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    I would not know where to begin with 3d progs

    But I have in some very small flats done this - Use card or even paper to make the foot print of any must have objects - bed - table - sofa etc then lay out as you go. If the garage has an apex roof with cross beams that might allow some storage.

    How much work can your friend commit to.?

    It does sound very simple for everyone to withdraw all thier money from the banks - however I do not see that happening any time soon on the huge scale required nor any one country having the huge cash reserves required to meet that demand. There are in most countries central reserves of bullion to as it were back up thier given currency.

    It is true there are many aspects of banking chiefly in the UK the de regulation and the instant temptation of credit and paper wealth, as well as of course Government sponsored - debt schemes. The sale of council houses was one such scheme and of course pension schemes an other. To begin change we need perhaps to have more localised saving - lending opportunities as well has a shift away from the entrapment into slavery such notions has housing holds. The minute you are in be it rented or bought you are hooked to the grid.

    But there are banks who work on an ethical scale.

    It is easy to write about - smashing the system - I prefer a way forward where any force is directed at education. housing and opportunities. We must see where the strengths and weaknesses are and the minute details = this site relies on donations people can donate easily as thier bank or debit card or paypal allow, None of that would be available without a banking system.

    Was it Karl Marx who promoted the theory of the human fetish - that of giving value to objects -

    I am setting off the start of February to have another adventure traveling for a while. No time limit set and wondering what exciting places that you know of worth seeing that may not be commercial or advertised. Would be great to collect some addresses to call in for a cuppa and say hello. Let me know in a pm if you would like to say hello. First I'm hoping to collect the places to see then im going to plot the route. Any places worth seeing hippys?

    seems a good plan - do you intend to stay in the UK ?

    I always think the Scottish Islands are worth a visit -

    Iona - Mull - Jura

    I really do not know if any of this will help. I can only hope so and really feel for you. Not easy seems like you have had a whole load of trouble and the job situation is just making it all a whole lot worse.

    So you would be entitled to have someone along with you - maybe is there a union or some other immediate source of help.

    Can you even ask a friend along -

    There maybe some way of getting benefits advice that is local to you and accessible - also with the work situation you could see if there are any one that can help with that. Do let them know it is urgent. That could be some local organisation maybe your local council has a list on their web site.

    I do not now have a Bt line - but if you have the remote checking - you call your own phone from a mobile or another phone
    you need the PIN number to access and you may then get a "you were called from ------------ number etc.

    you are right in that to call back you will need the dialing code for SA.

    Is there any clue as to who called you - a name - a company name etc -

    I think the call return service is 1471 even if you have the call minder 1571.

    Perhaps it just goes in cycles - and at the moment we have negative issues surrounding the police. So if a police officer is found to be lying in making accusations regarding a cabinet minister the so called plebgate affair, and we have press articles ( note I neither state they are true or I believe them to be ) of the Met infliltrated by criminals and such it is very difficult then after the case of Tomlinson and de menezes to name just two of the many.

    As to who to call after a burglary well I for one might just call the Police as a matter of course to get a an incident number the insurance company will ask for - as we know so many crimes go unsolved and so many cannot be properly investigated due to lack of man power. Indeed I have twice in recent times called the police due to witnessing criminal damage to cars parked outside my home and a suspected assault on going as I phoned. The first case no one available to help and the second 28 minutes for the police to arrive.

    So how would it stack up say - I walk on down the road - and I see a guy come towards me. I know or suspect he is involved in crime. He holds out a something wrapped in a sock - I think its a gun - my mates have told me this guy is involved in crime and guns - so I kill him. Just for the purpose of debate how I kill him is irrelevant. What do you think the police and courts would say to me.

    No evidence on the gun or sock to link to Mark Duggan no DNA no finger prints according to new reports.

    Not one Police officer saw Mark throw the gun -

    also what size timbers should i use for the bed frame, hpow about the 38mmx60 from wicks, reclaimed would be better if i could find enough of the same size, brand new wood isnt cheap these days.

    There is a lot of useable wood in old divan type beds - once you strip off any fabric also the metal frame beds have wooden slats so again look out for them be it single or double. so get loads of wood of a regular size and mostly the metal frame beds the slats I have seen are hard wood. You could try freegle or freecycle web sites. even your local gumtree might have freebies on offer.

    Fittings for legs - look out for old futons or sofa beds.

    What would have been surprising is any other verdict - sad but true. Whatever Mr Duggan's circle of friends or associates. was someone pressuring him?

    I would have to think - this case like so many others we will never know the truth and of course be wary of what you read in the press. Pics of Mr Duggan with convicted criminals etc prove nothing -

    You might find your hobbies change - once on the road and you do not need the items/equipment you now currently do.

    A trailer might help - what about a roof rack - maybe this is more about looking at what space you have then prioritising what you can take.

    I tend to think what you can do to earn a bit of cash depends where you are - what casual work may be going. Might have to change with the seasons - so yeah fire wood now - garden help in the summer. and so on.

    So if you want you can try out a few things all together - For one the man and van thing - you can work out fuel costs before you give the customer a price. Gumtree allows free ads - but guess you need a phone and access to a computer for emails.

    Some people might want a caravan towed - you could place a few different ads on the gumtree local to you and round about and just see what come in.

    Many councils have tips and waste recycle centres - that are free so you do not need to fly tip.

    If you get a start in one area often word of mouth people recommend - up to you really - maybe you could advertise to help out trades as well - the guys with a rush job or just need stuff picked up from suppliers. If you did kindling then you could also supply shops - not as much cash but a load - one delivery one payment.
    I know one guy here who does cash and carry runs for shop/take a way owners.

    Good luck with whatever but you have some time to consider the best ways to go.

    I really think it does affect people - - now with the internet and all the hi tech satellite coms we get news much quicker and largely unedited. I know now that I seldom actually watch the TV news - and especially that rolling 24 hours a day crap.

    That said who knows for sure what is government or other propaganda just leaked out to suit or indeed the non news stories given some credence on broadcast.

    To many pluggers and publicity people.