noone was prepared to camp with me :-(. I survived in differing levels of comfort and have slightly better quality gear these days so I would say if you know what you're doing you shouldn't have any problems more severe than frozen bacon and beer. As the famous quote goes there's no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing or something along those lines. I should probably add though that some people think I'm crazy :-)

    Maybe not in the same league as Julianthegypsy's stoves but these are ideal for tents ,yurts etc a fellow on site has been using one in his bell tent for the last year http://www.thebushcraftstore.c…--wood-burner-10404-p.asp

    I'd actually forgotten about this kind of thing thanks for reminding me, I had stumbled across them before - I thought one would be a massive extravagance but awesome for travelling in our campervan if we did it full time at some point in the future. Do you happen to know off hand how bigger diameter the bell tent that ones used in is do you? Trying to work out how much kw me need for our space which is a bit ogf a headache

    How much are you planning to spend? This is one I finished a few days ago...:D

    we don't really have an absolute price in mind we're trying to work out how much we can spend and what we can get for that. kind of caus we also have other things that we need to spend money on (building a compost loo is kind of a no brainer for me but making furniture is a luxury) and then other things we could do without to save money. How much are your stoves out of interest?