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    Cancers etc sadly can and do affect many with healthy lifestyles. The mental stresses and apparent ease with which GPs prescribe say sleeping tablets etc is a worry. But mostly it is I think how we live today. I often think life and world move far quicker than we humans can adapt to it.

    Ive just heard a good Quote .

    Some people want to climb a ladder and struggle to get to the top .
    Then when theyve struggled for most of there life ,they find that the ladder is up against the wrong wall .

    Hope this makes sense .

    story of my life - seems I need a new ladder and find the right wall -

    I guess that is true we just bury our heads or we get buried by others around us. My own plans have had to change due very much to family circumstances - must be many in that position. But we can all make some small changes to our lives and the way we live and be grateful for that.

    Yes lets hope this can start a meaningful debate on food waste - I do not shop at iceland simply not convenient for me but good to see the boss at Iceland doing his bit by contacting the CPS -

    We have seen some dubious police tactics of late - the police taking sleeping bags and food from homeless /rough sleepers and yes whilst they have a duty to investigate and refer to CPS.

    Quote CPS "


    "we feel there is significant public interest in prosecuting these three individuals"

    So Iceland staff dumped the waste/out of date food. in a bin = clearly Iceland did not want the items.

    I guess this really just depends on the meaning we attach to the term or phrase I suppose. Certainly good you were able to keep trying and have now found a more positive content frame of mind. That I think is key keep trying to be positive - that might mean you have to ignore some bad or negative stuff simply as you have no way of dealing with or helping with.

    maybe we have to change from the inside out and on an individual personal level first -


    I am afraid I am not optimistic.

    I am of a similar frame of mind - sad to say. But we must all get up and get on - Good and bad in all walks of life but when the bad are empowered by uniform and back up. Time to watch out. The case of Mark Kennedy and other should still have alarm bells ringing for many.

    Just as there have always been companies doing the corporate shit - for money - shareholders etc there have always been companies doing ethical - perhaps by another name. For sure Mcdonald's makes great claims some I find hard to believe. For example


    McDonald's now converts its used cooking oil into biodiesel to power most of its fleet of delivery trucks. In order to do this we use a national waste oil collector throughout the country to collect and consolidate the used cooking oil from our restaurants. The oil is filtered and pre-processed prior to delivery to the biodiesel manufacturer. The manufacturer then converts the used cooking oil into biodiesel which fuels the McDonald's delivery fleet.

    But they are installing solar and wind turbines in some restaurants - would really have to see the figures for that - also their water saving policies is that driven by ethics or £££. That is not to knock them as such it is really a whole double edged sword.

    I think the best we can do is hope and do whatever we can to share and care as we go. If some find that in a spiritual sense great - others maybe chose a more practical or active route towards change in thier own lives and the lives of others.

    It will never be a perfect world sadly where evryone has food - clean water. shelter and peace.

    There are many aspects to that question - I do feel there is more awareness now of a spiritual aspect but that possibly reflects a need for support as again and again our senses are bludgeoned by the plethora of more and more bad news and yet more doubts over a future. Never a day goes by without media reports of - on the one hand doom and gloom ( The recent flooding) ongoing war Irag Syria Afghanistan whilst at home The Fracking and recent Horse meat scandal, and the wider issues of unrest in Europe.

    I have said before there does seem to be - more of a cross over. I know now people who say 5 - 10 years ago had no thoughts at all for poverty or indeed change now themselves feel short changed and this brings some affinity to others. Even the rise in popularity of discount shopping Lidl Pound land etc - the queues around Tesco discounted counters - rising costs of power - people now needing to cut back on food and heat - where just a few years ago they were well of and never gave a thought to food shopping bills.

    If you feel fear or concern you may well be more vulnerable to crack pot theories.

    Are we waking up - well some are lets hope. Many still die - hunger - drought - lack of care - war itself may cause less deaths than previously - that I would think pro rata it is still the same as war embraces less populated areas than say Europe 1910 0 1945.

    We still have child poverty and so many cases of child abuse -

    Lets hope we get somewhere -

    Water Cannons are bad enough, but remember that tanks and machine guns were deployed against strikers in Glasgow in, I think 1919.…sgow_and_west/7859192.stm

    There may well be something of the same sentiments now, in the Glasgow strike the government were described as paranoid and fearful - seeing what had happened in Russia.

    There has been and continues to be unrest and riots - As I have said in other posts, many are expressing anger at the Government and more and more cuts are made and at this time more many yet have the changes in benefits to come -


    On the evening of 17 February 2014, a little-publicised public meeting is taking place at City Hall on the possible introduction of water cannons, hosted by the Deputy Mayor and the Met Police. We need to make sure they understand loud and clear there is NO PUBLIC CONSENT for the introduction of these life-destroying weapons on our streets.

    Please check details here and if anyone can go - please do

    ==== I am in Scotland so cannot get down==========

    The cost of these vehicles is huge - but I wonder at the stealth and secrecy surrounding the deals to purchase and use.

    May last year in prior to the G8 met police trained officers in the use of water cannons - borrowing vehicles from Ireland.

    Perhaps it had less to do with the G8 and more for advance planning. I find it concerning that Police are already reported to be negotiating to buy (May have already done so) equipment that is not authorised for use.

    Cuts across the board - many services cut - we are told we cannot afford libraries or day centres - hey ho we got enough to buy water cannons.

    in 2012 i was given the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, this means that i have unstable moods and find them reallxy difficult to regulate on my own.
    This means i am on a strict medication programme to regulate the different issues i have
    I hear voices to, panic like hell, have thoughts of killing my self when my mood is low.
    The only things that keep me going is my real life friends, my online ones, my music, and my animals.

    It is good you have friends - finding ways to cope is a great way forward. Even getting a diagnosis can be a huge step up. I have one friend with personality disorder and we get along I just know how is is.

    I had heard of this case - sad so sad if it was just one case of this sort. Fact is it is not.

    It is not the same level - not at all but we had police in london taking food and sleeping bags from homeless -