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    Finally back home thanks for your replies guys. The van didn't fail us, it has had a few wobbles restarting when it had done over 200km without a break but 20minute breaks and it started fine. This has stopped happening all together in cooler weather, the engine was never overheating when it struggled to start in warmer weather though which confused me.

    The engine is running super smooth, definitely no mis-firing. I have noticed tiny amounts of fuel under the van when I park in wet conditions but can never see a source so will check my fuel lines thanks!

    Loving this iveco after only using convoys since I got my drivers license, slowly trying to learn more so I can fix things myself been pretty lazy with it in the past.

    Thanks matey!

    It definitely isn't smoking in any way, I will be changing the fuel filter today, never done this before but it seems straight forward enough.

    I think I can rule out venting issues as the problem occurs after refuelling so there is no pressure inside the tank. Also we have driven over 250km without issue and only struggled to restart after a break.

    How do I check the crank pressure/water issue?

    Will be off to the garage tomorrow if we can't fix it today as we drive back through Spain&France on Saturday and don't want to risk being stranded!

    Hey guys,

    Currently half way around Portugal on a mission to find ourselves some land of our own. Everything has been going great however our van has thrown a wobbly and decided to give us grief on a Sunday morning :(

    It has had this issue on long runs but was fine on shorter runs where it starts as usual the first time but once we turn of the engine it really struggles to start and needs multiple attempts to do more than kick over.

    Today we dropped our friend at the airport and had only driven 15km to get there, when we tried to leave the engine spluttered and chugged violently but wouldn't get going. Managed to get going eventually so we could avoid being fined but I don't want to risk hitting to rural roads and risk being stuck in the middle of nowhere. There are no additional warning lights on the dashboard other than the brake sensor which has always been faulty.

    Any ideas anyone? I'm not massively mechanically advanced so hoping someone can help us avoid being off the road with nowhere to sleep for a few nights.

    Cheers folks :)

    We run a fair trade clothing company, we have a shop in Liverpool, sell online and visit festivals as often as possible (where we want to be).

    It's a bit crazy and manic but we get by and manage to afford to employ 2 other staff which is a nice feeling to support some hippy mates who were having to do pub work that they hated before getting into the shop.

    What started as a tiny little independent company but have evolved, it turns out our stuff is very in fashion right now! We buy a lot of our stuff from the U.K via importers but are planning our first Thailand mission in a month or two ready for next year.

    I'll always recommend festivals to anyone, pick the right things and you get to spend summer chatting to folks, making enough cash to see you through the winter and a chance to live in the van and live it up with like minded people :)

    Cool well I've been busy already following up on a few bits, it wouldn't fall under any scaffold runes as it is not being used for that purpose. The HSE wouldn't want to inspect it as it is a temporary structure and instead just my local hse could sign it off as safe for use which is perfect for me. I already have risk assessments ready to rock and roll so I think it really is as simple as I fist planned :)

    The design we have is very similar to the one of the tent you've got there, the seign structure we have so for is for a centre piece within the shell of the car which feeds out 8 legs to form the roof. This would then be raised by pinning the front to the ground and pulling the read up with the winch to add the legs then repeating the process for the front legs. Even using steel the total weight of the frame would be around 200kg using steel (or lower with aluminium) which doesn't really concern me greatly as combined with our stock we would never really exceed a load weight of 1 ton. Our van/caravan weights allow us to carry up to 1.9 ton of weight so even with a fully loaded staff count we'd be inside our limits.

    One idea we had was to use steel for the bulk of the frame and then ally supports so we could get a strong frame but with some weight reductions.

    Would using 2inch ally poles give enough strength to carry the weight of the whole thing? If that was the case I could build from that instead of scaff and totally reduce the weight of the frame before dropping the tarp onto it. The total dimensions of the design are roughly 20ft frontage x 15 depth x 7 high front and 11ft to centre roof supports for the reliant.

    we are just fed up with our square cube market stall and have found that some of the events we are looking to attend are not fans of the old school design so figure it's time for something a bit different. Having seen gala tents fly away and rip apart I can see no reason why this would fail a H&S inspection as it is essentially a metal version of one of these with a fibre glass cap instead of a fabric cap.

    It's going to happen and thanks for the input so far, you've given me a few things to ponder :)

    Howdy folks,

    Just wondering if any of you have experience of building your own marquee using scaffold? I've been looking at my own design for our festival stall as it gives usmore freedom to do what we like and make a much nicer space to trade from (capping it with a graffiti reliant robin with lasers and lights in the windows/lights). I've given it a lot of thought and want to use scaffold and the frame as it can be easily put together, doesn't weight too much for what we need and the corners/connections are easily obtained.

    I've drawn it all out and have worked out how to construct/pin it but is all just seems too easy.

    Just thought I'd put it out there if anyone has ever done something similar before or thinks of any obvious issues that will arise that I haven't thought of.

    And yes, photo's will follow, along with pics of our camper who is almost finished (just waiting to respray and rewire the solar system) and a few shots of out new caravan/haulage trailer which is getting a fancy DIY fold down rear wall for access.

    Peace and love folks, it's been a great summer so far this year :)

    Davish - Hippy Hole

    Having spoken to DSA and Vosa I have had confirmation that I wouldn't need an operators license as my trailer falls below the 1020kg unladen weight. It doesn't need to be a special modern trailer as it falls below the 3.5ton trailer plate rules so VOSA can just request we get it weighed if they are unsure....not possible if you see the trailer, it is a chassis and base board from a scrap caravan.

    We will be needing a tacho this is unavoidable but we want our festival stall to be as much interactive light and art show out the front as it is place to shop on the inside. For this to happen we can't rely solely on the van, it means we need to take rest breaks and days even when we are on holiday but that's hardly the end of the world it just means we have to be organised in our relaxation :)

    The tacho itself is an expensive fitting but the long term costs aren't too bad and we should be able to reclaim these and more from the deductions in rates from festival when we show them how much our spider monsters will be adding to their vibe.

    That's the plan anyways but we'll see how things unfold.

    I'm on a pair of rucksacks that I was given about 15 years ago, they are battered and have seen much better days but they get the job done and I'll keep them until the bottoms fall out...probably not very long until then methinks!

    I have been bin raiding for the last 4 years, we visit about 3 local spots and have come away sometimes with hundreds of pounds worth of food. We have filled our fridges, freezers and cupboards with everything you could imagine and passed even more out to friends. Nobody has ever gotten sick, you just have to check the food either with your nose or eyes...pretty much everything is prepackaged so there is no risk of cross contamination.

    Our biggest foe is the shops destroying their waste before it goes in, it's a sad day when a weeks bread and vegetables have been ruined by staff.

    Christmas dinner was amazing, we got everything (including a 4kg pork shoulder) out of the bins. Oh no we paid for the gravy and stuffing...I can live with that :-)

    We have spinners in our bus but it's hard to tell how effective they are as our door needs sealing (you can fit your hand through the gap!)

    We have noticed they do make some noise as they spin. Both of them sound,like a clock running at different speeds depending on the wind outside.

    I would be over 3500 kg but dsa website says that I wouldn't need an operators license as my trailers unladen weight in under 1000kg. As far as I have read I would just need the tachograph fitting and calibrating every 2 years.

    The trailer is business use only so we wouldn't be taking it out of the country, Europe's for holidays only :)

    Our happy little camper is almost ready for festivals and all is looking good :beard:

    We have plans to build a spider monster out of a reliant robin shell and some scaffold pipes bent for legs to have outside our stall, this also means we can use it strapped to a trailer to use for carrying stock and other bits to keep the van under weight requirements since we're going to be doing a lot of miles and be pretty distinctive (we're giving the van an emerald green repaint).

    This means that we will need to get a tacho installed for when we travel to shows. I'm just wondering if any of you know if we would need to use the tacho when we are just away on holiday once it is fitted or can we deactivate it so that we only have to use it when we're out on business?

    It won't matter most of the time as we are happy plodding along and taking breaks however if we do any longer trips or head out into europe then we would have problems if we wanted to travel a lot and not have to worry about break days and it would be good to know that we could use the van whenever we needed.

    If it always has to be on then, ah well we'll just have to make sure we keep up with what days we are on, make sure we are ok where we have parked up and plan to be chilling on the seventh days :D

    Hey thanks for that Julian, I've tested them and spoken to the manufacturer it turns out that I didn't do my research too well...these are high voltage panels, they are putting out a steady 319volts however they only give 0.3amps max each so even in full sun the best I've managed to pull is 0.5. I've had to suck it up and get hold of some more suitable ones that will give me the amps that I need.

    Gutted because I had just never realised that you could get different amps from a 100watt panel I had just assumed that 100watts would be fine regardless. Ah well hopefully the new panels will arrive tomorrow and we can finally get our off grid festival beauty lit up the way it's meant to be :)

    Thanks for all the replies guys! The battery is an old very unwell thing, it came with the camper and had not been charged for a long time, I plan to replace this in the next few days but had hoped to get the panels working properly first. The panels are brand new, they were bought off ebay and came with no connections on them I had to solder my own wires…dgets&hash=item1c3ea8f560 I have disconnected both panels from the system and tested them individually, they are both giving 319volts but 0.001 amps. This was tested both on the volt meter and also via the charge controller and each gave the same reading so I know the wiring isn't to blame. I am guessing that I have been sent duff panels as this is the only reason I can see for getting this reading (I tested them in full sunlight at mid-day so I know it was not the lighting conditions).

    I also reversed the positive and negative connections on the volt meter to make sure they were labelled correctly by the manufacturer and they definitely are right.

    Pretty gutted since we go away next week for our first festival and cannot power the lights on our stall without them unless I buy way more batteries than we can afford.

    I have used 2 100 watt flexible solar panels on our van. They were giving showing an output before I installed them so I was happy to see how they did when they were unrolled fully on the roof.

    I've never done anything with solar before and missioned my way through the wiring and installation, everything is all good with this (after a few failed attempts!)

    I've been watching the stats on the charge controller and it shows that we are generating 0.1/0.2 amps in the sun. I checked the panel directly with the multimeter and it shows the same so it is not losses from wiring.

    It is showing that the panels are giving 17.2 volts so I am just wondering is this a normal reading that we would only see 0.1 amps coming off the panels or should this be a higher reading?

    We have never used solar before and I've struggled to find an answer myself as so far I get the impression from google searches that we should be seeing more like 16 amps on the charge controller.

    Nice one xx

    I was quite glad that the guy selling my new van didn't have the V5 ready in the end, our little car was being blown everywhere on the drive back across the moors so I wouldn't want my first trip in the new camper to be in that!

    Yeah the floor mats were wet on the drivers side. I've dealt with that on our old convoy so will plug this leak. No major rust just some surface bits so that's Ok. The name will probably work itself out, it usually does with our vans and cars, we just eventually realise it's found its own name!

    Went to see it today. We had some fun getting it started since it has been sat since may but a charge and a shogun tow start got it going. Engines spot on, lot of work to be done inside and minor damage to the fibre glass from silly reversing into a roof but I got it for 850 so am very pleased. Pick it up in the new year so will post more photos once it's been mot'd and brought home :)

    I have been hunting for an affordable camper that we can use to take our little hippy shop to festivals next year. It will be our first time with a camper and also running the shop as a stall so we need something to move a gang of us and give storage/bed space.

    I've managed to find a 1999 LDV 400 series minibus which has already been converted (on the v5 and everything!) to a camper, it's got a few months MOT, done 78,000 miles and has recently made a journey back from spain so I am thinking things are looking pretty good so far.

    new bus.JPG

    I'm due to view it on Monday and just wondered if anyone had any experience with this type of bus as we've only ever had a convoy previously and just wondered if there were any common faults to look our for. I know all the usual basic checks but figured you guys were probably the ones to point me to anything specific for the 400 series.


    Martin - The Hippy Hole