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    Hi people...

    I've been having a bit of a rough time recently and it's got me thinking...

    I'm on the cusp on moving onto the road semi-fulltime, ie. based in one town, but full-timing in my van.
    I've mostly lived on my own all my life (bar passing relationships and a stint in uniform) and it's not a problem; I like company, but also enjoy my own space.

    I know a few people that I class as friends and we generally have a good time when we meet up, but...
    Now, don't get me wrong, I rarely ask for help, I'd rather just get on with things. But... but sometimes, you just, need, help. And it's then it seems, that there's no-one around.

    Anyone else notice this, or am I being overly critical? I mean, I get chastised readily enough, but surely communication works two ways? I know everyone's problems are subjective and very personal, but really...? I listen to work gripes and relationship tiffs and today, after a string of bad stuff - my Luton toppled over! Gotta laugh, but how am I gonna fix that with less than 100 quid in m' pocket? Now, I wasn't looking for, sympathy, hand-outs, bed 'n' board, or anyone to fix it for me - I just wanted, Acknowledgement and Understanding...
    What did I get? Not even one returned phone call.

    So there we have it, me just letting off steam. Funny really, I'm training to help others deal with their shit, but, who helps the helpers? Maybe that's a question to pose my friends.

    One of my greatest concerns is being lonely. But I guess, in reality, you can experience the worst type of aloneness whilst amongst others.

    Food for thought.

    All the best

    Oh, just to say...
    Thankfully, no-one was injured and it's a private car park.
    Still my home though.

    Ok, alice, but what does db mean in real time? As dieseldog said, "the silent Honda... was so loud... returned to the supplier".
    What are you running off the batteries 4d?

    PS. Don't wanna hijack tutems' thread, but I'm thinking of power for my conversion as well... :thumbup:

    By the time you've bought a couple of leisure batteries, split charger, decent inverter, meaty cables and possibly some solar panels...
    I'm starting to wonder if one of these little Honda gennies may be a better solution?
    Especially if you can rig it for (bulk tank) LPG.
    Just how annoying/ loud are they?

    I think you've got a very good point...

    There is an large element of society that believes that bearing children is the reason for life and therefore the means to happiness.
    People forget that children are a privilege and not a right.
    Yes, if child birth stopped, I believe some fractions of society would struggle to 'have meaning' and would resort to 'thrill seeking', whilst others would lead a slothenly existence, with increased health issues and potentially shorter life spans. Natural selection would prevail.

    Overall, I think the 'divide' in social stratification would increase. With those unable to find meaning and fulfilment, becoming resentful and potentially angry. The world would definitely become a lot unsafer.

    Nice one, worms. A good question... :)

    Lots of sound reasoning here...
    Personally, I've ticked most of the boxes 'normal' society 'expected' of me - trying to do-the-right-thing and be accepted.
    And I got good at it... making people like me, so that I felt I belonged. But it lead to some serious shit....
    I became unhappy, addicted, false and angry - I nearly died, unfortunately, others nearly died. But it's ok now...

    I learnt that, it's ok to just be.

    More to the point, if you're decent, honest and true to yourself, you will attract people with similar outlooks. There are lots of them out there. The thing is, most of them, don't think they belong either. They are simply going about 'doing their own thing' as well. But, that it makes it all the more poignant when you do meet those people. There's a connection that's hard to quantify, you just... understand.

    Trust me... You do fit in, as do all of us - just that we do it in a different way.

    Cheers for the replies, guys...

    I found out, the mirrors I was thinking of, come off an old American Ford truck. I've found something similar, but it means a bit of faffing about... we'll see!
    But, I didn't realise cameras were so cost effective. Looking at some of the 'better' ones and they still work out cheaper than mirrors, as PopUp said - brill..!
    So, to take it further - anyone recommend any particular makes/ companies?


    Hey elf...

    Sent you an email from another thread.

    I'm interested in stewarding/ working for GG, if there's places still.
    Are you part of the organising gang?
    Can you send me/ do you want some more info?


    Hey Finndon...

    If you hear of anything, give us a shout. I'm looking to work for festi tickets as well. And yes, I'm a student too.
    Think you have to apply direct to organisers. But a lot go on personal recommends, as far as I know.
    Will keep you up to date.
    You got transport?

    Yep, nothing suitable.
    I've seen pictures of vans with D arms that retro fit to the door, but can't find them anywhere.
    Lorry arms seem to be vehicle specific and much?!!

    Hi guys...

    Can anyone recommend extended mirrors that'll fit onto a Mk5 Transit so that I can see the back of the Luton when reversing? Most of the ones I've seen are pretty narrow for fitting onto car mirrors. I'm after something a bit bigger for the van.

    Either that, or anyone know where to buy universal D arms that attach to the door and swivel?