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    Panel about the size of an A3 sheet of paper, producing about 4Watts of power, costs £30 to £40.

    You can see them in Halfords.

    Sold as trickle chargers, mine sits on the dash and keeps the starter battery topped up despite, auto alarm, stereo memory and some other drains on the battery.

    Also have one sat in the shed, keeps a leisure battery full which drives a car stereo and a car floodlight when I am down the allotment in the evening.

    Just about to invest in a 100Watt folding thing which promises to recharge a battery from flat, £140, will let you know how good it is or isn't after a summer of use.


    Edit to add: All three of these panels are complete with a controller and a pair of cables to connect to the battery, simples!

    Worth talking to your council about 'waste'.

    I am self employed and therefore generate 'waste'. Even my accountant is considered to generate waste!

    We have registered with the local council for waste transport licences. Done online, cost nothing. He can now take shredded paper away in his car.

    As far as wood chippings and horse muck are concerned, when I take them away from the production area they are waste. When I deliver them straight to my allotment they magically become supplies. No transfer, no disposal certificates.


    Something to consider:

    If the police have an incident number and accept that it was one particular person, you could take the vets bill to the small claims court. Small(ish) fee. You include ALL the costs involved, from taxi fare to vet through to the photocopying required for the court.

    A judge, MAY give you judgement, especially if the opponent doesn't turn up. Either it costs him the price of a legal representative, or it impacts on his credit rating as a CCJ. Enough of those in a short period of time can cause havoc for about ten years.

    Worth considering perhaps.

    Our charity shop gets CDs and DVDs which are 'homemade' or pirate copies from somewhere, these cannot be legally sold on. The 'tat' man pays 5p per kilo for books, disks and 10p per kilo for clean clothing (no bedding, underwear or socks)

    The local CEX doesn't want anything over six months old.

    As ever YMMV


    I change the tyres on my vehicle once a year whether they are near the limit or not, quite often I am told they have a month or two left but I cant be arsed to come back again, they are used to me there now.

    Are they part worns?

    My supplier gets German tyres sent over (they have a harsher limit for the TuV) which have enough tread left for a couple of years driving. My only problem is that his supply is very variable, so there may not be the right size/type on hand.

    Replaced the front passenger tyre twice in 18 months, mostly down to nails shredding the carcass.


    The commercialisation of the universe means that many 'managers' are paid for their work, which is reasonable.

    Getting money for labour, sadly it means that 'proof' must be provided that they are 'effective'.
    The local hospice has about ten different shops across the borough.

    One is in a very tourist oriented place and sells a lot of books, so almost all their donations get sent to central.

    The one closest to me is run by a former BHS manager and looks like it! They throw away a huge range of stuff as unsellable.
    VHS tapes, audio cassettes, vinyl records... you know the sort of thing.

    The smallest shop, in one of the poorer streets sells exactly that sort of stuff, and you could fill a carrier bag and still get change from a pound. They don't have a manger. They don't have targets.It shows.

    The old market town has seventeen charity shops in the old high street. Decide what you want to buy, how much you want to pay that determines which one you purchase from.

    Things are different out here in the Shire though.


    If you can attach a rope/chain to the tail lift AND you have enough weight/strength then yes you can pull up the drawbridge from inside the box.

    I wouldn't want to do it more than once! lol.

    Used to have an electric tail lift, you could put the tail up against the lock bracket. Then get into the box (over the lift). Reach around and raise the tail on the electric motor.


    As for bikes being seized and crushed, if peeps can't behave then tough. As a biker of 47yrs I'm all in favour of these rulings when it comes down to antisocial behaviour from idiot bikers as it tars the rest of us with the same brush. The Leeds Ride Out was sheer lunacy. What do you expect the council to do ! You don't tear up tarmac in town, it's asking for it.

    I expect the council to use the laws which already exist.
    I expect the local police force to implement those laws.

    I expect the local neighbourhood to understand that not every hoon on a motorcycle is necessarily a problem.

    I do not expect the council to pass a draconian measure valid for five years, without allowing for public discussion.

    Sadly, this was outside the area I live in so I couldn't do anything about it.

    Birmingham Council created an anti-cruising order to defeat the yoof who would fill a car park with modified cars, then cruise to another car park.
    My local council wanted to do the same (it was easier to copy someone else :) )

    They were persuaded that the laws already in place would suffice, local PCSO's attended the meets, chatted to the drivers and casually mentioned that traffic officers would be around for the next few months, so as long as all vehicles were legal, and there was no disruption to local traffic, no litter left, no excessive noise, etc etc.

    Worked well, the local yoof get to meet up. No draconian law. AND the locals are OK that there is a large influx of funny cars in the summer.
    The local police get to practice vehicle enforcement.

    But it has to come from local residents.


    Feeling Sad.

    Many years ago, when it was all fields round here, there was a factory, made batteries.

    It was cheaper to ship them in from China so Ever Ready closed the factory and demolished it.
    The land was so toxic with Lead, Mercury and Sulpher that it was declared unfit. For anything.

    Cycled past today to the sound of chainsaws bringing down the trees.
    Then spotted the little sign.

    This will be a mini estate of 3 and 4 bedroom houses.

    I wonder if the Solicitors search will show up the fact that the garden will still be dangerous to sit in for another couple of decades?


    Those fearing supply problems should note that even supermarket 5 litre bottles are currently about 2/3 the cost of diesel. Thus saving about £2 on every bottle.

    My local Tesc* are offering 5 litres of oil at £5.50 against their diesel at £1.21/ litre

    Must find a cheaper supermarket!


    On the teeter totter if your immune system is down (and illness is up)

    then surely you need to 'boost' your system back up to the level place?

    If your system is up then you shouldn't be boosting it.

    But since the majority of people trying to 'boost' your system are talking to people with an underactive immune system, surely they are correct in their terminology?

    If you suffer overactive immune system, with its consequent problems, then likewise you should appreciate that boosting your system will actually exacerbate your problems.

    Nothing wrong with the word, nor its usage in my eyes.


    99% of the universe is vacuum, or just plain empty space.
    The rest is energy (pretending to be solid)

    Waves are beams, beams are waves, yet both are neither!

    Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed.

    MERELY transformed.

    As the wonderful philosopher Sir Terry Pratchett once stated.

    [h=1]“It is well known that stone can think, because the whole of electronics is based on that fact, but in some universes men spend ages looking for other intelligences in the sky without once looking under their feet. That is because they've got the time-span all wrong. From stone's point of view the universe is hardly created and mountain ranges are bouncing up and down like organ-stops while continents zip backward and forward in general high spirits, crashing into each other from the sheer joy of momentum and getting their rocks off. It is going to be quite some time before stone notices its disfiguring skin disease and starts to scratch, which is just as well.”[/h]
    So who of us can say that the energy, which is pretending to be a crystal cannot be transformed into some other form of energy?

    Who quite enjoys sharing energy with the wild, untamed rocks in the mountains.

    I use coffee grounds when i remember to go and fetch them.

    A thick ring around each plant seems to do the trick.
    Scattering grounds over the seed bed has no effect at all.

    I have also used the old grounds to make a heavy coffee which I use to water around the grow bags, the smell seems to distract them, especially if I offer a dish of beer nearby.

    Who has enough frog spawn to fill a two foot long fish tank, and wonders if the frogs get p!ss*d when they eat the drunken slugs?

    I use coffee grounds.

    Let them dry in the sun on a tray.

    Crumble them back up, then sprinkle around the plants I want the slugs to avoid.

    Seems to work better with some varieties of cabbage than others, but it does seem to have an effect.

    Who has barrowed a lot of material on to his clay soil over the last five years.
    Even one ton of manure is a lot of work to shift from gate to plot.

    Because the councillors are twunts [piggy]

    The police have the power under section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 to seize vehicles.

    This can be as a result of using said vehicle contrary to the Road Traffic Act 1988

    OR (and this is the important bit)

    used in a manner causing alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public.

    So, if your park-up alarms, distress' or annoys One, single, solitary member of the public. The vehicle is gone.

    As has been stated elsewhere the PSPO is a national answer to give councillors totalitarian power over anything and everything they decide they want to be involved in.

    Sadly the petition to try and moderate these orders got nowhere. But some of the liberty legal team are awaiting the first test cases, so that case law can be used to show these orders are not quite as moral as people seem to think.

    This order is very similar to the 'gatherings' orders which effectively ended the free festival and Rave movements.

    Unintended Consequences.

    I signed, months ago, but as many have already said, I expect very little from the petition.


    My Garlic will be going in the ground about ten days time.
    The soil is under a fleece at the moment drying out and warming up.

    Base is heavy clay (suitable for pottery) so planting in the Autumn tends to lead to rot :(

    Results are not fantastic, but are acceptable for the limited growing season they have round these midland parts.


    I use talk talk. Landline, Broadband and two free mobile sims. It was cheaper to add the TV package and get free calls than pay for the calls at £6/ month!!



    A google of for Public Space Protection Orders shows there have been a lot of petitions raised.

    One Hackney petition about the criminalisation of Rough Sleepers (ie anyone not in bricks and mortar, so includes vehicle dwellers) gained 80K signatures but failed to sway the council.
    Many of these petitions raised 80 signatures!!!

    A single youtube video which went Viral, persuaded them to put the Order on hold.

    Better tactics, regarding the councils use of public funding and the criminalisation of minorities, may be the publicity surrounding the snouts in the trough.
    Sadly it needs to be directed from within the area.

    keeping his own council on their toes!

    When does the leave year run?

    One of my employers would give all unused holiday pay on the last month of the leave year (March)
    regardless of what I worked, or didn't work.

    Meant I could look forward to an extra couple of hours pay in March.

    Best place to find out is company policy.

    states it is statutory, so there has to be a written policy.

    HR always used to hate showing it though, because it meant I knew as much as they did.


    it's all bullshit. Everyone is being brainwashed, when are people going to open their eyes?

    Philosophical debate

    It IS all bullshit.
    Everything is a lie, including this statement.

    BUT when several people I know, and respect, share information with me, I don't assume that it was staged by a group of actors who are trying to sell some clicks.

    How do I know that the anti fracking camps are doing what they say they are doing?

    How do I know anything?

    Several people here have stated that you need to do your own research and find things out for yourself. What they fail to say is that everyone has an agenda, all information is biased, believe nothing.


    RIP Ben Swales, Anita Szucs, Karla Roman…s-in-a-week-a3469346.html


    If I can find last years seeds will they still be okay?

    There are charts on the net telling you about seed viability.

    Some last longer than others.

    But if you can count out ten seeds, put them on a wet paper towel somewhere warm.
    Leave them two weeks (most seed germinates in 7 to 14 days)
    See how many actually grow a little sprout.

    Every one that sprouts is 10% of your stock so you know if your seed is good or worthless.

    So I am checking the tomato seeds from four years ago, and a bag of beans from three years ago which were hiding in the back of the seed crate.


    Have a look at this to see some of what's been brought in

    They missed Bedford, Mansfield and Newport which deemed cycling to be anti social behaviour.

    Solihull declared motorcycling along certain roads to be anti social. Brought in to combat the uninsured, unlicensed, untaxed and untested antisocial hooligans.

    There have also been a number of PSPO's against 'gatherings' of folk, for any reason. Because the powers that be can't be arsed to enforce the laws they have when this sledgehammer gives carte blanche.


    A girl in Bristol did this challenge for a year.Wrote a book which I read in the library.
    One positive I took from her experience was to be careful with the reduced cakes/bread/pastries.
    After about three months of eating a lot of white bread and very little else, she felt bloated and very unwell.

    Go for the cheap/reduced/in season vegetables one pot meal and just use the bread to mop up the gravy.

    My £1 meal is Toad in the hole.
    Frozen sausages tend to be cheapest round here.
    Bag of flour lasts ages.
    If I go out of town, it is possible to buy eggs in ones or twos at the farm gate.