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    oldkeith, Theres an interesting website called Futuretimeline dot com, take a look, its quite interesting and looks at possible futures and when we can expect to make contact with other wordly beings. Some areas are a bit far fetched but it really does stretch the imagination. Go say 10 or 20 years into the future and it deals with issues that are current now and how the scenario would develop, such as climate change and what can we do about it. Until we start to develop the technology to move into space, theres interesting insights into how nano technology and quantum physics will develop in the future, as well as medical technology and trans humanism. Did you know Chernobyl wont be safe for another 22000 years....

    I do hope we dont destroy ourselves, because i believe as we develop as a civilisation, we may just develop some compassion for the planet and actually save it. But we shall see, but unfortunately not in my lifetime.

    I congratulate you on your well thought out comment, its interesting to chat with someone on the same wavelength as myself. I have done a lot of reading in the past and there are certainly conspiracies in abundance. I also think theres still a lot yet to be discovered about Earths past. I watched with interest a program about what would happen if Humans suddenly disappeared overnight and that after a couple of thousand years or so, literally every speck of what we were, our technology would basically rot away. Who is to say that Dinosaurs didnt reach a similar level, maybe greater level of intelligence/civilization than our own and that some disaster extinguished them and that all traces of their existence has now rotted away. We could go on analysing and discovering, some people even believe we are being controlled by Reptilians. I find the unknown fascinating and i look forward to some interesting discoveries regarding the exo-planets now being discovered, I really hope they find something, its not nice being all alone.

    What attracts me to a woman is her smell and taste, i'm not a cannibal lol, but i've dated real trophy women in the past, fit as fcuk but they smell and taste wrong, whether its too much perfume and make up i dont know, but even smokers breath affects it for me. When i go down on a woman, i like to enjoy myself and its vital that shes right down there. One woman i was seeing years ago, was morbidly obese, but she smelt and tasted amazing downstairs, she was aware of her size and her cleanliness was second to none, but without losing the natural smell, because of this i really could'nt keep my hands off her, totally amazing. I think you have to see thru the visual presentation and look at what the other senses make of it.

    I like your way of thinking and what you say makes sense, although to be honest i dont think we will ever know, unless of course once we get the more powerful telescopes up there, we may find a Dyson's sphere bubbling away in a far off galaxy. But we also have to consider that life began as a series of coincidences, what if and i say 'if' these coincidences are unique and we are 'the only ones'. This planet is the only one of its kind in the whole Universe? what a shame that would be when you consider how much of this Earth and its flora and fauna we have destroyed, gone forever....

    Unfortunately, thats how a flasher gets off, its a dominance and control thing, creating fear.

    I used to teach Womens self defence (wing chun), i got some great moves against flashers....if you want to learn them, gimme a shout and i promise not to flash at you, tho naked self defence is fun ;-)

    That unfortunately is the way we are conditioned to view it and behave. There will always be perverts whether they flash their bits or not, i guess if they get off by flashing their dicks at you, at least they aint raping you. I do agree with what you are saying, but also feel that because society eroticses nudity and gives it a sexual label then people will be aroused by it, unfortunately the wrong sort of people, i think attitudes will change one day.

    I was brought up during a time when negative views on Gays was considered normal, i remember seeing friends publicly degraded and humiliated after being caught out when i was in the Navy, i'm sure you will all agree that the fact this Councillor has been publicly ridiculed for his views, shows that society to some degree is becoming civilized.

    I'm a Naturist and spend a lot of time naked around friends etc. I honestly cant see what the issue is with being naked in public, i guess peoples aversion to nudity is cultural more than anything. I imagine a world where you can walk naked as well as wearing a Tux. Just because i'm naked i'm not forcing my penis on anyone, its up to them to avert their gaze, if they don't want to see it just as i would avert my gaze if someone wore a shirt i didn't like. What do you guys think? Do you agree or should i be burnt at the stake for being a perv in your eyes?

    Aint no such things as Aliens on Earth, the nearest star is too far away. In all likelihood other civilizations exist, but the Universe is too young for any civilization to have begun building ships to travel to other star systems and planets....who knows in the fullness of time, but these conspiracy theories are rantings by nut cases....